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  1. Well, at least you had a "navy/red" mask to rock w/ the jersey!
  2. It's not so much that these guys 'change' .... but moreso, they have different masks period (for different situations/associations/tournaments) etc ....
  3. You're new, and you don't know Roger, ...he's just having a little fun @JimKirk .... where did this info come from that's been posted about 'silver frames having better vision' (not verbatim)? Thanks Jim
  4. .... I know Max is just kidding w/me because he's jealous of my ingenuity ..... but just so everyone else knows, I've asked Brad at All-Star numerous times for a visor for the "FM" line of masks, and they're just not interested Which reminds me ....I'm going to go send ANOTHER email to get @MadMax off my back! ON EDIT: Email sent!!
  5. Keith ....... let me start by saying I love the look of a visor. But in all reality, the visor does 3 things: 1) looks cool 2) keeps sun off the brim of your hat keeping you cooler 3) keeps rain off of the brim of you hat keeping it drier. The visor does not block sun because the brim of your hat does that, of which the visor is sitting above
  6. That "titanium" color looks OEM! Very nice!
  7. Agree here! @Beacher80 ....Many times/places on this site (here in the equipment forum) it's been discussed that pads are king, not the mask itself. Do a search on the equipment forum to find an incredible amount if information about masks and pads. @MadMax has dropped the mask knowledge on us many times and it's invaluable! Many pros and normal guys like us wear/have worn hollow steel masks with no issues whatsoever. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  8. This question has been answered sufficiently .... I'm closing it down. P.S. Thanks for some of the humor
  9. While not incorrect, .... I wouldn't bother w/counting or concerning yourself with how much time you wait or stay down in your stance to call a ball. Just stay in your stance, call ball, then stand up.
  10. No 'general consensus' here, it is gospel/taught at every level STAY DOWN! Pitch: staying down in your stance - "ball" .... stand up.
  11. I will, thanks....but first ............... Quick question: Does the F3 visor fit any other mask? My assumption is no, but ........just making sure, thanks!
  12. I agree w/ @Vegas_Ump ... Mike is correct .... You did the right thing, you do nothing unless YOUR PARTNER ASKS ....
  13. @lawump (not directed at you!) That's awful. The entire thing. I certainly hope that the plate umpire got quite a talking to after this. Seniority on a crew shouldn't mean that much that they botch / not fix a situation with a rule. If you're not 10000% sure you are correct, then the crew MUST sort it out, setting 'seniority' aside! First of all, it's crazy that the guy who just struck out (banged out loudly) got back in the box and no one noticed. Second, ...at 13u, regardless .... forget about the rule .... STOP IT right there and then. TIME, sort it out. EVEN if you have t
  14. I looked it up but didn't find anything ........that's why I asked
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