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  1. Yeah, but this player was not running into a wall. He trucked the catcher.
  2. LRZ

    Player Interference

    I had the same question: why is Cuzzi pointing at the plate and then signalling "safe"? Did Cuzzi call the runner out on the tag, not for interference?
  3. * What you are overlooking or ignoring is the "might get you in trouble," which both you (post #3) and TMIB say (post 22) happens to you at times. Why do you think that happens? Do you think it could be that, despite your good intentions, people take your remarks a different way than intended? The time you described, it worked; if it hadn't, would you apologize then? Lastly, there are ways to defuse tension, inside or outside the fence, without risking undermining your partner.
  4. I'll say this again: you may have meant X, but the issue is how it might be perceived, something over which you have no control. That is why this approach can and probably will get you "both into and out of trouble on the field and in life." This principle is a version of "silence cannot be misquoted." I fail to see how festering tension, as described, on the other side of the fence is, in any way, throwing your partner under the bus. If things are that bad, address it with game administration or the HC.
  5. LRZ

    Check swing appeal

    You may not have known about the rule initially, but I, for one, provided the relevant MLB rule in post #7, about three seasons ago.
  6. I was responding to TMIB's blanket statement, "DO NOT WORK GAMES SOLO as a standard practice."
  7. Refusing to work solo at lower levels is simply not feasible here, because of the dire shortage of umpires; virtually all small-field games would go un-umpired. Besides, most of these games--not all, but most--are played without much hassle from coaches and parents. However, umpires should boycott venues or events where abuse is chronic.
  8. Just as I suspected: the pitchers couldn't find the plate because they were blinded by the discordant color scheme! (I jest, of course.)
  9. The problem may have stemmed from your mask pads: did they match your ball bags?
  10. LRZ


    This is a partially facetious, partially serious suggestion: a new section, FAQs, maybe with subheadings. It might not be feasible, I understand that.
  11. LRZ

    Check swing appeal

    We've answered the OP--and then some! The horse is now a bloody carcass! Thunderheads, LMSANS, any reason not to lock this up?
  12. LRZ

    Check swing appeal

    Who determines whether the umpire is correct or not, especially on a call like this, with no clear, enunciated standard? Let's see how this would work. I see a swing and am sure about it, so I call a strike; I then say to my partner, "DarylM, did he go?" DarylM says, "No, he didn't." Even allowing for subjective differences in determining how far is too much for a swing, how do we know who is correct? Umpires are taught to "own their calls." This pertains particularly to judgment calls. If I have a bang-bang play at first and call the batter-runner out because, in my judgment, the th
  13. And throughout U-E, no one ever, ever--and I mean NEVER--goes off on a tangent!
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