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  1. I agree with you that it shouldn't happen but never is a strong word. Just calling out the possibility of a cluster. I think what was frustrating was that he had been asking for help all night until this high leverage and close call situation. Again frustrated fan hat fully pulled on here.
  2. Ha very true...The Rays catcher appealed, it could have gotten messy had Barrett had made a call the other way.
  3. I’ll start this off by saying I’m an Astros fan so I’m definitely biased, but do you really think you can make that call from behind the plate? He’d been going to Barrett all night.
  4. Those Vaadus are nice! Task for today.... Get TASO to allow highlighter yellow!
  5. Is it just me or when someone talks about full leather all black shoes, these guys come to mind...
  6. Pre play communication for me if I am PU is: ”I’m staying home” If you are in the working area you should be able to get the angle to 1B and be able to work back to 3rd if the ball takes you there. PU is needed at home for the potential play after an over throw or some crazy mishap. No one wants to be chasing a runner down the 3rd baseline to make the call at home.
  7. I would also add this... 4. Raising price to conserve stock and avoid a gap out in product between versions. They may be selling through the v2 faster than forecasted and a potential v3 (I am not saying there is one, I work for a tech company not F3) is not ready for production yet. It is better to have the product on shelf and in front of the consumer that may pay for it than lose that potential customer to another mask because you have no product. You can always sell v2 at a discount (probably still margin positive) after a v3 launch.
  8. I tried that and then I realized what I really need is a slimmer, trimmer me...
  9. THIS is one of my biggest pet peeves in youth ball, they will get a quick "let them up, lets play ball" from me long before they get an out because they held the tag on the kid for 10 seconds. The judgement of a runner being legally knocked off the bag or forcefully removed is one of those calls that might result in someone coming out from either side depending on the call. FUN FUN FUN! I think @wolfe_man had a good word there, watch the tag and how it is applied. Is there any extra or continued force being applied? Or did he or she slap it down like they would to make a normal out. Normal force knocks them off, get the out and move on.
  10. My plea has been sent, I am due to change out my pads for next spring and would love to give them a try. One thing I thought of was that they may have given UA and Evoshield some sort of agreement that they would be the only ones with the pads, therefore they cannot sell them as just pads. Definitely all speculation but with a new company it could be the case.
  11. Great topic, I am looking to upgrade so I am interested in others answers. I agree with @MadMax on the undershirts, anything that is made to wick sweat and breathe has treated me well here in TX. Both my associations are black undershirts fall and winter, with the option of white in the summer. The white shirt bit has never made sense to me because the undershirt is not exposed to the sun and absorbing heat but I digress. Question to throw out there...Has anyone tried the Honig's version of the MLB shirts? I have only seen them at a couple places online but like that they do not have a big logo on the back and have liked Honig's shirts in other styles.
  12. Hey All, I am not on Facebook and can't get to the PDF with all of @Razzer's gear. Can someone attach on this thread? Thanks in advance
  13. @JimKirk How does the sky blue color compare to the Majestic? Tough to tell in pictures.
  14. @Mark Gaver I am guessing you are looking to spend in the $80- $90 range, I have had a great experience with my Diamond iX3 (cheaper than BL) in my first year. If you're looking to save money on a mask and spend it elsewhere I would highly recommend. It is very light and provides great vision for $70. The pads are not the greatest but can easily be replaced if you want to. I would say it all depends on the level of game you are calling but the iX3 was just fine for JV baseball here in TX last year. I would say if you are looking to buy today, use GREEN10 on Ump Attire and save a little bit of cash.
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