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  1. The only time I had any encounter with either of these teams was when I was supervising some of our younger umpires and one of the teams just happened to be playing. No prior history whatsoever with either teams or coaches for that matter.
  2. I am about ready to lose it. Little League game, just trying to have a season and this is their championship. My partner is a no-show, that's fine I've done the majority of my games 1-man this year. The 1st inning I'm already hearing it from the VT dugout (These are 11-12 year olds...), this goes on for about an inning and a half until top of 2nd 2 outs batter hits a ball that looks close to the line. I see it foul the whole way and call it as such. The VHC is IRATE, screaming about how that ball was fair and I missed it, to which I immediately warn him. Following the inning, I warn
  3. I agree with you completely. I made sure to list in the report that the incident was too prolonged and he should've been ejected earlier. I appreciate the feedback!
  4. I'm right behind the mound for these games, so I was only 15-20 feet away and he was loud enough that it was fairly clear from where I was.
  5. 2 ejections in 2 weeks? This is definitely not my year! 1-man Babe Ruth (U18) using OBR. Top of 1, pitcher is struggling to find the zone. He throws a dozen or so pitches outside on the batters box line or further, his coach screams "Where were those pitches?!" and I tell him they're outside. He gives the most oh-my-god-are-you-blind expression I've seen while umpiring. He decides to use a visit to say to his pitcher "I'm going to take all the damn time I want. Obviously we're not going to get the f---ing corner so just throw it down the middle" before leaving. For the next couple in
  6. Whenever I warn I usually say the coaches/players name and "that's enough". Wasn't able to get the coaches name so it was just a simple "that's enough"
  7. Well folks, the inevitable happened. One-man Babe Ruth. Top of 3rd, 1 out, runners on 1st and 2nd, VT batting. Batter hits the ball to the fence. R1 and R2 come around to score while BR is heading to 3rd while the left fielder is throwing to 3B. 3B receives the ball and tags BR on the back before he reaches base. As soon as I signal him out, OHC over at 3rd immediately started protesting, yelling "there's no f---ing way he's out!". I explain why I called him out, to which he continues to protest, throwing in half a dozen or so "that's terrible"'s. Finally he yells "that's bulls---",
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