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  1. F3 better be coming out with something mind-blowing, because there is no way a v2 is worth $200. I can get a MAG for another $25 and not have to worry about breaks/bends or the brackets busting my face open. I'm not an F3 hater, but this really rubs me the wrong way without any obvious mitigating factors.
  2. Mags are pending already, if deal falls through you're up next
  3. Hey guys, got a number of quality items for sale, you can find images of those HERE. Buyer is paying shipping unless otherwise noted. I'm located in DFW if you're local. Thanks for looking! MASKS - Wilson DynaLite Steel w/ Wilson Leather Pads - $50 The mask was only worn in cage training, so the pads have some faint marking, overall excellent condition. - Wilson DynaLite Steel w/ Doeskin Wraparound Pads - $60 I used the pads on an iX3 frame for about a season, they're in excellent condition, only a minor sign of wear on the upper pad where it meets the bill of the cap. Frame and harness are in good condition. - Diamond iX3 - $50 Lightly used by a new umpire this spring, frame and harness are in excellent condition, does still have the original iX3 pads, which are in good shape. - AllStar FM25LUC w/ Deltaflex harness - $50 I got this to use in bullpens for my last year of high school ball, but never got to use it more than a few times. The pads are in excellent condition and the mask has never been thrown off or on the dirt (my school has turf and I always babied my gear lol) and is overall fantastic condition. - Easton Speed Elite - $45 Also from a new umpire this spring, pads are in good condition with some very minor staining (they've been washed 2x). The frame never took a hit, per him, but there are a few tiny rust spots on the upper bar of the eye port. The harness is in excellent condition. - Champro Pro-Plus Steel - $40 Also from a new umpire this spring, the original steel version of the Pro-Plus, original pads are still in good shape, as it the frame and harness. CHEST PROTECTORS - Diamond Pro - $95 Used a total of one game by one of my partners before he had to medically retire. Has never taken a hit, per him. Includes all extensions and original harness is in great shape. - Diamond iX3 - $65 Also from a new umpire this spring, was only used a few times, excellent condition, includes all extensions. - Wilson WV Platinum - $75 Used a couple of seasons, overall solid condition. SHOES - Reebok Magistrates Blk/Wht Mid-cut Plate Shoes - $75 Sz 10.5, great condition, plenty of tread left! - 3n2 Low-cut Plate Shoes - $55 Sz 10.5 wide. Used a few games by a new umpire this spring, will need new laces, otherwise in excellent condition. - NB v2 Base Shoes - $45 Sz 10.5D. Used for training and the one game by the partner who medically retired. Excellent condition!
  4. I have many complaints about how HS umpiring is organized in TX, but the fact that everyone wears black or light blue is not one of them.
  5. Nope, been around awhile. I think Jeff Kellog (?) either wears or used to wear one. Supposedly the double-bar design has made it such that All-Star has never replaced one due to it denting.
  6. I hope to God this finally torpedoes the absolute dumpster fire of a website and software that is Arbiter. It is outclassed and outmatched in literally every way by other softwares (Assignr, RefTown, etc.) that there is ZERO reason to continue giving these dinosaurs money. LET IT DIE!
  7. I think an underrated take on the Cobalt rollout is how it's going to affect Force3. I cant imagine anyone would want to pay an extra $100 for a CP with plates they can't see and what seems like not any meaningful step up in technology. Not to mention the fact that the "soft" Cobalt looks pretty nicely poised to dominate the softball market in the near future.
  8. Nope, I flip gear as my side-side gig lol
  9. I've got a pair of 10.5 wide 3N2 low-cuts, used one or two games, asking $50 + shipping
  10. @SeeingEyeDog Here's an AllStar FM25 with LUC pads on clearance for $45. The frame is better built than the Champro and the pads are FAR superior and still in the same realm of what you're looking for. Throat guard brand is irrelevant, buy the cheapest one in the right length. https://www.cheapbats.com/shop/closeout-all-star-traditional-umpire-face-mask-fm25ump-luc-p-3337-c-193.html -BR
  11. The darkening is often a combination of 2 things: - absorbing sweat - absorbing oils from your skin Darkening on the leather doesnt really equate to the pads breaking down, it just means that the leather is absorbing. Personally, I've switched to Wilson Leathers on my Diamond masks and I've just been gently scrubbing at it with the inside of my ball bags to get rid of the salt build-up and then I store them in the ventilated bottom of my bag.
  12. Hey, I didn't buy it because I'd wear it, I bought it because it's 10x better than the crappy champro catcher's CP he's using now Assuming I can acquire those items, what would you advise the next steps be? [I can DM you if you want] Thanks Max!
  13. Hey guys, I bought a used Davishield locally for a friend who needed to upgrade from his softshell. It didn't cost me much, but the original owner butchered this thing by cutting the elastic that held the shoulder assembly together. Now the bicep pad, gap/shoulder protection, and the clavicle plate the elastic attaches to are all cut at the elastic, leaving them in separate pieces. Otherwise, the CP is basically brand-new. My first thought was to remove the hardware that holds the elastic and buy new elastic and then just reattach everything from there. How would you advise I fix this? (Image attachment doesnt work)
  14. BlueRanger

    Zebra Web

    The best assignment software IMO is assignr.com and it's not even close. The UI is super easy to use, it's easy for assigners (and I personally know 6 of them that love it), and it makes finding contact info/locations/etc. very easy as well. Best part? Every official is blocked out as a default and must open the specific days and times they want to work, which is soooooo much easier than Arbiter. I highly recommend it!
  15. https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Masks/UAFM2-WP-BK_Under-Armour-Silver-Umpire-Mask-with-Black-Windpact Damn... This looks pretty interesting! I like the pad concept, but I wonder why AllStar hasn't offered it up as an option for the MAG? Seems like this could be the answer to the top pad issues. Anyways, its nice to see some new innovation in the market!
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