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  1. Troy, Thanks for the information, I've got 12 of each of the stickers on the way! Thanks again!
  2. Thanks! I set up an account and ordered some of the stickers!
  3. Thank you to everyone for their input, it really helped the decisions our association made.
  4. @noumpere, I value your opinion or I wouldn't respond to your post. I don't think I am overstating or understating either the advantages or the disadvantages at all. I believe I am weighing the advantages and disadvantages and choosing to go with the mechanics that give us the most advantages. These will primarily be Middle School games being worked solo, we are somewhat forced into this due to a reduction in our association of about 50%. I continue to need as much game fee information from other states as possible. Thanks in advance for everyone's help with this.
  5. The fatigue factor is the primary reason I'm wanting us to work behind the mound. We may have to do a 7th grade/8th grade DH or 9th grade/HS JV DH with 1 umpire. Asking us to work 2 straight solo games behind the plate is not something I'm going to ask our umpires to do. I'm anxious to hear from @noumpere as to why he says "Don't. Do. It."
  6. What is everyone’s thoughts, when working solo, to working the game from behind the mound? My reasoning is because you get good looks at balls and strikes, plus your about 70 feet closer to all of the base call.
  7. "Coach, you need to get control of your dugout. If you can't or won't, I will. That's your warning!"
  8. I am curious what game fees are being charged for working MS/HS games solo? Our local association may be faced with assigning some games solo and is looking for help regarding rates. All help is much appreciated.
  9. Sounds like obstruction to me.
  10. Unless you end a statement to a coach with, "That's your warning", then it's not a warning. The only version of a warning is "That's your warning." Period.
  11. He set up in the "kill zone", because the catcher was way inside. Don't do this.
  12. @wolfe_man, you should have kept on walking!
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