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  1. There is a between innings clock for maybe 5 years now, and the specifics have changed a couple times. In the same amount of time there has been a 20-second pitch clock with no runners on base. If there was no visual clock displayed then base umpire (varies on # of BU) kept it. Was not strictly enforced. Needed egregious violations to be called.
  2. My take on old school is the “squared off” ear wings and throat extension. The new titanium shape is more of a rounded off ear wing that mimics the look of the aluminum.
  3. I’ve heard of people using a cover from a check book with some cardboard slid into the pockets to stiffen it up. Would need to be in ball bag pockets, to long for shirt pocket. Old thread too Amazon’s prime https://www.amazon.com/Adams-USA-Holder-Style-Black/dp/B07B9XHK2Z/ref=sr_1_1?crid=27WXGR89DFSS1&keywords=umpire+lineup+card+holder&qid=1563746368&s=sporting-goods&sprefix=Umpire+li%2Csporting%2C133&sr=1-1
  4. eagle_12


    I’ve worn these the past couple years. Knee length, cotton feel but not cotton (can’t stand the polyester soccer sock types). Want to say I got them at Dicks as a two pair pack around $18 https://www.underarmour.com/en-us/ua-over-the-calf-team-socks/pid1270244-100 have almost pulled the trigger on the Gerry Davis ones or the Force3
  5. Trust me I did a search for this question. Searched for New Balance, lacing, laces, metatarsal guard. To many threads to read through. Just got got a pair of V3 lows in size 13. Snugged them up while trying them on. Metatarsal plate seemed to get pushed towards the toe and away from the shoe. Is this common and normal or is there a way to lace them. Worried about ball hitting the “lip” that is created now. There was a thread in 2011 that addressed this issue, but for the Reebok Mag’s.
  6. Reviving a semi-old post because I just ordered a F3 V2. When I put the mask on and do a hand compression of the lower spring I can feel the corner of the metal support hitting my chin. It in the area as the pics, and also where Kurt Suzuki got cut. I do believe it’s that compression force being applied to a thinner skinned area with a hard object (bone) behind it that causes that laceration. Anyone with the F3 added anything in that area to maybe lessen the sharpness hitting the face? I’m thinking of adding a small piece of adhesive foam somehow between the pad and support. Want to lessen my chances of needing stitches during the middle of a game.
  7. There is a phone number in these forums if you search for it. I used it earlier this year, Dan picked up, told me what the “issue” was and I got my mask a couple days later. Know it’s an extra step you shouldn’t have to take but the phone call helped me. Its in a post that Dan tried to defend himself about his bad customer service. It may even be at the beginning of this one.
  8. U3 calling out of baseline on over-throw ball trick? Saw the left arm extended out around time of the tag.
  9. I’ve worked in several college groups D2/3/JC/NAIA. No shoe restrictions in any of those. Most at high D1 wear varying shoes too, but mostly black, usually with some white, some have had grey too. Just can’t be over the top. A good reference point would be the New Balance base shoes as to how much white is acceptable. Most wear some type of baseball trainer styled shoe. I wear Nike running shoes and have gone between the Air Max line, Excellerate and started with the Pegasus 34 this year MiLB that I’ve seen in recent years are mainly New Balance, but have seen other brands though. Don’t believe they have restrictions. Could be trying to stay with MLB standards, could be they are cheaper or get a discount or hold up longer. Dunno.
  10. eagle_12

    Rules Survey

    I liked the no pitch walk, Didn’t care for the HBP one. I like the idea of a doubleheader being 7’s. Often times D2/D3level doesn’t have the pitching. Some conferences play 9/7,9/7 for a weekend. If so,done gets tagged in the first game it can domino quickly. Wouldve liked to see a mercy rule option. Also more agreed then disagree with the wind-up wording. Seemed to make it very similar to HS wording. I’m in favor of the non-pivot foot being within the length of the pivot, or clearly designated that F1 in windup or set with runners on in questionable stances
  11. I was there for every pitch of it!!! @catsbackr was nails on the plate, especially for 3rd plate in 4 days, in Tennessee heat, and the amplitude of State championship pressures.
  12. Haven’t worked in PA in couple years but did for several years. Never was in on the decision making, but was on playoffs for 7-ish years. This is how I think it worked in our area Districts (ours was 4 counties,some may be just the Pittsburgh public schools, some may be all over the place) have there own tournaments, our district used 3-man crews, and then 4-man for championships. There were 4 chapters in our district and we each had 2-3, 3-man crews that were “nominated” by assignor/board and approved by district committee. The 4-man crew was also done in same manner, and was the deemed the “inter district crew”. When the state tournament started there are 4 rounds per level (may have changed in past years). Depending on where games were played and who was playing determined which district committee was the host, then the crews from that district worked. Those came from PIAA office to the district committee, then they decided which crew was where and what game. The year my crew got a state championship, that game came from PIAA office.
  13. Never worked at Clemson’s field, we have a couple on here that have I believe. There is a white line for DBT in front of those in the chairs, also on 3rd base side. Guessing they have labeled that whole area as the dugout (not an extension as that goes against the rules). So if that’s the ground rules then they are properly “in the dugout” Won’t say I’m particularly in favor of where they are.
  14. MIAA play by NFHS rules? Pic from article gives me issues if so.
  15. @LoneBlueStar your games sounded like one I just posted about. We had coach’s wanting to “protest”close judgement calls, hollering about kids standing in the way of runners and the two HC’s started arguing with each other.
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