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  1. I'm not being disagreeable. The "lazy sods" quip is, once again, directed at Wilson. I may have become infamous – and occasionally irritating – for my repetition, but it's well-founded. Their service to us, as their market and especially when they squat upon that "Exclusive Supplier" status, is pathetic. This is a multi-million dollar international corporation we're talking about! When you put a Force3 UnEqual V3 upon the table, at $280, you can see and feel where that $280 is going. It involves Kevlar. It involves a very conforming fit. It uses the latest technology, materials, and constructi
  2. There's a problem here, guys, that @beerguy55 and @maven touched on – F6 wasn't in contact with the bag when he received the throw. He tapped it with his right foot as he brushed past it, but the throw from Pujols was so weak (ha!) that the F6 was no longer in contact with the bag when he received the throw, transferred the ball in a blur, and then attempted to throw to 1B. So, Interference aside... just looking at the play at 2B... we have to read and process everything we're seeing much more clearly. Of course, the MLB and NCAA D-1 guys have the benefit of multi-man umpire crews, where
  3. This is a true shame. Kid could be the next Pat Venditte, yet no coach has the vision or dedication to find and train a catcher to work with him, and really propel this prospective pitcher to near-limitless realms of success. The (over)reaction to COVID could be a factor (due to the absurd idea that you can't get together and practice / work privately), but the pandemic paranoia aside, there are wild differences between coach capabilities. Yup, they suck. The ones that scare me the absolute most are the 58-59-foot spike jobs, typically thrown 0-2 or 1-2, to a l
  4. MadMax

    designated hitter

    Hmm. Methinks Matty hasn't worked a HS game in awhile. Granted, Matt, Guest Don Czar isn't helping you/us by not telling us what Rule code or game level. But all things being on the up-and-up, this has NFHS / Fed painted all over it. So, a way to keep things straight with Fed and the DH is that in a Fed / HS game, the DH is batting for a specific player by name not a position or role. Donaldson the DH is batting for Peters, who just so happens to be the starting pitcher; not the starting pitcher named Peters. Wherever Peters, or his legal substitute, goes on defense, he will not
  5. MadMax

    Line Up Rules

    I'd assume completely the opposite, something very much not Little League. A number of tournament series, travel ball leagues, local leagues, showcase & stat-driven series, or non-sanctioned non-Varsity (think: Freshman ball, or scrimmage, or scout-team) games will resort to a bat-everybody lineup. In these games, there is more emphasis on participation, less on penalty. Some have an accommodation for compressing the lineup (as @beerguy55 mentions) as a withdrawal, typically by injury, but could also be due to mom showing up to take Bobby off to his band recital. There have been leag
  6. MadMax

    Walk-up music

    NO! I'm putting my foot down as an umpire. If ya got the means to put anything in the ballpark to display, put something up that displays: The Score The Count The Time Remaining (optional) ... so everyone can quit asking me every few minutes, and just leave me alone!
  7. Selections from the (rather good) article: This is "the life" (and this isn't said with a whimsical sigh, but the groan of cold hard reality). You must become accustomed to not having things "your way", not sleeping in your own bed (for whole spans of time), and having someone/thing else dictate the schedule and itinerary. There is one absolute – a/the game shall never wait on a/the umpire! Never! That should be your creed in every way you conduct yourself in travel, gear inventory and maintenance, and coordination (communication). And, you must understand and accept that the schedule
  8. MadMax

    Grand Slam

    I’ll tackle this bit... In simple layman’s terms, Runners are bound to two things while running the bases, and neither of those things are dependent upon “the baseline” itself. The first is that they must run and touch them in order – 1B, 2B, 3B then HP. Failure to do so, or a missed touch at a base / plate, is subject to being ruled Out on an appeal. The second is that they must adhere to a base path when the ball is present and a play is being made upon that runner. Absent those two elements (the ball and a play), the Runner may run annnnnnnyyyywhere they’d like (within the field
  9. True. Three important points, though: The Force3 Defender is a much better choice amongst catchers, especially at the professional level, because of the potential for repetitive impacts, as well as that “one big whopper”. (See more on #3) Nike may very well have ceased production of the Nike “Icon” Titanium, and is merely distributing back stock of it. Nike never sold it to market (it had to have a price tag on it for importation purposes), instead they supplied it to professional catchers and baseball programs of their endorsed universities. The use of titanium in masks
  10. MadMax

    Extra innings.

    Stop. 🛑 You’re over-complicating this. The presence of a “universal DH” or a pitcher batting (straight 9) doesn’t matter and is irrelevant. The batter who is up or due up in the lineup is at bat. The batter – whoever it is, DH, P, C, EH or otherwise – immediately before him in that lineup is placed at 2B. Simple! Now, if this same rule is being used in tournament games (which it frequently is, BTW), and there is an allowance for Courtesy Runners for Catcher (and/or Pitcher), then an eligible courtesy runner can be placed at 2B if the F2 (C) or F1 (P) is the guy in the l
  11. Because (sadly) adults can’t be trusted. Any time there’s a pitching / batting / fielding (tee, pitching machine, etc) device on the field, it ain’t an official game. Period. Kids have been able to play stickball and all manners of “-lot” ball for decades, all without scorekeepers and umpires. Heck, at tournaments I/we work, the younger brothers _and sisters_ will be playing their own version of baseball, completely without adult involvement, in the grass of the concourse between fields and having a blast. Meanwhile, their 12 & 13 -year old brothers are standing around on
  12. If F1 gets the Out, then why would he intentionally bump U1??!! Do the math; it ain't hard. This particular U1 is full of crap and full of himself. Take a page from the other major sports involving athletes in motion and officials – basketball, football, soccer, hockey... you name it – how many times have we seen inadvertent contact happen? Countless. Guy finishes a sweeping layup or baseline jumper, and ends up careening into the baseline basketball referee. Soccer defender misreads an angle and bumps into the center referee, who is fixated on the ball and direct play upon it. I can't te
  13. You don’t need to. Just carry a copy of the Rules and Case Study Manual for whichever ruleset you’re working. There’s a difference between publication and application.
  14. MadMax

    Extra innings.

    Please don’t take this as me being harsh to you, @MT73, but where was this you read? Who stated that? We’ve seen confusion (rightly so) about this, but it typically seems to be sports journalists trying to explain it. I think the guys who have been working with it for two years now (ahem) are going to be a more accurate source than reading about it online.
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