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  1. This topic is way off topic, and quite frankly not garnering much attention. If you'd like to discuss the UE UNcap .... start a new conversation on the equipment forum. There is some good info here. I do believe however, there is already a thread about this product. CAVEAT: 1) ANYONE can do this, it's easy 2) I'm not doing this because I'm mad my topic isn't getting traction, ...I'm doing it so important info isn't lost and it's easy for others to find
  2. Nice job. For me, I would have brought that 'gap plate' down just a touch to be more in front .... that's how I have my Douglas gap on mine (but THAT'S ME...it doesn't make yours wrong)
  3. So .... you MADE THOSE SHIRTS from other 'red' shirts?
  4. @JimKirk .... you quoted the wrong person . I read the email blast properly, (I thought I didn't when Matt questioned it, THEN HE realized he read it wrong) ....and that's why the post is titled "INTERESTING" because it says there's NEW GEAR coming! After response number 2, ...there's no overthinking here, and ZERO speculation, we're just excited to hear that there's new gear coming!
  5. LOL!! I think you're right. They're probably working on a partial crew right now and the inventory is either low, or they just haven't changed anything online yet
  6. No, ...it says right in the email headline that there's a new CP and shin guards coming this Fall .... or am I losing it?!
  7. An email from Ump-Attire today ...... VERY interesting!
  8. OK STOP! We're talking about a baseball game, nothing more, nothing less. NO ONE, and I MEAN NO ONE is going to feel "challenged" or "disrespected" if an umpire looks a coach in the eye, smiles and greets him at the plate meeting introductions. I don't care what his nationality may be.
  9. Meh..... I'm from Michigan. It depends on the situation. Plus, ... 99.99% of the time, the coaches keep theirs on also..... no biggie Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  10. @MadMax ... your posts always make me laugh! (in a good way!) You are correct, I've begged Brad and he says "NO" .... (asked him 10 times at least). Anyhow....yes, mine is handmade that I VERY PATIENTLY cut to size to fit. Now, it doesn't fit that great, but if you don't examine it too closely, it still looks pretty good! This junior sized one however, ....not THAT has me intrigued because my FM visor is showing some mileage! Here's my MAG before I put a "samurai" TG on it .......
  11. [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787] Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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