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  1. SOrry for the delay, There have been a number of updates and upgrades to the software let me look into that. I had it set earlier that if someone had X number of posts they could do that.
  2. Sorry @HokieUmp There's no such thing as Down East North Carolina... It's all East Carolina Back to topic Umpire uniforms ... No thank you on that color. Dodger Unis Meh...
  3. Umpire in Chief


    @LRZ @maven I'm looking into a few options right now. For all interested please start tallying up questions and answers. I'm sure I'll be adding one. I just don't know what form it will take quite yet.
  4. Umpire in Chief


    I'll be glad to put up a FAQ. Let me mull this over about the best way to make it happen w/o becoming a CF
  5. Jim was a long time member of the site. I truly enjoyed some of our phone conversations. Unfortunately, I was never able to meet up with him on my last few trips to Montana. His knowledge insight and overall persona will truly be missed. Deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.
  6. I'm curious to see how long of a suspension Rojas gets for the bump.
  7. Just wait for the 4U AAU/ Travel leagues...
  8. @SeeingEyeDog No big deal at all. I wouldn't go as far to say the email was unprofessional, just a bit more harsh than necessary. Nothing was really false, Like I said I was both over my head and had a bad game... But that was like 15+ years ago. AND it did spark a good conversation between my assignor and me.
  9. Arbiter does (at least did) have a feature you could block partners. I only had one assigner actually give us that ability. Otherwise have a conversation with the assigner. Sit back story time with uncle Warren I had to do this once. I had a partner that is technically pretty good but he had to insert himself into the game as much as possible. And he personified his "... ego writing checks your body cant cash." Post games were always horrible with him, when he had issues and know it he'd always have an excuse to get out as soon after the game as possible. If you tried to have a real discussion on anything he may have done wrong he'd get super defensive and tell you why he was right and you were wrong. My final game with him was a 3.5 hr 9 inning game in tremendous heat and humidity. I was the BU and it was one of those games which you hate as a BU because the game is calling itself and you're just a decoration out on the field. My partner was having a rough game. Both sides were all over him about his zone (which in all fairness was normally pretty tight, but seemed extra tight that day) and frequent balk calls. Between innings one coach came out to bring me a water bottle and asked we we can do to have us switch positions. I struggled not to laugh. We get to the locker room and he starts with his reason why he cant do a complete post-game, so I just ask him "What do you have for me?" He started that I gad a really bad game and I missed 5-6 calls and went on to why he thinks I missed 5-6 calls. I didn't even have 5-6 calls to make the entire game where I wasn't just stating the obvious. There was maybe 1-2 plays that actually required me to make a call which might not have been obvious, but neither were bangers or that close. Next he tells me I need to be echoing his balk calls better. I let him rant about how bad I was before he had to run off for something more important. But when I got home I sent my assigner a nicely worded email asking not to work with this person any more. The assignor called me back, we had a nice conversation and I never had to work for him again. But... I've also been the recipient of a I don't want to work with Warren any more (And the person is now a member here I know this from his avatar and email address) I was a newer umpire was assigned a little over my skills at the time, but my greatest ability was my availability. From the moment I arrived things were going wrong. Then on the field I didn't have the best day. He was apparently so irritated with me he didn't want to do a post-game and just left. After the game, he sent a not so nicely worded email to our assignor about never wanting to work with me again. I got a phone call that night from our assigner we talked and then he actually sent me the email. I was stunned, I knew it didn't go well, but I didn't think it was that bad. But I never worked with that person again either.
  10. Some people liked this feature, others did not. With one of the recent software updates the tool I used for Google Search became incompatible. This has been updated and is back, but I am not making it the default search tool as some people really didn't care for it. Notes on the Google Search: It only searches the U-E site It is more Powerful than the system's Search engine You can use advanced Google Search techniques Google is faster IMO the systems search engine seems to be better at finding more relevant items to what I'm looking for To access Google Custom Search: Type your search Term in the search box in the upper right Select more options Then Select Google... Then click the Search Icon And you get your results...
  11. This isn't an apples to apples comparison at many levels, but it has some relevance here. A couple of weeks ago Yermin Mercedes hit a 3-0 pitch out of the park while the White Sox were already leading 15-4 in the 9th inning. Dissimilarities: Level of play MLB they know all the unwritten rules. And the play itself. Similarities: Breaking an unwritten rule. What happened the next night??? Mercedes got one thrown behind him. In MLB you'd better fear reprisal, not as much in NCAA. But the umpire showed awareness and took control. As @maven said it was seen by both teams and set the tone that the situation had been handled. Now about it being coaching. As umpires it's not our domain at all. By us telling him to get his butt moving we're more giving him instruction towards the administration of the game, much like we might tell a batter to get in the box. If the ball had not gone out and he be called safe at second because we told him to get moving I have no problem at all and would tell an arguing coach the same thing.
  12. I think this sets a great tone an hopefully prevents the kid from catching one in the ear hole next AB.... Okay now a days it would be ribs, thigh vs earhole, but still great preventative umpiring.
  13. It was in a forum for truck accessories.
  14. I saw this morale patch elsewhere, but thought it was completely appropriate for some of our members.
  15. Many years ago... We had no trees or anything blocking the sun as it set. the sun was coming right into the batter, catcher and PU's (me) eyes. I was going to try and get through it. First pitch of the half inning the catcher missed and it hit me in the shin (NBD). The catcher said he couldn't see the pitch and the batter agreed and so I called time and announced we were going to wait about 5 minutes for the sun to finish setting. The defensive coach went nutzo and started his complaining and I told him to talk to his catcher about the view and I deemed it a safety issue. Coach starts squatting behind the plate then yells he doesn't have a problem. I warn him and get him off the field explaining we'll get this started in just a few moments. He complained about the game being timed. I believe we got both coaches and scorekeepers together and said we would add the time missed onto the game time. This just dumbfounded me at the time.
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