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  1. I think would be great for my Wilson gold’s but they’re sold out on ump attire. 😕
  2. Try using some Scrubbing Bubbles. I use it on most my gear when it gets dirty. I just let it sit they use soft brush and rinse with warm water. Magic! Works wonders on muddy shoes and the bottom of my west vest gold shins. Sweat rings on hats. I mean everything.
  3. My question is why orange? Not my favorite!
  4. Anyone have any better suggestions than using a sharpie to blackout the white Wilson writing on the mask pads? Maybe a fabric pen? Thanks.
  5. I like the long throat guard. It has good coverage. Something different for the season. If it’s put under the cage I can’t bend my neck down at all. This way it flexes when it touches my chest protector so I can look down. And I like that it covers some of the W.
  6. So my go to is the wilson aluminum powder coated mask with the pads from the titanium mask. I didn’t like the memory foam pads that came with it. I put the sun shield and long y inch throat guard. Then my alternative mask is the all star mask I picked up from play it again sports for $20. I had to change the harness to a normal harness. It had the one for the hard helmet. The pads are from +pos. They’re both nice and light and I have all confidence wearing them.
  7. Finally a better harness. I’d definitely order this but got a custom harness from @Razzer years ago. Looks like this would work just as awesome. Thanks Scott!
  8. So update: I used the vest today on a varsity pre season game and it worked great. I didn’t even know the extra pad was even there.
  9. Yeah the W is just covered @catsbackr
  10. It’s more for my bottom ribs. But I took a nice one last year from a foul ball when the catcher wanted an outside pitch.
  11. So I did a custom stomach extension that I think should give me some extra protection. I love the west vest but I’m 6’3” and this covers most of my belly. The pad is a champ pro 6” extension I picked up from Epic Sports for a few dollars. I used velcro from Joann’s by cutting a slit just big enough to fit the chest protector velcro that holds the plastic on. It hold better than I could imagine. I will see how it holds up in the weeks to come once the high school season starts.
  12. What size Chicago screws are y’all using? 3/8, 7/16 head size? I’m trying to repair a vest of mine. Thanks
  13. Thanks for the info now that I’m in the same damn predicament
  14. Thanks @BCBrad and @eagle_12 does anyone have the direct number for the pluspos guy?
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