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  1. 9/18/19, Padres @ Brewers, Bottom of 7th, 2 out, R3, 2-2 count... Pitch in dirt, swung at. Ball gets away from catcher, but Batter’s movement propels the ball away from the catcher. Throw from catcher to F3 not in time. R3 scores. Crew gets together, and must have judged Interference, and called BR out. Big discussion after.
  2. ... which means that the kiddie ball shenanigan of running a Walk to 2B won’t happen either. Or, they won’t try that again! Sooooooo... you’re good! No worries! Addendum: Oh! I just saw this in the Reds vs. Cubs game. No one on, 1 out, Ball 4 skips in the dirt. Batter (Kemp) drops the bat and starts to go to 1B. Catcher (Barnhart) immediately presents the ball to PU (Laz Diaz), who calls Time, and exchanges the ball. Kemp wasn’t even at the 45’ yet! What gives??!! How dare he!!! How dare he call Time and stifle and prevent an offensive opportunity!!! Oh, and what did Barnhardt do? Jog out to have a (charged) talk with his pitcher! Kiddie Ball Shenanigans. Know your context.
  3. So too, BR’s aren’t being urged by a 1BC to “keep right on running” on a Walk and “go for 2!”. Kiddie ball shenanigan.
  4. Well said, @Kevin_K. The only real “tricky” part with swimming is that, from a technical standpoint, certain cuts or types of swimsuit create an advantage, whether by reducing drag for being present (eg. longer on the legs) or not being present (eg. midriff baring 2-piece). But, as soon as you/we/they start determining a “decency and decorum” standard, you’re opening Pandora’s box.
  5. Ugh. As @DevildogUmp said in his third point, Runners are no longer subject to passing once they “touch” the plate. They are also assumed to have scored, barring an appeal or an immediate play (such as avoiding a tag at the plate, and PU, seeing and judging this play, does not signal/call Safe or Out). So, no calling of Time necessary as it relates to this. In fact, an Appeal needs to be a Live Ball Appeal, so the calling of Time just complicated things. And yes, this is a misapplication of the Rules... or a kick. Now, worth mentioning, because R2 scored after R3, it therefore prevents R3 from rectifying his missed touch. We are to ignore any touches R3 makes, at this point. If a participant of the defensive team knows the Rules (and, let’s face it, the kids don’t, and most coaches don’t), and makes a valid (read: Live ball) appeal, then we call R3 out (make sure to specify R3) and that run comes off the board. Brace yourself, because you will get a confrontation with a/the coach(es) of the offensive team, mitigated only by your citing and stalwart explaining of the Rules.
  6. I’m onboard with you, @noumpere. There are plenty of times when participants other than the 9 fielders, the Batter and 3 or less Runners are out of the dugout (but not on the field ie. over the foul lines) that we’re not calling Time on. Do we call Time when the On Deck Batter walks / jogs / runs (as little kids do) in to take their place at bat, even while the BR has not reached 1B yet? Do we call time when a batboy comes out promptly upon Ball 4 to retrieve the bat (and the protective gear some teenage/upper level batters eschew)? Do we call Time when a participant or batboy brings us new / more baseballs after Ball 4? How about when a coach comes out to retrieve the bat because the On Deck Batter can’t be bothered to, do we call Time then? No. Do we have to call Time as soon a/the coach steps out of the dugout? No. If the middle infielders were to start heading towards the mound, without Time called, wouldn’t a BR be tempted and/or try to take advantage and keep right on going from 1B to 2B? That’s what those offenses are counting on – a pitcher pouting, or the middle infielders napping, or forcing a throw from an erratic catcher. This doesn’t happen in the upper levels of baseball, and only rarely happens in high school baseball. It’s at the wee youth levels where this happens (think: 70 ft base paths or less), and if a offensive team gets caught while trying to exploit this, then by all means, this is an Out, Consider the converse – you call Time as soon as the defensive coach steps out the dugout, and the offensive team is trying this shenanigan (my opinion of it)? You’ll catch nothing but grief.
  7. MadMax

    Shirt Care

    He’s not rolling around in the dirt, he’s getting pelted by foot-short pitches! I use nothing but Nathan’s / Penguin SportWash as the detergent, and slather Oxi-Clean Stain Sticks on the affected areas.
  8. Ha, @JSam21!!! Are you evoking Monty Python at the Schutt ULP CP that Shorty pointed at, or at the forthcoming word vomit I'm famous infamous renowned reviled known sure to reply with? The Adams ULP-CP, @The Short Umpire, is one I have been actually considering trying, just to test it out and evaluate it. I parallel it to a (Wilson) DaviShield. I do question the thickness and durability of those plastic(?) carapace panels, and it looks like they are stitched right to the outer lattice mesh encasing the foam vest. That foam vest, though, is what intrigues me. Smack me silly, but that's D3O – the modern, magic foam that Schutt contracted to put into their football helmets, shoulder pads, and introduced into the XV. Now, why doesn't it say that? D3O was engineered by an English company, and likely has a whole pile of trade and licensing restrictions on it. Schutt may have initially licensed its use on football helmets, and is likely limited –formally – to that only. Additionally, Schutt likely cannot (easily) transfer that license to Adams, their partner/subsidiary. As it is, Adams has "assumed" production of the umpire gear, as I believe that has something to do with Schutt's increased production of football gear and the trade limitations on importing so much from overseas manufacturers. By ascribing it to a partner/subsidiary, this gear falls under a different fees, taxes, tariffs structure... Anyway, back to the item itself... It looks decent enough. I trust my XV on MLB/MiLB speeds (yes, I faced down 101mph this past spring), and most of that is the magic of the D3O foam. I'd estimate (and don't take this as gospel, yet) that the ULP would be sufficient for 18U speeds. I'll probably have to do a MadMod on it to accommodate a Flex-style harness. Shorty, that Wilson Charcoal CP is just so... meh. The foam vest is still sofa cushion foam, encased in nylon. There's nothing technical about it whatsoever. Now, the Gold and the Platinum only become the most recognizable CPs on the market because of their use in MLB/MiLB. The reason you feel top-heavy in them is because, in order to make them "MLB-rated", they have... <drumroll>... more sofa cushion foam! We're actually spending all that money in the price on its patent and marketing – there's nothing technically advanced in those CPs at all. Now, what irks me about the Charcoal is the same, sole thing that irks me about the Schutt XV – I cannot modify its width. For me, my vaunted Schutt XV could actually be narrower by about 1"-2", especially across the chest. Both the Douglas/Wilson Original stick-a-plate WestVest and the Platinum can have their widths modified. In the Stick-a-plate, all you have to do is separate the carapace plates from the vest and reattach them where desired. On the Platinum, it's a little bit trickier, as you have to kill the center rivets, redrill, and then use Chicago Screws to reassemble the carapace... but it can be done. The Charcoal? It's just a wall of foam and plates. Again, if I'm called in to umpire a game on short notice, and a colleague or the TD hands me a Charcoal, I'd wear it confidently, safe in the knowledge that it will work. I'd curse it, though, for making me look like a bit bloated, for sliding down my front and not staying in place (because the default harness is pathetic), and for making me sweat like a fiend. Hey @Aging_Arbiter!... I don't see any color called "Medium Grey" on U-A's website. Heck, they have n-a-v-y (Oh the humanity!)... but no, no Medium Grey. However, if I click on "Heather Grey"... <click>... Whoa! Wouldja look at that?! Heather grey and Medium Grey, listed in the same section! If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck... It's gotta be... Heather Grey. I'm not raggin' on ya, AA. Let's just make everything charcoal and be done with it, ay?
  9. I built my WakeWear plate coat on a summer weight sport coat. It’s a 44L, has very simple lapels, and a “box split” at the back instead of a center split. A seamstress custom-made ball pockets, and relocated the main button so when closed, the coat fits perfectly. Total cost? Less than $100. The amount of “field cred” it brings? Priceless. I wore it for 3 plates out of 25 plate games I had for the summer circuit, and I will have opportunities this fall, winter, and spring in Arizona... especially on night games. Plate coats look killer on night games.
  10. One has to wonder why they (the NCAA) are implementing this? Surely the NCAA doesn’t have a game length problem, do they? Or, is this something that has a whiff of influence by Major League Baseball, gauging to see how it goes over with players? I can see this being very difficult to implement in the Show because the Players Union would have a gripefest. The NCAA doesn’t suffer that resistance from players.
  11. You mean this Wearable Couch, @The Short Umpire? Wilson’s “Charcoal Chest Protector” is their spartan, uber-basic CP. It’s actually a descendent of the original stick-a-plate WestVest that both Douglas and Wilson produced for Joe West’s design. While that design evolved into the planform that became the Gold, and Douglas progressed their planform into their signature CP, this stayed went into seclusion for a bit, then introduced after Wilson patented the Velcro tab system (thereby ending their rivals Riddell and All-American). Plain and simple, it’s heavy. It doesn’t breathe. It has one size. The plates are quite dense, so much so that they don’t bend easily, nor hold that shape for long. And, my absolute “favorite” about it, it uses the same archaic sofa cushion foam that Wilson just refuses to replace. Would I use one? Only if absolutely necessary. Would I buy one? No, as there are models that will give me better fit, weigh less, and offer better performance for equitable cost. Now, in regards to the pants... if they are actual umpire pants, then you didn’t get “medium gray”, you got heather gray. Heather gray was the original color, way back when, and Softball still uses it. So, when Charcoal fades, it either goes to purple, or goes to Heather gray. So, you’re left looking like a softball umpire, or that you have “old pants”. I know what you’re trying to accomplish, logistically. Not only is my group in a position to be called in / called up on short notice, but I myself am flying between states, and trying to cut down the amount of gear and clothing I bring. I’ve now placed a spare mask, a spare set of sliders (and spare cup), a plain black hat, a 2015 Majestic all-black shirt (and one of my last remaining navy shirts!) and a pair of PolySpandex combos in a tote in Wisconsin, just in case I get called in by a colleague, LD or TD while I’m in Wisconsin on family visit or business. I’m not really that concerned with my uniform cohesion, since I’m doing those folks a favor. @Thatsnotyou has a good attitude on this. Context is a big part of this.
  12. Oh yeah, I’ve lost count of the putz partners I’ve had who are CALLING that foul immediately. Ugh.
  13. No, the problem is that the “youth athlete (of) today” has been coddled, bubble-wrapped, and either been given a band-aid for every boo-boo or a ribbon or trophy for every doo-doo. Kids spend far more time on console games than they do playing actual physical games. I’m currently 44. How did my generation (and the ones before mine) learn how to hit a ball? Because we were sent out of the house at the crack of dawn, told to go find something to do or else there’d be chores to do. We would meet up at the local baseball / softball / kickball diamond, throw down cardboard pieces as bases (if bags weren’t already there), and just make teams. We’d have anybody or everybody pitch, we’d have a variety of ages from 6-7 thru 12, and one – maybe two – bats for us to use. There weren’t any pitch counts, and we didn’t even really keep specific scoring. If we got enough kids together, we made a neighborhood team. Again, we might have 3 12 year olds, an 11 year old, 4 10 year olds, and Matt’s little 9 year old brother made 9, so we’d have a team. A league might be formed, and we’d work out something where we’d play teams from other suburbs. We wore t-shirts with numbers heat-transferred on the back, and maybe have 2 or 3 bats for the entire team to use. Again, there weren’t pitch counts, and Joey would pitch until his arm fell off (for the day) or he couldn’t find a strike if it bit him in the butt and wouldn’t let go. This was what Little League was all about. But then, something changed in society. In short, no one wanted to “feel bad” about losing. As soon as we couldn’t accept losing, then we had to go and make everything “Fair” and “Equal”. Could it be that this team is losing because it has more 11 year olds than 12 year olds? Then the 11 year olds should have their own team, and the 12’s should be on their own separate team. 10 year olds can’t run as fast to 1B, so they should only have to run 60 feet, not 70 feet. Why is little Liam giving up so many hits? Is his arm tired? Well, he should only throw 40 pitches then. But big Brian is dominating the other teams he’s pitching against? Oh, we can’t have that! We have to be fair! So, we’ll limit him to 40 pitches too! Kids can’t swing a “normal” bat and get hits? Aw... well, let’s make for them special bats that are lighter than a paper towel tube, but are stronger than a tungsten rod so it really creams a ball! Oh wait, those are really expensive, and kinda dangerous, so let’s make them “drop 3’s”... no, wait, “drop 5’s”... wait wait, the little kids need “drop 8’s”. Lemme tell ya, I see more joy in the pickup games of stickball and waffle ball, played by the little siblings (boys and girls) on the grass between fields, than I do amongst their brothers playing a “Little League” or tournament ball game within the confines of a very sterile baseball field. We are on the verge of regulating the game to death.
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    This is applicable to umpiring!: About relationships, wiser words have not been shared:
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