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  1. Yes, you don't see it that often but sometimes guys will wear a tan pad on the top and a black pad on the bottom or vice versa, if you search on a photo of Dale Scott, or Jerry Lane, I'm pretty sure they both did it Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  2. Crap, you're right, I'm wrong! .... rounded chin isn't Rawlings! @MadMax .....help!
  3. Agree ...it's a Rawlings with the coating taken off! You're welcome!
  4. No,....FM25s have a square throat extension... Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  5. even the pros! And even if you do a TWO-TONE, that looks pretty cool as well!
  6. Are you happy now that you have the last word? Did calling me a troll make you feel better? I'll let you have the last word, ....this portion of this discussion is over.
  7. Cora made it political, I posted my opinion on that move. You're the one who seems to keep poking.
  8. Any pad fits any All Star mask, ... you may however, have to slit the chin strap to go around the center chin (central lower mask) bar ....
  9. they were investigating the Sox parallel with the Astros investigation Cora was the mastermind at the Astros (benchcoach) .... so when doing the math ... yeah, he's guilty. Karma for being an assclown and turning down the trip to the White House .......douchebag
  10. LUC pads, silly man! https://www.all-starsports.com/fm25ump-luc-black.html
  11. actually with the LUC pads it's 21oz
  12. That's why I used a in my post too! It's a very valid argument, don't get me wrong, ... he was a genius for sure, ..I just look at it in a more specific way that's all. For you sir: Red Barchetta from Exit...Stage Left Mystic Rhythms from the Counterparts Tour (Detroit stop) AND ...this tribute I just found .... A portion of Hemispheres II from the Hemispheres album
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