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  1. Sorry about the late reply....work was hectic this weekend. The ones on the pic you posted are the V.1s. He alternates between the two. The ones on the pic that I posted are the V.3s.
  2. Yes! I have seen a couple with him wearing those. it looks like he has both the V.1s and the V.3s (the ones pictures above and in this picture). http://imagn.com/setImages/311674/preview/12488233
  3. Thanks, all! It took me a while to respond because work was crazy last night, but I always appreciate everyone's insights.
  4. It was MLB, which I was surprised seeing the two timing methods as well, unless, of course, one’s to close those rings. I found a slightly better picture since pretty much the whole trouser visible (another MLB picture as well).
  5. No, you’re good. I have this strange thing about my base pants that I prefer them to have two belt loops instead of the three. It’s weird, I know, but just one of those weird personal preferences. Let me see if I can find a better picture.
  6. Hi, all! Hope everyone is well! I saw these pants about two weeks ago and can’t seem to find them. I thought they were Davis’, but I know that those usually have three belt loops in the back. Put pic below for reference, especially the black button. Thanks, y’all!
  7. Brand-new and not finished. Site won't let me upload pictures at the moment, but PM me for them. $45
  8. Thank you all! I think I am going to give the vinyl method a try and see how it turns out.
  9. Selling the following: Douglas 13" CP; black pad is brand new; no harness; worn for four seasons: $150 obo Wilson Aluminum Mask (used for seven games; pads are brand new): $80 obo Officials Depot Large Winbreaker; never worn: $40 obo Thank you!
  10. I’ve been wanting to paint the CP plates in my Champion to the matte gray color of the Douglas and Power. Does anyone know about what type of paint I should use that lasts? Thanks!
  11. First off, hope everyone is safe and well all around and hopefully we can be back on the fields soon! I know it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack, but I’m looking for a Power either a medium or large. Thank you!
  12. @Thunderheads all sold! Lock it up please and thank you!
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