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  1. So 2020 is saying ....direct back to the catcher (regardless of bobble or what it hits first) .... it's a catch/live, etc ... yes? ON EDIT: I got it, I got it!
  2. wait, wait ......... the 2020 is the same rule, just the wording is less?
  3. Never saw this either. Had FED adopted this also?
  4. Yes, that was high, fine .....but ........ the "zone" they're using is set up so low, it's ridiculous!
  5. Hmmm ........where am I getting that then? It may have been a conversation with Brad .... maybe they're thinking about it? Heck, I can't remember anything anymore!
  6. White Sox announcers suck! How can Stone say that pitch was outside when every replay shows it hitting the box? NOT THAT THE BOX is always correct, but it's what those imbeciles use
  7. So, is that a 'yes' to my question?! LOL
  8. So....hang on .......the "wings" are only an issue if you wear it with the extension? Am I reading this right?
  9. Hi Everyone ...... I've updated the Buy Sell Trade Guidelines today. Nothing special, but I fine-tuned it just a bit. It's pinned up top (I edited the original) Here's the link:
  10. thanks Jim ..... is there a FED equivalent to that?
  11. Understood, and makes sense. For some reason I was thinking no, because he scored after the call was made. But then I think like you said, ...you shouldn't penalize the offense for your missed call. So yes, run scores ...got to be. But again, I didn't/can't find the rule cite
  12. Ok, sorry for this ...can't find it in combination with brain-lock (lack of baseball, I guess) R1 and R2, 2 outs .... (FED) Ground ball to F6, ... bad thrown forces F3 to pull his foot, but is still called out by U1. Offense asks for help/appeal and they reverse the call. R2 (being 2 outs) and running on contact scores after the batter was originally called out. The question being asked is: Does he score, or does he get sent back to 3rd?
  13. Did you get other colors? The BC500 is shown on the All-Star site as a matte-black (only color) Base Coach skull cap ....where as the colors are listed as the SC500. That said, there's a matte black SC500 skully also which appears to be identical to the BC500.
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