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  1. I think my two cents of now. I think it was wise to keep caution, but I believe that most of the dangers exist indoors, and in crowded spaces. I think that it's safer to be outdoors, and I don't think there's much risk for an umpire getting sick in the outdoor heat, or infecting others. I'd be okay umpiring, I think.
  2. Honest question, which part? Couldn't get together on a safe/out call? I don't remember back then what they were allowed to get together for (I remember umps getting together a few times during the 2004 ALCS)
  3. I understand, it's still an umpire's choice, but with the way Leyland came out, I was wondering if anything he could have said that would have get Joyce to get together with the crew. Not that he had any obligation to. Just wondering why that didn't happen.
  4. I leave this only for all of you to read and dissect as you wish, but here's what the Journal has to say about someone who did a study on MLB umpires: One possible explanation came from Jim Evans, who noted that the "older" umpires called their strike zone, and weren't bound by technology. The study also didn't focus on things like overturn rates, field positioning and only touched briefly on game management. And, of course, the article has nothing to say about Joe West's amazing postseason performance last year during the ALCS. Your thoughts everyone?
  5. Disagree with that. Ball's coming in over F2's right shoulder (or at least, that's the way he's turning), and you have the batter on that side, too. Best bet is to get out of the way and find a new position. I thought he saw that great.
  6. In this case, I think it's worthless to put it up on the website. Each one is custom made. And they make you get all your measurements before they make them.
  7. Honigs is still making them. You just have to custom order by calling. Then they give you a form your tailor will fill out.
  8. Clearly you have not been commuting in New York City any time in the past two years or so.
  9. I wish that the speculators on TV and internet realize that these kids are 11-12 and that a) the LL strike zone is different from the MLB strike zone (a lot bigger) and b) should be expanded a bit in/out so that pitchers aren't being squeezed.
  10. Go to robo umpires, and I can't wait until a strike is called by a catcher who picks one out of the dirt.
  11. For those of us who are fashion-impaired: I like the look of black mask with tan pads and silver mask with black pads. But which combo do you choose for what outfit you're wearing?
  12. So do you glue the magnet to the inside of the coat?
  13. I am intrigued. Go on. How do you do this? I've heard of velcro, but this seems a million times better.
  14. But you'd need to sew the magnets to the inside of the coat, no?
  15. This is amazing news. I love that plate coats aren't completely dead.
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