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  1. Congratulations @MadMax !! Don't suck!!! (I am confident that you won't)
  2. In my mind, the grand-daddy of them all... https://youtu.be/kqWG5smwfm0
  3. First and foremost I hope Jerry and Kerwin recover fully from these hits. Does it seem that Layne was too far over the plate? Seems like the hit might not have been as severe if he were more in the slot?
  4. Is this a special item just for the MLB guys or is it a mass market item?
  5. One option is to upgrade the pads now. If you choose to get a new frame later in the season, you can easily switch the pads to the new mask. No rule that you have to do it all at once.
  6. Since so many folks describe getting a shipment from U-A as being like Christmas morning, I can see where Jim Kirk can seem like Santa. Yet another reason U-A has superior customer service. They just want to help officials get the gear they want. Even if they don't have it.
  7. Your mask and chest protector are the two most important pieces of equipment. You will find MANY opinions on these boards at to the ideal rig. My point? Don't skimp on your mask. The couple of bucks you save could end up being put towards an emergency room co-pay. The first hard shot you take with a good mask/pad combo you will realize that the investment was worth it. For what it is worth, I use a Dyna-Lite Steel with Team Wendy pads. I also have a traditional Force 3 I plan to use this season. Once again, there will be no shortage of opinions here. Good luck and congr
  8. I find that the line up card is my friend in situations like this. If a player is being a little too demonstrative, between innings I will approach the coach, pull out the line up card and while looking at the card and pointing to something on it, explain my issue and ask for his help in calibrating the player. It is discreet, non-confrontational and gets the point across.
  9. As a proud (2x) alumnus of this fine, fine institution, I urge my umpire brethren on the site to help this young man and his design team develop the Mother of All Indicators. Mason, if you want opinions, you came to the right place. You have no idea what you may have unleashed. Also, I am local (as in I can walk from my house to J. David Walker field). There is no shortage of local umpires that would be interested in helping you. PM me if I can be of help.
  10. Not in the parking lot or driveway!!
  11. https://store.helmetfitting.com/product/active-mask/ These are the masks that you may have seen a lot of NCAA football coaches wearing this fall. I am going to give these a try. I used a mask from Target for a HS tournament last summer that was pretty comfortable but it did not clasp around the nose.
  12. Hits with what? A BAT?
  13. Welcome to the world of NE spring baseball... Seriously, stay safe.
  14. Thanks LRZ. Your post prompted me to go register. I did pay the fee but will follow up with them later. I thought that legion was crediting fees from 2020. Did the email make any mention of that? I thought it would have been noted in the system.
  15. I did not get this email of which you speak... Junior Legion in Northampton County is experiencing a steep decline, but Sr. seems to be holding fast.
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