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  1. I only ever see them taking West off the field feet first. Davis is also a contender. So I would take them off the list.
  2. My question would be, who do we expect to see retirements from? As the article suggests it may be more lucrative for someone to retire under the current CBA vs next year's.
  3. After many years of use my WV gold lost the plastic around the strap, And I duck taped it. But, I've also seen guys with zip ties holding things on.
  4. I'm at work and don't have the volume on, but Wow. Now here's the rule... Electronic Balls and Strikes: TrackMan will deem pitches "ball" or "strike" based on similar methodology to how the technology functions at the Major League level. A Human home plate umpire will wear a Bluetooth-connected AirPod earpiece paired with an iPhone, which is hooked up to a software program in the press box whose sole task is to call balls and strikes. The human umpire will still retain final clerical authority over pitch-calling if the system is clearly wrong (which we anticipate it will be at times). Part of me says he should have overruled it, but the oppositional defiant disorder part of me wants to call what TrackMan tells me to call - just to shove their stupid system up their @ss.
  5. Now to answer my own question... Pitchers required to step off the rubber- I don't see the necessity, but I see a lot less balk calls in their future. One foul permitted with 2 strikes - No, why extend someone's at bat, the vast majority of professional players seem to have forgotten how to bunt anyhow. Batter's stealing on any dropped pitch - I actually like this one. It gives a little more penalty to a WP or PB, etc. I forgot which came it was in the Regional or Super Regionals of the CWS, but there was a catcher who was irritating me with the number of pitches he just let go by (nobody was on). I also like the removal of the bases occupied rule. This will give a little more option for liveliness in the game. Checking the wrists on a check swing - Hell no.
  6. First, I coppied and pasted this directly from Close Call Sports... Next, For this discussion's purpose we'll ignore the electronic strike zone calling. But what do you think about these new rules? Pitchers Required to Step Off Rubber to Attempt Pickoff: Simply put, pitchers will no longer be permitted to throw to a base from the pitcher's plate; a disengage will be required. Rules-wise, this means any errant pickoff throw that enters the stands will be from a pitcher treated as an infielder—a two-base award. The release did not specify whether the penalty for a pickoff play from the rubber would result in a balk or just a dead ball. One Foul Bunt Permitted with Two Strikes: Batters will now have an extra chance to bunt, no longer subject to striking out with two strikes...to an extent. If a batter achieves a two-strike count, one foul bunt will be permitted and counted as a simple foul ball with no further penalty (the "he bunts foul on third strike" rule, 5.09(a)(4), will be suspended). Any subsequent bunt attempt after having foul bunted one two-strike pitch shall result in a strikeout, as in OBR 5.09(a)(4). Batters can now steal on any dropped pitch. Batters May Steal First Base: Any pitched ball not caught by the catcher shall be subject to the same baserunning rules for the batter as an uncaught third strike, with the exception of the first base occupied with less than two out exclusion. The batter's election to become a runner (or not) shall be optional, but if invoked by the batter on a wild pitch, passed ball, or other uncaught pitch, it places him (and any forced runners) in jeopardy of being retired: "The batter shall be deemed to have chosen to become a runner under this rule if (i) both of the batter’s feet leave the batter’s box, and (ii) the batter, in the umpire’s judgment, demonstrates or otherwise creates an impression of his intent to advance to first base. If first base is occupied when the batter chooses to become a runner this creates a force play." ALPB wants umpires to observe batter wrists. "Check Swings" More Batter-Friendly: Perhaps the most ambiguous rules change of all is the instruction to base umpires to give greater deference to the offense when ruling on half swing appeals. Here's ALPB's guidance: "In making his ruling, the base umpire should determine whether the batter’s wrists 'rolled over' during an attempt to strike at the ball and, if not, call the pitch a ball."
  7. They were talking about all of the above this morning on sports talk radio with the release of this article...https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/columnist/bob-nightengale/2019/07/08/mlb-as-home-runs-fly-at-record-pace-doping-steroid-question-returns/1662455001/ Here's my take: Nobody seems to hit for average anymore. Which is sad, they're all gunning for the fences. If there were players who could have half the hitting control of a Tony Gwynn baseball would take a giant leap forward and be just as interesting or even more than with all the HRs. Don't even get me started on the loss of the skill of bunting. But if they're swinging for the fences regularly, they're more apt to hit one. I do believe Verlander is right about the baseballs. This article from last year's sub title says it all, "MLB will have more say over how official balls are made" https://www.marketwatch.com/story/mlb-teams-with-private-investment-firm-to-buy-rawlings-the-maker-of-baseballs-2018-06-05 MLB's motivation is $$$ as it should be (to an extent) having more HRs means more "web gems", more top 10 plays, highlights ... which gets people more excited about baseball. And I'll be the first to admit it, MLB needs to get more people excited for baseball. Look how many high schools can't field a baseball team anymore because of the declining interest in baseball. LEGAL Performance Enhancing. The players training regiments are much more through than ever before. The kinesiology studies and overall use of science to boost performance LEGALLY is hitting new heights everyday. So they are just better athletes and better trained than in days past. PEDS/Doping. It has to be said. A certain number of people will cheat to win. As the first article I linked to states there are ways to circumvent the system, no client of Biogenesis ever failed a drug test. I will speculate that just as the legal science of performance enhancement is reaching new heights, so is the illegal side of it. Learning to get around the system, developing drugs which cannot be easily detected, and having great lawyers and agents if you do get caught or even suspected. This would be a very lucrative field to be in if you know what you're doing, and I'm positive there are people out there who do.
  8. That is actually a great question. Let me see if there is anything I can do on my end.
  9. Light is relative. You will notice not having the extra ounce or 2, but you do notice it when it's not there. I did the first 10+ years with the original hollow tube stee Wilson Dyna-Lite mask, which by today's standards is anything but lite.
  10. Giphy allows users to insert animated GIFs directly into their content. Many social media sites have a version of Gliphy, but I've been able to enable it here with a new software release which came out earlier. To use: Select GIF from the post menu bar and search by keyword. As of now I haven't put any rating restrictions on it but please remember to try and keep things at PG-13.
  11. This is what I use and I really like it. I still use the stock pads which are okay. But I love the TW pads.
  12. Intent??? I'm not positive, but am leaning towards yes. Just remember we really don't need intent. Looks like he tried to go inside - Why would an experienced player try to go inside on a play like that What really looks bad is he raises his arm and leads with the shoulder. (one could possibly say in defense???) This image makes me say yes to intent. In this image it shows he sees the catcher in the path, and has plenty of time to react. From a different angle we see the ball in near the mound at this point. You also see he's right on the baseline, why would an experienced player go inside in this situation? It puts you further from the plate. The umpires made the correct call, now let's see what further action is taken from MLB.
  13. My summation and opinions. Announcing Time: First coming up I was taught to announce time as the BU on time limit games. i.e. "Start time 12:05" I evolved and love the stopwatch method. It eliminates the, "By my watch we still have X minutes" argument. Devices: Wrist watches: I really don't have a problem with an umpire wearing a watch. I don't do it. I highly recommend PU's not wear one, but if my partner is wearing a watch it doesn't bother me. Unless we've been told explicitly not to wear one. Fit-Bits/ other fitness trackers: I have had these on the field, but primarily in my pocket. It still seems to calculate steps pretty well, but obviously can't get heart rate, and other features being in my pocket. But I will admit, I have worn one on my wrist under a long sleeve or jacket a few times. It's along the lines of a wrist watch, I generally won't wear it on the field. Pocket stop watches. These are the way to go in my not so humble opinion. Loop it through your belt and in your pocket. You can find them from $5 to $10. With the amount we invest in our uniforms and equipment what's another $10, really? Phones: That's where I draw the line. No phones on the field, even as a time keeping device. I again must admit, I have done it but it was out of desperation (still no excuse) when neither my partner or I have had another time keeping device. It looks extremely unprofessional. Yes, you may be looking at it for the time, but the umpire haters (coaches, players, parents) see you checking your texts or playing a game, or who knows what else. Reality be damned. Jewelry: The only piece of jewelry I own is my wedding ring and that stays on. As others have said I'm an adult and I can be responsible if I take a hit and because I was wearing it I now need to get my finger amputated. Other visible jewelry: I'm against umpire's wearing other visible jewelry. Visible piercings, absolutely no, Take them out. Rings other than wedding rings, no not necessary. I know some people wear a religious signet style ring, fine if you must. But just bling no. Neck laces, If you can bury them under your shirt fine, but once again no bling. Side note I was at an umpire camp and one of the MLB instructors was asked about him wearing Phiten necklaces. His reply was his kid gave it to him and he wears it. Arm bands/ awareness bands: I have no problem with these, in moderation. Many of us have causes which are personal to us, whether its lymphoma awareness, prostate cancer awareness, breast cancer awareness, autism awareness, and the list goes on and on. That's where I do have a problem. Some people have ave many of the silicone bands up your wrist(s). Sure this one is for your mom, this one is for your dad, this is for your aunt, this is for your dog, this one is for your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate. It gets absurd. 1 great, 2 meh, 3 really???, 4 + no way. Medic alert type bracelets, no problem.
  14. Sorry guys that was a result of my first (failed) attempt to make the entire secure. Had to spend last night reading and a few more trials and errors and I got it.
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