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  1. Like new Force 3 chest protector for sale, $150, shipping included.
  2. Hey, at least we're playing this year!
  3. Great experience with @rjdakin, Force 3 delivered fast and as described! Thanks!
  4. If it is still for sale, I'll take it for $150.
  5. @ShaunH, OK, I'll apologize for my tone. I read your response as issuing the coach an ultimatum, even though the coach may or may not have even understood what you were talking about. Generally, prior to getting to the point you got to, threatening to eject him from the game, there are warnings put in place. I read nothing of any warnings, only you going to the coach and threatening to eject him. I'm also not so sure a coach is responsible for the fans behavior either, I could be wrong. By rule, a head coach is responsible for the conduct of his players a
  6. Yeah, you might want to rethink the highlighted. If I was the coach, I'd tell you to pound sand.
  7. There's no way Phil saw his shadow yesterday in Pennsylvania. It was snowing all day! I say we go with General Lee down here in the South.
  8. Great transaction with @Phil Adler! Force 3 chest protector shipped quickly and arrived as described!
  9. @Phil Adler, I am interested in the chest protector, but not the shinguards. If you're willing to sell it separately, I will buy the CP.
  10. Start you response to the snotty coach with, "By rule..." That should do it.
  11. I had a transaction with @Ump0000. I paid immediately with PayPal. He told me he would ship it on Tuesday due to Monday being a holiday. He didn't ship it until Saturday. Piss poor customer service on his part. I won't do business with him again.
  12. I'd discuss this with someone other than the gentleman involved. Someone, a trainer, association president, assignor, etc., and express your confusion.
  13. Maybe tell the catcher you call a rule book zone. That oughta do it, shouldn't it?
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