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  1. "Time!" "Don't do that!" Just like Maven said.
  2. Jay, it sounds like you may need to work with your catcher a little bit. If the catcher, after the catch, would put the ball/glove directly into the sliding players face, it would probably fix some of these issues.
  3. Just a suggestion, proof read before posting. Just a suggestion.
  4. Search YouTube for baseball instructional videos. Not all are good, but you may find something that speaks to you. Look at the old NCAA Umpire Bulletins, too.
  5. Max, Mine looks just like the one in the picture above. Oh, but I do have the black Adidas pads (thanks @UMPCourse John). It is light and offers a great view. Which one do I have?
  6. If he's hearing it from BOTH sides, he might be having a bad day. And, don't ever do what he did. Ever.
  7. Boy the ends in the first picture sure don't look hollow to me. Just sayin...
  8. catsbackr

    Pitch Framing

    Framing and pulling pitches are 2 entirely different things as others have said. Catchers that pull pitches usually get a "don't do that" from me. Have you ever noticed that the best catchers at framing have the "quietest" hand/mitt? Not much movement, the pitch is just stuck where it's caught. I just love it when, about the 4th inning, when the catcher catches one off the river on the line, and says out loud, "that's too far" and throws it back to the pitcher. Love it.
  9. Max, The red clay around here will absolutely eat these up! Too much white.
  10. Me: "Who's the head coach?" HC: "I am." Me: "Get control of you assistant coaches or your gone. That's your warning."
  11. catsbackr

    Live ball

    I've been umpiring since 1974 and I've never had a tie on a force play. Never.
  12. No, it's not that simple. You call time out when it is appropriate for the level that is being worked. However, most coaches, HS and College, will request time. I think I'd lean more toward waiting until they say something or give you some type of hand jester or something.
  13. Well, I had 2B that night at Wrigley, so, I really can't answer....
  14. ...and laces are part of the glove, too! If they're not, what keeps the glove from falling apart?
  15. Yeah, I disagree with just about all of this. You ring a kid up and he verbally disagrees with you? So what. If he's demonstrative, hand up, "knock it off", go from there. If he continues, dump him. Why would you follow the kid down the line? You said it looked like you were following him, no, you were following him. Terrible look. If he's headed back to the dugout, let him go. The coaches say the kid is a problem (for them). They obviously haven't taken care of it. If the kid becomes a problem for you, take care of it. Period. If not, leave it alone.
  16. catsbackr

    Time Play

    So did they score the run or no?
  17. You are right, I stand corrected. But, I do picture Barney doing it too!
  18. For some reason, I picture Barney Fife coming out from behind the plate, going into the stands yelling "Citizens arrest, citizens arrest." You need to work better games and sites if you've been working games and fans are throwing bottles and punches.
  19. No. The site administrator or site security is responsible for what goes on in the stands. You're responsible for what goes on on the field. You're not a police officer.
  20. You don't have any authority in the stands, that's why.
  21. Off setting penalties, replay the down.
  22. Try this: R3: "Time ump." Ump: "No."
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