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  1. Does the Players Association have anything to say about implementing the automated ball/strike system?
  2. For basketball this year (I expect something similar for baseball), PIAA has amplified its pre-season statement about crowd control: It is a necessity to have a game administration representative to meet with the officiating crew. This meeting will allow for communicating the expectations of each group. The contest officials are there to manage the contest, which includes the players and coaches. It is the expectation that school administration will manage the student body, parents and all other spectators. Game administration should be proactive in crowd supervision and control. Administration should address inappropriate spectator behavior before it escalates. Spectator behavior remains a critical concern. Too often, spectators are using abusive language toward coaches, players and officials. Spectators are also approaching the court, team areas and locker rooms – places that used to be "off limits" – to confront participants. Game administrators must create and follow security procedures and support efforts to have offending spectators removed from the premises. Proactive policies lead to fewer problems. It is the game administrator's ultimate responsibility to provide a safe environment for coaches, players and officials. Do not wait for the official to point out the problem. Good luck with that.
  3. LRZ

    Zombie Threads

    Yes. It is an irritant--minor to some, not to others. Even if it were considered minor, what's the harm in locking old, inactive threads?
  4. LRZ

    Zombie Threads

    No skin off anyone's nose (as my mother used to say) if threads are locked after the passage of some time. Zombie revivals are irksome. I may not be able to address the top of my social media concerns list, but a fix to this one is relatively easy. You know, kinda like "Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."
  5. LRZ

    Zombie Threads

    No need to make the lock-up too quick. A year or maybe six months, I would suggest: there is a difference between killing a thread by cutting it off too soon and locking an "already-dead" zombie thread to stop it from coming back to life.
  6. LRZ

    Zombie Threads

    If it doesn't happen all that frequently, then no harm would arise from time bars. Locking an old thread would only prohibit new comments, not the thread's availability. Search function? We might not know when or how often people use it, but we see when they don't, so this is, for me, an unsettled factor. Besides, the answer to a question that may have been correct in 2012, for example, may no longer be correct in 2019. Obviously, I'm in favor, in part because there is enough dross on the internet without adding more: all too frequently, zombie threads are resurrected by posters who merely add their 2¢.
  7. LRZ

    Zombie Threads

    Is it possible (or desirable) to have threads locked automatically after X years, so they can't come back to life for new posts? Old threads can contain out-dated information, right? And why should someone have to sift through a lot of possibly irrelevant posts? If an issue comes up that was discussed years ago, start a new thread, with current information.
  8. It's not long enough. Wear it on the forearm, as Scott demonstrated, and it does not cover the wrist. Wear it further down, on the wrist, and it would not cover the forearm. I have football forearm guards that do the trick for me--and they come in pairs, not singly.
  9. One's "past is never dead. It's not even past." --William Faulkner, Requiem for a Nun
  10. I am so thankful that this will never filter down to the levels I work--at least, not in my lifetime.
  11. No, thank you. Personally, I don't like the patent leather look, for belt or shoes. IMHO, YMMV, etc.
  12. While channel-surfing recently, I came across a women's collegiate field hockey game, and noticed a number of players wearing jewelry--earrings and chains. The officials wore gray shoes or sneakers. Somewhere, there is a world where the fashion police may not go?
  13. Joe, it must be evident to you that what is a "discernible" stop is a matter of each umpire's judgment. In my judgment, the stops are discernible--noticeable, perceptible, detectable (pick your synonym)--although a couple are borderline, where I would probably engage in some preventive officiating. And, please, take into account the possibility that you may be subject to confirmation bias.
  14. LRZ

    Late Season EJ

    Good-bye, coach, you can join #14.
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