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  2. I'm glad you started your reply like this (it made me feel a little better, at least for a short time 🙂) and really appreciate you taking the time to supply your interpretation of an answer, it was very informative. I'm sure others will reply over time as well. As my partner and I were going over the play, we had to come up with a solution since we were talking for what seemed like 15 minutes but in reality was about 5. We came to what we thought was a reasonable agreement (right or wrong) so we could get the game moving again. I will definelty store this one is the back of my brain. Thanks again.
  3. Last night - American Legion Semi-Final playing under OBR - 18U Top of the 1st, R1 and R2, nobody out, third batter up! I'm in C. Line drive base hit to right center. The throw from the outfielder is online but late as the runner from second scores easily. The runner from first takes third on the throw to the plate and rounds the bag, the BR also rounds first. Here's where it gets good. As that first run scores and is totally clear of the dirt circle, the on-deck batter (the #4 hitter) made his way to the plate area to retrieve the bat. As I said, the throw from the outfielder was online but short-hopped the catcher, bounced over his head and sails to the backstop. As the catcher spins around to get the ball he slams right into the on-deck batter, knocking the two of them over. My partner immediately calls time. I'm not sure if we kicked this one or applied a rule incorrectly, but here's what we did. Of course we have both HC's coming out (amazingly both calm) to see what we have. We both motion for them to hang on and let us sort this out and they both return to their dugouts (yes, it does happen once in awhile). We know we have interference but our question was do we grab an out? It was in both our judgments that it didn't matter if the player retrieving the bat did so intentionally or not since he shouldn't have been there during a live ball play in the first place. Since the catcher did not have an opportunity to make a play on the next potential run, we call the runner who was on his way to score out and place the BR at first since he didn't acquire 2B at the time of the throw from the outfielder or at the time of the interference. We put the on-deck batter who started the whole mess up to bat and continue play, both coaches have no problem with what we ruled. After the game, I read thru OBR on interference and the closet I can find are rules 6.01 (b) and 6.01 (d) (attached). I'm sure I'm missing something so any help is appreciated. Thank you
  4. Sorry, just noticed this was posted in the NFHS section.
  5. https://www.nfhs.org/articles/adjustment-made-to-pre-pitch-sequence-in-high-school-baseball/?utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=facebook_page&utm_medium=National Federation of State High School Associations&fbclid=IwAR2ZydV7GoGjAtXPVa1boWKSz5VzGbb1WpmPANoAdS0ggBXKockJdhesWeU
  6. Help from the coaches at younger ages?? They're the ones that probably started the fight.
  7. This pic was taken at the 16U tournament we worked this past weekend. And funny you mention the running lane. The perpendicular lane starting line was only about 20' in front on the bag.
  8. I know what you mean....
  9. urout17

    Infield fly rule

    Hmm....had this happen a few years ago. 18U, OBR, R1 and R2, one out, infield playing back. The BR pops one up right over the pitchers mound. The pitcher instantly bails on the play. The SS comes racing in from deep short, trips over the mound and falls, never touching the ball. The ball hits the front end of the mound and ricochets into foul territory half way between HP and third base. I had the plate that day. Once I saw the pitcher bail I thought to myself, Ok, NOW who's gonna make this play? No IFF was called. I called foul ball and the next thing I have is a HC coming out asking why the IFF rule wasn't called. I explained the whole rule which he didn't like but walked away. It seems a lot of people don't realize there's more to the IFF rule than just runners on base.
  10. We were working a regional final on Wednesday night. Three man crew and it was my turn to be U2. Of course the setting sun is right over the head of the pitchers, BOTH who happen to be pretty good left handers. It was tough for about two innings.
  11. If I'm the HC, I know I'm getting tossed.
  12. R1 and R2, no outs. Batter swings and gets interfered with the catchers glove however the batter makes solid contact with the ball and singles thru the left side, driving in a run. I know it's a delayed dead ball and since everyone acquired the base they were entitled to, the interference is ignored. My question is, being the PU, how is that call made without everyone stopping action, just with your left arm extended without verbalizing? This was a HS JV game and nobody said anything about it but it got me thinking what about a higher level game where the catcher or coach feels/hears the interference? I'm assuming you'd just explain what you had after the play stops and time is called.
  13. If that is the case I think they could have worded it a little better.
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