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  1. @timing timing timing great process, fair price, quick shipping
  2. Fairly old. I remember my buddy with this model with a red W 10-12 years ago and that sticker was before that.
  3. https://cms-files.tssaa.org/documents/tssaa/officialsfees.pdf Tennessee
  4. Are you saying this grey ones will fit a black Wilson aluminum with no issues? I want to get grey pads for it but don’t like the looks of the grey Wilson https://www.all-starsports.com/fm4000-magnesium-replacement-pads.html
  5. Not a “new” thing for this year. Start of 2020 season had a release from NCAA allowing them on the pitcher, which means teams were doing it in ‘19 and caused NCAA to address it. I had teams do it a few times in college games before they were cancelled out last season.
  6. thanks, this is what I was thinking. I know if he crashes, glove falls off, but ball stays in glove on ground it is not a catch. I also remember seeing wording somewhere in one of the rule sets that a player could remove it from another and it is the "voluntary release" Thanks
  7. NFHS rules, but other sets are fine too batter hit ball deep to CF, gap, F8 gloves the ball, crashes into wall and falls. Ball pops out, touches nothing, and lands/lays on fielders chest. F9 grabs ball off F8’s chest. catch?
  8. Yes. If that is the style you need, if the body flex version is available, I’d order one just to see if it’s more what you’re looking for.
  9. Majestic are nice, but I think availability of them is dwindling. The Smith V2 body flex are very nice. I have them in Navy and black/grey side panel. Imagine they come in the other popular styles and colors, just haven’t looked because I don’t need them. very nice material with some stretch, sleeve length seems a little shorter as well so as the shirt size goes up, the end of the sleeve isnt hanging off the elbow https://www.ump-attire.com/Products/S314-BK/Smitty-V2-Major-League-Replica-Umpire-Shirt-Black-with-Charcoal-Grey
  10. I just had the seamstress taper the legs and seat a little. Basically had her “clean” them up so they looked like they fit better.
  11. In college games one other crew member should be taking down trips (and video reviews) along with PU, and they may need to confirm late in the game. Crew number or conference policy says who that is. HS games as BU I have my note book in a back pocket for ejection, warning, fights but not for trips.
  12. As BU, I’ve done the stay in place and I’ve done the outfield grass routines, don’t like either, especially going out to the outfield. Just doesn’t fit with me. Right now, if there is no pitching change possibility, I basically go to a space between the gas dirt line and the baseline, and away from fielders. F4 and F6, if they don’t go to the mound will usually congregate near each other. If they meet at the base, I go to where they aren’t. If F4 goes over to f6, I’ll go stand in F4 area. If they don’t go to each other, then I will go stand near second, maybe kick some dirt off it.
  13. Rawlings titanium mask is coated black on the inside, at least they were when I got mine 5 yrs ago. There must be some logic on their end to cover in black.
  14. Thank you for your service and all that you went through and continue to still. my only issue is your response that I quoted above. When I first read through and before you started your backstory I though this was a snarky response. Maybe HC did as well, doesn’t justify swearing and all that followed but I do wonder if it’ll get you down a wrong path. im not you, I don’t live with the ringing so I don’t have the right “comeback”, but to me it struck me as off. Maybe your tone comes off jokingly with an attempt to diffuse with truth intermixed with humor. Don’t know, not t
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