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  1. 15 in Grey Douglas chest protector for sale with T-hooks and gap protection. Very low profile with great protection. $175 including shipping. Message me and I can send pics via text or email. The chest protector has been used less than 20 times and is in great condition.
  2. I am interested in the shovel. I’ll send you a pm.
  3. pm me an email address or phone number and I will send pics.
  4. Buy a harness from @Razzer. The umplife harness has fixed the mask pulling my mask down
  5. I have 2 Umplife all black convertible jackets for sale size Medium. These jackets are great, but they just run a little on the small side. I wear a Medium in the Majestic and it fits great, this jacket is a little snug. I would guess they run about like a small Majestic or Smitty. These jackets are much better than the Smitty version. $45 shipped each or $$85 shipped for both.
  6. Force 3 Defender Version 2 is outstanding.
  7. The Gerry Davis rep running the table at the Orlando NCAA clinic specifically said that Gerry wore the blue one to make people take notice of it.
  8. @lawump Is this intended to be a change, or should we go with the rule as written?
  9. If you ever do an all black version I will buy several. Unfortunately the gray on the sides means it doesn’t match for my conferences. They all have the all black from Majestic or Smitty.
  10. Anybody have any info on the OD jacket? I would love a jacket that is similar to the Majestic.
  11. It has a little bit of stretch or give to it. This helps to make it easier to put the mask on and take it off. With the Force 3 stock harness I felt like I would put the mask on and then have to adjust it every once in a while and there is no adjustment needed with this harness. It goes on correctly every time. It is hard to quantify exactly how much better it is, but I love it and think it is worth the extra money.
  12. I have only worn the Rayflex harness on the F3 mask. Since I started wearing the F3 mask about 2 years ago, I haven't worn any other masks. I have had the Rayflex for about 1 year and it is much better than the original F3 harness. Sorry I can't compare how it does on other masks.
  13. It is 100% worth it in my opinion. The extra money is less than 1/4 of a game fee and it is much better quality. I had a problem with getting my Force 3 mask to sit right with it having to be worn tight, and this harness makes it so much better.
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