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  1. Honigs bags. Left: main pocket-balls, prefer 2 in it to start game, replace the right bag from it. “Front” pocket- sewn to a shorter depth, indicator goes in there when I’m not using (between innings, 2 strikes on batter). Back pocket- car keys Right: main- balls, prefer 3 to start. Hand to catcher from right bag. Fill from left. “Front” pocket- cough drops, chap stick, eye drop. “Back” pocket- extra indicator, in case my main one breaks Brush goes in left back pants pocket (has a button closure notepad/line ups go in shirt pocket
  2. Very nice!!! I found the Jordan 11 Barons (low top style) in good shape. Picked them right up.
  3. These Bananas vs. Party Animal games are akin to the Harlem Globetotters game or WWE. It’s a show or event, not a game. Don’t know all the details but there is a game clock, this bat trick type deal, the batter going into the splits. Heck the umpire is the same each game, and he’s got social media as the dancing umpire. When the summer rolls around they have a college summer team in the CL, and that the entertainment continues on, just at a smaller level.
  4. So the diamond has a “pocket” for the cup and it’s not “trapped” between a layer and a traditional jock, a la the nutty buddy system? The diamond has intrigued me and I’ve stayed away from NB because it’s not secured. I know they, and everyone else says it doesn’t move when worn right, I just know my luck.
  5. Straight from MiLb:https://www.milb.com/about/umpires The first step to pursuing a career as a professional umpire is to attend a professional umpire training school. These schools traditionally run for a period of four-five weeks during January and February each year. At the end of the training, the schools recommend their top graduates to the Minor League Baseball Umpire Development staff. Minor League Baseball Umpire Development then extends a formal invitation to participate and compete at the Minor League Baseball Advanced Course to those graduates who meet the requirements and criteria. Graduation from one of these schools does not guarantee an invitation to the Advanced Course or a job in Minor League Baseball However, if you are looking to move up in amateur baseball there are plenty of camps/clinics/tryouts in anyones local area. Individual regions will have youth ball, HS, college level camps. These will make you a batter umpire, but these are not routes into MiLB.
  6. I wear and have worn a version of Nike air max runner for probably last 10 years. Love them. I search eBay constantly looking for more Newer styles only seem to have the heel bladder, some don’t look as appropriate as I’d like Most recent pickup however are these, good shape, cleaned up nicely Jordan 11’s Barons
  7. most situations it on-field crew looks at a monitor field-side The SEC on conference weekends, in years past and don’t see why they would change it, has an IR crew that the on-field calls into. Same type of situation as MLB, that’s their weekend series. Not sure if ACC has done that yet. Them or Big 12 would probably be next group to do similar. When NCAA regionals/supers start there has been a centralized IR, I thought in Pittsburgh, but not sure how that gets staffed, maybe the named alternates. CWS is manned by another of the CWS umpires that is not on-field that game. There may be others with input, Hiler now Billy Haze.
  8. In my little head I’m thinking my train of thought is what would correct application of the rule, but I would think might be an unintended consequence, and may work its way in as the rule matures. May have been discussed before, just thinking scenarios out. Come along for the ride. Lineup card presented as #1 Jones F3/DH after 2 innings, Jones has booted grounders and let balls scoot past him, coach has had enough. #10 Smith F3, #1 Jones DH. Legal, we’re all good inning goes by, and Smith isn’t any better. coach: I’d like to bring Jones back in to play 1st- still good, Jones never left the game, was a starter, no issues. Smith-have seat, you’re done for the game. On the lineup card is Jones now F3/DH, or F3 and it’s straight-9 I’m thinking he’s just F3. When smith came in defensively, Jones lost F3/DH and became just DH. by Jones, being the DH, taking a defensive position, the “DH” is terminated. So we’re down to a straight-9. Looked a rule book and case book, not spelled out. Have to piece together different rules.
  9. SEC has been doing it for a couple few years now in conference weekends only, ACC soon followed. Vandy, and others now are using a smartwatch like device that bench sends a “text” with the pitch/play code this season. have also seen what can be best described as a deli “next in line” display board that dugout holds up for everyone to see. all about pace of play and elimination of sign stealing. Also, since catchers can’t run out to the pitcher to remind them what the “hot” sign is without being charged a conference, it helps teams stay on the same page.
  10. Likes others have said it (first version) was good, until it wasn’t, when I realized I wanted the plating of the hard shells. I wore the K1 in college, mens league, and high school games, and didn’t give it a second thought. Took a couple good hits, felt them, but nothing severe, maybe some slight bruising/red marks. I know I washed it a couple times and the padding shifted so didn’t feel too good about it.
  11. Bought the grey shins last year. Flap was attached by Velcro and removed. prodect description: Removable/Adjustable hook and loop toe cap
  12. Got to be some type of paint, maybe a hobby paint, that you can match the color up with. I did it with the W and the MLB logo on my grey shins. Type of paint didn’t matter to me because it’s on the ankle wings. Probably get something that doesn’t break down the plastic with it over the heart.
  13. I haven’t had it done but I think a lot of the tailoring is cleaning up the armpit and sleeves. Sometimes the sleeves are too long, or too wide (biceps don’t quite fill it up), and the armpit is droopy (like the seat area on pants) in the body of the shirt the panels throw a wrinkle in I’d think. You would want to maintain the width integrity as best you can so they may need to trim in a different area than they might normally take from.
  14. Could be a number of things. There are times that they carry a stopwatch, field of dreams and Williamsport games recently where the clock infrastructure wasn’t built in. Other times the clock may simply not work that day so they carry it. Heck the NBA has the PA announcer count down the shot clock if there is a malfunction. Sometimes it’s the locker room key. Sounds to simple at the MLB level. Could be a religious medallion type deal. One of them has, on occasion, had a small cross hanging out of a back pocket.
  15. The Smitty V2 Body flex are really nice and comparable to the Majestic. The base standard shirt is not, and the jackets do leave room for improvement.
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