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  1. Bought the grey shins last year. Flap was attached by Velcro and removed. prodect description: Removable/Adjustable hook and loop toe cap
  2. Got to be some type of paint, maybe a hobby paint, that you can match the color up with. I did it with the W and the MLB logo on my grey shins. Type of paint didn’t matter to me because it’s on the ankle wings. Probably get something that doesn’t break down the plastic with it over the heart.
  3. I haven’t had it done but I think a lot of the tailoring is cleaning up the armpit and sleeves. Sometimes the sleeves are too long, or too wide (biceps don’t quite fill it up), and the armpit is droopy (like the seat area on pants) in the body of the shirt the panels throw a wrinkle in I’d think. You would want to maintain the width integrity as best you can so they may need to trim in a different area than they might normally take from.
  4. Could be a number of things. There are times that they carry a stopwatch, field of dreams and Williamsport games recently where the clock infrastructure wasn’t built in. Other times the clock may simply not work that day so they carry it. Heck the NBA has the PA announcer count down the shot clock if there is a malfunction. Sometimes it’s the locker room key. Sounds to simple at the MLB level. Could be a religious medallion type deal. One of them has, on occasion, had a small cross hanging out of a back pocket.
  5. The Smitty V2 Body flex are really nice and comparable to the Majestic. The base standard shirt is not, and the jackets do leave room for improvement.
  6. I really like the jackets. they’d look nice in black/grey for the baseball side. MLB had/has a rain slicker that would be similar correct? could be the angle or prototype, but looks like the panel goes thin to wide. Wouldn’t a consistent panel look better?
  7. Love the Honigs, especially the squared off look, the tan color, and the non-standout logo. They fit my chin nicely, more so rest on my chin “shelf” nicely. Also, thick-ish, so I feel like they have some protection to then even though they are just foam inside. Biggest thing, they fit in and look nice in different frames. I’ve had them in Nike, Wilson titanium, alum, and dynalight, Adidas, Diamond, All-star, and the Honigs frame over the years. Looks good in all of them.
  8. I’m in the navy frame/red pads camp over the other way around. To me the navy frame tones down the “pop” of the red pads so it’s not as look at me, but still gets the point across and allows the individualized look. red frame just is in your face and navy pads don’t tone it down.
  9. Opinions on either of these companies since both have been on the market for couple years now. I know people that have the earlier “model” of Honigs and the quality of them. Haven’t run into anyone with an Out West model yet. Probably will wear it 4-6 times a year in 45-60* weather. search function doesn’t show much recent activity
  10. From what I came to understand it was a financial decision, mainly for future potential Olympics. SB and baseball were added as a favor to the host nation and are not planned going forward. Stadium they played in was modifiable enough to make it work. SB was fully aware of the situation, and didn’t care. Overall goal going forward, if BB/SB return, would be for one stadium built, but with some type of hybrid (best way I can think of stating it) field design.
  11. When I periodically look at AAA level to see where people I know are, I seldom see crews of 4. One crew I follow has had 3 different #1’s, floater call-ups, with the #2/3 the same.
  12. Deflections, bounces, and sometimes S*** happens. I know my right foot gets turned out at times leaving me exposed. The Wilsons and Douglas have hard medial/lateral ankle plating, may have saved you. Don’t know I think the F3s have a hard “dome” that goes around the malleoli (bony parts sticking out that make up the ankle) but otherwise are just some type of padding.
  13. @ArchAngel72 two different shirt colors and "style" if you can call it that. The bottom one with the predominate light blue collar is the traditional softball "powder blue". The top one (black collar) is what MLB came up with when they wanted a light blue alternative when the black shirts with the white around the collar came about. Think this is called "polo blue", and yes, is a darker blue then the other one.
  14. I like them, I use them, I think they work. They basically are a concentrated mix of electrolytes, mixed in with some sugar. When I do use it, I use it in double the amount of water to dilute the taste, and because if I’m taking it, I need the fluids anyways. Lemon-lime and tangerine is good, passion fruit is tolerable. All have a salty taste, because salt is needed for the body. Basic concept is that your body needs to maintain it's fluid level for the systems to operate normally. When you sweat, or don't take in fluids, you dehydrate, and body systems suffer. Additionally, the body uses the electrolytes, they are sweated out (think salt stains on your cap), and plain water doesn't replace those. The body needs the fluids to maintain good oxygen deliverance to muscles, less thick viscosity, and the body needs to electrolytes to get the fluids to move across cells correctly. The body needs both. what I don’t like is it saying it provides 2-3x’s the hydration of water alone. I think it leads people to believe they only need this and 16oz of water. You still need the fluids to keep your body fluids in check, this just adds in the stuff plain water doesn’t have. Switching between water and Gator/Powerade throughout a long umpiring day does the same thing. Eating a good meal, does the same thing. Ive seen at some gas stations around me a Gatorlyte product which is basically a premade equivalent. Also pedilyte is similar. If you want a quick hitter for electrolytes, this would be good, but again, you still need to take in more fluids than 16oz.
  15. NCAA: Note: When the winning run is scored in the last half-inning of a regulation game, or in the last half-inning of an extra inning, as the result of a base on balls, hit batter or any other play with the bases full which forces the batter and all other runners to advance without liability of being put out, the umpire shall not declare the game ended until the runner forced to advance from third has touched home plate and the batter-runner has touched first base. An exception will be made if fans rush onto the field and physically prevent the runner from touching home plate or the batter-runner from touching first base. In such cases, the umpires shall award the runner the necessary bases with no appeal allowed
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