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  1. I only wear a 10 EE, but I couldn't have gotten it into this bag with a shoe horn.
  2. Well I missed out on that. They are sold out!
  3. EDIT: Based on feedback below, I'm adding the name of the vendor: All Sports Officials LLC in Newtown, PA. EDIT #2: This guy called me back and argued that Force 3 does not make a plate shoe bag. I can't say they do, but I can say that ump-attire lists them for sale; they are just currently out of stock. Why they would make a base shoe bag but not a plate shoe bag is beyond me. I suppose it would be uncouth for me to write a scathing review of an online vendor, so I won't name them unless the admins tell me it's ok. For the record, my scathing review is *NOT* about Ump-Atti
  4. Stan, I'm a retired police officer. This type of thing is, unfortunately, quite common. I'm also a combat veteran, but my PTSD didn't happen overseas. It happened being a beat cop in the ghetto; in fact, I've buried more friends in blue than I have in green. One of the primary contributors to my PTSD is cases involving kids, especially sexual abuse. Most of my nightmares are events from real life, not made up images that most people see on the rare events they have them. If I wrote them down, you would cry. Every single applicant to become a cop who passes the psych exam has one thi
  5. I met with a few Division 2 NCAA umpires the other day as they were getting some spring training in. Having seen this thread, I was about to ask the question when their trainer emerged from the locker room to work the plate at a scrimmage. He was wearing a jacket, tucked in. I mentioned this thread and they all looked at me like I was crazy. This is Colorado. You cannot go outside without a jacket.
  6. ^^^ These videos are awesome, thank you.
  7. Last year I worked a double header behind the plate (one umpire system) in 97 degree heat. My house is at 7400 feet of elevation, so that kind of heat is rare around here. None of us were acclimated to it, even the players got bogged down. By the end of the second game, I know my strike zone was falling to pieces, and I got lightheaded a few times.
  8. Please read it again. "Never in fair territory" was regarding 3rd baseline extended, not the wedge.
  9. This system is designed to keep you cool when working the plate. Has anyone ever used it and what are your opinions? https://www.ump-attire.com/Products/KB-CHEST/KoolBlues-Umpire-Chest-Protector-Cooling-System
  10. I was taught to work 3rd baseline extended for covering plays at the plate. Our instructor put it as something quite rigid -- "always stand here." To accompany that came the advice, "Never go into fair territory." From poking around on the internet I've read a lot of people are switching to the "wedge." None of the videos I've watched explain WHAT the wedge is; they merely say to "work the wedge" because it is more effective than third baseline extended. An article on referee.com described it as this (paraphrasing): Two lines form an angle. One of the lines is the base path of the
  11. Has anyone ever heard of, seen, or gone through this? What are your reviews? https://mibtonline.com/samholbrook?fbclid=IwAR3tNh3CRvDySyX1cdvbZ_ZbwJMMPyx_3a2xww-XWnGeNvBJjfjEXUms_e4
  12. mac266


    The way I've been coached is the older they are, the more language you tolerate. I have been speaking with an NCAA umpire because I would like to eventually get there, and they allow F-bombs from coaches and players alike. On the other hand, the one guy I've ever ejected was for profanity. 12U. The coach disagreed with my "out" call on a stolen base attempt and started yelling at me, claiming I was letting the running team's dugout influence my call. When I told him, "Coach, I'm half deaf. I can't hear them anyway," he yelled, "OH BULLSH*#!" That was an automatic heave-ho because not on
  13. Chief, as of today, 18 JAN 21, the ads are not distracting at all.
  14. My computer is clean and I'm already on a VPN. If you read the thread above, the site owner was messing with settings.
  15. Whelp. I have another commitment that weekend.
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