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  1. getting married in less than 3 months. The $1000 I'd make on a limited amount of games isn't worth the risk. sitting out the season.
  2. That strike 3 call was pretty brutal though.
  3. Whoever came up with the idea in the MLB office needs to be fired. What a massive flop.
  4. I'm guessing the record set above is number of umpires on the field for a coach pitch game?
  5. 2nd year for me, wash them at least twice a week. No issues so far on neither of plate or field pants.
  6. One I did a few weekends ago when there were too many cooks in the kitchen: ”Chuck, I’m hearing a lot voices in the dugout that don’t sound like yours. I only want to hear yours from now on.”
  7. I have no idea how Hernandez is able to see the strike zone when he's still getting into his stance by the time the pitch has made it to home plate. MLB's defense team salivating at this missed strike.
  8. I will signal back (non-verbally) occasionally to keep myself engaged, especially in deep counts with multiple foul balls/pick offs.
  9. A batter backing out of the box on a close pitch before it gets to the plate is getting a strike every time.
  10. MSBL is like the NBA Finals. Regardless of the call, they're going to argue. Batters want an MLB strike zone, Pitchers want a rec ball strike zone. Its quite obnoxious and keeps me from doing those games as its not worth my time.
  11. Even though it came through the strike zone, the exaggerated frame job by the catcher probably made it look worse than it was.
  12. I actually don't mind this because when we show up with no advance notice of cancellation we still get paid around here. Ill show up for 10 minutes to collect a game fee
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