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  1. 6 and 6 .... and ....... let's make sure we clarify that this post is in reference to a "MASK HARNESS" ... harness, harness, harness
  2. links not working (for me) ... it might be my computer (work)
  3. that's what I'm going to do. Have all the "loops" replaced with standard eyelets. Thanks all!
  4. Yeah, fabric loop tore ....I was thinking a cobbler could replace the loops with real eyelets Sent from my SM-A426U using Tapatalk
  5. Ok guys....honest answers please Sent from my SM-A426U using Tapatalk
  6. Well, ...I've had these bad boys since 2011 or so. I've had a sole fix and a met place attachment point fix, and now ... I have another issue and wondering if anyone has had this happen and is it fixable? (Yes, I should get a new pair, but these are still in great shape and so comfortable). One of the fabric eyelets under the met plate finally gave way. Is this fixable? If so, what did you have done? Thanks!
  7. Great transaction w/ @Scissors! Thanks William! Do not hesitate to deal with him, ...no issues, clear communication, quick payment!
  8. 1. you weren't there, Warren was. 2. 99,999% of everyone agrees that this play is "award home" 3. Blow it? Maybe not, ... BAD JUDGEMENT, ... very!
  9. Now, honestly, please show me where I said that?
  10. VERY SAD .... this story right here is THE REASON coaches hate us! Warren's partner IS THE REASON! This kind of stuff perpetuates itself, and puts us on the chopping block for no reason!
  11. And that's just it ...... thanks for this @noumpere .... If he stops, we're all good, he's going to get 3rd regardless and makes the job easier. This play is where we make the big bucks! And, the ensuing argument coming from the defensive coach is an easy one to handle .... WAY easier than explaining to the offensive coach why you did NOT award him home (in the OP).
  12. I'll reiterate what others have said ....bolded isn't / shouldn't be your judgement reason .... the play was close, period. Don't give the advantage to the team that faulted. Give R2 home, and it's an easier explanation to the defensive coach than it would be to the offensive coach
  13. While indeed funny, and I understand the gist of Rich's comment, to be fair, ... wearing navy has nothing to do with umpiring mishaps, or ineptness. Some states still require navy for high school, and unfortunately, I live in one of them
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