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  1. No, the email did not talk about credit for last season. This is what the email ends with: "If you have any issues, please give me a call when you can be in front of a computer." I sent you the two names and phone numbers in a message. Last year, I chose a refund--I'm getting too old and will probably retire from umpiring.
  2. conbo61, go here: https://legionumpires.com/home/. If you want the full text of the letter--it's just a "how to register"--let me know and I can forward or copy/paste it to you.
  3. I have no idea if Bucks-Mont, Lower Bucks and Lower Montco senior leagues have suffered attrition; there's not as much junior Legion here, as there are other opportunities for those ages in STBL (Suburban Travel) and ITL (Intercounty). PA Legion just sent out an email about umpire registration, so a season is anticipated--if the snow ever melts.
  4. Apply the Potter Stewart principle.
  5. Give credit where due: see post #4, above.
  6. LRZ

    detached equipment

    Yeah, toss the coach.
  7. LRZ


    BT_Blue, I think you may have misread what Shawn0331 wrote in the first post: "I DID NOT eject the pitcher even though it was an eject-able offense." I'm also curious why it mattered that the "pitcher (Offender) was sticking up for his catcher who also happened to be his brother...."
  8. LRZ


    We do have a lot of guns this side of the border. beerguy55, if we ever get a chance to have a beer or two, I'll tell you the sad story about my application for permanent residency, when I hoped to retire to Vancouver Island.
  9. "Horrible" is in the eyes of the beholder. Even in warm weather, I will usually wear a long sleeve shirt on the bases. I've had a lot of skin cancer issues the past 5-6 years, and I'm not going to expose myself to the sun any more than I have to, just because my partner has a contrary fashion sense.
  10. LRZ


    As I'm sure you are aware, beerguy55, being a thoughtful person (I say this seriously, not sarcastically), this is a matter of opinion as well as local custom. Most leagues here (in all the sports I work) have sportsmanship codes that emphasize socially accepted behavior. I will repeat myself: around here, "f***" from a 12-13/ y/o, out loud and addressed to an opponent is over the accepted and acceptable line. How we address it--a caution, as you suggest, or an ejection--is likewise a matter of opinion and local custom. HS, ok, I can see that; below HS, not so much. I'd be dinged for not eject
  11. LRZ


    Shawn, do you have automatics? If not, where do you draw the line on ejectable conduct? Lastly, since you admit the pitcher's conduct was an "ejectable offense," why didn't you eject him? What factors led to your decision not to eject?
  12. FranklinT, you are correct. It was DeMuth. The thread, posted on March 31, 2014, was "Opening Day....first fashion faux pas."
  13. Anyone remember a thread several years ago with a photo of Jim Joyce, working the plate, wearing a short sleeve shirt over long sleeves? I remarked, something like "He won't get varsity games that way." "My other pet peeve, and when I am working a game with a younger umpire in my HS association, I wont let them do this. Is wear a long sleeve shirt on the bases." There are days when short sleeves are not warm enough, yet a jacket is too much. No offense, wvumpire1984, but if you tried this with me (granted, I'm hardly a younger umpire), one of us would block the other on Arbiter.
  14. LRZ


    I'm pretty sure I shared this story before, but it's always good for a laugh. Years ago, I used to work the local Catholic League HS, where we were taught this: when a kid cursed, we'd say to him, quietly, "Son, I don't mind that kind of language, but my partner's a priest, and it really upsets him."
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