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  1. Thank you for your service and all that you went through and continue to still. my only issue is your response that I quoted above. When I first read through and before you started your backstory I though this was a snarky response. Maybe HC did as well, doesn’t justify swearing and all that followed but I do wonder if it’ll get you down a wrong path. im not you, I don’t live with the ringing so I don’t have the right “comeback”, but to me it struck me as off. Maybe your tone comes off jokingly with an attempt to diffuse with truth intermixed with humor. Don’t know, not there, just something that doesn't fully sit right with me.
  2. Agree on the pants. Sew/repair as best you can but as minimal as possible. Most all people won’t notice and you can get by with them. Me, I’d use for a short period of time while waiting for my new pair to be delivered and then hemmed. Ripped set would become emergency pair.
  3. I think Smitty is selling rebranded Douglas chest protectors and then also has the style of the old new balance plate shoes.
  4. Exact same spot each time or does it change? Could be a seam or stitching hitting your foot wrong. You could be doing everything correct that you can but it may just be the shoe. could also be the sock seam interface with the shoe. If it’s a seam, a shoe repair shop may be able to smooth it or punch out even more room. I also remember trying 3n2 on and could feel where the protective cap ended. I’ve run into it before with runners and dress shoes. Some just don’t mesh with my foot protrusions. I’m real picky with the way things feel on my feet, so I notice little things that just don’t hit right.
  5. 2nd on the good deal. Bought one in Feb and it for 3 weekend series. Loved it. Will make the recommendation to get packing cubes as well. Was able to organize shirts, tights, etc into different Bags and kept thing organized and neat.
  6. I went this route 3 years ago. Search in this forum. There was/is a phone number in a heated thread that he was on. Forget what his username is but it had Dan in it. Called it, he answered, mask came couple days later.
  7. I watched it live, was in utter shock after it happened, and my phone blew up afterwards from friends. I know he botched it and admitted to kicking the s*** out of it but I contend that the happenings of the play was a lead-in to the botch. I think he was set up for a toss by f3 and a touch by F1where it’s a look at which shoe hits first. Turned into a throw from F3 and F1 was trying a little to find his foot on the bag and it became a did you hear the glove before seeing the runners foot type deal plus a did he get the foot there. I think there was some anticipation of the usual play, things altered a little, caught flat footed and kicked it. Also always thought JJ’s initial footwork and arm movements was going to be an “out” and there was a late abort to “safe”.
  8. MLB umpire, wearing shins with metatarsal guard attached. Necessary? Maybe not, but they are in his mind.
  9. 3:33 and shortly after show the top part of the mask 10:06 has the best front on shot, not zoomed but most unobstructed. I see the widened upper extended U bar and the 2 wavy bottom bars on those shots. I know the Mizuno and Belgrard mask do have similar features too so it definitely could be one of them with their prevalence in baseball in that region.
  10. If it was the same game that was shown this afternoon, the mask, to me looked like the diamond silver with blacked out pads. He did have a black “surgical” mask on underneath so that may have contributed to it looking different. game highlights
  11. eagle_12

    Mask hand

    Echoing your statement about being in right hand to write, etc. I’m left handed and was a left handed catcher, so removing my mask in the left hand was what I did for 6 years of playing youth ball. It’s natural for me. What I don’t like about myself, but can’t break is it being in my right hand when I sweep the plate. I want to switch to sweeping with my left hand but think I’ll put more dirt on the plate than what was there prior.
  12. You’re right, $35k is probably pre-tax type deal. There are some leagues that for their weekend series will reimburse for various travel expenses. Amount and what all is covered varies by league, but not much out of pocket for weekends. Mid week games usually don’t provide a room but school will get you a deal at a partner hotel if needed.
  13. $58k seems to be total combined that the group is losing out on. But $35k for a D1 guy isn’t unimaginable. Lots of games worked, at highest level, making high pay $388 isn’t that much of a stretch for a D1 game. Single game midweeks run in the $300-700 range depending on team/region. Major D1 weekend runs $1500-2500 at least and add in some per diem and travel reimbursement. 14 week D1 season, if you’re in demand and make yourself available 5 times (Tue, Wed, weekend) a week or add in a D2/3 midweek DH paying somewhere in the $450-600 range. Then add in conference tournament(s) that you probably work another 5+ games. Good enough regional, maybe 4 for games, and then super regional 2-3 games. 90 games is a lot, but doable, if you do some D2/D3 that start a week or 2 before D1 started.
  14. Seeing if anyone wants to part with an Adams/Schutt XV HDX
  15. AA has it right. Location in OP is Tennessee and can only get TSSAA through JK David (really It’s a Purchase Officials sub group)
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