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  1. Appreciate the heads up. What I'm hearing is that as Independent Contractors we won't be able to apply until April 10.
  2. Fair enough, I respect your stance. Have a good weekend
  3. @MidAmUmp Totally understand your stance. It just rubs me the wrong way that a good portion of their umpires never got a chance to do a game and are losing out on significant income and this is the most they can do (A ~$35 discount on an already overpriced membership). They are a multi-billion dollar organization, although I understand they are probably losing significant money as well. Heck, my small-time health club is even waving membership fees during this time.
  4. That is an impressive move; much different than the NCAA's no refund but give you 25% off next year. Thought it was practically a slap in the face myself.
  5. Too soon to ask for the $170 NCAA registration fee to be refunded to us?
  6. No known protocol here. Supposedly there is a coach-vote aspect to it, along with a state administrator who makes the call. Definitely no formal evaluations or game requirements nor association recommendations as I'm the head of one of the largest in my state. We've had guys whose first games of the year were at the state tournament (guys that work college games the rest of the spring) or guys who get selected for postseason who don't even register with the state or officiate any longer (good ol' boys club). I've gotten my share of postseason but it is sad for those trying to work their way up.
  7. Think I'll pass on a $70 timer. Kinda stinks for a northern guy, I can't really work weekdays with my real job so even if I work every weekend that the weather allows I'm lucky to get 6 doubleheaders. $175 for cbua registration, $75 for association dues, buying hats the conference wants, put in all the time to learn the little NCAA rules/test, blocking weekends that end up getting cancelled at the last minute with no compensation, kinda makes a guy wonder...
  8. zoops

    NCAA Test

    They want A.
  9. zoops

    NCAA Test

    Immediately is correct
  10. zoops

    NCAA Test

    Last one from me...I know this play has been discussed before but I'm not sure what the consensus is on it in NCAA. It's obviously B or C...Rule 9-3-m-2 makes me lean toward B... If a balk immediately is followed by a wild throw by the pitcher to a base that permits a runner(s) to advance to or beyond the base to which that runner is entitled, the balk shall be acknowledged. The umpire will call the balk in the usual manner, but shall not call "Time" until all play has ceased (runners have stopped trying to advance and/or a fielder is in possession of the ball in the infield). R1, R3, 1 out. The pitcher steps toward 3rd, fakes a throw, then immediately turns and throws to 1st base. The pickoff attempt goes over F3’s head and rolls toward right field in foul territory. R3 scores and R1 is thrown out at 3rd trying to advance there. a.Balk is called. Let play continue but if R1 is put out at 3rd, call “Time” and put him back at 2nd. b.Balk is called but “Time” is not called until all play has ceased. R3 scores and R1 is out. c.Balk for faking a throw to 3rd base. Call “Time” immediately and nullify any further play d.Legal play.
  11. zoops

    NCAA Test

    I assume they want choice E for this one since A&B are true but D is not, but all the literature I've seen says something to the effect of "it is at the sole discretion of the crew chief" (not in consultation with the crew)? Which of these guidelines are correctly stated? a.Each head coach is allowed a maximum of 2 challenges per game. b.A coach’s challenge can be used to review any of the 12 types of plays at any time during the game. c.The crew chief (with consultation from the crew) can decide to review any of the first 6 plays (a – e) at any time. d.The crew chief (with consultation from the crew) can decide to review any of the newly expanded list of plays (g-l) at any time. e.a, b, and c. f.All of the above.
  12. zoops

    NCAA Test

    Ended up finding this one basically verbatim in the pre-season guide as well.
  13. zoops

    NCAA Test

    I was also leaning toward choice C due to the rule you noted and 5-5-c: Any player other than the pitcher may be substituted for at any time when the ball is dead...(although I also thought projected substitutions were not allowed).
  14. zoops

    NCAA Test

    Figured I'd start discussion on this. One I was having trouble finding: R1, R2, no outs, 3-2 count. R1 and R2 are stealing on the next pitch, which is in the dirt. B3 swings and strikes out. The catcher blocks the pitch back toward to the batter who unintentionally deflects the ball. a.The batter is out on strike 3. R1 and R2 stay at 2nd and 3rd respectively. b.The batter is out. R1 and R2 return to 1st and 2nd. c.The batter is out for interference. Both R1 and R2 must return to their “time of pitch” bases. d.The batter is not out on strike 3. The defense must throw B1 out at 1st on the dropped 3rd strike. R1 and R2 remain at 2nd and 3rd respectively.
  15. No doubt about that. The number of stabbing, lunging, slashing, horrible bunt attempts I see at all levels is astonishing. I gotta think it has something to do with the homer-centric nature of the pro game nowadays.
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