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  1. I also concur w/ @Richvee ... and ..... @noumpere... "here we go" is one of my standard 'lines' as well. Actually, the beginning of a game is ALWAYS ... "Ok guys, here we go!"
  2. when you work on the fields that you do, ... YES... makes perfect sense.
  3. No, no, no,.... like I said, some sort of sheen works.....polishing shoes....nope Sent from my SM-A426U using Tapatalk
  4. Whoa, whoa, ....hang on there just a minute, ...let me go back to my post and see if I said anything about 'patent leather' .... nope, ... I didn't say patent leather (Jordan 11's have some patent on them btw) ....I said "at least a sheen"
  5. 11's are pretty sharp ..... these were awful, suede looking ....
  6. When you live in the DESERT, ... sure, ... that makes sense. In the Great Lakes, ... not so much. Sorry, I'm old school, ... at least a sheen on an umpire shoe looks way better than "flat" ... Heck, just look at Jordan Baker's awful base shoes he's rocking in the world series ... looks like theyr'e made of "felt"
  7. Most (if not all) of those white eyelets will be covered by your pant leg, ...I wouldnt worry about that
  8. This is NOT a balk! This is why we all get a bad name, .... from other umpires not knowing what the hell they're doing! A coach not knowing the rules, ...well, that's commonplace, but the umpire needs to understand, and this particular umpire does NOT. As Rich said, ...once the pitching motion or pick off starts, he's fine
  9. Oh for God's sake, .... I'll go make myself CRYSTAL clear so everyone can enjoy their Friday
  10. NOT ON AN ACTUAL PLAY that happens, as described in the OP ..... I'm aware of pitcher/batter, calling time, stepping out of the box, etc ...
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