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  1. Bump... will take $$ offers or trades for other Mag pads
  2. Selling a pair of Tan Leather mag pads used once, in like new condition. $55 Shipped
  3. You can lock it up @Thunderheads I sold this one locally
  4. Anyone still have one of these guys?
  5. You can lock this one up @Thunderheads
  6. How much for the shoe bags @wolfe_man?
  7. As always, thankful for your input on this platform. The secondary product imagery with Ty in it makes the matte color clear. It looks like the imagery provided by AS is what makes it look glossy.
  8. It is about 1.5 times those masks, mainly due to the double cage design that allows the springs to function. Arik is correct, wearing it tight is what offsets the weight and also is how it is meant to be worn.
  9. Mmm not a fun one, hope you get to feeling better. Yes, the F3 was developed to help with that kind of impact. According to UA it is less than 27 oz. so I am guessing in the 26 oz. range which is slightly less than a steel Wilson which is 28 Oz. Oh and...Gig 'em Ags
  10. Ahhh I see that now, had to look further into product photos of Ty actually wearing the mask. The generic product photography looks glossy not matte.
  11. For any potential buyer: The color matches the v1 frame. I thought the same thing about matching until i got it, it is nice that it has the vinyl on it because metal on metal would clank the whole time. Also disagree with the straps comment, black would stick out like a sore thumb if you were going for an all silver look. you can’t see the color difference if you’re 6 ft away.
  12. So is it different from the one sold by UA?
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