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  1. I went with these this year and I am a huge fan. Big enough to go 1 bag for tournaments or JV where they are stingy with baseballs. Internal pockets are big enough to hold brush and indicator but do not protrude and get caught on a finger when reaching for a ball. Good thick material, seems to help avoid wrinkling.
  2. I think you mean Blue side with this visor...
  3. I am a big fan of the Schutt as well, but I wasnt 100% sold on it until I added the Ump Life harness. I would definitely suggest you add it to any CP you get.
  4. I was looking around on one of our state association "authorized retailers" sites and found the powder blue version but not the navy... https://umpjunksa.com/shop/sb/umpire-shirts/usa312-smitty-powder-blue-navy/ The owner/operator is a college softball assignor so might be why she has them in stock.
  5. So according to this journalist we are attaching the catchers mitt, to our steel toe boots, to catch the foul tips?
  6. bump... Anyone near the Jacksonville area?
  7. I agree with @Aging_Arbiter, and for the plate these specifically changed the game for me. Not only keeping my shirt tucked in, but also a neat appearance for the whole game.
  8. Taking off my "rules application" hat and putting on a "end of the year youth ball cluster" one.... To me it seems the wrong runner was left on base(should have been BR and not R1 who was retired). That is the only explanation I can come up with, unless of course it was just a detail left out that after the obstruction they now have R3 and R2. In that case, the "end of the year youth ball cluster" hat has become too heavy to bear and I must remove it.
  9. @Thunderheads you can lock it up
  10. Price Drop! $40 Shipped
  11. According the UA link for MiLB umpires to buy equipment it looks like Smitty is being used there.... @JimKirk do you know if it is the same for MLB? https://www.ump-attire.com/MiLB/?page=1&perpage=36&cat=0&orderby=price desc&brand=&search=
  12. That didn’t take long! Got me thinking though...
  13. Hey U-E crew... I am going to be in the Amelia Island, FL area for about a month this summer and since I am driving out there, I am thinking about bringing my gear. Any one have connections in the Fernandina Beach/Yulee area?
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