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  1. zoops

    Lineup Change

    Good stuff thank you for sharing.
  2. zoops

    Lineup Change

    It was what normally would have been American Legion-level ball pre-Covid. I did not allow the re-do on the lineup but did allow the sub. Was the second game of the doubleheader where we probably had 35 minutes between games due to it being senior night for the home team so not sure why the VT waited until practically first pitch to realize their pitcher wasn't feeling well (arm-wise - I suppose I should clarify that in this day and age ). The manager seemed a little pissy that I didn't allow him to rework his lineup and said something to the effect of "alright but you should always c
  3. zoops

    Lineup Change

    Absolutely. What this coach wanted to do was re-write his lineup with several changes to juggle the loss of the pitcher.
  4. zoops

    Lineup Change

    After lineups are exchanged and as the catcher is about to throw the last warmup pitch down to second, the VT coach comes to me and says his pitcher is having a hard time getting loose and wants to change his lineup (not just sub for the pitcher, but do several adjustments). I've had some differences of opinion on how to handle this - what would you do? OBR rules.
  5. It really depends on your area and the level you desire. If D1, definitely need to go to camps, maybe even umpire school. If just wanting to dabble in lower levels, a couple camps and the right network and you’ll get games obviously assuming you’re competent. In my area they are often begging guys to work even up to the D2 level, especially mid week games although many areas are not like that. However, be prepared to travel, often for no compensation. Availability is huge in the college season. Assignors love guys that have flexible schedules. Since games get rescheduled so much, being ab
  6. I'm not a D1 guy but it seems there would be plenty of pitfalls to this plan, some of which were hinted at in the article. I do have to wonder if attendance would really increase enough to help many schools' bottom lines. With a large chunk of the games being played after school is out, I think schools would have to start marketing the games like minor-league teams, which would require additional staff. Lots of other additional costs to house and feed players (can't imagine you'd expect players to pay their own way over the summer, remember even most D1 players are getting only partial scho
  7. Not I; wasn't getting anywhere with my bank for the PPP and upon hearing the program was out of money gave up. Would have only been eligible for around a grand.
  8. That is also my thinking; apparently the NCAA disagrees I guess.
  9. I also thought about generating discussion on this one. I think calling the runner out would be grabbing the shi**y end of the stick. How can you call a runner out for running out of the way of a fielder who is fumbling a ball (and never does field it cleanly and make a tag attempt)?
  10. Appreciate the heads up. What I'm hearing is that as Independent Contractors we won't be able to apply until April 10.
  11. Fair enough, I respect your stance. Have a good weekend
  12. @MidAmUmp Totally understand your stance. It just rubs me the wrong way that a good portion of their umpires never got a chance to do a game and are losing out on significant income and this is the most they can do (A ~$35 discount on an already overpriced membership). They are a multi-billion dollar organization, although I understand they are probably losing significant money as well. Heck, my small-time health club is even waving membership fees during this time.
  13. That is an impressive move; much different than the NCAA's no refund but give you 25% off next year. Thought it was practically a slap in the face myself.
  14. Too soon to ask for the $170 NCAA registration fee to be refunded to us?
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