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  1. Today would have been my game 1. This year I blocked the first 2 weeks of potential scheduled games because they're typically rained out/canceled anyhow. My first scheduled game now is 4/15. Here in MI, we're waiting for the 'other shoe to drop' .... we hope not, but ....most are expecting it.
  2. I don't even understand that comment in the first place? What does that have to with Max's post?
  3. If I was interpreting the "ticker" on MLB network over the weekend ....... "if the entire season is canceled, the suspensions wouldn't carry over into 2021" (NOT verbatim, but what I remember)
  4. similar to my avatar, ..this is with the other catcher, MHSAA Division II Semi Final, 2018 ...a 9 inning barnburner!
  5. yes, but the act described in the OP is indeed a strike, regardless of the count and/or scenario
  6. Guys, ... most of this is all innocent and stuff, but I'm putting the kibosh on this immediately. PLEASE - Don't bring politics into this thread, period! This isn't the place or the time for it. Thanks for your cooperation (this post isn't necessarily focused on Richvee or Matt either, it's for everyone)
  7. Need to tell "EBAY" if that's the case ........ they'll care then! That's flat out misrepresentation!
  8. Hey Matt, ... states weren't reacting 2 months ago. That was Jan 20th and the CDC announced the first US case Jan 21st. Now, I may be missing something in the context of the conversation (I miss a lot of things )
  9. It was in a response to his original post. He doesn't feel it to be nor was he trying to make it political, he's confirmed that, and I believe him. AGAIN, ...I just wanted to attempt to make sure it didn't escalate. That's all. And please guys .... not worth bickering about. Two different view points on the same subject have been given ... lets move forward
  10. I understand your point, I do. Again, I just didn't want it to turn INTO something it wasn't meant to, that's all. And, more to my point earlier ....attached is the from the White House and it coincides with the same date as MANY states in "shutting down bars, restaurants, etc" . The White House stance was from the CDC, so .... anyhow, here's the link. I think everything is moving in a positive direction now (hopefully) and it appears most are on the same page. https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/03.16.20_coronavirus-guidance_8.5x11_315PM.pdf
  11. keep in mind ......ala buyer beware .... NOT ALL PHOTOS on eBay auctions use the PROPER photo. That photo could be a Ti, but the item for sale could very well be a regular FM25 ....
  12. Bill, ...thanks, but I addressed it earlier .... I think we're good. Andrew isn't a trouble-maker, never has been, but when I saw that, I wanted to prevent any escalation. Thanks again
  13. Andrew .... I'm pretty sure the WH stance concurred with Michigan's stance (and I believe A LOT of other states as well) on the same day, so ... not sure where you're going with this, but a political discussion within this subject won't happen. NOT SAYING YOU ARE TRYING! You're a great contributor to our site! I enjoy all of your posts! ....I just don't want it to go there. I hope you understand
  14. Max, with all due respect ...and I mean that, and you know it ........... January 20th was the first reported US case in Washington State ...yes? Now, with that said, I'm glad you're ok, your dad too! Also, .... are you saying engineered as in 'reported to be worse than is' or literally engineered? I've heard both, and agree that's it certainly does appear to be an overcharged cesspool. Not that it's not nasty and we need to be aware/be careful, but ......
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