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  1. I am all about limiting the barrier to entry. Umpiring already has an expensive start up cost, when we start adding in unnecessary equipment and uniform "rules" we are only increasing that. Is your shirt the same color/style? Are your pants clean and wrinkle free? Shoes look like you have cleaned them? Lets go call the game. Like others have said, I would much rather my partner be in the game and not thinking about how cold he is/ how he's going to buy a long sleeve shirt right after the game so he is in line with the uniform regulations and doesn't have to gut it out in a SS shirt behind
  2. I use the Force3 Ultimate 32” Bag. I can carry all of my gear needed in the top compartment with extra shirts, undershirts, and pants in the bottom. Fits perfectly in the trunk of my car and has great storage pockets for smaller things like indicators, brushes, pens, scorecard, etc. that would get lost without a dedicated pocket. Not the cheapest but worth it in my book.
  3. But think about the cost savings! Under $1 a year for that shirt... WINNING!
  4. It has been almost 24 years since AI blessed us with one of the most amazing rants about "not the game, but we're talking about practice, man." With that in mind, anyone have any suggestions on getting reps behind the plate? I know we should have scrimmages before the season starts, but what about beyond that? I have thought about reaching out to a local club ball organization to see if they would be willing to let umpires come and call bullpens, anyone have luck with that?
  5. Put another one on the board for @wolfe_man... I am now the proud owner of a Force3 Defender mask. If he has something you want for sale, buy it.
  6. haha @MadMax I actually did snag a Kindle version of the rule book last year. I am a big proponent of digital books, but for this one I found it lacking. I've been going with the @Thunderheads method and mixing in the case book when I want an example. Between that and the Evans manual, I am keeping busy getting ready to get on the field for the spring.
  7. Has it ever been explained why the silver F3 throat guard was made in a different color than the mask? From the pics online it doesn’t even seem close.
  8. Looking for tried and true ideas on how you go about studying rule and case books to get ready for the season. SHOOT!
  9. @BlueRanger I hear ya, but seeing how they got almost all the games in for football (at least here in the Austin Area) I have some hope we will get a season in. With the game fee increase this year we're looking at $75 for a varsity game and at least $15 for travel (CenTex doesn't cover any schools outside the $15 ring). If you get 2 games in TASO dues and I would hope Chapter dues are covered and everything else is gravy on top, at least that is the way I am looking at it this season. We shall see what this winter break does to schools. Hoping they can keep it under control and get us an
  10. UIL here in Texas has baseball scheduled as usual so we shall see what that looks like when 2021 comes. Football and other fall sports have rolled along pretty well, I was skeptical in August that they would get through the season but 6A/5A started state playoffs last week and lower classifications are playing championship games this week. First Day of after school practice: Jan. 22 First Day of scrimmages: Feb. 6 First Day of Games: Feb 22 State Tournament: June 9-12
  11. Same in Texas with our TASO dues, due in October... Have forgotten or have been on the fence about doing HS ball in the spring and gotten hit with the additional $20-$40 late fee a couple of times. We did just get a bump in game fees though with another possibly coming for 2021-2022, can't complain about that. @Mad Mike our chapter Secretary Treasurer has used Venmo to collect dues. I have appreciated that but I am on the younger side of my chapter so not sure how widely it is being used.
  12. I agree with you that it shouldn't happen but never is a strong word. Just calling out the possibility of a cluster. I think what was frustrating was that he had been asking for help all night until this high leverage and close call situation. Again frustrated fan hat fully pulled on here.
  13. Ha very true...The Rays catcher appealed, it could have gotten messy had Barrett had made a call the other way.
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