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  1. urout17


    You had me at "Funny story I heard in Poland".
  2. I'm just catching up on some reading on this site and came across yours. How is your family doing?
  3. Yikes! After moving from Chicago, the only ice we see now...
  4. This is a random video I came across. I was too young to remember this series (or play for that matter) but it did raise my eyebrow.
  5. Thanks for your comments and kudos. As all of us are taught, slow everything down before making your call. It's easy to get caught up in a play like this to bag a runner out quickly. I think my reasoning for making a call like I did was that I had time to see this play develop with the slow roller off the bat and both first/third crashing on the play, not the case on most plays but this one seemed to work out (at least I thought so). I agree, less words on a quicker play is always better. I had some really good instructors years ago and their words of wisdom stick with me to this day.
  6. Funny thing is that the field we were on has a setting sun directly down the 1B line. This was the first game we've had there since Covid shut us down earlier this year but we've both worked there many times over the years. We pre-gamed this exact situation just to remind ourselves, not that that had any bearing on my call in this situation.
  7. Fed HS fall league varsity game. Bottom of the first. Runners on first and third, I'm in B. Slow roller towards 3B. 3B charges in, scopes up the ball and makes a play at first. First baseman was breaking in as well on the pitch so the 2B was covering first. 2B was at first waiting on the back side of the bag for the throw which was high. 2B had to jump slightly to grab it, I'd say 3-4", but CLEARLY came down on the bag BEFORE the BR. I yelled "I HAVE THE FOOT DOWN ON THE BAG BEFORE THE RUNNER, HE'S OUT". To me it really was an easy call that I was 100% correct. Of course the 3B HC come
  8. Hahaha...nice. In my playing days yes but now I only wear a cup when I have the plate.
  9. I'd take getting hit in the head on the base path any day over any other part of my body. It's the only place I have protection.
  10. Just an observation. I was watching a game this morning and the HP umpire stayed in this position for all right handed batters. When a LH came up, he setup up straight over HP and didn't move. I was waiting for him to get bit but luck was on his side.
  11. It's good to hear Fox might be adding former MLB umpires to the booth for postseason games so we don't have to listen to asinine comments from uneducated announcers.
  12. I agree but the problem is these fall ball games. They're looking for a few players for next years team so they're constantly moving players around and in/out of the lineup. I'll see two or three different catchers throughout a game. I do like the comment that @Maven suggested and will use that in the future. ("Why? Don't you want to get an out if they try something?").
  13. "This is just like the infield wanting “time” to throw the ball back to the pitcher. Not happening on my field." I totally agree, My assignor did call last night to talk about weekend availability and I did bring it up.
  14. HS Fall Ball.... Bottom of the first.....0 outs, runners on 1B and 3B. Catcher wants time so he can signal their coverage play. I say no, just signal your play. He looks back at me like I have three eyes. He makes no signals and just gets back in his crouch for the next batter. The HC wants to know why he didn't put a play on and he just shrugs his shoulders. Now the HC wants time, which I grant and he goes out to the mound. I know he's waiting for me to come break up their meeting,. I take a few steps out in front of the plate and say "OK guys, let's play". Of course he doesn't
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