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  1. There have been some other articles in the other media that mention the sponsorship. Apparently FTX was big into buying sports sponsorship, having their name until recently on the Miami area, etc... An amusing statistic in one article said that FTX's valuation at its peak was greater than all the MLB franchise net worth put together. The Atlantic article on SBF: Indeed, SBF put particular emphasis on the idea that you could trust his exchange in an industry notorious for its gamblers and grifters; as if to make that message even clearer, FTX paid to sponsor MLB’s umpires—those supposed arbiters of truth and fairness—as opposed to its players.
  2. I always thought that it was a particularly bad sponsor for the aspect of the game that is guided by integrity. I hope they don't have some goofy contractual reason they can't ditch it.
  3. The logo that MLB umpires have been sporting for a bit over a season (that displaced the memorial on the sleeves) looks like its headed for oblivion. The CEO issued a public apology: "I f--ked up." https://www.cnbc.com/2022/11/10/crypto-billionaire-sam-bankman-fried-blames-himself-for-ftxs-collapse-admits-he-f-ed-up.html
  4. I haven't played the game since I was eight or so. I kind of got browned off back then because I got beaned too many times (that and taking a ball to the face when playing third base in a rundown situation). I've been an avid watcher of the game at all levels (mostly minor league) and always keep a scorecard.
  5. Yer outta here for arguing balls and strikes
  6. Ball/Strike call simulator (interspersed with an article on roboump). https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2022/sports/baseball/umpire-pitch-ball-strike-game.html
  7. It's amazing how they know which one to do at any given time.
  8. Love it. I remember in my youth hanging out in the old Memorial Stadium in Baltimore. If a fan caught a fly ball, the announcer would come on the PA and say "Give that fan a contract!"
  9. Black socks they never get dirty, The longer you wear them the stiffer they get, Sometimes I think of the laundry, But something inside me says "Don't send them yet."
  10. Spray-n-wash (or its equivalent) BEFORE every time they go into the wash. As others have pointed out, once you've run through the dryer, the stains are likely set forever. A little of Febreze "in wash" will also help with the smell if you have that problem.
  11. Maybe we should borrow a concept from cricket and make the fielder ask "howzat?"
  12. Just get rid of the pitcher all together. Get one of those t-ball things and plop it on the plate.
  13. Depends on the league. In a lot of the leagues, there's not a whole lot of the nonsense that led to the clock being put in for the majors. Of course, you have leagues where the kids are emulating their idols and spend a lot of time goofing around before the pitch or stepping out of the box and adjusting themselves between pitches.
  14. flyingron

    Time play?

    It's a time play. It only is not if there is a force out (this is not) or the BR is himself put out before he reaches first (not that he just doesn't reach first before the third out).
  15. flyingron

    Base Running

    I'll just redirect the question to this other recent thread:
  16. Great shot on the second angle shown that Tripp gets lined up right on the foul line to make the call.
  17. Good to know. It is on my list of things to try. I wanted to go last year but things happened (I figured it would be a good time as my wife was traveling with her sister in January as well). No great aspirations about major (or minor) leagues at my age, but figured it will help with my local stuff.
  18. At least in the 10u leagues, they're less likely to hit the batter that way. I stlll remember getting beaned regularly in the 8u LL.
  19. Yep, I had to get the "other angle" shot to really appreciate what was going on. You see in the video above R2 dancing around near second base waiting for the catch, but apparently he didn't retouch nor did R1. F5 makes the tag on R1 and while R2 was rounding third heading home, just steps on second for the appeal on him. There's video on other sites that show better angles on all this.
  20. Similar underlying rule occurs in OBR and in NCAA. The umpire needs to determine the intent. If he's just mistaken (like he thought he left early and needs to retouch), then it's nothing. If he is playing games, it's an out. I'm not seeing how the actions of the fielders makes any difference here. If he's trying to draw a throw whether they make it or not, he's still out. NCAA: Rule 8 Section 5 "When Runners are out" n. The individual runs bases in reverse order to confuse opponents or to make a travesty of the game; OBR: 5.09(b) (10) After he has acquired legal possession of a base, he runs the bases in reverse order for the purpose of confusing the defense or making a travesty of the game. The umpire shall immediately call “Time” and declare the runner out; Rule 5.09(b)(10) Comment: If a runner touches an unoccupied base and then thinks the ball was caught or is decoyed into returning to the base he last touched, he may be put out running back to that base, but if he reaches the previously occupied base safely he cannot be put out while in contact with that base
  21. It's not appealable by the coach, and another umpire can not countermand the judgment call of the umpire making the call, but nothing bars that umpire from conferring with the other umpires on his own volition.
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