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  1. Not in the parking lot or driveway!!
  2. https://store.helmetfitting.com/product/active-mask/ These are the masks that you may have seen a lot of NCAA football coaches wearing this fall. I am going to give these a try. I used a mask from Target for a HS tournament last summer that was pretty comfortable but it did not clasp around the nose.
  3. Welcome to the world of NE spring baseball... Seriously, stay safe.
  4. Thanks LRZ. Your post prompted me to go register. I did pay the fee but will follow up with them later. I thought that legion was crediting fees from 2020. Did the email make any mention of that? I thought it would have been noted in the system.
  5. I did not get this email of which you speak... Junior Legion in Northampton County is experiencing a steep decline, but Sr. seems to be holding fast.
  6. When I was in college I would watch some pretty INTENSE badminton matches between Asian students down in the gym. It was really cool as I had always thought of badminton as that game you played in the backyard during a family picnic.
  7. Our District had an organizational meeting last week and we will be going with a District wide meeting. It is my understanding that it will not be statewide. The meetings will be recorded and made available on a YouTube channel in the event that a member can't make a meeting. There are six chapters in the District and each interpreter will be responsible for a presentation. The will also be one District wide, virtual mandatory rules meeting (in addition to the PIAA option.)
  8. Will yours be Chapter virtual or District wide virtual?
  9. Very close... "Fuhgeddaboudit" "A" for effort.
  10. It looks like our HS group meetings will be a District wide, all virtual format this spring. How are your groups managing/meeting this spring?
  11. Several years ago a local varsity coach was also a member of our summer association. He allowed our folks to participate in "open gyms" in January and February to call pitches and work with our newer members. He has since retired, but his two successors have continued to continue. These have been great to get that muscle memory rejuvenated so when the first plate game rolls around I am much more comfortable. Plus it does take some getting used to, having baseballs thrown at your face. The coaches realize that this is a benefit to them as well as improved officiating leads to a better
  12. Understood. However, there are very few schools around here that have lighted baseball fields. All of the football fields have lights (natch), but not the diamonds. Still not enough light in early in late March through April for a 6 PM start.
  13. Here in PIAA District XI we are CRTICALLY short of umpires. (Somewhere around 100) We will see how things shake out after last spring was lost due to COVID. Most games start in the 3:45 to 4:15 range, so that is often a common issue in getting new officials. Their jobs just don't allow them to leave early. Welcome back and good luck!!
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