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  1. Guess it depends on your area, but lights would be , imo, the biggest factor. I umpire NCAA and many fields in the area don’t have lights, even a d1 school, so I can’t imagine many HS have them but could be wrong. As for umpiring crews, it would help “the shortage” as you need one crew instead of two, the drawback being that the young umpires who need lower level games would be stuck. A varsity level umpire can do both games, a JV level umpire can not. But maybe pool the freshmen and JV umpires on freshman games (helps that shortage at that level) and varsity guys do the DH. Another drawback is DH pay is usually less than two single games (unit rate) since you aren’t traveling twice , so that may further impact the low pay. last thought, most work compensation is set by supply and demand. Lax and volleyball prob get more $ bc there are far fewer certified officials in those sports compared to baseball/softball. Basketball usually has a plethora of officials but bball and fb are generally considered the revenue sports so not an equal comparison . I am not sure setting up games to relieve the supply issue of umpires would do us much, be another reason to keep game fees lower. Okay, last last thought. If game fees were bumped 10-20 bucks, would that really make a bunch of people who don’t umpire want to become umpires? Doubtful. Maybe would help sway a couple guys to stick it out longer, but if it’s only about the $, they prob aren’t the best umpires anyways. I don’t do it for the money, between gas and equipment and time off from work and family, it wouldn’t be worth it. I love the game, love umpiring, love the guys I work with, the ones who have helped me and getting to help others. I love learning about the game, I played my whole life including d1 college and I’m still learning nuances of the rules I never knew. I am willing to take a half day at work to drive 2 hours to do a d3 college dh for $225 or d2 for a bit more because I will come home happy bc I had fun. And now my son, who is 15, has been umpiring for 2 years and has gotten to do some college games with me (fall games) for many teams including two d1 programs, one of which was power 5, and it has helped us bond. And the brotherhood has helped my son be a better kid. He so wants to impress the assignors who think the world of him, he hasn’t gotten in trouble since umpiring. I love umpiring and am thankful for it in my and my sons life. And $80 for two hours of work is $40/hour. Would I love more? Sure. But that’s a heck of a side gig. My sons friends making 10/hour have to work 8 hours for rhat
  2. My general philosophy is not everyone is staring at me. The batter certainly isn’t. Runners aren’t (maybe r2). My partner on bases probably isn’t as he’s taking in pitcher, situations, positions of fielders, etc, as well. With nobody on, I use a verbal for the batter. With runners on, I use a clear “play” so partner and runners know when balks and pick offs can occur. great example from this past season, ncaa, 3-man and I’m u3. Decent crowd (I say this bc wasn’t quiet). R2 takes off early and P catches him, he’s tagged out at third. HPU comes out big, he never put ball back in play. Of course defense is upset but you can’t argue if you always point and say play. There’s no room for debate. If you just say it or just point when 90% of people aren’t looking at you, there’s room for debate. Doing both with runners on leaves no doubt and protects you for those weird situations where a P flinches or snap throws before you’ve put it in play
  3. Not every umpire on wildcard round moves on, if you’re newer and it’s your first postseason, you prob start with just wildcard round. So someone has to take their place. There are umpires who will work the next series not on these and vice versa, so he prob will be on next round. Or….the 3 balks doomed him 🤷‍♂️
  4. @Umpire942If I may be blunt, you are way over-thinking this. Keep it simple…there is no option to “take the result of the play or take the balk” so you only have to ask yourself one question. ”Did all runners advance at least one base?” If yes, balk is acknowledged but ignored, and all results, including outs, stand. If no, reset as if no action ever occurred and enforce a standard balk, that is, move each runner up one base. To your litany of situations, if the batter becomes a batter-RUNNER (ie ball four), then he becomes part of your internal question about “did all runners advance one base” except we know he gets first base by virtue of the walk, so really, the question doesn’t change…did all the runners on base advance? If no, batter is still batting and move runners up
  5. He was getting into position for a possible play back into 2nd if runner stopped and went back.
  6. I rarely comment on anything other than rules, but Arch, if we were partners, I would walk off the field and leave you solo if you refused to suspend play during thunder. How can you officiate a game with all these rules that are important to the game but are not life and death but choose to ignore the rules about lightning and thunder? Late this summer I got chewed on by TD bc I would not restart with “only thunder” and he told me all about how I’m the only umpire who wouldn’t play with thunder. I told him if he wants to hire unqualified and untrained umpires, that was his perogative, but if he wants good, qualified umpires on his tournaments, who know and abide by rules, especially the legality ones, he gets what he gets, and I volunteered to go home so he can bring in someone else.
  7. I’ve done 6 games in a day a couple different times, and I’ve done 6 and 5 on back to back days, and I could barely walk by the end. It didn’t help that it was 90 out so hotter on turf. But I generally agree, while it’s easier on assignors to have one crew rather than 2-3 per field, the quality goes down, it has to. No one can be as sharp on game 6 as game 1/2. For me, 4 is normal, anything more than that and I’m in survival mode, ie, not hustling/running as much, conserving energy, expanding strike zone a bit. If it was 3-man six games, could maybe manage for a day, still only 2 plates, but wouldn’t be fun drawing last 2-games straw!
  8. SH0102

    Hit by pitch

    Anytime a pitch hits a batter, it’s a dead ball, so kill all action. No chance he gets first base getting hit outside of the box. In HS/NFHS and OBR, you judge ball/strike like normal, my guess is it’s ball if it hit his foot, but I could see a possible strike if it’s a curveball. In NCAA, if you judge he intentionally got hit (doesn’t sound like it here), it would be a strike regardless, otherwise judge ball/strike like normal EDIT: Should also note this may be difficult for HPU to see since it hit deep (behind plate), decent chance the batter squaring and catcher block this view, so a BU may be the one bringing this information to HPU if asked.
  9. Important to note that R3 can still touch home, it just doesn’t help. He would still be out upon appeal, but do not “forbid” him from touching home. if the defense doesn’t know the rules, they may see him touch and not appeal. It’s not your job to “announce” to all he may not touch and then call him out on appeal. Let him touch and be ready to rule on appeal
  10. SH0102

    Balk conundrum

    That’s what I’ve got…there’s no caveat in rule book that says the exception to enforcing balk (all runners and batter advance) is ignored if the out if by way of abandonment . Easiest way I can think of it is, the defense committed the illegal act (balk). The offense is not under an obligation to let them get away with it.
  11. SH0102

    Balk conundrum

    Yep, good ol typo from the phone !
  12. SH0102

    Balk conundrum

    Both players are trying to use the rules to their advantage, kudos to them. But the batter holds the cards here since they obviously can not both get what they want. Batter would be out for abandonment and thus, you can not ignore the balk. I don’t have the rule book in front of me, but it says all runners (including BR) must advance in order to nullify a balk on a ball in play. I do not recall any clause about how the batter not reaching first would impact this balk rule
  13. “Why don’t they lay down a bunt”? All of these batters were the best of the best their whole lives. How often does the star batter; the guy destroying everyone in youth/travel/hs/college laying down bunts? Now they have to against the best pitchers in the world who throw 100mph with movement? I agree that contact hitting needs to come back over the launch angle era, but have to disagree on the bunt aspect. Side note, I say the same about NBA. Reason so few shoot well is because they never needed to, they’ve grown up just dominating everyone and dunking over everyone, now in the nba they can’t and have to shoot over them
  14. In my OPINION, and again I’ll reiterate this should never happen bc it means you’re playing in mud, but I would defer to the rule about umpire may rule on anything not covered in rule book, and at most, award one base. No way they get a double on a ball 12” from the plate bc it sank in mud. As you said, lodged balls usually refer to equipment or boundary markers (padding, fence, shrubs, tarp) I would argue a “lodged” ball in the mud in front of home would fall under the umpire making a judgment, and 2 bases would not be sound judgment.
  15. If the ball is sunk into the ground, as in stuck and has to be “popped” out, it’s lodged. That said , if ground is soft enough for that to happen, game is not continuing anyways, and should have been stopped long before that point .
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