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  1. you mean .... replay wasn't conclusive, thus they called him safe? I thought for sure that he missed 2nd, but I'm not looking at all of the replay angles in NYC either
  2. I think @Jimurray is saying that ... he was out, and Goldy caught the ball, so there was no need to call RLI, however, ... it would have been ... if it hadn't been caught
  3. Another example ... slight one step movement to get in that perfect slot to see the tag here too ..... perfect WEDGE!
  4. I also think that 2 man is a different universe. You still need to honor 'angle over distance' because, you just can't be everywhere! I do also believe that a lot of the 'teachable moments' are mainly focused on 4 man simply based on what I said first ....
  5. This series is very interesting, and enjoyable. However, (and by NO MEANS is this a slam to the CCS team...love these guys!) .... after seeing quite a few of these teachable moments, I'm finding that a major aspect that was once taught as big a 'no-no' as an umpire is now perfectly ok. Albeit, only certain situations affect this (not all the time) but ... moving while making a call is now considered fine under the right circumstance. A part of this stems from new techniques and teachings of 'getting in the right position', and/or, calling plays on the field from inside to now outside (wedge at 2nd and 3rd now also).... but .... Just an example of how things progress, and change. What was once a negative, is now encouraged due to new mechanics and getting into the right position to see everything. Ok, that's it ........... Just some mindless thoughts ...
  6. well ...maybe, but .... it is old news 🤔
  7. Maybe @acpar72 has a set? he's got everything
  8. Get both! Call the entire zone! And, ... don't worry about what people THINK .... you're going to hear stuff REGARDLESS of how perfect you are on any given day, so, ...why worry about it? Right?!
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