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  1. Or an American flag....
  2. That's a pretty crappy answer from the manufacturer. If I spend $300 for a CP, I expect much better quality. That response is completely unacceptable. I'll stick with my Schutt or my Wilson or my old All American.
  3. Oh snap, I guess I'll be buying more equipment this coming year from you. Sigh...
  4. I feel a Tony Thompson story coming....
  5. Yeah, pretty sure all the rest of the shoes Nike sells to the WHOLE WORLD are in D width, so they obviously don't care and have zero problem selling the rest of their shoes.
  6. I guess the scored runner has to just DISAPPEAR.
  7. He's coming over this evening for supper, I'll ask him and let yall know.
  8. "Time!" "Don't do that!" Just like Maven said.
  9. Jay, it sounds like you may need to work with your catcher a little bit. If the catcher, after the catch, would put the ball/glove directly into the sliding players face, it would probably fix some of these issues.
  10. Just a suggestion, proof read before posting. Just a suggestion.
  11. Search YouTube for baseball instructional videos. Not all are good, but you may find something that speaks to you. Look at the old NCAA Umpire Bulletins, too.
  12. Max, Mine looks just like the one in the picture above. Oh, but I do have the black Adidas pads (thanks @UMPCourse John). It is light and offers a great view. Which one do I have?
  13. If he's hearing it from BOTH sides, he might be having a bad day. And, don't ever do what he did. Ever.
  14. Boy the ends in the first picture sure don't look hollow to me. Just sayin...
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