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  1. It is clear. Consider that unless something is specifically deemed illegal, it is within the rules. Rule 5.1.i says a ball becomes dead immediately when a fielder, after catching a fair or foul ball (fly or line drive), leaves the field of play by stepping with both (emphasis added) feet or by falling into a bench, dugout, stand, bleacher, or over any boundary or barrier such as a fence, rope, chalk line, or a pregame determined imaginary boundary line; The OP offers none of those scenarios, hence it is a catch and a live ball.
  2. Your profile says you are with MAC. Have you attended any of their camps? Spoken with any of their staff? My experience with United Collegiate Umpires (they are affiliated) is that there are a lot of people who are willing to offer help, advice, pointers, etc. It's all there for the taking if one has the initiative to ask for it. They aren't going to seek you out.
  3. Kevin_K


    Self control and the ability to refrain from opining are not the hallmarks of most human beings.
  4. Kevin_K


    Adelson and one of the Koch brothers have left the building and Sam Bankman-Fried will soon be fitted for new silver bracelets and a government issued coverall. I would suggest, however, their recent demise has not left any politician without funding, whether it is dark money, legally donated, or otherwise. As with all things about the nexus of government and powerful (read wealthy) businessmen, follow the money and you will find the truth.
  5. Is that assaulted cod I see there?
  6. You are such an umpire nerd @Richvee!
  7. Some one needs to either reel him in or cast a large net to make sure he gets the funny part of this.
  8. If I didn't know any better, I might say someone is fishing for a reply.
  9. If this is the one thing that any of one of us need to be concerned with I would say that our games will run smoothly. I'm not convinced that "No catch" on a questionable play by F2 will offer anyone any real advantage in the vast majority of situations. In the long run, the communication and relationship with F2 matters to me far more, so I will let him know how I saw the play. My .02. YMMV.
  10. Hawk Harrelson, Alex Rodriguez, and He Who Shall Not Be Named are all former players. They have never let rules or what's happening on the field interfere with their sonic attacks disguised as the English language.
  11. More amazingly, the commentator (David Cone) knew the rule.
  12. I shall not today attempt further to define what a close play is with a shorthand description, and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. But I know one when I see one. My apologies to the former justice.
  13. The volleyball culture is much more amenable than the baseball culture. The whining and sniping about everything is not the expected behavior in VB. VB is a lot more than "Is it a lift?" Just like baseball it takes time a dedication to master all aspects of the sport And just like baseball, VB will humble you when you think you have reached the acme. In 18 years I have seen a lot and had a lot of opportunities to officiate some very good volleyball. I believe it is equal to baseball in it's intricacies when officiating and if made to pick one over the other, I would take VB because I will be able to work VB until I cannot climb a three step ladder. I have never been hit with a VB that has left a bruise, welt, or fracture and it is likely I never will. Because many people did not play organized volleyball in their youth they never consider it as a viable option as an official. In the time it takes me to officiate varsity and JV matches I make almost 1.5 times as much as I do in baseball. In all ways VB makes more sense than BB.
  14. Hopefully MLB will also address the time wasting nonsense of the dugouts and bull pens emptying when some one takes offense at the other team's perceived slight(s). That stupidity does nothing other than waste time. Very rarely are there any real fights, and even then the rest of the team almost never does anything of any significance. When the NHL (that says NHL for effs sake) decided it no Rant wanted bench clearing brawls it changed the rules so it stopped. That was 35(!) years ago. Enough with the fake macho "I got your back bruh" horsesh*t.
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