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  1. No doubt the Facebook sites have a lot to offer... AND I'll acknowledge my bias obviously, but I think dedicated forums, on virtually any topic, are much more engaging than FB sites.
  2. That's another factor. So it's a bit of a triple whammy. I doubt I'd be umpiring if I were still in the game for these reasons. Just like injuries from umpiring, I need to be able to go to my full time job and a risk of catching it would probably be enough for me to stay out, not to mention the possibility of bringing it home to my family.
  3. Adult league game and I was being evaluated to move up in the HS ranks once upon a time. All the pitchers had some decent speed but no control, with catchers who couldn't catch... First few innings I was being peppered mostly hitting equipment, but then I started getting hit more in the soft spots. Now I was getting happy feet, ducking and dodging pitches rather than locking in. Middle of the game b/t innings I call my partner over who is evaluating me to chat. I said I just can't do this anymore. I am being lit up and as hard as I try I can't lock in. I was worried about getti
  4. For some of you Baseball season is just kicking off. BUT... In many stated (VA & NC I know for sure) have just kicked off their HS Football seasons. Is this going to create a strain on the already limited supply of officials in both sports out there? Many of the umpires I know also typically do football in the fall. With the seasons now overlapping are you seeing a bigger problem with the availability of officials? Then for players, I know once upon a time when I was in HS, many people did football in the fall, wrestling or basketball in the winter and baseball or soccer in
  5. I'm curious if how people are doing with the NCAA requirement of wearing 2 masks. I also saw something on FB abut not wearing a gaitor. I was wondering why people would say that. On TV I'm seeing a lot of umpires wearing gaitors. But in the industry I work in our #1 client has said gaitors are not allowed on their worksites, as they feel it does not allow adequate protection.
  6. Actually he was. I remember that game as I had a number of plays at the plate that game.
  7. Obviously I haven't called a game in a few years but here are a few umpiring pics. Here's when I got to meet @Majordave
  8. I love the photography section and wanted to add a section for us to show photos of us umpiring. Enjoy!
  9. I've brought back the CDP section. I have deleted the teams seeking umpires section. I have raised the price from $3.00 to $4.00. But the forum is still free to those who are active in our community ( defined as having at least 100 previous posts). We invite all umpires seeking teams at CDP to become active members of our site!
  10. What I'm going to do is disable the Google auto ads. and do them manually. It will probably be over sometime this weekend.
  11. I've been on a privacy kick lately and got a VPN for the family. I chose Surfshark. No complaints. I do need to go into the settings and adjust one thing that bugs me, but that's more me than it.
  12. Just an FYI I'll be playing with the ads again this weekend. I don't think we'll have that much traffic.
  13. So there are several ways to get immediately to the first unread post. 1. Click on the star or bullet in a thread listing Dark indicates new content 2. Click in the post title in the main forum page. 3. My favorite way is Select unread Content in the upper right Then just clicking on the dot or star.
  14. In VA you have to register and pay your dues to the VSHL in the fall for the spring. I really disliked that. The good thing was that you could have it withheld from your fall dues in Arbiter pay.
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