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  1. Preach man. I was filling in for a 14u game this morning and my partner had one of those Diamond throat guards that hangs off the end of the throat extension. Took a foul ball right off it and it got him in the throat. Thankfully he was ok, but I ran out to my car in between innings to get him one of mine to wear correctly. That was scary as SH*#. I thought he was dead for a couple of seconds...
  2. If its over the plate, its a strike in my book. That SH*# is embarrassing. The fact that it happened at the LLWS is just icing on the cake.
  3. Well, TWs work fine for me in the cold. Anyhow, the Wilson Memory Foam pads work very well in cooler weather. Lots of guys on here like to use leather pads in the spring and then shift to TWs in the summer.
  4. This was a fun one... 14u tourney game, had gone fairly smoothly thus far. Curveball about 2 feet inside causes the batter to fall over avoiding it. Defensive HC calls time, I grant it because I figure he's changing pitchers. Instead, he comes up to me and starts telling me that the last pitch should be a strike because an umpire the other day told him that a curveball was a strike if the batter ducks (wtf?). I tell him we're not having this conversation and he keeps going so I tell him he's restricted to the dugout. He heads for the dugout, so I get the game going again. After the next pitch comes in, I look over and this guy is standing next to the on deck circle giving signs. I toss him. He tells me he's the HC, so he gets to be outside to give signs. I tell him thats not the case and to leave. Then he says he didn't hear me. Again, I tell him to leave and to stop lying. He has to be restrained by an AC. Finishes it off with an epic double bird and then finally graces us with his absence lol. What a day....
  5. Aren't the iX3 and Davis pads the same thing?... -BR
  6. @yannick since you live in Spain and getting stuff there will likely be a hassle, here are some masks that come with decent stock pads: - Diamond BigLeague-UMP (Leather) - Wilson Aluminum (Memory Foam or Wrap-Around Leather) - Honigs Mask (Leather or Fabric Pads) - All-Star FM4000MAGnesium (Solid All-Star LUC pads) - All-Star FM4000UMP (All-Star LUC pads) Now, personally, if I were you, I would get a cheap aluminum mask, such as a Diamond iX3 or a Champro Pro-Plus, and get a set of Team Wendy pads. I suggest aluminum, because the frame is almost guaranteed to never break or bend. That way you won't have to worry about the frame getting messed up and needing to get a new one. -BR
  7. Asking that they not coach in their on-duty attire seems reasonable, both from a league and LE Dept. POV. If I'm management in LE, it makes my dept. look horrible if my officers are losing their cool at a kids sporting event of all places. I absolutely agree that having an LEO who is clearly invested in the success of one side is a time bomb. This isn't to disparage LEOs as a group, but we already hear of cases where LEOs acting in blatant favor of one side in a sporting event have led to major issues. Simply asking that they not wear their uniform while coaching seems like the best and most universally palatable solution. -BR
  8. Mark Stubblefield, the MiLB medical director said that the helmets are 3D printed to fit each individual umpire at about $300 a piece.
  9. I get the "WTF?!" part of the situation, have definitely had those. BUT, you should have had to ice your shoulder after this game. Cussing at someone in HS is an auto-EJ. Cussing period at an 8u game means it's time to start the garbage disposal. Just my -BR
  10. Reddit is like a sampler platter of everything the American internet has to offer. I mean literally EVERYTHING...
  11. My parents think I'm obsessed. But I'm not obsessed, I can stop whenever I want. LOL
  12. Do they fit the same way the Smitty Polydex baseball pants fit?
  13. I've been watching 1B for a pulled foot . Have yet to have any issues on slides that weren't covered by BU. Most of my knowledge of mechanics comes from here, some from UmpireBible, and the rest from the guys in my group, so I never really knew if it was a TASO thing or something they picked up elsewhere, hence the question. -BR
  14. So I've seen a few umpires do this is a 2man system: R1, on a DP the PU comes out to the pitcher's mound and is watching 2B for INT/OBS while BU is getting the safe/outs at 2B and 1B. Is this a standard mechanic I haven't known about? If so, what's the correct way to employ it as far as situations and positioning? Another Q, with R1, when PU rotates up the line, on a ball to the outfield, how do you guys judge whether to commit either way? Right now, I get half-way between HP and 3B and just react to the play and yell at my partner whether I'm staying or covering. I ask mainly b/c I've gotten close to blowing up plays on myself by being caught out of position. Thanks! -BR
  15. Hey guys, I've decided to get into doing basketball via THSBOA for this fall, but I'm having trouble with my lack of basketball gear knowledge. What would you recommend for: - Pants I'm considering either the Davis adjustable pants or the Smitty 4 way stretch. - Shoes This is the toughest one. I'm looking at the 3n2 Patents, Smittys, and Asics GT1000. - Gear Bag Looking at the UnderArmour Storm Thanks! -BR
  16. @MAUmpire I have a 2 Majestic in Black and Blue (sz L) in the previous pro style. PM if interested. Also have a black/white smitty convertible that I may be willing to part with (sz L). -BR
  17. If you don't mind my asking, how much were they?
  18. Couldn't agree more with @Biscuit, the pay per hour is truly ridiculous compared to what our friends make. Personally, I make around $1100 per month when there's baseball, working two nights a week during the HS season and usually all or most of Saturday. My friends all make significantly less money for working the same hours. Now, I would agree that you will not make much, if any, money officiating at the amateur level. However, for HS and college students, it's the perfect job. There's a college student in our group that grossed ~$14,000 last calendar year from our group alone, because he's open all weekend and three nights a week, and works in three different groups outside ours. Last I talked to him he said that he netted about $20,000 across baseball and basketball. - BR
  19. We had a crime delay a few weeks ago lol. Some dumbass took a couple shots at a State Trooper and was on the loose in an apartment complex near where my games were. Cops showed up and cleared everybody out for about a half hour before they cornered the dude in his apartment. Fun times...
  20. Reality is beyond parody...
  21. I'm in DFW, but the SH*# only gets crazier down South from what I've heard. HS ball is like spring football for a lot of people if that helps with perspective. Everybody hates soccer unless their kid plays it, so softball/baseball are the "community" spring sports for a lot of HS'. I'm glad you like my writing style lol, feel free to let my English professor know! Unfortunately, stuff like this is kinda regular for me, mainly b/c I don't give long leashes, have an itchy trigger finger, and seem to attract the nutjobs with my magnetic personality. I punch the ticket where I have to and then start the rat race to the parking lot. I actually get immense satisfaction from dumping people. It's always nice to know that I'm leaving an area better than I found it. What part of TX you in? -BR
  22. I must have jinxed myself in previous posts here, b/c in one afternoon I threw out 4 people. EJ 1: Late in the game, I safe a whacker at 1B, VHC comes out and starts off calm and collected, gets a little upset that I won't go for help. He starts walking away and then changes his mind and yells "that's f@$!ing horrible!" at me across the field. Easy EJ. Best part: as he's leaving apparently he decided to brag to the team waiting for the next game about how he got his money's worth out of that EJ. Keep in mind the entire interaction lasted about 2 min. The waiting team's coaches used to be HS HCs and thought that was hilarious. EJ 2/3: A few games later, late in game, batter corkscrews himself into the ground trying to pull up on a curveball, so I call it for strike 3. HC loses his mind and runs down the line screaming (with voice cracks lol) about how horrible that was. I restrict him, since he had already been warned about leaving the coaching box and running down the line to yell at me. He asks me what restricted means and I tell him it means he's in timeout in the dugout (<- that was a bad move, I know. I was starting to lose it with this guy and his entitled team. Should've kept the smart-ass remarks to myself.) Then he tells me to go F myself and one of the ACs comes out of the dugout to give his profanity-laced opinion about my performance that game. I run thwm and partner rodeos them away. TD apparently booted them from the tourney, since that was the second time they've done something like that. EJ 4: Last game of the day, new partner, some daddy wasn't happy with my partner's strikezone and was out of control with the personal insults. My partner was another HS kid who is good on mechanics and accuracy, but gets a bit intimidated by the coaches and parents and sort of just shuts down and ignores everything when it needs to be dealt with. In between innings I told him to go to that HC and tell him to deal with it if it doesn't stop. Daddy starts up again, so partner goes and talks to the HC. HC goes over and gets him to calm down. A few innings later, partner perfectly executes the wedge on a play at the plate and calls the runner safe. Daddy throws a tantrum in the stands and my partner kicks him out. I go tell HC that the dad needs to go and he says that it's off the field so it's not his problem. Daddy is still throwing a fit, so I give the HC one last opportunity to fix it, he refuses, so I run him too. I know I screwed the pooch getting snarky in the heat of the moment on that one EJ, but did I handle the rest of these appropriately given it was 11u under FED? -BR Oh, and I got to use the "who ARE you?" line on a rec ball AC who wanted to argue with me yesterday, and the look on his face was worth a few game fees, so thanks to whoever posted that!
  23. People are always whining about how boring the games are, so maybe we can liven things up by replacing the 7th inning stretch with Ron Kulpa choosing a player to try and beat the SH*# out of lol
  24. iX3 frame with chipped paint, new Davis harness, and great looking doeskin mask pads https://www.ebay.com/itm/Wilson-Umpire-Mask/254182056224?hash=item3b2e6e6120:g:I7UAAOSwJcxcn1jQ
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