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  1. Are you selling the All American? Let me know if so!
  2. Where is the easiest/best place to replace the metal hooks for shin guards. I bought some Douglas shin guards on here and the plastic and padding are in good shape, but the hooks are all rusted. I also bought the shin guard straps from Ray at Umplofe but they don’t come with the hooks. Thanks
  3. Great transaction with @Ump0000 Great communication and fast shipping. I can't wait to get my Douglas Shin guards on Monday!
  4. I have multiple Arbiter accounts, but did not receive an email from Arbiter or Arbiter pay saying anything about a security breach??? I wonder why that is.
  5. If it does I would love to buy your All American.
  6. I spoke with EBay today and they are refunding my money and said they will remove the postings from the two sellers I bought from. Once I get return shipping info from Ump-attire they will add it to the file to show I returned the items of the sellers try to question why the money was returned.
  7. Well I ordered two different products from two "different" sellers with these low prices using Paypal just taking a chance(knowing that I should have no problem getting my money back through Paypal). I received both today, but the problem is they are from Ump-attire. They show as being purchased by another name and address and then shipped to me. One shows as being someone from New York and one shows from someone in Hawaii. I assume these are stolen cards/info used to purchase these? I will contact Ebay and Ump-attire tomorrow after my games to see what to do. Obviously I will not use the gear tomorrow, because most likely this was too good to be true and is something fraudulent. If so I will ship them back to Ump-attire and hopefully be able to get my money back from Paypal/Ebay.
  8. An aftermarket harness make a huge difference. The best one out there is made by @Razzer at umplife. You can buy it from ump-attire.com or by it direct from him and he will personalize it with a name and image if you want. His facebook page is called umplife and to order any of his products direct you just email him at rbumpire37@gmail
  9. I am to looking to buy and All American chest protector either 13 or 15 inch is fine. I am looking for one in good shape, especially the padding. Thank you
  10. That is great. Somehow I got approved for state of Georgia unemployment even though I wasn't eligible. I am not accepting the money, but it is now a hassle of trying to get in touch with Georgia to be denied so that I can apply for PUA benefits. This has been such a hassle.
  11. Apparently there is a proposal to move the start date of D1 baseball to Mid March and run through June, with post season starting in July and ending in late July. Supposedly this would save lots of money for Northern teams on travel(be able to play at home instead of heading South) and the hope is it would bring more fans with better weather and not competing with basketball for half the season. This would start in 2022 and is just a proposal that would still need approval. https://d1baseball.com/columns/premier-power-five-coaches-unveil-new-college-baseball-model/
  12. Any update on this? Has anybody been successful in getting unemployment through the PUA? I am still getting mixed messages on whether or not I qualify since I still have my full time job, but lost out on umpire income as an independent contractor. Has anybody gotten the PPP loan?
  13. I have never heard of Dragonfly for an official's platform. In the state of Georgia or maybe just the county I am in we use something called Dragonfly Max for athletes to input their physical, parent permission forms, etc. Not sure if that would be the same thing or not. It works well for physicals and forms, but have no clue if it would be good for assignments and scheduling.
  14. Thanks. Keep us updated if you find anything else out.
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