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  1. I see that ATXBlue. Thanks for pointing that out. I have a question for Jim Kirk the next time he checks this. Is the Body Flex shirt going to replace the Pro Knit? I am hoping not. I ordered some navy shirts during the Black Friday sale. The medium was Pro Knit but the Large came as a Body Flex. I thought maybe they were out of that size so I got a substitute. I really like the Body Flex material. However I just tried it on. The sleeves are at least an 1 1/2" shorter. That may be good for the Ed Hoculi type but with my skinny arms I really don't like the look. So if the Pro Knit is being replaced I will have to stock up on them.
  2. When will Ump Attire start carrying the short sleeve Body Flex shirts?
  3. You rush home after work to make sure that you get the latest delivery from Ump-Attire before the wife gets home and see it. Trying to avoid the inevitable "What are you getting now? Don't you already have everything".
  4. Thanks for all of the info. For those with leather pads, how do you clean them? I have the Diamond Big Leagues pads that I use in colder weather and looking for best way to clean them.
  5. So I have seen recommendations that mask pads should be changed every 1 to 2 years. Do those who have been doing this for awhile go by that? I have 2 Diamond masks with Team Wendy pads. One has been used for 3 years and the other for 2. Both still feel good and since I don't sweat too much are both in great shape. I will gladly spend the money to replace them this off season if most people think the 1 to 2 year life is legit? Any thoughts are appreciated. And while we are at it, for those that use TW pads, how do you clean them? Thanks.
  6. That is what I do as well. What I discovered a year after I got them is that there is a little pocket on the outside of the tongue. You can tuck your laces up in there. It is a great little feature. I can't tell you how many guys I have showed that to since I learned about it. Not one of them knew it was there. Saw it on one of the videos from Ump-Attire.
  7. Ump Man Do


    I am a softball umpire and yes, D is correct. And what Maven said, B6 is the next batter.
  8. Kyle, that link to the Ump Life brochure is no longer working. I checked it out the other day off of your link and I saw some things I was interested in. I have been trying now with no luck. I have tried the Ump Life facebook page and I cannot find it there. I already have a few of Ray's things from UA but would like to get some other things from the borchure. Any help is appreciated.
  9. Hey Recontra. Just want to thank you for the tip above about the Mava knee sleeves. I bought 2 pairs and they are great. I only got to use them for a handful of games before the season ended but boy did they make a difference. I wear them on my nightly walks with the wife and they are a huge upgrade on the ones I used to wear. The company was also a pleasure to deal with.
  10. Speaking of fit has anyone purchased the new New Balance V3 base shoes? I just did and they look great. However the sizes seem to be off. I have 10 1/2 EE in V3 mid plate shoes and they fit great, maybe even a bit loose. (All of my everday shoes and sneakers are 10 1/2 D). I got the same size in the new base shoes and they are tight as can be. I only buy from Ump-Attire due to the great service and free returns. So I also got an 11 D and they are a too long. Just curious if anyone else has tried these yet. I have a 10 1/2 EEEE on the way.
  11. Can someone post the actual link to purchase this? I am unable to find it. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the info. I wanted to like the Schutt. This time last year when I was making my initial equipment purchase I had settled on the Schutt but then it was unavailable so I got the Champion. While happy I still kep eyeing up the Schutt. Then when UA put it on sale last week I bit. Right out of the box it just felt "bigger". I took off the bicep pads first. When I put a shirt over it I looked like an old school lineman that is how big I thought I looked. I messed around with the shoulder pads and took off the wings pads and made multiple adjustments with the harness but still didn't like the way it looked or fit. So back to your post. Looks like the Force 3 may be my best bet.
  13. Hey 2nd year umpire here. This site has been a wealth of information. I just received my Schutt and have to say I didn't like it from the moment I put it on so going to return it. I used a Champion last year and was very happy but always looking for something better... Now that I am staying with the Champion (and going to order another one as a back up) I am going to upgrade the harness as I have seen suggested on many of the postings. Ump-Attire has 3 different ones (WIlson, Force 3 and All Star). Looking for any feedback and/or +/- on any of these harneesses. And will it make that big a difference ?
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