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  1. I had the same issue, I went to the plastic handle brush and started keeping it in the back pocket. Has worked for me.
  2. Welcome to the boards! Unfortunately it sounds like this guy has been allowed to show up officials and do whatever he wants on the field. If this happens again I would urge you to try and not blow your shoulder out when you toss him or any other coach like him. Coaches will keep acting that way until they are stopped by officials and/or the league. It’s hard not to take offense I get that, but once he makes it personal, let alone questions you’re integrity… “You’re done Coach”. One of the best nuggets I’ve taken from my time here is something along the lines of, “the only ejection I regret is the one I didn’t hand out”.
  3. Not sure why we need another thread on here for this, but I would be in the opposition to your comments. I contacted Force3 in September with a question about some products and received an email back within a day letting me know they were actually out of stock but could let me know when they receive more. I think some companies have been able to handle supply chain issues due to COVID better than others (whether that be internal processes or external factors) and we are really starting to see that in the umpire gear world. A few examples I have seen: We just got an email from our state association that pretty much said they don't know when some of out authorized retailers will have hats for us for next season. All-Star Cobalt and F3 CPs have been sold out everywhere for months and delivery dates to retailers have been pushed and pushed. I was just told by a local retailer that the Adams convertible jacket was OOS and had no fulfillment date. Is it frustrating that they didn't reply to you, heck yeah it is! But to call the the whole company into question over a transaction with a 3rd party retailer and 6 Facebook reviews over 6 months, I just don't think that is fair. From looking at their instagram it looks like they are in the middle of some crazy growth, they have been named as an official mask of MLB and Juco catchers, to go from a smaller operation to one with those two tags in a year + the headwinds coming from COVID, lets cut them some slack.
  4. As an Astros fan it sucks to have the 2017 World Series tainted and leaves you to wonder what would have happened. Obviously the team was talented but you are left to wonder. The funny thing to me is the past three games in Boston where they have jeered and booed the Astros when their manager fully admitted to being behind the scheme in 2017 AND bringing it to Boston in 2018 during which they won a World Series. The cognitive dissonance is comical. Almost as comical as having a grown man turn around and play "no looksies" at second base during a professional sporting event. I thought La Russa was Mr. Old School, he should be all about trying to getting signs from second base.
  5. I have been contemplating getting this guy, which has a lock function to keep the above from happening. https://www.robictimers.com/robic-handheld-countdown-timers/sc-522-dual-timer-up-down/
  6. Might have to wait until 2022 anyway with the lack of supply on the market right now But the blast shield is IN the CP...
  7. Right there with you... Have a couple teams in our league that try and get the cheap out on any left turn at first. After the first or second loud "NOPE" calls, they tend to be less excited about it.
  8. @Thunderheads you can close this one out... Thanks!
  9. Yes that was a plus for me as well, I am a huge fan of the CP. Only one I want to try at this point is the F3, but other than that the XV is where it is at.
  10. Come one, come all! It'll be real hot BUT the fields will be sweet. https://www.newsradioklbj.com/austinlocalnews/cedar-park-inks-new-deal-with-perfect-game/
  11. Right- Navy Left- Black Back- Charcoal Optional Front- Heather
  12. The top should be the midpoint between the shoulders and waistline. The letters are a good frame of reference, but at least in my area of the country coaches seems to want us to get the low strike than venture up into the high strike. I generally use the bottom hand of the batter, I have found it gives a good frame of reference to the midpoint unless they have a weird stance. Then of course I get out my tape measurer from my 3rd ball bag that I wear hanging off the back and get an exact measurement.
  13. Get the hollow! To quote @noumpere from a past post.... Strikes --> Outs Outs --> Innings Innings --> Completed Games Games --> Paychecks Paychecks --> Beer Beer --> Sleep Sleep is good. Call more strikes.
  14. I was surprised as well when I went from a Wilson to the XV. How can something 3x as thin, provide the same protection as the official Cowboy Joe CP? @MadMax can explain the science, but I can tell you it’s the truth. if you haven’t already, do yourself a huge favor and pick up the Ump Life harness, the one that comes stock is hot garbage.
  15. "I'm sorry, it's the... It's the pleats. It's actually an optical illusion, it's the pattern on the pants. It's not flattering in the crotchal region."
  16. By rule, it can be done to make a play or drive back the runner. So it cannot be just a preventative measure and there must be an attempt to advance by the runner.
  17. This is one I will never forget, partner and I called it right on the field. Only to have the 3BC tell us that "the Ex-MLB pitcher on the other coaching staff said we were wrong" and then I could hear him reading the OBR rule book in the dugout (game was being played under FED, not that it matters for this rule). Gave me a good chuckle behind the plate. I'm just glad we aren't using the ex-MLB pitcher rulebook, who knows what is in that one.
  18. Diamond iX3 mask frame- $30 buyer pays shipping OBO Frame is in good shape, I have just harvested all the other pieces from it. The pewter is a cool color or if you wanted a different look we could ship directly to Tony.
  19. At first I thought you are having another “retirement” sale… Great bag and one heck of a price!
  20. Yes, I bought and sold one on here within the last year but as I lay here after taking two shots tonight…. I think it’s time I live up to my life motto, I’ll try anything twice. Anyone have one they want to get rid of? I’m flexible on color.
  21. or use it as an opportunity to try on a jacket or some other piece of equipment from UA. I've been slowly building my gift list complete with the correct sizes.
  22. Catchers would never! Just sunscreen and rosin, nothing to see here.
  23. YES. The leagues are 100% to blame, giving teams a dozen pearls for the season? 3 weeks in and we are almost just hoping for something that looks like a baseball.... $5 more a player is easily an extra dozen maybe 2 per team. The between innings killer for me is the coach who waits until everyone comes out of the dugout, meets him at 1st/3rd and then he gives them positions.
  24. I am not sure if I lost weight or it is the Schutt (It is the Schutt for sure) but I do not need an XL for the plate anymore. $20 Shipped OBO Shirt is in great condition with the American flag on left arm, LS shirts don't get a whole lot of use in Texas.
  25. Come melt at the Dell in the hot August sun!
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