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  1. I just skimmed through it looking for various plays. Overall IMO timing was fast all the way around Chylak was moving A LOT Look at the play at the plate at 1:19:02 --- wow. Yes he's in the HOF and I'm at my desk Then I noticed the positioning of U2 at the pick off attempt at second at 1:54:45 Very interesting. Would this be a better view??? Not turning I couldn't tell if the run down of Dusty Baker was an Ole' or not. Damn them for not having 60 HD cameras to get every angle back in 1977...
  2. Look at the names on the rosters it's a complete Who's Who list. Names we are still familiar with.
  3. I'd love to find out what Rizzo said/did beyond not wearing the mask to get invited to leave. I hope there is more information available.
  4. This was the greatest thing About Arbiter IMO. It didn't date long before all groups I worked with used Arbiter and life was easy.
  5. Oh wow I just logged into my account. and was not surprised... I looked into ArbiterPay and had a zero dollar balance... I wasn't hacked or anything they just charge a hefty $10.00/ month inactivity fee. Which I wasn't aware of. I use to keep this as my secret hide away money. I guess those last couple of games in my career ended up being free....
  6. SO I subscribed to lastpass last night. I did a lot of research between it and a few other password management tools and think this is a very good product and for the price its a no brainer. Check it out https://www.lastpass.com/
  7. Is Hawk-Eye the same system they used in the Atlantic League last year and the Arizona League?
  8. I was once told even an untied shoelace making contact with the base would be enough.
  9. Oh no we can't have another Warren here...
  10. I think the warning suffices. What could have Trout done to warrant it being intentional??? I'm guessing nothing as none of the articles I've read have shown any history to show why. Even if it's bad control a couple of times with the same batter it should be addressed and warned. Yes you hear the bitching "you're taking the whole inside of the plate away from me" Thats not our problem as umpires. They can still throw inside, just their accuracy better improve.
  11. Continuing to follow this... I was wondering if any of our members with IT/Security specific knowledge could chime in with additional tips. I'm definitely going to look into lastpass.
  12. In real time on the transfer, after review no.
  13. I sat in on a training here at work where it was discussed some of the equipment our employees use from harnesses to helmets and so much more have expiration dates. I was probably the only person in the room who this was new information to, but it got me thinking should our umpire equipment have an expiration date? We've had threads about foam/padding deteriorating in CPs and they become less effective. The plastic in our CPs, helmets and shins ages and becomes more brittle, steel rusts and such. So should our equipment have an expiration date?
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