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  1. LRZ

    Rule Set?

    It only gets worse when posters answer a baseball question, for example, with other rule sets--and even softball! I may be insufficiently intelligent, but I often find it hard to figure out what rules posters are applying or quoting. There Oughta Be a Law....
  2. Hang on to all that gear--you know circumstances and your availability will change! When I think of all the officiating gear (soccer, basketball, baseball) I gave away years ago, when I first stepped away....
  3. LRZ


    I thought not. I was channel-flipping between ALWS and LLWS, with its unlimited challenges (unless you lose two in six innings), and wondered after a close play that had a manager shaking his head.
  4. LRZ

    Triple play question

    If the third baseman tags the base first, he has retired R2 and removed the force on R3. So, yes, tag the runner first, then the base.
  5. At what point is "prepared to swing" judged? Is he going to swing from that crouch, or stand up and then swing?
  6. LRZ


    Is there a mechanism for review in the American Legion World Series?
  7. An black indelible marker might be just the thing, eh?
  8. LRZ

    Legion Camo

    I'm watching a Legion play-off between Illinois and New Mexico. I'm sorry, but the camo shirts the umpires are wearing are, imo, ugly enough to make me nostalgic for Elbeco button-downs.
  9. As johnpatrick pointed out in the "when they don't call something" thread, the Little League University takes a slightly different stance about sign-stealing: "If, in the judgment of the umpire(s), this behavior is occurring, both the player and the manager may be ejected from the game. It is the discretion of the umpire to decide if the action is blatant and consistent to the point where ejection is warranted. An ejection for unsportsmanlike conduct based on the stealing/relaying signs is a possibility in all levels of Little League." [My emphases.] Here is the link, under "Explanation": https://www.littleleague.org/university/articles/hey-blue-protesting-unsportsmanlike-conduct/
  10. Two Legion play-off games are available on my TV package this afternoon and evening. Anyone know if lawump is on either game?
  11. LRZ

    Rule Set?

    The "Ask the Umpire" description might include which rule set the guest is asking about. It might read something like this: "No registration necessary, ask your baseball rules question here to be answered by experienced umpires. Please state what rules the game was being played under, if you know."
  12. LRZ

    Intentional walk rule

    There was a similar gamesmanship discussion recently. If played under MLB rules, OBR 7.03(a)(2) might have applied: "A game may be forfeited to the opposing team when a team... employs tactics palpably designed to delay or shorten the game...."
  13. That is called "cricket"--one team bats until out, then the other team gets its "innings."
  14. I'm not sure what you are asking, as your scenario involved two calls. One, the out on the BR for passing R1, and two, starting a new inning with six seconds left. In either case, R2's run counts. But that's not your question, right?
  15. Even conceding that the rule, inane or not, was violated, I have no problem with the issuance of a warning. If the conduct continued and was ignored, that I have a problem with. In just about every game I watched, I was amused by the (1) head-shaking on called third strikes, and catchers (2) holding pitches or (3) drawing balls into the strike zone six inches. None of that nonsense seemed to draw any response from any PU. I got the impression that umpires were hesitant to address questionable behavior, let alone eject, perhaps on instructions? And while we're discussing that game, I don't think that IFF was so clear; the kid went pretty far into the outfield to get the ball. Maybe, maybe not. IMO. But Pfeffer is some ballplayer.
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