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  1. It took me a few years when I started officiating to not listen to the comments. I had some great mentors and the one I still hear in my head to this day....(pick your call)....It's still a strike....or....He's still out. Just do the best you can. Nobody on the field is a professional and 9.9/10 won't be.
  2. urout17


    I read through our playoff addendum and it only mentioned the quantity of uniformed players allowed.
  3. urout17


    They had seven total (which included the HC), all in uniform. It was a rival District championship game. Our three-man crew had both of these teams throughout the year vs each other and separately. Of course it was no big deal during the regular season but NOW it was an issue. We were kind of surprised at the question since the players, coaches and us all know one another very well.
  4. urout17


    NFHS varsity. I was looking for a rule which states how many coaches are allowed in a dugout, provided they are in full team uniform. Reading through Rule 3-2, I could not find any mention of how many are allowed. Thanks for any help.
  5. HS Varsity yesterday... R1, 1 out. Typical 4-6-3 DP with the runner sliding legally into 2B. The DP is turned flawlessly however (you knew there would be one or I wouldn't be typing), as the runner is sliding into 2B he yells "HA!" at the SS. It didn't bother the SS as his throw was perfect to 1B. I banged the runner out at 2B, pointed and yelled "That's interference" and then subsequently got the out at first, interference ignored. I did tell the offending runner don't ever do that again.
  6. Well, you're a lot nicer than I would have been. We all have teams in our areas that are exactly like that and coaches who react just like he did. I would have just said "Nope, never touched it, 0-2". And then give him my best Cowboy Joe brush-off (just kidding of course). After the "Can you get help" comment I just say "Mike (or whoever), I don't need help on that one."
  7. Most scoreboard operators at the HS level and especially below, do not keep up with the game and often have the wrong count. When I'm working HS games I'll explain this at my plate meeting and if there's a question of the count please just ask me. I'm a huge proponent of making sure everyone knows what the count is at certain intervals, as this is how I was trained many moons ago. My two cents. Good luck to you on your project!
  8. I would like to thank Laz Diaz for taking time to speak with our organization this past Saturday. He brought great insight and fantastic stories from his 24 years as an MLB umpire. He answered any and all questions we threw at him which were quite humorous at times.
  9. No runners on, I'm calling him back. With runners on base, I'll let the runners go. How do you know they didn't have some type of play on? I have no problem calling the BR back if someone questions the count but the other runners will stay put, or in this situation, score. I agree that the catcher should know the situation.
  10. Why would suddenly veering into foul territory make this any less interference than suddenly veering into fair territory which is exactly what he did? R3 knew exactly what he was doing and was hoping for an outcome exactly what happened. Back in my playing days I have done this same thing. Believe me, I know umpires have plenty to look for but I would think with the game on the line he (HP Umpire) should kind of have his radar up as soon as that ball was hit. Seriously, just my two cents.
  11. urout17

    Wacky play

    Bet you waited a long time to fit THAT word in somewhere?. Nicely done. 😀
  12. Monday night, HS varsity with two decent teams. T4, at the peak of twilight. 2 outs, R2 running on contact. The batter hits a sky high popup right between 1B and 2B at the grass edge. Both look up and then both look at each other, neither of them seeing it all at. The SS, who was playing deep in the hole, comes flying across the infield but was late getting there as the ball falls harmlessly to the ground, scoring what turned out to be the only run of the game. I think there were only 5-6 hits total and the game was over in a crisp 1:28. Doesn't happen often.
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    He's got a knack of doing it....
  14. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/33645606/mlb-umpires-announce-replay-review-decisions-fans
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