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  1. It is ABSOLUTELY a judgment call. His job is to determine/guess/judge what would have happened if OBS had not happened. If the umpire judged that the runner was fast enough to get an inside the park homerun, if the collision had not occurred, he can very well award home. The umpire you encountered has unwittingly encouraged F3 to stand on first base on any hit into the gaps or corners...because he will only ever reward the next base...in fact, he's encouraging F3 to stand in front of first base, if he's only ever going to award the next base.
  2. I have no argument. "Hockey Mom" is a terrifying species in an of itself - between a Hockey Mom and a mama grizzly with cubs it's a close call which I'd rather encounter...and I've done both. I've seen my share of douchebags on both sides of the border. However, I would fight a bear for you.
  3. Nah - we'll all just apologize for getting fired at.
  4. beerguy55


    meh - like I said...redundant. If it's procedure it's procedure, I get it. And if it helps an umpire go through the steps and process the information in a consistent way, I get that too. But I hope it's not an attempt to sell the call. It is not necessary, practically speaking, as far as communicating to the coaches/players. Even on balls on/near the line...I don't see how the extra emphasis is needed. If I thought the ball was foul, the ump pointing fair before/while twirling his finger isn't going to change my mind, nor is it going to make the call any more clear or explicit. The home
  5. "Watch your mouth" is just as effective. I've seen a few umps in my life that make any f-bomb, in any context, an automatic ejection - even in men's league...they are power trippers IMO. (league/tourney mandates noted and not included here) The majority of umps in this situation, in my experience, give out "watch your mouth" or some similar warning and achieve the same objective...lesson learned and behavior stops. We have to stop pretending that saying "F*#K" is a national travesty...or that somehow disguising it as "fudge" or "feck" changes everything. Profanity simply becomes an e
  6. beerguy55


    Twirly finger. *I don't know if the "according to Hoyle" procedure is to signal a dead ball because it hit the pole, and/or signal that is was a fair ball, before signaling a home run, but I'm thinking giving the universal sign for a home run tells everyone everything they need to know....it's dead, it's fair AND it's a homerun...all which are true on every "over the fence" homerun, whether the ball hits the pole or not.
  7. Say you have a tournament in Texas, and one team from Oregon and another from Florida are there...and they're both the Angels, with exact same colors and logos - you gonna kick one out? They're not wearing "your" uniforms, they're wearing their uniforms - unless you have placed some kind of copyright on the design, or can prove your team/club literally owns those clothes, you're SOL. You each have the same rights to the name and design. And if you want it to go that far this is a legal issue, not a baseball issue. eg. did the players pay for the uniforms, or were they provided by the o
  8. Thanks - I find it interesting that on any given team you will find a player with long pants to the ankle, another player with long pants over the heel, another player with knickers and socks above the knee, another with knickers and socks below the knee, and another player with knickers and stirrups....some of these players may as well just be wearing a tam and plus fours...and Hunter Pence, especially late in his career, certainly seemed like he was intentionally trying to make his knees appear higher than they were. And don't get me started on flat brim vs curved brim...
  9. As stated above, don't let it get to that point....tape or Velcro....or a chin strap. Unfortunately, FED specifically makes a cap mandatory equipment, or I'd say just take the damned thing off...OBR seems to be a bit more flexible here. ie. no specific reference to a cap, but it does say all teammates must conform (OK - everyone remove the caps?) but not really clear on what exactly that means - MLB certainly ignores the conformity of teammates part when it comes to pants vs knickers, socks vs stirrups. My assumption is more about everyone wearing the "away" or the "home".
  10. beerguy55

    Stealing home

    LOL - even after reading and re-reading it took me about five times to see this part "or touches the batter or his bat".
  11. People get so indignant...seeing all kinds of bush league crap at all levels over the years the correct answer is, 99.9% of the time, get on the rubber and pitch.
  12. beerguy55

    Stealing home

    it's only a balk if the catcher jumps in front of the plate before the pitch arrives...if the batter simply hits the catcher's mitt in a "traditional" case of CI on a swing, with the catcher just reaching his mitt a little too far, it's not a balk.
  13. And then you woke up from the weird dream???
  14. Perhaps, but I believe it would be only runners allowed - not anyone from the bench (??)....and in fact, practically speaking...runner, singular, as there would be no following runner to help...and if two preceding runners helped, one would likely end up out for passing another runner. True - but in that scenario the player wanted to complete her home run - it was her last game of college ball, and her first home run in her four seasons, if I recall the details correctly.
  15. In most non-pro settings there are provisions to re-enter a player for injuries. In MLB...he'd have to crawl his ass around the bases, without help from his teammates....otherwise he'd be eventually called out for abandonment/desertion (a very generous umpire could conceivably rule he missed all the bases and require defense to appeal - though I'm assuming abandonment is still in play on a dead ball base award)...and even then, it wouldn't matter unless it resulted in, or led to the winning run in the bottom of said inning...in any other scenario if his team has to take the defense with o
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