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  1. Yeah, down here in GA we're still in the Navy and powder blue times for HS
  2. So 16" total with extension. The great service y'all provide are why I keep shopping with you guys
  3. One quick question that either hasn't been asked or I can't find the answer. What's the sizing of the protector with/without the extension? Being a taller umpire with height in the torso anything under 14" doesn't cover my last rib.
  4. I got 8 in and had 8 rainouts before everything went caput. Hopefully next year is better for everyone
  5. I can say for sure that they are 1" straps.
  6. It looks like they may still be at it, user sabsew-0. https://www.ebay.com/usr/sabsew-0?_trksid=p2047675.l2559
  7. As a bigger guy I love that dip that covers the last rib.
  8. It's not too bad, you just have to split the velcro in a couple places and it work fine. Note I am using All-Star Luc in mine not Team Wendy but it should be the same. https://imgur.com/a/pqC2R3a
  9. That is a fair price. Ordering from Rakuten and shipping it from Japan was about $246 when I got one. Just know that you should probably upgrade the pads because they come with cheap vinyl pads by default.
  10. If anybody is looking for one there is a black AS Mag on Ebay starting at $150. https://www.ebay.com/itm/383405082419?ul_noapp=true
  11. Cobra and Wilsons have been sold.
  12. I still have both Wilsons
  13. They don't have them listed online so your best bet would be to give them a call and see.
  14. As contractors we can use a Schedule C under the sole proprietorship provision. The mileage deduction doesn't apply only to games, it also applies to preseason training and meetings as well.
  15. Got an update, apparently after I called they updated the website with the replacement Mag Pads, the graphite aren't listed but the other colors are. https://www.all-starsports.com/pfm4000mag.html
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