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  1. Here is what the rules writers say on the language: Situation 12: At the plate conference, the home team head coach provides to the plate umpire three baseballs. The plate umpire notices that while the baseballs have the NFHS Authenticating Mark, they do not have the SEI/NOCSAE mark. RULING: The game shall be played, but the home plate umpire shall provide a report to the state association. The baseballs are required to have both marks to ensure that proper testing has been done on the baseballs. SEI/NOCSAE testing provides a means to maintain a consistent and uniform standard for high sc
  2. Thanks Jeff! After all these years you would think that this nonsense with pedantic phrasing would not continue to be the proverbial burr in my saddle, yet it is. The idea of these refresher tests is supposed to get guys in the rule book and to consider situations they may likely experience in games. Instead, test questions are devised in a manner so Byzantine in their structure and phrasing that most reasonably intelligent human beings are no longer thinking about the rules and the situations , rather they suffer paralysis through the analysis of "What answer are they actually looki
  3. I know.... it's going on 3 years.... The refresher test for NJ has been published and here it is.... With R3 on third base and R1 on 1st base, the pitcher steps toward third and fakes a throw without disengaging the pitcher's plate. He then turns and throws to first base. The umpire should: A. Call a balk B. Make a call at first as this is a legal move. I know how it's going to be called in real life...
  4. The first time the wedge opened to me on a play at the plate has left an indelible impression. I can remember the teams (Boonton v. Delbarton), the score (3-1 Boonton), and the inning (top 5) with 2 out. R1 and R2 with a laser hit to left center. F8 fielded the ball moving to his right. R2 scored easily as the runners were moving on the pitch. R1 was was fast and as he rounded 3B F8 got to the ball. F8 fired a seed to F2 about 3 feet up the 3B line. As F2 moved to the ball I stayed on his left hip rotating into fair territory. The play opened in front of me and the clear view of F2 swipe
  5. The wedge is a great advancement in taking plays at any base. Most of us will use it at HP, but it's technique's can be used successfully at any base. Your understanding is basically correct. I have been taught to stay at the point of the plate and allow F2 to take me to the play. Imagine you are connected to him with a 6-8ft rope (or 1x3) that essentially works like the axle of a car. As F2 moves, move with him, keeping that distance Here is a good image. The gap between F2 and R3 is the wedge - a triangular window that allows PU to see the tag/no tag and the plate at th
  6. Kevin_K


    How many umpires? And which umpire are you asking about?
  7. Kevin_K


    The second half of your question inquires about a time for discretion. The use of discretion involves weighing options and making decisions. If you weren't looking for advice how would you characterize the inquiry?
  8. ^^^^ This. I will not wear a pullover jacket on the plate. Ever.
  9. What have I heard about my association plans?
  10. My experience is that by being with them off the field and showing them that you are working on your craft will tend to buy you more consideration when the pitching is for keeps. They are usually eager for us to add that extra element of reality to their workouts. In the cage you are more a human being than an umpire. The coaches I have worked with in the cages have asked for my thoughts on not only their pitchers, but also for how their catchers are working. My .02. YMMV
  11. Just because no one said doesn't mean they didn't think it. Not only does @MadMax have mad skills with gear, he also has the inside track on posters' inner thoughts.
  12. Right. HR nullified. R1 and R2 move up, Now R2 and R3. Your move @Rich Ives
  13. If a balk was called with R1 and R2, how did the BR hit into a 4-6-3?
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