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  1. Ex-cop here: That's a CRIMINAL matter. In Colorado and probably other places, it would be known as "criminal mischief," which is vandalism.
  2. To refresh your collective memories, I started the thread. Football is still a possibility; most of the teams played the regular fall season, but some are going to do a special spring season due to COVID (although hindsight is making that look stupid, as COVID cases are on the rise). Training is in January for football, February for baseball. Baseball is my priority. I did travel ball and a rec league this year, which was my rookie year, and went from doing 8 year-olds to high school in my first season. I'm joining the high school association this year and will make that my focus. Tr
  3. One of my two sons just had his test come back positive. So that means all of us are cooped up at home until 14 days AFTER the last person no longer shows symptoms. Fortunately I can do a lot of work from home, but my wife has a horseback riding lessons business, and had to cancel every single client. Let's talk baseball, I guess?
  4. I'm new, just having completed my first season, so I have no argument. My HS association requires the hammer fist because almost all of what we do is two-man (three-man for playoffs and championships). They say it keeps your eyes on the field. That said, I watched a training video for NCAA umpires and their conference was using the point to the side, but their mechanic had footwork and a body lean, etc. all built in to it. It looked so great I practiced it, only to find out my association won't allow it. That said, most of the guys also work in travel ball and men's leagues, where the
  5. I believe you, and I trust your judgement. However, that's what they're teaching. Several of the old timers told me, "For the test, with runners on 1st and 3rd, the answer is position C. But you'd better be in B during a game."
  6. My high school association teaches to be in position C with runners on 1st and 3rd. However, everyone goes to B unless there are 2 outs to call the double play.
  7. I live and umpire in Colorado, where my son also plays. Lightning is a SEVERE hazard here. It's actually one of the leading causes of death except for car accidents and cancer!
  8. "Raft" meaning the old style pillow chest protector? Those were before my time; I've never umpired with one of those!
  9. He was in the slot OPPOSITE the batter. You're supposed to be on the same side.
  10. This one went around the internet a few years ago. Like others have said, we simply don't know what was going on. I hope, for his sake, that it was a medical issue and he doesn't have an alcohol problem. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the umpire was in the wrong slot!
  11. Oddly enough, the pitch that made everyone angry looked low to me.
  12. Ok, now I'm even more confused. I've been participating in online forums for over 20 years, ever since they were invented. I'm on forums for everything in which I'm interested -- guns (a few dozen of these!), hunting, baseball, coin collecting, camping, etc., and I've never seen or heard that blue = sarcasm.
  13. Ok, I'm confused. We're supposed to hate other sports, the people who play / officiate them, and never discuss them on here?
  14. I've been invited to begin officiating HS football this year. The pay is about the same as baseball, and the district president said there are more slots than referees, so moving up to varsity would happen rather quickly. I'm wondering if anyone else officiates more than just baseball? What else do you do?
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