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  1. Just an observation. I was watching a game this morning and the HP umpire stayed in this position for all right handed batters. When a LH came up, he setup up straight over HP and didn't move. I was waiting for him to get bit but luck was on his side.
  2. It's good to hear Fox might be adding former MLB umpires to the booth for postseason games so we don't have to listen to asinine comments from uneducated announcers.
  3. I agree but the problem is these fall ball games. They're looking for a few players for next years team so they're constantly moving players around and in/out of the lineup. I'll see two or three different catchers throughout a game. I do like the comment that @Maven suggested and will use that in the future. ("Why? Don't you want to get an out if they try something?").
  4. "This is just like the infield wanting “time” to throw the ball back to the pitcher. Not happening on my field." I totally agree, My assignor did call last night to talk about weekend availability and I did bring it up.
  5. HS Fall Ball.... Bottom of the first.....0 outs, runners on 1B and 3B. Catcher wants time so he can signal their coverage play. I say no, just signal your play. He looks back at me like I have three eyes. He makes no signals and just gets back in his crouch for the next batter. The HC wants to know why he didn't put a play on and he just shrugs his shoulders. Now the HC wants time, which I grant and he goes out to the mound. I know he's waiting for me to come break up their meeting,. I take a few steps out in front of the plate and say "OK guys, let's play". Of course he doesn't budge. I'm thinking "Really? You want to do this in the first inning of an inconsequential game? OK, I'll play, so I head out. I get half way there and he turns to me and says "Why are you making this game about you and having an attitude?" Of course I ask "What?" "I'm talking to you in a normal voice." I then ask "Why does your catcher need time to signal an infield play? Your pitcher is standing on the mound with the ball in his hand and your catcher is standing in front of the plate." If I called time I'm taking away any possibility of the offense to run." He then tells me he wants his fee for the game returned (for fall games we get paid before the start of the game). I tell him I'll give him his money back and do the game for free as long as he's sitting in his car. He turns, walks back to his dugout and we don't hear another peep out of him the rest of the game. I've working with other umpires who always grant this time and it bugs me. When I ask them between innings or after the game all they say is it's always been that way. Anyway, three innings later, same situation for the same team, catcher steps in front of the plate, signals, returns in his crouch, done. Sometimes the rats just like to see how much they can get away with.
  6. Aren't all kids on the team supposed to get an arm band as not to offend?
  7. A quick read... https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/27609761/what-really-happens-mlb-replay-review-room?platform=amp&__twitter_impression=true&fbclid=IwAR3nNYTH_L3zGPrXZETNzTBm3pV_uTes2tJvlwsDDbnpAQS3mjW-Jebf6sc
  8. urout17


    So I'm watching these LLWS games. I do not want to offend since I don't work this level of ball but is it required for the umpires on televised games to signal their calls like robots? I thought that was reserved for softball games, again, no offense intended, just my observation. And yes, I understand the proper mechanics are being used but I'd just like to know if this is stressed in all areas of the country.
  9. I totally agree. I'm watching my daughters varsity HS softball game her senior year (2010). She comes up to bat her first time in one game that literally meant nothing forgetting to take out her stud earrings. I mean these were small, 1/8" dia. As soon as she steps in the box the PU ejects her from the game for jewelry. I was speechless. The head coach got tossed next. I can chuckle about it now but wow.
  10. urout17


    About 5-6 years ago I was asked to just call pitches for a college evaluation "game". 7-8 college scouts in the stands, all with clip boards and guns. Most pitchers throwing low to mid 90's. They were changing out pitchers and base runners every half inning. A few innings in there's a kid on the mound throwing right handed. Nothing special, mid 80's at best but threw strikes. I'm thinking why is he here? A batter gets a hit. It took me a couple of pitches to realize he is now throwing left handed. Equally as strong mid 80's, throwing strikes. At the end of the inning he's walking off the mound and I walk towards him and ask to see his glove. He had a custom six finger glove made to switch hands. Pretty cool.
  11. But only been here a few years.......born and raised for 50 yrs in Chicago so no excuse.
  12. Sorry I'm behind the times and my Oriental vernacular is not up to par yet...
  13. Yes and yes and I hammered out, out , out three more times.
  14. 18U, R3, 2 outs, I'm BU. Slow ground ball to 3B who throws a wide of first. 6'-3" 1B has no problem doing the splits stretching for the ball, has his foot on the bag and makes a really nice catch and in my judgement maintains possession of the ball more than long enough (the throw was not in the dirt). As he regains his balance getting up the ball pops out of his glove but to me he was deliberately flipping it to himself. Of course the HC didn't see it that way and wanted me to get help. I told him I didn't need it since I was in perfect position and had a great angle on the play and told him exactly what I had. Again, he asks why can't I just ask and again I said I didn't need it so let's move on. He grumbles a bit but leaves with no trouble the rest of the game. I'd like to know how many of you appease coaches by going to your partner or do you do like I did and stick to your guns. Thanks.
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