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  1. This wasn’t directed at you, Jeff, or anyone on U-E in particular. No, this is directed to (new) college, independent pro, and semi-pro guys who (will) have a ball boy, clubbie, or team PO bring new baseballs to you out of the tote. If you request any less than 4, you’re wasting our time and efforts!! Just because you want to look Big League and wear one bag, we all have to watch the poor clubbie run back and forth like a tennis ball fetcher, bringing you 2-3 at a time?! Minor League -level baseball really slaps you with the harsh reality in baseball – that time and COE = money. If you’r
  2. How does a F1 “quick pitch” when there is R2? Does he not have to use the Stretch position, and Come Set? If he rolls right through his stop, that’d be a no-stop Balk.
  3. I couldn't locate a good photo of Bucknor in the All-Star MVP and a plate coat.
  4. Only when there are multiple runners (besides the B/R), and less than 2 outs. Why? Because that call changes the status of the B/R, and is information that the other participants – runners & their base coaches, fielders, and partner umpires – likely need to hear because they are visually focusing on something else. 2-man Examples: No one on, BU in A. Ground ball to F3. Collects it, jogs over to the bag, touches it before BR arrives. BU mechanics "Out" silently. R1, BU in B. Ground ball to F3. Smothers it, touches 1B. BU vocally calls "Out", mechanics "Out" (if he has
  5. Mah-LEE-cious Contact! Textbook for that level / context of baseball.
  6. This needs to be said kindly, but frankly… your son is calling a near-meaningless game, or what would amount to be a glorified scrimmage. Especially since they’ve put in a 5-run-per-inning cap. Typically, these exist in tyke ball ( < 8 yr olds), but I’ve even called games with a run cap for 10U… but these are kids who are relatively new to baseball. And that’s the point of this… “organized activity” – to foster participation and involvement by everybody, not so much what the score is at the end. This isn’t reserved to just the lightly-skilled youth, either; we have similar formats in
  7. MadMax

    Wrong Ejection

    Certain Tournament Series and Leagues scrutinize ejections, and have been known to (note: not “will” or “shall”) reprimand or fine umpires if the ejection has a dubious, ambiguous, or baited nature, or is lacking a formal warning it should have been prefaced with. I’m not saying this practice is doctrine, or acceptable. I merely know of what @Biscuit speaks, and why he might be insulating himself in his game management development.
  8. You’re fine, Scissors. You’re not flinging memes on the table, rolling an old Buick up to the line for a race with a Formula One car. 🤓 I started out with a Classic Navy, and an (oversized) plain black UnderArmour polo shirt. Certainly, quantity of games influences you to get more shirts… but, I’ve found the variety of game types has been the biggest motivator to getting more, and varied, shirts. Just amongst my 8 black MLB panel shirts, 2 are HS, 3 are indy pro-specific, 2 are used primarily for college & MiLB ST (use magnet-patches). That leaves me one “utilitarian” black shirt
  9. MadMax

    Missed bag

    You guys are correct that a Walk is a Live Ball Award of 1B, but allow me to present two derivatives of the OP situation that demonstrate how absurd it is to scrutinize the minutiae of this rule: Instead of the ball going to the backstop, Ball 4 goes through (or under) the backstop. It’s now a Dead Ball. There is (still) a 1-base award for the B/R, which is 1B. With the ball dead, the BR starts up the line a few steps, and is handing his bat, elbow guard, and shin guard to the On Deck Batter when the OTHC sends a PR (or CR, if Catcher or Pitcher was batting) out to 1B, and the BR just
  10. Last I checked, this is a topic thread about ball bags, Huts. I wasn’t going to go into exhaustive detail... but since you have the fridge door open... 8x 2016 Panel, Black, Short-sleeve; 3x 2016 Panel, Black, Long-sleeve; 4x 2016 Panel, Sky blue, Short-sleeve; 1x 2016 Panel, Grey, Short-sleeve; 1x 2016 Panel, Navy, Short-Sleeve; 1x 2015 Plain Black Short-sleeve; 3x 2010 Vert. Stripe, Black, Long-sleeve; 3x 2010 Vert. Stripe, Black, Short-sleeve; 2x 2010 Vert. Stripe, Sky blue, Short-sleeve; 1 each of 2010 Vert. Stripe, Short-sleeve, in: Bermuda Blue, Grey, Cream, Maroon, Olive Green,
  11. Hand on heart, scouts' honor, I will never pooh-pooh an umpire for wearing a HSM instead of a TM. I will, however, be merciless if that umpire is wearing the wrong size, wearing the wrong model (think: their son's beat-up Louisville Slugger HSM, with the pads practically gone) for the game context, or wearing it in "arrogant ignorance" (think: the guy in the locker room spoutin' off that his HSM somehow qualifies him to do MLB games). With that said... @mac266, I've read everything you've presented as factors for your decision. Not at all. Check Ed Hickox and Greg Gibson
  12. You’re very likely right. I do know it’s taught at the schools, and from those schools, I’m sure that some clinics want to pattern their curriculum after the schools, so it finds its way disseminated out to the landscape of umpiring.
  13. I read this as an umpire confused by what’s been fed to him or what he’s parroting after working with local colleagues. The complete mechanic of the Fair / Foul judgement, especially on fly balls or liners, is to mechanic Foul (which is the two hands-&-forearms up used to call “Time”), accompanied by the vocal “Foul” (to varying degrees of volume), followed promptly by a single hand-&-arm pointing indication as to which side of the foul line defined the ball as Foul. Umpires are taught / drilled on this in schools and camps; most umpires don’t bother to in everyday game use, ofte
  14. Indeed @boyinr is right, this infamous frame isn’t carbon fiber. If it was, it wouldn’t suffer the fate that befell it. It’s actually a thermoplastic resin, similar to Delrin ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polyoxymethylene ) which was used in tent poles before aluminum became more reliable and cost effective. In order for it be classified as a fiberglass, we’d have to know the amount/ratio of glass fibers reinforcing it… and it’s this lack of structure that causes this mask to be so dubious. It was the joint development of the Jurga family (All-Star) and Dan Parsons (+POS). It was
  15. And this is where you as BU catch grief from your PU partners, because there are some guys who either feel so upset and burdened about having to do “your (BU) job”, or are so immobile that it’d take a seismic charge to uproot them from the plate. I’m not talking the older, or physically limited guys – I can work around and accommodate them. I’m talking the guys that “punch the time card” on PU, and think that their entire role as PU is to call Bs & Ks, and _all_ Fair/Fouls (I’m on the lines, ain’t I?), and that’s pretty much it… and oh, now I have a TD who wants me to keep a scorecar
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