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  1. If I'm the HC, I know I'm getting tossed.
  2. R1 and R2, no outs. Batter swings and gets interfered with the catchers glove however the batter makes solid contact with the ball and singles thru the left side, driving in a run. I know it's a delayed dead ball and since everyone acquired the base they were entitled to, the interference is ignored. My question is, being the PU, how is that call made without everyone stopping action, just with your left arm extended without verbalizing? This was a HS JV game and nobody said anything about it but it got me thinking what about a higher level game where the catcher or coach feels/hears the i
  3. If that is the case I think they could have worded it a little better.
  4. Oh, I didn't hate it. It was pretty good actually but just a little preventive maintenance.
  5. I'm working a varsity HS game at the Toronto Blue Jays spring training home in Dunedin, Florida. Close game vs two pretty good teams. LF batter comes up and hits a monstrous HR to RF which hits a pedestrian walkway roof and bounces out of the stadium. Had to be one of the farthest balls I've seen hit in the last five years. The batter is jogging up the 1B line admiring and of course, here comes the bat flip. After he crossed HP I casually make my way over to his HC and tell him of the warning I gave the kid (kid?...he was about 6-3). He understood and didn't have any problem. Just about t
  6. Just asking here, let's assume two man system where U1 is in "C" with a runner on 2B only. How can we call what we don't see, even if glancing back quickly?
  7. urout17


    You had me at "Funny story I heard in Poland".
  8. I'm just catching up on some reading on this site and came across yours. How is your family doing?
  9. Yikes! After moving from Chicago, the only ice we see now...
  10. This is a random video I came across. I was too young to remember this series (or play for that matter) but it did raise my eyebrow.
  11. Thanks for your comments and kudos. As all of us are taught, slow everything down before making your call. It's easy to get caught up in a play like this to bag a runner out quickly. I think my reasoning for making a call like I did was that I had time to see this play develop with the slow roller off the bat and both first/third crashing on the play, not the case on most plays but this one seemed to work out (at least I thought so). I agree, less words on a quicker play is always better. I had some really good instructors years ago and their words of wisdom stick with me to this day.
  12. Funny thing is that the field we were on has a setting sun directly down the 1B line. This was the first game we've had there since Covid shut us down earlier this year but we've both worked there many times over the years. We pre-gamed this exact situation just to remind ourselves, not that that had any bearing on my call in this situation.
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