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  1. NicNag

    Mask Porn?

    I like the long throat guard. It has good coverage. Something different for the season. If it’s put under the cage I can’t bend my neck down at all. This way it flexes when it touches my chest protector so I can look down. And I like that it covers some of the W.
  2. NicNag

    Mask Porn?

    So my go to is the wilson aluminum powder coated mask with the pads from the titanium mask. I didn’t like the memory foam pads that came with it. I put the sun shield and long y inch throat guard. Then my alternative mask is the all star mask I picked up from play it again sports for $20. I had to change the harness to a normal harness. It had the one for the hard helmet. The pads are from +pos. They’re both nice and light and I have all confidence wearing them.
  3. Finally a better harness. I’d definitely order this but got a custom harness from @Razzer years ago. Looks like this would work just as awesome. Thanks Scott!
  4. So update: I used the vest today on a varsity pre season game and it worked great. I didn’t even know the extra pad was even there.
  5. Yeah the W is just covered @catsbackr
  6. It’s more for my bottom ribs. But I took a nice one last year from a foul ball when the catcher wanted an outside pitch.
  7. So I did a custom stomach extension that I think should give me some extra protection. I love the west vest but I’m 6’3” and this covers most of my belly. The pad is a champ pro 6” extension I picked up from Epic Sports for a few dollars. I used velcro from Joann’s by cutting a slit just big enough to fit the chest protector velcro that holds the plastic on. It hold better than I could imagine. I will see how it holds up in the weeks to come once the high school season starts.
  8. What size Chicago screws are y’all using? 3/8, 7/16 head size? I’m trying to repair a vest of mine. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the info now that I’m in the same damn predicament
  10. Thanks @BCBrad and @eagle_12 does anyone have the direct number for the pluspos guy?
  11. I ordered the refurbished cobra2 chest protector from pluspos and am really ticked off cause I have not received any conformation about my purchase. I used PayPal and it took a few days for the payment to process. And still no confirmation from them. I logged in my account on there website and it is still saying that I have the two items in the cart ready to purchase (which was purchased through PayPal). I have the PayPal confirmation but nothing from pluspos. I have emailed pluspos twice now and tried to call the number but it is automated of some cable service (wrong number). Does anyone know how I can reach them or what I should do? Thanks.
  12. Which vest is it @catsbackr ? How much? Just wondering cause I am interested in a back up longer vest then my west vest.
  13. I was looking at equipment reviews and came across this video review and as thinking of purchasing a second vest. I use the West vest gold and love it but am wanting something a little bit longer on coverage. Just a thought after I saw the 16 inch length and the sale price on there website. I am almost the same size as the man reviewing the video 6’3” 230lbs. Any thoughts out there? Thanks.
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