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  1. Good for her and her accomplishments, and I'm sure she's well qualified for the role...but this appears specious. I'm calling bullSH*# here. Is she a Life Coach....this sounds like some team's attempt to sound woke and make it look like they're being progressive, when, in fact, they're using a female in a role most teams have already done, without specifically putting "coach" in the label - trainers, physiotherapists, health advisors, technicians, pyschologists, positive reinforcement specialists, etc. Females hold those roles all over MLB...and any one of them could easily be re-labelled to "coach" in the right scenario. When I see a female advising MLBers on how to hit, or walking out to the mound to settle down a pitcher, or standing in a box waving runners to the next base, then I'll celebrate MLB's "progressiveness"...or, baby steps now, when they actually hire a female coach who is going to be able to be on the bench during a game (SF has 13 "coaches" and only 7 are allowed on the bench). I think this is a mirage. May even be an attempt by MLB to build up some good will against the cheating scandal, as the story was broken by an MLB.com writer.
  2. Well, three managers and a GM just got fired.
  3. @HokieUmp - I prefer the drummer for Electric Mayhem.
  4. What will be interesting is if the Red Sox investigation will implicate any other coaches there, or veteran players....lots of possibilities...imagine a world where Pedroia, who was hurt all of 2018, spent his time around the team being a ringleader for this scheme...or what was David Price doing when recovering from his Fortnite induced Carpal Tunnel....it's going to get crazy before it gets better...and just wait for other teams to get hit by the collateral damage...Don't be surprised if another ten teams are investigated before the end of the year. At this point there is very little that will shock me. But you're talking to a guy who believes that 80-90% of all MLBers who played in the 90's used PED's.
  5. beerguy55


    Or the foul (fair?) pole (which is out of play so makes sense)... However, not the rubber: A batted ball not touched by a fielder, which hits the pitcher’s rubber and rebounds into foul territory, between home and first, or between home and third base is a foul ball
  6. Cora will get at least two years...and it won't surprise me at all to see him get life. He not only architected this system, less than a week after Manfred's memo, he then picked it up and repurposed it with an entirely different organization the next season. Dombrowski will depend on what type of communications he has sent, or actions he took...there are some subtle differences here...Cora was working for the Astros when Manfred sent out his memo, and part of his finding is that Luhnow made no effort to communicate the directive to his organization (where Green indeed directed Luhnow to make sure the activity wasn't happening), and that Luhnow created a culture that fostered this behavior...and some indications are there were a couple of emails to Luhnow that made him aware of the behavior, and like Hinch he did nothing to stop it. So, part of it will be determined by what actions John Henry and Dombrowski took after the Manfred memo to ensure their organization understood the severity of the behavior (especially since they were the ones who got bitch slapped in the memo due to the Apple watch)...and if there was any indication that Dombrowski knew what Cora was doing. The fact that it was the Red Sox that were the impetus for the 2017 memo from Manfred, I have a hard time believing he is going to be forgiving in finding out they, with or without Dombrowski's knowledge, were doing it again only six months later. My prediction is Dombrowski gets at least a year, unless some mitigating circumstances come to light. The Beltran firing/resignation can't be surprising to anybody....the long-term question is that, until this week, he was potentially, four years from now, going to be a first ballot HOFer - that is almost certainly thrown out the window.
  7. It's pretty easy to put two and two together. The Astros report clearly defines Cora as the architect of the whole scheme in 2017, while he was their hitting coach. Then, he became manager of the Red Sox in 2018. And the Red Sox are being investigated for the same infractions. It's not a huge leap of faith to see he brought the whole scheme with him to Boston and did it again. MLB is going to suspend him for at least two years...and may just go for lifetime right out of the gate. To what degree Dombrowski gets nailed to the wall will come down to what he did and did not know and what he should and should not have known...and a general assessment of the culture he fosters.
  8. Luhnow's too talented to not get picked up somewhere else...with a short leash on the culture of his staff. Hinch is a hack, and may be done for good.
  9. Again, for using external technology...not for on field sign stealing/decoding.
  10. A player doesn't become a batter until they enter the box to receive the pitch, or are entitled to do so. Until the inning starts there can be no batter because no player is entitled to enter the batter's box....so the guy leading off is the ODB until shortly after the final warmup pitch.
  11. Wait until the Red Sox get their penalty...Cora will get TWO years - one for each year he did it with each team. The problem is easy to solve - get the monitors out of the clubhouses and dugouts - they were put there as part of the replay review system...if the call is so egregiously bad they don't need a monitor to know they want to challenge it...and that's what the replay review system is supposed to support. Not really practical unless only the pitcher or manager calls the pitches...the catcher really can't say anything without the batter hearing...and in most scenarios the catcher calls the majority of, if not all, the game. It also gets problematic with signs to the batter and baserunners - in football the coach communicates with one player on offense and one on defense, and then they relay to their teammates, usually out of earshot of other players...a little more difficult in baseball, and the more ear pieces, the more chance for failure. NFL has pretty well thought out rules about timing, and what happens if one team's equipment fails - not sure if it's really achievable in baseball.
  12. This also applies at the beginning of an inning - Typically (if not always) only the lead off batter is allowed to be out warming up...I've seen cases where the ODB is also allowed, but not sure if that is technically "correct" to allow it. Never more than that though. If the field/facility permits it (and if the rule set doesn't forbid it) other warmup batters may be in a Dead Ball area, like behind the dugout....I do not believe USSSA specifically forbids this.
  13. MLB is not, never has, and never will go after a player on second base who relays a pitch or pitch location to a batter. Nor will they go after a batter who looks at the catcher's signs, or a fielder who picks up on when the third base coach has called for a bunt or steal. LL enforcing that is indeed stupid. When a Little League team manages to do what the Astros and Red Sox accomplished with cameras, dugout televisions, and garbage cans, then the unsportsmanlike rule would be relevant. In MLB, and most levels of baseball, sign stealing among the players on the field and benches has always been allowed...sign stealing using some kind of external technology, whether it binoculars or a TV, has always been frowned upon.
  14. Only because the age of Mississippi high school students finally dropped below 21, so no one was old enough to drink beer while playing any more.
  15. In context, this is the entirety of the language including the update - when viewed in full, it's quite apparent it applies to the sign stealing. The synopsis on Little League's website about the rule change also explicitly states it is about sign stealing. NOTE: The local league has the option to adopt this rule application. The stealing and relaying of signs to alert the batter of pitch selection and/or location is unsportsmanlike behavior. If, in the judgment of the umpire this behavior is occurring, the team manager and those responsible including any player(s) and/or coach(es) shall be warned after the first offense. Those responsible including any player(s), coach(es), and/or manager shall be ejected from the game for a team’s subsequent offense.
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