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  1. He probably instinctively called safe because he usually makes the call based on timing (stepping on bag and pop of ball in mitt), and then realized his eyes saw you step on fielders bag. That means he made a call too quickly, but yes, if he realized you didn’t step on runners base, he can change the call. No different than an umpire calling the batter out because the ball beat him, only to realize 1B dropped the ball, so he changes call to safe. It’s poor timing, but gets the call correct
  2. People are way over-analyzing the “ask for the ball” thing. Sounds to me like he was saying only when the fielder is holding the glove beneath the runner for an inordinate amount of time would he say that he needs to make sure he maintained possession of the ball, and I’m okay with that. As you go up in ages and skills, they don’t do that. They might hold a tag in case a runner slides off the base, (and as an umpire you shouldn’t be making a call yet in case he does too!) but once the runners momentum has stopped, I’ve never seen older kids just stand there like a lump on a log and
  3. No, your comment only alluded to it, my point was you see it all the time. Heck, in the movie “Major League”, the HPU on movie ending, game winning, play yelled and signaled safe twice. It happens !
  4. I respect that everyone’s comfort levels and opinions will vary, but this year I got to work with some very good umpires, namely guys who do D1 games and some guys who got jobs out of pro school. When I think about their game management skills, one theme is always in common. They utilize “less is more”. I don’t recall any of the best umpires I worked with ever doing 2-3 safe/out mechanics, they never verbalized aloud for all to hear why they made the call they made, and from my discussions with them in post game or when we got together, they use less is more with the coach too. ”I h
  5. A grown man sticks his tongue out at the umpire like a 4-year old child would do, and the announcers condone it by saying it makes no sense he will get a fine because the umpire can't call a strike?? Wow....he wouldn't get a fine if he didn't make the histrionic gestures...that had nothing to do with the umpire.
  6. SH0102

    Check swing appeal

    No, was told that at an NCAA clinic And perhaps it just means going back and looking at them in slow-mo, I’m not sure .
  7. SH0102


    That is counter to what senor azul posted. Kid running into RF is out even though no tag attempt bc of the play established by throwing over to try and get him
  8. SH0102


    Thank you @senorazul But the rule says they are out for being out of the base path by more than 3 feet when a tag attempt is made….so if they go to the OF, is that out for abandonment rather than out of base path?
  9. SH0102


    That’s what I thought, but I essentially told the coach “yes, he can run into the OF as long as it isn’t to avoid a tag”, but wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something when it says “deviate 3 fy from the base path…” but then says the “base path is determined when making a play” (doesn’t say making a tag attempt)
  10. SH0102


    NFHS rule set… Had a rundown yesterday between 1st and 2nd, no one else was on, so I, as HPU, came down to first to help. Runner, upon a throw towards second, planted to come back towards first, and in doing so, slipped and scrambled and ended up in the infield grass, near the edge of the dirt. DHC asked about out of the baseline and we both quoted the rule that the baseline is not established until a tag attempt and that him being in the grass by itself is not a violation bc it was not to avoid a tag. So DHC asked “so the runner could run into the outfield and make us cha
  11. I think it’s obvious at this point that he doesn’t care what other umpires think and would feel if they were his partner, and won’t change his stance, just move on
  12. I’ve come to not question Mavens knowledge, but I have to admit, this one baffles me… So in HS for example, high fiving a batter who just hit a HR before he reaches home is grounds for a team warning and ejection on subsequent offense, during a dead ball, but grabbing a teammate during live action and dragging him to the plate before he can be tagged is nothing? Wow… I’ll throw myself under the bus…I’d have gotten this wrong ten-fold and called INT
  13. SH0102

    Check swing appeal

    Ummm…when a runner is called out at first, teams can request help on pulled foot
  14. I’d have walked off the field the minute the TD re-entered them
  15. SH0102

    Check swing appeal

    Daryl, this is an honest question…why do you ask a question (original post) if you are not willing to accept the CONSENUS answer from umpires of all regions and experience level? The best answer was the one that said we call what we see, we get help on what we might have missed. If I see a swing, I call it. If I see a catch, I call it a catch. If a player ran right past me at the moment of catch/trap, I might go ask for help. If I don’t see a swing, i Might ask for help. But tell you what, house rule they must ask when a batter wants it checked, and after 1000 out of 1000 ca
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