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  1. I too try to be discreet in my communications with coaches. However, I also match the coach. If a coach mentions something quietly while passing by ("Can you keep an eye for balks?") I will respond just as discreetly. If the coach is yelling across the diamond that I am missing something, I have no issue yelling at him right back. The coach made it "public", not me. As for the polite comment, that is a nothing burger.
  2. Learn how to forget. Inevitably a mistake will be made (we ALL do it.) It is VITAL that you learn how to put that behind you and move forward. Learn from the mistake and do your best not to make it again. There are others out there for you to make!!! The most important call you are going to make is the NEXT one. Good luck and welcome to the wonderful, wacky world of umpiring.
  3. In the parking garage at their car trunks?
  4. Survey says... PUNCTUATION!! And spell check, and grammar,... Never mind.
  5. Uh...Jersey Born and Bred, but actually calling balls and strikes in the Keystone State (PA).
  6. Thank you all for your feedback. This men's league does have dedicated managers. Some are P/Ms but they M more than they P. (I heard that differently in my head) They make take an at-bat late in the game just to play. To Max's point, in this league there is no time limit, nor a mercy rule. The games are 7 innings and the longest game I have had this season for this league is 1:50. The leagues consists of college players all the way to guys in their 40s. And the guys in their 40s are no slouches. In fact the one catcher last night played minor league ball and his manager was Gary Gaetti. Many of them have been in the league since they were in college. Some of the managers used to umpire as well, so they know the mechanics and where an umpire should be. One of the players last night is the AD at our local high school and I remember him as the drum major when my oldest was in the band 20 years ago. On the same team is a kid I coached in Pee-Wee league basketball with my youngest about 14 years ago. I also try to cultivate a good rapport with the catchers. I am kicking myself that I didn't think to try an engage their catcher to help calm things down. There was an opportunity. Once again, thank you all for the input. Lots of ways to approach this. My task is to know how I am going to handle it from beginning to end before I open my yap.
  7. Last night working the plate for a local men's league. R1, rang up batter on a curve on the outside part of the plate. He and his manager took umbrage with the call. No problem. Next batter singles and I hear from the bench, "That was a run. That one is on you!" Still no issues. A couple of more similar comments are sent (what I believe to be) my way. One more single and bases are loaded and I hear another comment about costing a run and I turn to the dugout "Enough! This is your warning!!" To my horror, there is only one guy in the dugout (rest are all behind it) and I am confident he was not the player barking and he has this deer in the headlights look. Manager comes down from the 3rd base coaching box and asks me who I am "on" and I cannot honestly tell him a specific player. Sheepishly I tell him "Whoever is barking." Fortunately he did not make it more of an issue and returned to the coach's box. I was still embarrassed that I could not answer more definitively, When the "dugout" player came to the plate he said to me "it wasn't me blue." I said I didn't think so and that I wasn't directing it at him. All was good there. One mistake I made was not looking over during some of the initial comments solely to get an idea of WHO was saying them. In that case I would have had a better idea as to who to direct the warning at. Thoughts? Advice? Thank you.
  8. They were insanely loud!!!
  9. Cicadas. Hundreds on the field. Thousands more in the trees. They were bouncing of the catcher, me and batters all game. One flew right in front of my mask just as a pitch was crossing the plate. Anyone else have any issues with these unruly, rude beasts?
  10. Congratulations @MadMax !! Don't suck!!! (I am confident that you won't)
  11. In my mind, the grand-daddy of them all... https://youtu.be/kqWG5smwfm0
  12. First and foremost I hope Jerry and Kerwin recover fully from these hits. Does it seem that Layne was too far over the plate? Seems like the hit might not have been as severe if he were more in the slot?
  13. Is this a special item just for the MLB guys or is it a mass market item?
  14. One option is to upgrade the pads now. If you choose to get a new frame later in the season, you can easily switch the pads to the new mask. No rule that you have to do it all at once.
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