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  1. I do think fan education would ultimately be appreciated. They do it in football, which IMO, has much more complex rules. For big games they have a former official in the booth, or who can remote in and explain what's going on. I have to think it has some worth/merit as they continue to do it. I know I appreciate it. They're already heading in that direction with explaining calls. ESPN, MLB Network I'm available ... I did once speak to one MLB umpire and asked the question, in not so many words, he told me nobody is going to want to be the umpire in the booth who has to explain when another umpire missed a call or otherwise potentially make someone else look bad.
  2. Sorry I've missed this post until now, but I think it is important that I chime in... Moderation is the darn if you do darn if you don't type situation. When you get into the realm of needing to moderate or delete a post someone is not going to be happy and often times it is subjective. For better or worse earlier on I did not have great success in asking people to moderate their own posts and I just frankly stopped asking people "Hey _____ would you mind rewording your post about______" While JohnnyG shut down the referenced post (which even in hindsight I support) I personally would be probably quicker to shut down anything getting political (either way) than other "objectionable content." My thought is everybody has their own political opinions and are firmly set in their ways and nothing said here that is remotely going to change that and only lead to further political commentary. If someone is being overly harsh about someone still wearing heather gray pants that will probably slide much longer. I think writing Thanks Joe or Thanks Donkeys (even if it were the opposite way around politically), while "mild" just doesn't belong here. SO good job @Thunderheads & @johnnyg08 My only conceivable permission in going political would be a discussion on a new law protecting officials where people say (insert politician's name here) is awesome/ridiculous for supporting/opposing this bill. Of all the reports i can run out of the system It doesn't appear I can run one on locked threads. But I will dig into it some more. But if you see a post that needs attention either to be shut down or one that was shut down and you want to know why, just ask me.
  3. I have a little inside sports info on this. Yes Coach Godwin was upset about the fair foul situation. But I was told when he really got upset is when he asked if he would go for help on the call and was refused and apparently got tossed without even saying any "magic words."
  4. HS & Below - We'd have to communicate 2 days in advance with our partner to get coordinated. Who is doing what, where to meet anything else important. College - I think it was 3 days in advance. with the partner. Then who ever was listed as the plate communicated with the home coach the day of and the assigner the day of.
  5. I'm doing something I haven't done in a long time and I'm looking for your input. I am looking for 2 things: News articles within the last year about officials being assaulted in any sport. Your ideas as officials as to what we can do about it. I have the frame work of the article with some of the most recent events, but want some history to show just how frequently it occurs. Also if you have ever been assaulted in the course of your work as an official PM me if you'd like to talk about it. Thanks!
  6. If you're going to blow up and act like a fool on that pitch you have no business playing.
  7. Apparently this "kid" has been suspended and the police are investigating the incident.
  8. Other than the flaming bat I also notices there are just so many people on the field (non- players). But the stands are packed. I think the minor leagues of drawing people in with all sorts of different promotions.
  9. Nothing in the rules says you can't use a flaming bat...
  10. For the entire Ask the Umpire section I highly encourage readers to upvote the answer they find the best. There are 2 related reasons. And another I just thought of... The default sort is by "upvotes" so the best answers will be right under the question. Which by default means that what our members selected as the best answer will be right up top. Readers who have similar questions will see what was said before quickly. Moderators do have the ability to go in and mark a question "solved" but I believe this still allows comments but it won't change that the anser chosed as solving the question will remain up top. So please use the up voting feature.
  11. I wish I could tell what the batter was saying when he stepped out.
  12. These jewelry rules can be grabbing the dirty end of the stick. Even before I left umpiring I was seeing an uptick in the bling.
  13. Watching the ECU v Duke game. Catchers are now allowed to wear earpieces? Interesting. I have no opposition and thing it could help speed up the game. But what are the restrictions?
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