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  1. Read it, live it, learn it
  2. Honestly, depends on what level of ball you're doing. HS/anything competitive and up? HELL NO. Volunteering or calling wreck ball? If that gives you the requisite peace of mind to stay locked in and focused on the game when we're at pitching change #5 in the top of the 1st for 9u, go for it.
  3. I don't even know where to start with this. This is the epitome of everything wrong with HS Associations. You have people like this dude who think they're God's gift to baseball with the "I haven't worn a pullover in 10 years and you're a loser if you do" attitude. Then these tools work with new guys and run them out of town with the overbearing "my way or beat it" crap to make sure nobody touches their precious varsity schedules. So, descend from your throne oh wise one and maybe you'll see that we need new umpires focused on the game in inclement weather, not figuring out how they're go
  4. @grayhawk's videos are great quality plays to analyze Strong Beach has some of the best umpiring content I've ever seen anywhere. Period. That was almost a spiritual experience seeing things so well and succinctly explained. I hope my videos can hold a candle to that!
  5. You gonna drop the link or keep me hangin'?
  6. Even if you get to a season, watch how many games get canned cuz of Papa COVID. I may not do HS ball this year, since dues are stupidly expensive enough as it is...
  7. (To avoid derailing @BT_Blue's topic) I am in the process of creating an umpire-focused youtube channel and am soliciting content and format suggestions. My primary areas of concern at the moment are: - Audience - should this be focused on a specific set of umpires, like those new to umpiring, or go for a generalist approach? - Length - how long of a video would you actually watch? I'm not intending to go past 15min under normal circumstances - Content Areas - I'm thinking focusing on New To Umpiring, Frequently Made Mistakes, and some gear reviews to start out.
  8. Umpire Youtube is largely a desolate wasteland of "HURR DURR BAD UMPIRE RUINED JOHNNYS FUTURE MUST SEE!!!", beaten-to-death clips we've all seen a bazillion times, and a couple actually good videos. The TSE, UEFL, and UTU channels are by far the best. It's also important to note that most of the places you could actually get the combination of resources and quality instruction from will never EVER put it out there for free and will make you throw down your money to come their camps and clinics and whatnot.
  9. I primarily work my one true love: baseball, but I do some basketball for the HS chapter (mainly MS and a bit of sub-varsity) during the winters. I took this season off and am glad I did since I would have lost money with all the cancelled games around here.
  10. https://www.smitteez.com/index.php/categories/monthly-sale-items - $15 Adams shirts - some discounted jacket sizes
  11. https://stripesplus.com/ BOGO 40% off on Smitty, Cliff Keen, and Adams shirts, pants, and jackets and all protective gear. They also have a decent amount of the NB v2 base shoes still in stock at about $65
  12. https://purchaseofficials.com/collections/sale-clearance/products/3n2-reaction-low-umpire-plate-shoe PO really doesn't have much outside of 3n2 plate shoes for $60 in a few common sizes
  13. https://www.ump-attire.com/Black-Friday-Specials/?page=1&perpage=36&cat=0&orderby=price desc&brand=&search= Notable Deals: - $30 Smitty Poly-wools - $25 UL bag set - $35 Majestic Blue shirt - $125 WV Gold CP - $50 Champro Aluminum mask
  14. Stop posting random video clips that everyone and their mother has seen a dozen times with the same ridiculous "tHOuGhTs????" caption. It annoys me as much as people who boast about "not doing it for the money" and then look like total clowns on the field. Before you post a video from YT that has well over hundreds of thousands of views or from FB where the amount of shares is in the thousands, see if its already been posted to every single umpire FB page in the known universe to be beaten to death at least 5 times. It's the officiating equivalent of seeing your grandma posting copy-pasta abou
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