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  1. 1 AB and the guy doesn't deserve a roster spot? Yikes! Mancini is 0-The Playoffs so pinch hitting for him wasn't a crazy move. The approach was bi-polar for sure, but I don't fault him for wanting to get on and pass it to the next guy. Robertson is a heavy curveball/slider guy and had already stuck one in the dirt to advance the runners. Now that logic goes away when you swing at junk (see bi-polar comment above), but I don't think going up there and doing a little lean to get on base is terrible. Let's not forget, Diaz is also 1-18 in the playoffs so both guys are struggling at the plate. The only production the Astros have gotten from the DH spot is when the put someone else in LF and have Yordan DH.
  2. @ArchAngel72 then I would say our interps of "adding to the difficulty of the fielder" are different. I may (heavy emphasis on may) give a little leeway to younger players but 12u (competitive league) and up baseball IQ says get out of the way and dont leave it up to the guy in the gear.
  3. I have interference whether or not the tag hits him, look at (d) "...add to the difficulty of the fielder" He needs to get out of the box, he is in the way of a play being made at home and has no reason to be there. Definition of Offensive Interference: an act by a member of the team at bat which interferes with, obstructs, impedes, hinders or confuses any fielder attempting to make a play. With 2 outs: batter is out Less than 2 out: Runner is out
  4. I’m guessing you’re a Hydroflask guy, @MadMax? I'm thinking Yeti is too mainstream and Stanley is the old guard.
  5. Selling a lightly used Matte Black FM4k Steel mask with black LUC pads (never been used). All Star harness included (lightly used). $110 Shipped to the lower 48.
  6. Would prefer Wilson wrap arounds or tan Honigs, but hit me up if you have any options.
  7. Not a new piece of equipment but I did learn this week that the Silver DynaAlum has been discontinued by Wilson.
  8. The throw no longer matters once it is kicked, bumped, caught & carried, etc. into DBT. It then becomes a subsequent play and in the case of OP it is two bases from the time he carried the ball into DBT. Hypothetically, if he had picked up the ball and thrown it into DBT instead of carrying it in after the BR reached 1B then you would have the same situation. Which I believe is the point @maven is making above.
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