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  1. No, I didn't say that. Plus, ... if the play happens at the base, you have a different scenario as well. See @noumpere's response ....
  2. Pop ups are allowed in NCAA .... at the base.... this slide happened way before the base and he popped up interfering with the throw (I'm assuming that would work?) 🤔
  3. I'm not 100% sure in OBR, but ....... here and NFHS, that's an easy one
  4. it's used in football to keep track of the downs (if I understand it correctly) .... that's Bruce Dreckman
  5. understood, but that's WAYYYYYYY TOO MUCH ROPE!!!!! My goodness!!!!!!!!! That was embarrassing
  6. Having Vitello be allowed to rant and rave like he did was BEYOND ME!!!!!!!! All 4 umpires just looked at him and did nothing. That was shocking!
  7. THANKS! I knew I'd seen it somewhere!
  8. I want to say I've seen it somewhere, but ..... can't find it. Anyone? Thanks!
  9. @johnnyg08 posted it to youtube, but haven't seen it here yet today
  10. there's no accounting for taste. Just because it's different/unique (which it most certainly is) doesn't make it 'good'. Obviously I'm getting a feeling that I'm in the minority on this, but ...that's ok
  11. his K3 mechanic is awful (imho) ....
  12. it all starts w/ the base ump with his hands in his pockets ...that tells you A LOT right from the start!🙄
  13. No, no, no @MadMax .... no .... I think he's talking about POINTING TO THE LEFT (across your body)
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