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  1. I received this moments ago... NCAA Registered Officials: As you are aware, on March 12, 2020 the NCAA made the difficult decision to cancel the remaining winter and spring championships due to the public health threat COVID-19. As a result of this unforeseen event, ArbiterSports is providing all 2019-20 registered officials in NCAA Baseball, Softball, Men’s Lacrosse, and Women’s Lacrosse a 25 percent discount when you complete a 2020-21 registration fee in these four sports. This discount will be applied automatically when you complete your 2020-21 registration. Thank you for playing such an important role in NCAA sports, and please keep yourself and your family healthy and safe. We look forward to seeing you on the field next season!
  2. No school verified through April 30 today in a staff meeting with my district. I don't know if it is the entire state of NJ or a local decision.
  3. According to the chancellor of NYC schools, it doesn't look like they will be going back to school this academic year, and if NYC is the front edge of the pandemic in the country it would seem likely that baseball would not likely be back either.
  4. Maybe that's his way of staying connected to other human being. This can all be overwhelming, especially for those who are accustomed to being amidst their people all the time. I am not the world's biggest social butterfly and I know that I am missing my colleagues, my students, my friends, my umpiring partners, and even the occasional stare from a batter on a marginal strike call.
  5. Distance learning is in full swing already. We have been instructed to provide 45-60 minutes of instructional materials for all of our classes each day we are scheduled to meet. Our schedule has classes meet 88 minutes every other day. My students are not reviewing. Today is introduction to the Jackson Era through readings, online videos, and open ended questions designed to get them to think. They are, however, missing out on the interaction in the classroom with their humble instructor and his interesting stories about how people from the past were not that terribly different from people of today. I think I am going to miss things much more than my students might......
  6. @Senor Azul.... how much time do you have on your hands that you: Watch 50 year old clips of Rocky & Bullwinkle.....and Notice details like that
  7. When every game was on video and those who "got screwed" started sending segments to league offices and the Joe Torrre's of the day said, "WTF are we doing?"
  8. Some New Jersey Athletic conferences are cancelling their schedules through April 13. There is no state wide mandate as yet.
  9. I think the coefficient of friction between the turf, the black pellets and the polyester if baseball pants will be of greater concern when players violate the FPSR and glide past 2B when it's encased in snow or ice.
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