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  1. 1- They were from Dallas. 2- I'm not from Omaha; my son and I drove there to help out.
  2. This was a travel tournament under Triple Crown. They have signs up indicating "we will not tolerate the abuse of our umpires, staff..." etc., but they do NOT enforce it. It is a for-profit business, and they cater to the coaches to get them to keep paying those huge entry fees. They supported me on the ejection, but he was right back on the field for the next game, flipping the bird to the other team (yes, I would have heaved him had I been an umpire for that game).
  3. No way, not with the rules as stated. "Drop dead" time limits are quite common around here, and the game drops dead. Period.
  4. I notice the MLB and MiLB umpires don't put it back into play when they do this, but I have to go by what our interpreter says.
  5. In most cases, absolutely. In this case, absolutely not. The out-of-control coach was physically intimidating a 14 year-old kid. There's no way I'm following traditional protocol on that; I'm intervening.
  6. Don't forget I'm a retired cop...this would have been 30 pages for a police report, so it is the trimmed down version
  7. Our association explicitly tells us not to do that, because by rule, you have to say "play" to make the ball live again. It's the same as calling "time." So if there is a pick-off, etc. and they tag the runner out, he's not out because "time" was called.
  8. I just worked a tournament that uses the NFHS rule book. We had been taught by our association about the "quick pitch," and how we were to assess it as a "no pitch." This happened during the tournament -- the pitcher came set before the batter even got into the box, and as soon as his feet were in the box, launched a pitch. It was straight down the middle and would have been a strike, but I called it a "no pitch" in accordance with how I was trained. The coach was the typical argumentative jerk you tend to see at younger levels of travel ball, and so was his assistant. They both argu
  9. Triple Crown tournament in Omaha this past weekend. Here is a copy-and-paste of my ejection report, with some personally identifying information removed.
  10. You probably saw my post with all the issues I had getting a hold of a Force 3 HSM. So I bought an All Star from Ump-Attire. I think I've called 10 games or so behind the plate since buying it, but I haven't taken any head shots to give a full review of the helmet. I suppose that means I'm working the slot correctly, anyway.
  11. You, sir, have clearly articulated why I won't umpire LL or even rec ball anymore (plus the pay around here really sucks). Now that I'm working HS and HS-aged travel ball, I haven't had a single ejection (knock on wood). I've had the occasional short argument, but one "that's enough, coach" ends it. LL coaches are off the rails, and so are their parents.
  12. Not necessarily. The post above yours explained it correctly.
  13. 1- Still no response from Force 3. 2- It did seem to fit. Keep in mind I wear a 6 7/8 hat normally (except for Richardson's umpire hats, which fit small, so I buy a 7). That is very small, and too small for the Defender helmet. There is a youth version of the Defender helmet, which is the one I ordered, solely due to size. My head is right in the middle of the youth version sizing.
  14. I wear one, yes. I'm changing to a hockey-style helmet soon. I've never seen one added to an HSM; does it need one?
  15. @MadMax, Force 3 has ignored multiple calls and emails from me trying to figure out the problem. Is this a design flaw? If so, I'll move on. They sent me a text message after I called them and declined to leave another voicemail, and the text told me that if I texted them the nature of the problem, someone would get a hold of me. They didn't. Force 3 clearly has a systemic problem with this particular item. Re-read in my post above about how Ump-Attire doesn't carry it despite carrying other products by that company. I asked them why, and they declined to give a straight answer, b
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