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  1. Don't argue with a guy who carries a peashooter.
  2. Sarcasm? Lots of reasons why umpires may not wish to "advance"--time commitment, travel, work, family commitments, age. Let's give ArchAngel72 credit: he's here and he's learning. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be the best damned umpire in your LL region.
  3. Be careful about saying things like that. It might sound you now have a vendetta, but more importantly, every game is/should be a fresh start. That next game, you will know who you are dealing with, but it's a bad idea to express it. Suppose you toss the kid in a later game, and the coach does not think the ejection was warranted. Now it's "You've had it in for him ever since that earlier game." That is, don't say things that can come back to haunt you.
  4. LRZ

    Rule Set?

    I'll meet you at Moe's and we'll have a beer and laugh about it.
  5. In my profession, your uncertainty would elicit this: "Objection, judge, calls for speculation." Too tenuous a connection.
  6. I don't follow this. How did wearing his sunglasses on his hat affect his ability to play the ball? Are you suggesting that, if he had left his sunglasses in the dugout, this would not have happened?
  7. I said this once before--bring back the old school flip-down sunglasses!
  8. LRZ

    Rule Set?

    Thanks, Warren. But add the word "under"-- "under what rules the game is being played."
  9. LRZ

    Umpire Walk

    Yeah, it really wasn't all that funny, I admit.
  10. LRZ

    Umpire Walk

    In 1889, the Johnstown Flood: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnstown_Flood.
  11. I understand that a committee is working on that. Ron Gardenhire and Clint Hurdle are on the committee, chaired by Aaron Boone.
  12. LRZ

    Rule Set?

    I don't see that as an issue or problem. If someone wants to know about a situation under other rule sets, they can always scan the forum for related threads. Going by who posts where, I would guess that most regulars look everywhere for topics of interest. Anyway, I've had my say, and have nothing further to offer. It was just a suggestion.
  13. LRZ

    Rule Set?

    Further down a thread, it is often difficult to know what rule set a particular post is referring to, especially when many posters do not cite rules. In a thread about a NFHS rule, for example, why benefit is gained by citing OBR and NCAA, even to illustrate differences? Start anther, parallel thread, instead of creating tangents (hijacks?). But maybe I'm too old to feel fully comfortable with internet dialogue.
  14. LRZ

    Rule Set?

    It only gets worse when posters answer a baseball question, for example, with other rule sets--and even softball! I may be insufficiently intelligent, but I often find it hard to figure out what rules posters are applying or quoting. There Oughta Be a Law....
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