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  1. I guess it's just me, but, is there really, truly a need for something like this? You guys are talking about getting hit 3 times in 4 games, geez, I haven't been hit that many times in a whole season. What level of baseball? I'm just surprised at the number of times you guys are getting hit.
  2. Tennessee HS is shut down until March 30. The State will then decide what we do going forward.
  3. Then why don't you just buy clean, logo-free pads to begin with?
  4. catsbackr

    Pitchers Glove

    Maybe it's just me, but why would you want a metallic/reflective glove anyway? I thought gloves were supposed to be leather...
  5. Sounds like you're going to have LONG season Jax....
  6. L/XL, a 13" is the biggest I thing they make. But, yeah, I'd love to find one.
  7. Tennessee is a play and report state.
  8. All of a sudden, I can't respond to a topic or post on topics. I can type my response, but there is no tab to select post.
  9. And I'd like to find the whole CP! (Sorry didn't mean to highjack.)
  10. Oh snap, I guess I'll be buying more equipment this coming year from you. Sigh...
  11. I feel a Tony Thompson story coming....
  12. Yeah, pretty sure all the rest of the shoes Nike sells to the WHOLE WORLD are in D width, so they obviously don't care and have zero problem selling the rest of their shoes.
  13. I guess the scored runner has to just DISAPPEAR.
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