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  1. I recall something like this happening once before, after Arbiter did some in-house maintenance. I may be wrong, but I don't think Arbiter routinely resets travel limits. As long as assigners give officials the option to set travel limits, you should be able to do so at any time. Although you said that you've already reset your travel limit, go into "BLOCKS" and see if your travel reset still appears.
  2. This discussion highlights the importance of a good pre-game, which is too often, sadly, omitted. If the two umpires are on the same page, the mechanics are reinforced; if they are not in agreement, they can iron out the disagreement before issues arise during play. If one umpire is that "here's how we're going to do it" guy, at least the other umpire knows what to expect.
  3. "I'm like, 'Did I just heard the n-word?' ~5 seconds later, there it was again. Plus two more words following that which could get a radio station fined by the FCC.... In my mind, if you can't say a word on the field you can't play it on a speaker. Especially that word." Maybe I misread the OP, but it seems to me that the question concerned the content of the music, content that included socially unacceptable language, not the music itself. In other words, in the circumstances described, does the umpire enforce social morés?
  4. According to the article I read, this was the Bi-District championship games between two El Paso schools. The El Paso Softball Umpires Association did not respond to a request for comment.
  5. According to this article, Jefferson High School versus Ysleta High School, El Paso, TX, in the championship game: https://www.ktsm.com/sports/high-school-sports/ysleta-softball-calls-foul-on-bases-clearing-error-by-umpires/ Beyond the obvious, egregious error of allowing play to continue on a foul ball, neither the HP nor U2 put up their hands to indicate the foul ball. And the HP umpire takes off and carries his mask in his right hand, perhaps the least of his mistakes. And, while all the (in)action was going on, an Isleta player hands U2 a second softball a fan apparently returned
  6. To Guy 2: "When you played, didn't you appreciate umpires who hustled and had good game management? This level is no different: hustle, learn what to do and how to do it right, because these kids deserve that. Not only will the players benefit, but you will have more fun, I can guarantee that." Are Guy 1 and Guy 2 friends? If so, you might ask #1 to encourage #2.
  7. Absent clear directives, use CSAFP.
  8. On the other hand, there might be some umpires there who misconstrue the rule yet are open-minded. You might not want to "die on the hill," but you might bring a topographic map to the meeting.
  9. The "not disengaged" is certainly implied in the cases cited: "makes a spin move" and "comes set . . then swings his entire nonpivot foot . . . steps." If he had to disengage first, but did not, these would be balks. But, as ShaunH suggests, agdz59's partners may refuse to acknowledge the implications.
  10. As I always say when giving clinics or talking to young officials, and as I've said in numerous posts here: this^^^
  11. I toyed with the idea of offering this response: "That's funny. When I stop laughing, you're ejected." But I decided that would be a bad idea.
  12. LRZ

    Pick Off Attempt

    What you describe is not a balk and the pitcher does not have to disengage. The OBR rule is 6.02(a)(4): The pitcher, while touching his plate, throws, or feints a throw to an unoccupied base, except for the purpose of making a play; Rule 6.02 (a)(4) Comment: When determining whether the pitcher throws or feints a throw to an unoccupied base for the purpose of making a play, the umpire should consider whether a runner on the previous base demonstrates or otherwise creates an impression of his intent to advance to such unoccupied base.
  13. “So you’re going to miss that one all by yourself huh?” If you are addressing me with this remark, let me clarify: there are non-confrontational ways to tell a coach it's your call and you're not "getting help." If the coach gets snarky (and personal), and, depending on circumstances, he might spend the rest of the game in his car.
  14. Shaun, there is a difference between preventive umpiring and "appeasement."
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