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  1. Sold, please lock this up @Thunderheads!
  2. Still available -- make me an offer if you're interested!
  3. Apologies -- somehow missed the notifications from the replies and didn't see this until now. Yes, I am selling the entire pair of sunglasses along with the case. I'm also cutting the price to $65 shipped! I should also mention that I'm searching for a pair of Oakley Radars as I love the Oakley lens quality but am looking for something with a little more coverage. Let me know if you're selling or interested in a trade!
  4. Doing some cleaning and decided it's time to pass on of a pair of sunglasses I liked but only wore a few times. The model is the Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ with g30 iridium lenses. The XLJ refers to the shape of the lens which is a little wider at the bottom than the standard lens to increase coverage. The g30 lenses are advertised as a golf lens with 30% light transmission and a pink tint to improve contrast between whites, greens, and blues. Marketing aside, I really like them and think they work well in a variety of light conditions -- whether they'll make you a better umpire is a different question 😎! Included are the sunglasses, a microfiber cleaning wipe, a hardshell Oakley case, and a second set of nose pieces (not pictured). As seen in the pictures, there is minimal to non-noticeable wear on the frames and I can't find any scratches on the lenses. Asking $85 shipped (Venmo preferred) to continental US. Feel free to message with any questions or for more pictures -- thanks!
  5. @bbetancourt6Yes, still available! I believe it is sized for the plate but it also has a cinch on the waist so it doesn’t get too big if you’re not wearing a CP underneath. I wear a medium in Smitty and Adams shirts and it fits me well.
  6. Shirts are sold, thanks @wingman3110! Still have everything not crossed out in the listing!
  7. Pants and hockey-style helmet sold. Shirts and jacket, mask frames, All-Star pads, wooden brush, black indicator, hats, and patch still available!
  8. Team Wendy pads, metal indicator, plate brush, ball bag, and harnesses are sold. Let me know if anything else interests you!
  9. @BT_Blue yessir —goes with the hat. Thought I was going to try to do some games down there while I was at school a couple years ago but then life got in the way. Don’t know who designed it but it’s way better than the Massachusetts one...
  10. Thanks, @ofhs93! Adding an unused RIUA patch I found in my desk today to the bargain bin...
  11. Hi all, It's been a good run, but it's time for me to hang it up...I've successfully umpired my way through college (partially -- tuition is expensive), but this season I'll either be working or back in school depending on the success of my med school applications. Either way I don't think I can fit umpiring into my life for the foreseeable future, so it's time to get rid of some of the gear I've accumulated, and time for you to help out a hungry student! I've tried to be reasonable with the prices and I'm happy to consider discounts for multiple items. Payment by Venmo or Paypal goods and services. Buyer pays shipping, please! I'm also located in Providence, RI and local pickup is strongly preferred if you happen to live around here. Unfortunately I can't deliver as I currently have no car! I haven't done much posting on here but I have done a lot of reading and I have to credit this forum with any of the minor success I've had as an umpire. I've learned a lot from you all and I hope my gear can find a second life with some of you. Clothes Adams vertical stripe shirt, blue, M, worn <5 times -- $10 (sold) Smitty vertical stripe shirt, black, M, worn <5 times -- $10 (sold) Smitty Major League Replica long sleeve shirt, black/charcoal, M, bought on here very lightly used but I never wore it -- $17 (sold) Adams convertible black jacket, M, used 2-3x max. Bad juju because the last time I used it I took a bunch of crap from a coach while I was calling balls and strikes from behind the mound... -- $25 Smitty charcoal base pants, bought new, never worn or hemmed, 32 waist -- $25 (sold) Equipment All-Star MVP2500 -- some scratches and wear, mostly from travel during the season of HS baseball when I used it as my backup catcher's mask. Removeable pads are in good condition and make good replacement parts, some of the thin glued-on pad on the side of the helmet has peeled. -- $30 (sold) Wilson 3007 dyna-lite frame. Hand-stripped the vinyl from the frame after reading about some others' mask projects on here, but never got around to finishing the project. Ready to be spray-painted or powdercoated -- $25 Tan Team Wendy pads, used half a season. Only *remember* taking one shot in them (draw whatever conclusions from that you will...) -- $15 (sold) Bargain basement Stuff that somebody can hopefully use, but I don't want to ship alone...Buy something else for asking price and one of these is free. Or just make me an offer I can't refuse... All-Star FM25 frame, black -- Couple of rust spots where the coating has worn and one small dent in the jaw area. Great project for Mask-It! All-Star FM25LUC pads -- Came with the frame, about one year of wear. Some dirt on the jaw pad but still in good shape. All Star mask harness. This is made of a stretchy material which I find easier to work with than the stiffer Wilson harness. (sold) Wilson gold "W" harness(sold) Navy blue ball bag (sold) Smitty black ball bag with two internal pockets (sold) Metal indicator (sold) Plastic indicator Plate brush, wooden handle (some bent strings need to be snipped) Plate brush, black handle (sold) Navy Richardson UMP540 hat, 7 1/4 6-stitch combo. Little bit of dirt but cleans up nice. Black Richardson UMP540 hat, 7 3/8 6-stitch combo. Brand new never worn. I have a few more things in storage that I'm holding onto in case I end up picking up a local game or two in the spring (All-Star non-System 7 leg guards, West Vest chest protector, sz~11 New Balance plate shoes, MBUA hats, Smitty shirts, navy jacket, 2x charcoal Smitty combo pants, etc.) I don't have immediate access to them at the moment but let me know if any of this interests you and keep an eye out for another post later in the spring! Thanks for looking! Any questions, more pictures, etc. -- just ask!
  12. Haha this is the style I’m looking for, it’s the one that was worn in MLB until they switched to the new ones with the side panels. Should have started with a picture!
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