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  1. Ha. I call a high school zone for the men's league and they compliment me on my zone. Of course we're in different parts of the country.
  2. This is what all you old guys tell me used to be an FYC. Too bad for iPhones these days, or I would use it
  3. Yeah, I didn't even wear it because it was 93 degrees
  4. Weird, I'm pretty new at this (2nd year umpire) and I knew that one. It wasn't pre-gamed; it's a standard signal and applies to the 2nd base umpire (or in our case with 2-man systems, the base umpire). Rizzo is telling the umpire he's in the batter's eye, which at higher levels they want to be clear of anything. Very few of our high school fields even have a batter's eye.
  5. UPDATE: This morning he backed out on me, so I’m working alone. He was mad that I wanted to do a pre-game, mad that he was originally assigned the plate (I offered to take it because he would have been coming from work), was mad that we wouldn’t match if I wore the plate coat (he was convinced I was talking about jackets), and this morning he texted me that he’s backing out because he has to work longer than planned. I’m convinced he just doesn’t want to work with me. Oh well.
  6. I posted a thread about inheriting a navy blue Fechheimer plate coat from a retiring umpire. I still haven't used it, but I'm working the plate tomorrow. I finally got in touch with my partner this afternoon, and I'm pretty sure he didn't know what a plate coat is. When I brought it up, he was upset that "everyone has to match." Ummm....only the plate umpire wears a plate coat, so if there are only two umpires, then all the base umpire has to do is wear some kind of blue when PU has a navy blue plate coat, or any type of black when the PU's plate coat is black. He didn't get this, and kept going on about jackets -- black with the powder blue stripes, all black, etc. I couldn't get him to understand that I was talking about a PLATE COAT -- you know, it looks like a suit coat with big pockets -- not a jacket. As of now, we're just going to wear powder blue tomorrow because he still doesn't know what a plate coat is. The dude has been umpiring for 11 years.
  7. All I did was pop off my mask and reposition slightly. I doubt if he sensed my movement, and I'm convinced he saw the kid coming the whole time because he was looking at him...and he kept the ball instead of throwing it back.
  8. They teach it because of perception. What everyone on the field saw was me standing with my hands behind my back in position B. When he charged out to confront me, I didn't meet him. I simply stood there. He was throwing his hands around and yelling. So any witness (or video that winds up on YouTube) is going to show him acting like the overly-aggressive idiot, and the umpire calmly standing and trying to get the game going again. Yes, it goes against all my cop training, but as an umpire I don't have a duty belt with weapons to prevent him from taking, and him actually taking a swing at me is not only unlikely, but will definitely end up with him in handcuffs. If anything looks like "mutual combat" (i.e. both people being idiots), then it won't. But this approach always ensures the crowd's perception of the umpire as the one just doing his job and the coach acting the fool.
  9. NFHS rules. Runner on 1st, and I don't remember how many outs (irrelevant to the situation). The pitcher came set and the runner started running to 2nd. The pitcher never moved -- never balked, flinched, or began the delivery. He just stood there set while the runner was going and everyone was yelling at him. The runner touched 2nd AND THEN the pitcher began his movement. There was no balk; his pitch was delivered correctly. The batter fouled it off. The batter must return to the last legally touched pitch before time of pitch. I ruled that since the runner had legally touched 2nd base before time of pitch, he got to remain on 2nd. I overheard an assistant coach ask the head coach if I was right, and the reply was "I don't have time to look it up." They were losing badly, so he didn't want to argue. Between innings I explained what I had, and he accepted it without argument. In fact, he even said, "Yep, must return to the last legally touched base..." I've never seen this before, so I'm wondering if I was right.
  10. Seriously, the guy was exactly my size in every dimension. There isn't a single thing that needs to be changed. As you can see from the photo, I'm still in military physical conditioning; I'm not as round as many of our colleagues. This guy was, too. Wearing the thing makes me look like a giant shouldered body builder with a thin waist!
  11. This seems to be a very divisive topic amongst umpires. Some say wear it directly over the chest protector with the giant "W" sticking out, and others say to wear a mock turtle neck that matches the plate coat's color.
  12. The plate coat in my profile pic -- shown here larger so you can see just how sexy I am -- is the highly esteemed Fechheimer. The best part is that it was just GIVEN to me by a retiring umpire, and fits like it was tailored to my exact dimensions. I never win anything, but I'm calling this a huge win!
  13. 1- They were from Dallas. 2- I'm not from Omaha; my son and I drove there to help out.
  14. This was a travel tournament under Triple Crown. They have signs up indicating "we will not tolerate the abuse of our umpires, staff..." etc., but they do NOT enforce it. It is a for-profit business, and they cater to the coaches to get them to keep paying those huge entry fees. They supported me on the ejection, but he was right back on the field for the next game, flipping the bird to the other team (yes, I would have heaved him had I been an umpire for that game).
  15. No way, not with the rules as stated. "Drop dead" time limits are quite common around here, and the game drops dead. Period.
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