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  1. If they really want to do this right, ... every state should have some sort of statement like the above
  2. Agree here. There's nothing spelling out any paremeters,.. what's ok and what's not. I "pictogram" that they always use would go a LONG way to correct this. And, let's face it, ... 99% of all HS kids DO NOT use eye-black as in the 'legal' photo. I look at it from an 'offensive' point of view. If the eye-black says "you suck" well, then, ...it has to go 😉
  3. Plates are not the same, the Douglas is a much nicer, sturdier version! 😉
  4. Very true! Just think about the whole scenario: Conference varsity rivalry, big game. Me: ugh, coach, ...your "number 1" has a glove with a logo that has white on it, so ......" Then guess what ... you're the dickhead umpire that everyone hates, regardless of how good you may be that day
  5. It's funny, .... most of the situations cited here are "discovered by the offense" .... that's where I'm going to leave it during a game. Unless of course, ... he's got a dove-gray and/or white glove. Laces? Logo? LOGO? REALLY? Nope, I'll let the offensive team bring it to my attention, then take it from there. Ridiculous rule
  6. And there is the reason the wording for this is so stupid. By rights, all Rawlings mitts would be illegal too. Dumb!
  7. No, no, no.... Don't make a pre-game that detailed. It comes across the wrong way. Plus, this rule isn't 'new'. If you can, and you HAVE TO,.... catch it during warm ups. Sent from my SM-A426U using Tapatalk
  8. It's typically only seen in softball. And, ... you can't believe ANYTHING you see/read on youtube 😉 That said, ...there MAY BE someone out there that knows something. I'd think that this is something that's FAR TOO NEW for anyone to get ahead of for the 2024 season, but who knows
  9. And that's my ON EDIT comment reference. Define what you mean. CANNOT HAVE is ridiculous and WAY too broad. So technically, by rule, ...the EMBLEM of the glove is illegal (Rawlings-Red w/ white/silver threading)? Right? Dumb. Define which part of the glove, be more specific. I understand the rules intent, it just has to be defined
  10. Sorry. I would never have that glove removed from the game. My God 🙄 And don't even start about ... "you can't enforce your own rules" ... blah blah blah ..... That's a black glove. If a coach says "hey Jeff, ... he can't use that can he, it's got gray on it" then yes, I would have to have it removed at that point. I've got WAY BIGGER fish to fry than to be looking for gray laces, or piping On edit: One of the dumbest NFHS rules out there, at least from a description perspective. I can see main panels being white or gray a problem, sure, but ... piping ...laces? Please
  11. Douglas has always only done their own products. Yes, it's a little steep, but it's well done and worth it, IMHO (YMMV)
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