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  1. WTF, you know this is a problem but you haven't addressed it. The blame is as much on them as it is the fans. I seem to recall somewhere there have been scholastic programs in other sports which have been suspended for sportsmanship issues. Hold the coaches and administration accountable .
  2. I saw this in another thread. I'm going to take a look at it this weekend. I haven't made any changes to my settings in years, so I'm assuming something else has changed. My goal is to use ads obviously to generate revenue, but I don't want them being obnoxious or interfering. I'll place an update to see if things have improved once I look at it. PS Merging this thread with the other on ads.
  3. So I wanted to get your thoughts on the after effects of COVID-19 on officiating. We've discussed any number of times the shortage of umpires and sports officials as a whole.... So here's my thought, with the hiatus on sports for the immediate future, do you think this will accelerate the number of officials leaving their sport? Here's my rationale. I really had no intention of stopping umpiring. I got a new job in Feb 2018 that just didn't give me the availability at all. At first this was REALLY difficult for me. Coming here and reading of your adventures, talking to friends who were still umpiring and going to sporting events just made me want to jump back into it. Then, I found other ways to occupy my newly available time and gradually became more accepting. Now. I honestly don't miss it that much, and am completely comfortable with my decision. So do you think a season off will adversely effect people coming back? Especially for people who were on the fence beforehand?
  4. I feel you. ECU extended spring break a week and also made all online classes for the rest of the semester. We moved our daughter out of the dorm this weekend. Add to that my son's school has closed for 2 weeks (at least) AND my wife's company has told all employees who are able to, to work from home for at least a month. Thankfully, I still have to go to work LOL. But the added food, electricity, and everything else is going to add up. As for sports. I don't see any spring HS sports happening.. due to the flattening of the curve we're not near the peak of this, so who knows how long things will be shut down. I wouldn't be surprised if fall sports are ultimately nixed too. This IS for real I don't want to minimize that, BUT people are overreacting to the max. Even the county south of me has closed itself off (easy to do b/c it's primarily islands) Where only residents and people who work there can enter the county. https://www.outerbanksvoice.com/2020/03/17/dare-county-explains-entry-permit-system/ But neither my county or Dare county or our surrounding counties have any reported cases. While I understand the "flatten the curve" movement and the rationale behind it. I tend to disagree for your average person. I also think for those at more serious risk, it could be beneficial for the curve to be accelerated. I was reading that with the "flatten the curve" movement this could take b/t 18 and 24 months to run it's course vs just getting it and getting over it. Can you imagine living like this for the next 24 months??? No movie theaters, no sporting events, no theme parks, no dine in restaurants, some stores limiting the number of people who can enter at one time (which is completely stupid b/c now people are gathered much more close together at the front door waiting to get in) etc.. It's not that bad now but it is discussed that 85% of the US population will be exposed to it and best case scenario a vaccine is probably 18 months away. As for those with underlying conditions which put them in greater risk, they are going to be at the greater risk for a greater amount of time. For example someone I know's spouse is in a category of being at much greater risk. His doctor has told her she must work from home, and act as if she is at the greater risk b/c she could potentially be exposed and bring it home to him. They are going to have even less "freedom" for as long as this goes on. If the curve were to be accelerated, they'd have to potentially shelter in place for much less time. Seriously, I'm almost considering attempting to intentionally get it. Which won't be hard to do, my next door neighbor is a respiratory care nurse and her hospital already had a meeting telling them when it hits our area they will not only be exposed but they will contract it. So once she gets it I'll spend a few days hanging out with her. Like the good ole chicken pox parties Gen X'ers and before will remember. But for all of you stay safe out there.
  5. Ok there are not supposed be so many ads per page. I will work on it this weekend. I haven't made any changes to the Google AdSense settings in years. Is this increase in the number of ads new? Thanks for the screenshots it helps a lot. There are supposed to be several tiers: Unregistered visitors: Game on, they get the max Registered: Less ads
  6. I use to love the reruns of Rocky & Bullwinkle when I was a kid and there were actually Saturday morning cartoons. I'd have to go to one of the UHF stations to get it.
  7. I've downloaded the app and am using it now without issue. If you could send me screen shots of what you see. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  8. Interesting... I'm going to download the app again and continue to work on it.
  9. I've installed the newest version of TapaTalk. Please let me know how it goes...
  10. I got a text tonight from a friend I use to work college ball with. He is at his high school umpire association training and they're using one of the Umpire-Empire vids. If you see things like this I'd love to see it. As I mentioned I'm going to have more videos soon.
  11. Is a crew get together necessary? At the MLB level you know intent the vast majority of the time. You are aware of the history when you walk on the field for things that happened in the last series or last game. You also know if a batter showboated after an hr or has done thing that would earn him a beanball. My thing is should there be a get together to judge batters attempting to be hit by the ball. Biggio comes to mind immediately. BTW trying to intentionally get hit by pitch is another way to earn a beanball. But you're not going to get to gave it graze off your supersized elbow guard, it will be in the ribs or worse. A friend once told me his theory to allow baseball to self regulate which had some merit, but would be tough to enforce. Some of his points I recall were: Pitchers have to bat. To help the self-enforcement they can't hide behind a DH. They need to be able to be plunked too. To the head- EJ and long term suspension To the ribs or knee - EJ and short term suspension To the butt thigh - nothing but a warning. No team warnings, no warnings to both benches. That was that pitcher's freebie. (This is another way to determine if it's intentional. Most times an intentional HBP is aimed at the but or thigh) Throw behinds get 2 categories Behind at the head EJ - short term suspension Behind at the body - nothing He had more nuanced detailed info and better insight than me as someone who played at higher levels.
  12. I'll check on the versions. I wasn't notified of an update, but I may need to update the TapaTalk on the site. I'll look into this tonight.
  13. All I can say is WOW and thank you!!! Even though, I haven't done a video in 2 years, I've gotten more views, subscriptions, and activity the past few months than I ever would have expected. Additionally, I've recently received a few emails and DM's here and on social media and even a comment on my Instagram about making more. I really want to and intend to make more so here's what's going on... I'm no longer actively umpiring, I'm planning on returning in about 3-4 years but I'd feel a little bit like a poser making umpire videos and not umpiring. @Gil's Close Call Sports channel is fabulous (https://www.youtube.com/user/CloseCallSports) and one of my theories about doing something is if I can legitimately do it better I will. I seriously doubt I can do better so I haven't been as motivated to keep them up. Time, I just don't have all the time I would like: New job which demands my time Family obligations I'm also working on a new passion project (a podcast not related to umpiring with a friend) All that said... I'm going to try to devote some time and make more videos. I don't know with what time frame or how frequently I will be able to update, but I'll get some more done. I was looking at maybe doing some interviews and changing the format up a little bit. Please let me know if you have any ideas for topics.
  14. I just want to give you an update as to what's been happening. Someone got into an @umpire-empire.com email account and sent out thousands of spam email. The company I lease the server from shut down the site for violation of the TOS. Go figure spamming is frowned upon. They realize this was not done by me and reopened the site. First level support just told me to change the passwords for all things relating to the site, email addresses and more, which I did. The initial passwords were fairly secure, the new ones were VERY secure. BUT that said, early this morning they struck again and the site was shut down again. I did not believe a hacked PW was the root cause and the second instance confirmed my belief. I have been working with advanced level support and am having a complete threat analysis done as I type this. They tell me this should be able to identify the root cause and exactly how people are getting in. Important things to know. This appears to be an issue regarding an email vulnerability and not the forum software Emails which were sent were sent to random people - not U-E members Email addresses of our members remain secure in the forum SW
  15. I'm in favor of the tech for teams communicating. I think it would speed up the game.
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