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  1. The Champro is what I used when I was doing Little League and younger levels of rec ball. For HS, I moved up to a West Vest; it protects a lot better. If you're buying new, it seems like you're going the wrong direction.
  2. Have we met? I always use that "Department of Redundancy Department" joke when I'm in military circles...because we're BAAAAAAD about redundancy.
  3. Yep, I have checked with our area president as well as assigners from several leagues where I work. No one said, "no," but they were all a little hesitant. I think if anything, I would put tiny ribbons on the back that no one would see unless they were standing right behind me. So far, I've buried 19 friends combined between my two careers, military and law enforcement. But the two I mentioned, I think about everyday. They were definitely the hardest. I named my second son after the cop. I didn't have any daughters, or I would have named one after the soldier. Someday if we meet
  4. mac266

    IFF and Intf.

    He caught the ball. INT is negated.
  5. Unfortunately that's what my association wants us to do.
  6. I have read the reviews on the Wilson hockey-style helmet, both the steel and aluminum versions. The online reviews that are critical seem to come exclusively from people with big heads. I wear a 6 7/8" hat, so I have a pinhead. Do you think that helmet would work for me? The titanium version is the lightest one I can find. Secondly, I have a friend who does airbrush art. I know a batting helmet cannot have a "mirror-like finish," but if I keep custom artwork to a minimum and non-distracting, would it be ok? I'm thinking maybe a blue ribbon on one side with a friend's name and date
  7. Thanks, maven. Yes, this is only my second year, first doing HS.
  8. I moved up to HS this year after getting my feet wet with youth ball. I'm not having those problems. In fact, the HS coaches (I'm working JV and C squad, no varsity yet) seem to be just fine with me. I haven't had anything that turned negative or even came close to warranting an ejection. Once I heard a little chirping about my zone from the players. That's about it. When I worked youth ball last year (little league, rec league, and younger levels of travel ball), it was a constant stream of idiocy from the coaches. They not only don't know the rules, but they think they do and they arg
  9. Ok, so R3 stealing and we have either a backswing interference or batter's interference (adjudicated the same way, so take your pick). In this case, if it was strike 3, both the batter and runner are out. If it was not strike 3, the RUNNER is out instead of the batter, EXCEPT if it was the third out -- then the batter is out anyway so he doesn't get to start at bat the next inning.
  10. NOTE: I wrote this for my non-umpire friends. There are some bits of explanation in here that umpires don't need, but try reading it from the perspective of a non-umpire. So there I was, calling a JV high school game from behind the plate. I was the only umpire (and working one umpire sucks!). The batter walked up to take the box, and apparently he and the catcher knew one another. They had probably played on a Little League team together or something, but the schools were about a 45 minute drive from one another. One of the batter's teammates was encouraging him f
  11. mac266

    Walk-up music

    Lots of LL parents are doing this now. I had one play a rap song with nasty lyrics and told her to cut off the song. Then I reminded her to kill the music as soon as the batter's foot hits the box. Other than that, I'm fine with it.
  12. This is the reason I remember the plate is exactly 17" wide
  13. I answered, but FYI, all umpires at every level are trained to hold indicators in their LEFT hand. The right hand is used for signaling, etc., and the left hand holds the indicator. That simply should not be a question on your survey, and you should NOT release any indicator designed for the right hand. You'll lose money on that one!
  14. mac266

    Interference call

    Except the out at 1st was the 3rd out, so no runs score and the half-inning is over.
  15. So as to penalty, let me make sure I get this right. There is no penalty for a backswing INT because it didn't interfere with a play (happened during the batter's warm up, etc.). So let's look at a follow-through INT, adjudicated the same was as batter's INT. The pitch is delivered, and R1 takes off for 2nd. The batter swings, and his follow-through hits the catcher, who is trying to throw down to 2nd. The follow-through interfered with the catcher's ability to make play, thus, follow-through INT. The defensive player at 2nd failed to make the tag in time to get the out. *IF
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