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  1. Start you response to the snotty coach with, "By rule..." That should do it.
  2. I had a transaction with @Ump0000. I paid immediately with PayPal. He told me he would ship it on Tuesday due to Monday being a holiday. He didn't ship it until Saturday. Piss poor customer service on his part. I won't do business with him again.
  3. I'd discuss this with someone other than the gentleman involved. Someone, a trainer, association president, assignor, etc., and express your confusion.
  4. Maybe tell the catcher you call a rule book zone. That oughta do it, shouldn't it?
  5. Max, Reread my post. I said ALMOST all, not all. And, almost all catchers get inside the ball when throwing to 2B and throw a screwball to 2B. That is fact.
  6. Another reason for C, almost all catcher's throws curve toward B, increasing the chance of interfering with the throw. Also, in 3 or 4 man, I usually set up on the edge of the infield grass near the cutout in deep C, read the throw and step in. Perfect view.
  7. catsbackr

    First One

    The video would be so much better if he'd get rid of the coffee cup.
  8. I don't understand the confusion. If you wear a mask, you can get as close as you want to to other people. If you social distance, you just stay 6 feet or more away from other people. The confusion occurs when the powers that be want us to do both.
  9. Sounds good to me, keep up the good work!
  10. catsbackr

    First One

    I ain't antsy, your just wrong. Figured you for a rat.
  11. catsbackr

    First One

    Just like JC said, when he says "that's on you" he's basically saying your cheating. Dump him right there. And, way to much yelling from you at him. Make him come out to you, don't just keep yelling like he's doing.
  12. Anyone else noticed the KBO plate guys seem to avoid the slot and set up in the middle or even on the outside corner?
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