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  1. Bad enough the PU missed it; what was utterly egregious is the U1 didn’t rectify it on appeal / sided with the PU!! Both of those umpires got fired. The U2 and U3 were fined, suspended and reprimanded. Why? Because they didn’t step up, step in and fix it!! Back when this occurred, the issue I (and several other umpires) had with it was the perception that the U1 was “covering” or siding with the PU in this weird, twisted “save face” or “don’t overturn your (PU, especially!) partner” thing that some “old school” umpires subscribe to. I used up my allotment of quotation marks.
  2. I’m actually eager to see how many MLB Umpires wear this new MVP5 versus anything offered by Wilson (or EvoShield, for that matter). It’s a shame, because I’m convinced the leading edge of protective pads is in WindPact and D3O. Can Wilson even be bothered to employ anything but crude “memory” foam in their gear? Once again demonstrating how much Wilson cares about us.
  3. https://youtu.be/wXGFZkIEMK0 If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck 🦆… … … it must be a cow! 🐄
  4. Is it @acpar72 or @kylejt who has a baseball on a ski-pole, and whacks gear – while wearing it – with it to test it out? I’m not one to test HSMs… I’d give a biased review, typed in earnest once I yank one off my head (like we’re expected to do to “sell the call”) – “Nope!” I’ll never pooh-pooh you for opting to wear one; that’s your choice. I will endlessly rag on you for telling me, “A HSM is the best/only thing to get.”
  5. And my comment had everything to do with ribbing you on thinking my madness is fueled by coffee. 😆
  6. That graphite colorway looks bada$$. Especially if the cage was pow'coated flat black? Woof. Or, better yet, that graphite color would satisfy both black-trimmed umpire uniforms... and... Jeff? ( @Thunderheads )... say it with me big guy... ... navy-trimmed uniforms!
  7. We don't like things bouncing off of us. Baseballs, bats... coaches' spittle...
  8. Make a note of that @Umpire in Chief – don't offer insurance here at U-E.
  9. What are you talking about? The entire line of these new MVP5's is matte finish. Gone are the days of high-gloss.
  10. Oh? You don't say?! Needless to say, I'll be downloading and employing this often. Thanks, TMIB!
  11. This 👆 little bit here is actually more cost than you think. Take note, that OBR is available online. Sure, it's buried deep in MLB's website, but it is available for free. NCAA and NFHS? "Free Access" Both Rulebooks and supplementary resources are hidden behind paywalls. Obviously the definition of "public institution(s)" doesn't translate to making those resources available to the public. Heck, the NFHS Rulebook is still printed and circulated on paper!!! If you really want to save on overhead costs, why not just host it in a web archive that can be accessed – and modified and corrected near-instantly – at any time? Oh no no... but how then would we (NFHS) control who accesses it? We have to compensate for getting together in 4 days of meetings, with all the breakfasts, lunches and dinners necessary to discuss whether or not eyeblack is distracting enough to be dealt with a rule interpretation. No offense to @lawump intended.
  12. MadMax


    Huh... Odd how this thread hasn't gotten locked yet, for such an... observation. 🤔 I mean, I could vaguely recall one of mine getting locked... 🤫
  13. Au contrare, monsuier Maven. Too crisp, too snap… too firm. I’ve built up three callouses on my fingers in three specific spots: the first is, since I was born prior to the digital age, and writing ✍️ was still king, the pencil resting spot on the right middle finger; the second is the main knuckle of my left index finger, which I habitually used as a shoehorn to slide my shoes on daily; and third, the knuckle on my right thumb that snap-bounces off my CP shoulder on every strike signal and every time I put the ball in play. <clack!> Play! <clack!> -IKE!! (I’ve shortened it) Do you think with “Mad-“ in my name. I’m gonna limp-wrist it??
  14. So this showed up in my eBay notifications as Recommended Buys! (exclamation point not mine). https://www.ebay.com/itm/225212546269?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=Avivfl6mTia&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=VziYH8tnRdi&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY Evidently, it’s a base-entry model of CP from… the. Big. Gold. W. 🙄 Three things!: It’s at a great price, likely because the Goodwill Store selling it doesn’t know what it is. They think it’s a “Youth” Umpire CP, likely because it’s only 13” (and tagged as such!). Oh poor muffin! If only they knew that umpire CPs are, typically and usually, 12-13”. Besides, there aren’t any youth umpires, c’mon now! It’s commendable that this has hard shoulder pauldrons and a hard sternum, but where is the clavicle protection? Surely a company like Wilson thinks clavicle protection is important, considering that they used to list their WestVest products in the softball section! Putting that MLB logo on there is misleading and endangering. Don’t they know there are more than a few individuals who base their purchasing decisions on “what the big boys wear”??
  15. @Richvee, I was a career-long Honig’s ball bag owner. Was. Everything about the UmpLife WT ball bags is right, from shape to volume to color (they do fade, as everything here in Arizona does, eventually, just not as fast as other fabric bags) to material used to the asymmetric pocket treatment*. As easy as it is to hold up to nine baseballs per bag, it’s just as easy to retrieve that one last lone one from the bottom. *- the first version internal pockets are too short, and don’t allow the UmpLife lineup folder to fully seat within. Ray has promised that the newest version has adjusted accordingly. The indicator pocket, though, is ideally sized for a pack of gum. 🍉🍬
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