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  1. is this really a balk though? Sure it looks so weird that I bet no coach would argue and there would be the same result either way, but just curious.
  2. don't know what the official mechanics are but starting a few years ago some U2 in MLB will set up in a "very deep C", where they are on the edge of the infield dirt, to the left of 2nd base. then they'll come in straight towards the bag for the steal or double play chance
  3. Gfoley4

    3rd strike

    batter hits a line drive to the second baseman, he scoops it clean on a hop... is the batter out? Same rule applies, this is an uncaught third strike and the batter may try for first.
  4. never heard of anything regarding courtesy runners not being able to run past first. it's purely a dead ball substitution.
  5. might be a HTBT, but sounds like nothing would be correct. If the pitcher had possession of the ball and was just attempting a tag, play on.
  6. Gfoley4

    Base running Ruling

    Incorrect ruling, you can be out of the basepath only when the team is attempting a tag on that runner. A runner may be ruled out for abandoning their effort to run the bases, but it is usually only applied in baseball when the runner enters the dugout or clearly runs across the field thinking they're out. But googling the ASA softball rulebook, they seem to state the runner would have to reach the dugout to be ruled out. Edit: correct->incorrect *
  7. yes this is good rule to have 100% down, it comes up a decent amount in levels where they've just introduced the D3K at that level. OBR or OBR based rules such as Babe Ruth League: Leaving the "dirt circle" around home plate = OUT FED: entering dugout = OUT
  8. Enjoying seeing pictures of the people teams are using as umpires in scrimmages. He might be onto something here with that padding.
  9. Gfoley4

    dead ball

    OBR ruling. "A batter is out when..."
  10. Gfoley4

    Appeal timing

    Regarding this play, I seem to have gotten in an argument in the comment section. My understand is that F5 could have simply stepped on third base and made clear that he was appealing the missed base, and the runner would have been out right there. Is this correct? The alternative viewpoint seems to be that because this is not "relaxed action" an appeal could not have been made before the eventual rundown and tag out.
  11. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/new-pickoff-rule-coming-to-minors-after-indy-ball-success-in-2019/ This would certainly make balk/no balk calls from B easier with regards to a LHP, but I'm not sure if I like it as a fan of the game
  12. not sure why Cubs were mentioned, the Yankees and Red Sox were caught by MLB a few years ago doing this, not the Cubs
  13. and the OP missed that the pitcher did in fact step off.
  14. Gfoley4

    Fake tag

    https://v.redd.it/2psfie4rsyc31 Just checking, in the FED level this would be obstruction and runner awarded third?
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