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  1. The Official Forum (https://forum.officiating.com/) has several well-frequented sub-forums, some quiescent. The hockey sub-forum is one of the latter.
  2. I have, on occasion, used humor to break up a conference and get the game moving: "Candlesticks make a nice gift." The kids don't know what I mean, but the coach usually does.
  3. LRZ

    balk call

    I think what D. Yeager was asking was simply this: does a RHP have to step off and disengage before throwing to first on a pick-off? No, he does not.
  4. Or, rather, affirming the natural selection process. Who knows which, in any particular case. Suppose the coach names a different captain each game: "OK, who hasn't been captain yet?" Or two captains, one the natural leader, the other "chosen." Let's remember that we're talking about LL, 10-12 year-olds.
  5. I'd hate to be one of the coaches who might get stiffed by mistaken calls in those first games before you dive into the rule book. Go to clinics and read the book, work games and see plays, then go back into the book. Repeat. In virtually every game, you will have at least one play that you question and that will send you back to the rule book to make sure you know the rule and its application. To work school ball in PA, you must first pass a rules test. Typically, novices do that, then join a chapter and attend clinics. There is a reason for that.
  6. A rule of thumb: ask ten officials for their opinion, and you get twenty answers.
  7. LRZ

    Time Play

    As you might expect, Gil discussed this: https://umpire-empire.com/topic/73496-joe-maddons-untimely-challenge-costs-cubs/
  8. You are shifting the discussion. If I understand you correctly, you want to ditch captains because it could prevent natural leaders from rising. But that is a separate issue from the legality of arm bands. What if a coach recognized the natural team leader with a captain's arm band? Or wished to reward a lesser but hard-working kid? My point is that, to an umpire, the issue of team captains is irrelevant; we might get involved (or not) when captains are acknowledged with arm bands.
  9. That's not an issue for umpires to get involved with; that's for you to deal with, Coach.
  10. LRZ


    All you Floridians and folks from the Carolinas--stay safe! I hope you all will be ok in the storm.
  11. Reminds me of the Peanuts cartoon where the catcher walks out after every pitch and hands the ball to Charlie Brown, the pitcher, with some words of advice or encouragement. When Charlie Brown asks him why, he replies, "Because I can't reach the mound."
  12. Dumbledore dies?!!!!!!
  13. In your first post, you say it could be obstruction or it could be nothing. It was this latter statement that I was responding to. A fielder, not in possession of the ball, lying on top of a baserunner, not letting him up--not much room for doubt (ie, to judge yes or no) there, regardless of age level. It is clearly obstruction, and the runner is awarded home. Based on the facts as given, I can't imagine a scenario where this would not be obstruction.
  14. Coach Bill, what you describe does not support this contention. Depending on the age and skill level, the strike zone of your nemesis may well be common practice to avoid a walk-a-thon, as long as his strike zone is consistent and he calls it that way for both teams. When you see him on one of your games, tell your kids to be prepared to swing the bat.
  15. Judgment? Assuming these facts, where is the judgment?
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