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  1. I am familiar with Bucks and Montgomery counties, but if York is anything like them, there is indeed a need caused by not enough umpires and an aging crew, at that. If York is similar to Bucks/Montgomery, school ball is a weekday/afternoon affair, so your work hour schedule would be an obstacle. But you might consider umpiring junior American Legion, which is, again assuming it's the same, involves evenings and weekends.
  2. Will you be getting PIAA-certified?
  3. Because you might not match your partner, if one of you is swarthy and the other fair.
  4. Sorry, Sam, I don't do surveys or polls, but I offer the following, so you don't re-invent the proverbial wheel: https://umpire-empire.com/topic/73998-how-to-use-plate-pro-umpire-shirt-stays/?tab=comments#comment-378463 https://umpire-empire.com/topic/70630-official-2-minute-review-neat-tucks-active-thigh-wrap-shirt-holder-stays-with-locking-clamps/?tab=comments#comment-350964 https://umpire-empire.com/topic/69313-best-band-to-keep-your-shirt-tucked-in/?tab=comments#comment-340543 https://umpire-empire.com/topic/61996-keeping-shirt-tucked-in/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-365
  5. Does this help? https://zoom.us/pricing
  6. This is the most important advice. Otherwise, you hear people eating, dogs barking, kids talking, all kinds of distracting noises. It's helpful if the program allows the host to mute everyone, with participants having to unmute themselves individually.
  7. My soccer chapter used GoToMeeting and my basketball chapter uses Zoom; no problems with either one. Neither a password nor admittance by the host (I think) was required: we are sent an email with a link, which, when clicked on, gets you in. Correction: no password required, but we are admitted by the host. In addition, when you open Zoom's chat feature, it obscures much of the full screen. If someone is presenting and screen-sharing, the chat window will prevent you from seeing all of the screen.
  8. I'm not concerned about half-innings, but about a score reverting back, where, for example, the visitors go ahead in the top of an inning, then see their lead erased because the home team can't complete their at-bats. "Far better" is a matter of opinion. I'm not discrediting your approach, but I've never had any problem with mine. A classic YMMV: do what works for you.
  9. There is no single, simple, right answer. Reasonable folks can disagree, Matt, as we do here. In any scenario, there is potential risk. I'm talking about situations where darkness is imminent--like obscenity, we know that moment when we see it, right? Eg, HT up by 1, with VT coming to bat; VT scores 2; will there be enough daylight for HT to come to bat and score 3 runs? If you have to stop the inning before HT scores 2, the VT will be unhappy. If the game continues and it really gets dangerous to play because of the dark, and the HTS scores because of VT miscues, the VT will be unhappy t
  10. It's not exactly an answer to the OP, but don't start an inning that you probably can't finish. That is, exercise your judgment and discretion in the circumstances. Let's say the home team is ahead by three, the visitors are coming to bat, and daylight is fading. If the visitors score four (or more), it would likely to be too dark to play the bottom of the inning, and the score would revert back. So why start the inning in the first place? Like so many things we umpires do, someone will be unhappy, whatever we decide.
  11. Agreed. The problem, if there is one, is not the fan, but the conduct of the home team. A fan/parent calling out the other team to display good sportsmanship? Not a problem in my book. "You gonna just keep letting them run coach?" A couple minutes go by with another pass ball and same voice says something along the lines of "Have some class, tell your guys to stop running." The parent was not "ragging on" you but addressing the opposing coach. If it does get personal--"Hey, blue, do something."--that's a different story. HokieUmp offered good advice about talking to the home team coa
  12. How does Hernandez, who I think is unfairly maligned, come in third in both the Most Improved and Most Disappointing Season? Seems odd.
  13. If the BU felt, for whatever reason, he had a bad look or was blocked, he could have come to you immediately. He did not, so we can assume either (1) he felt comfortable with his call, or (2) he was not sure, "out" was his default call, and he would have welcomed a challenge so he could go to you. I agree with Mike and Jeff, but I would add that there are ways to "invite" your partner to ask for your help. Some people pre-game a confidential signal to indicate, "Hey, I've got some information, if you ask." When a situation arises, you look at your partner to establish eye contact, so he c
  14. Jimurray, there is a "Common Acronyms" sub-forum in the Free For All forum: https://umpire-empire.com/topic/4391-common-acronyms/
  15. If we assume the PU punched out the batter ("Batter is called out on strikes"), the OC must have, should have also known the batter was out, yet let him come to bat again. Matt, remember the term "equitable estoppel"?
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