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  1. LRZ

    First One

    Exit strategy? I "exit" by applying IAWE and by getting back to business. The only "exit" a coach is likely to need is the one that sends him to the parking lot. Put another way, I may let the coach have the "last word" because I know I'll have the final say.
  2. LRZ

    Which rule book???

    OBR is only the answer to Part 1. Part 2: will someone tell you what the modifications are? (1) Some youth leagues here don't play the IFF rule. (2) When can runners take leads? (3) Is stealing allowed? (4) Some youth leagues here don't allow batters to run on uncaught third strikes, regardless of the outs and runners on base. (5) Local modifications often address substituting/re-entry, DH rules, etc. (6) What slide/avoid/contact rule is in effect? Is it different for different ages? Is hurdling a fielder allowed? (7) Can coaches be restricted to the dugout (an intermediate "punishment" for misconduct, short of ejection)? (8) Is there a mercy rule? A time limit? If there is a time limit, is it "drop dead" or "no new inning"? These are just some of the questions I would have about "local modifications." You will likely have some interesting pre-game conferences, where you may well hear some timeless classics as "The last ump didn't call that" and "Some times we've played that way, other times not." And you are also likely to deal with coaches who either don't know what the modified rules are or who disagree. Good luck.
  3. LRZ

    First One

    "What did you say?" can be perceived as baiting, both unnecessary and unprofessional.
  4. LRZ

    Which rule book???

    Just call OBR, especially as that's what you've been studying. If anyone argues, tell them it's the standard rule. If they are still unhappy, tell them to check with the UIC. I'm being facetious, but only slightly so--I have little patience with bureaucrats like your UIC.
  5. Doesn't Rule 5.09(a)(8) Comment apply? That reads, in part, "If a whole bat is thrown into fair or foul territory and interferes with a defensive player attempting to make a play, interference shall be called, whether intentional or not." It's a broader prohibition, but still applicable, isn't it?
  6. Jim, please lower the accompanying music. It was hard for me to get what Ty was saying. In fact, scrap the music entirely, I'd say, but at least lower it so it's not competing with the speaker.
  7. LRZ

    Ruling on this play

    MadMax, I've heard that the warning track is a good position, especially for judging infield flies. But I don't know what letter it would be--M, maybe?
  8. LRZ

    First One

    There was something else about your interaction that pinched me, but I just realized what it was. Your first reply was "I don't want to hear it." I think this is non-responsive and not an effective way to (try to) shut off any further discussion. Instead, your second response is more appropriate: "We're not discussing balls and strikes." For me, "That's on you" is not an accusation of cheating, but a criticism of one's consistency, perhaps. I see nothing wrong with not ejecting immediately, just on that first remark. (As you can see, umpires have different tolerances.) But when he continued--well, he's got to go.
  9. LRZ

    First One

    One thing I don't get. He says "Throw me out" and he looks into the stands and says "That's how you do it." Was he looking to get tossed? But if he was serious about challenging you, then you issued at least one warning, maybe two, too many, in my view.
  10. Send it to @MadMax. He'll make it better than new!
  11. Has this...discussion? argument?...outlived its usefulness?
  12. This today, on NBC News, about Arizona: "Amid reopening in Arizona, the state Department of Health Services cut off a team of Arizona State and University of Arizona experts who provided pandemic modeling specific to the state, saying it was no longer needed as the state preferred to use a federal model. After a backlash, the Health Department reinstated the team, though it's unclear whether state officials are using the local universities' work in their decision-making. Since that dust up, Arizona State released new data showing infections and hospitalizations in the state could soar this summer." And this, from Missouri: Despite wearing masks and treating customers who were also masked, "Two hairstylists potentially exposed 140 customers to COVID-19 at a Great Clips in Missouri, according to alerts from a local health department. . . . Missouri has 11,988 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with cases up 6.2% over the last seven days, according to the state health department. There have been 681 deaths. FWIW, and emphases added.
  13. I enjoy Bob Davidson's forthright honesty. Gil, has he ever shared his thoughts about Hernandez's lawsuit?
  14. This Palm Beach? "On May 11, Palm Beach County registered a weekly increase in cases of the deadly respiratory disease of 17 percent, the inverse of the rapid rise that alarmed federal officials, Florida Department of Health figures show. On that day, the county recorded 3,889 cases, a 17 percent increase over a week earlier, when cases stood at 3,311, DOH figures maintained by The Palm Beach Post show." from The Palm Beach Post, 5/16/20
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