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  1. https://www.inquirer.com/high-school-sports/american-legion-baseball-decline-military-aau-showcases-20190727.html?outputType=amp&__twitter_impression=true We have seen a marked decline in the local Legion programs around here. Has anyone else experienced these conditions?
  2. This year I started working on my footwork in the first inning as the infielders make their warm up throws. I stand in the deep infield and treat their throws just like plays. Watch the throw, pivot, focus on the bag, read F3 and listen for the pop. Then watch F2s throw and away we go. Found this is a great way to get my brain and eyes synched up BEFORE a real decision needs to be made and nudges the muscle memory for the footwork and call timing. Only do it in the first inning though.
  3. Live, learn and move on. An umpire's mental approach has to similar to that of an elite closer. You are going to make mistakes and you have to let them go because you will be back out there tomorrow. Try not to make the same mistake twice. Your partner does not get any points under the "Mentorship" category. As some of our other esteemed colleagues noted here, this would have been an opportunity for him to counsel you. One more item to consider, this should be a topic you discuss with your partner in the pre-game chat. Remember, a good pre-game can go a long way to preventing a lousy post-game.
  4. Would not even entertain these thoughts. $h!t happens. Almost sounds like both calls could be attributed to making a call too quickly. Like any "off" game (yours or a partner's), review it, learn from it and try not to make the same mistakes. After that, let it go.
  5. In the event anyone still has interest. PIAA Sports Officials are Properly Classified as Independent Contractors.pdf
  6. I think the NCAA may be similar to MLB in that an umpire does not work two consecutive rounds. If that is the case, he certainly demonstrated that he is more than capable, and richly deserving of, the big stage. KENNEDY - OMAHA 2020!!!!
  7. That was a training video for the "wedge".
  8. And they just announced him.... ESPN News network.
  9. Its @Scott K!!!!!!!! At least it sure looks like him. Working 2B at the UCLA/Michigan Super Regional on Friday.
  10. I think nowadays they call it a "She-shed"
  11. I have not been going to the pitcher's mound, but more up the line to the 45 and then slightly inside to get a better angle on the slide at second, but not TOO far out of line to watch the pulled foot/swipe tag.
  12. "Rule 6.01(a )(5) Comment: If the batter or a runner continues to advance or returns or attempts to return to his last legally touched base after he has been put out, he shall not by that act alone be considered as confusing, hindering or impeding the fielders." I understand this comment to address a situation where a runner continues to act as if he was NOT put out in an attempt to confuse the defense. It puts the onus on the defense to understand the situation and not be "distracted." In this situation, the interference is due to the path of the ball being altered so I am not sure that the comment applies. It seems as if the Deary Interp is the accepted interpretation as far as OBR is concerned, so the run is nullified. I would assume you then follow the conventional runner struck by batted ball protocol - R3 out, BR to first.
  13. I am fortunate that I do not umpire to supplement my income. My umpire fees go toward the expenses I incur for this hobby so I do not take away from the family budget and to provide the kids with some extra spending money when we go on vacation. I did not get into this to "make money" but rather as a way to stay connected to a game I loved for a long as I can remember. I know of many folks who officiate 4, 5 or even 6 different sports. Perhaps that is a way to improve your money making money opportunities. Never had a desire to be a "sports official", just an umpire. Perhaps the only people who get into this level of umpiring (summer, HS, etc.; NOT Division I Power Conference) to make money are also the same folks who thought they would be able to buy a yacht by placing "tiny classified ads" like the dude they saw on the infomercial at 2:30 AM.
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