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  1. I think some people may be afraid to talk to @MadMax. It may be the don't poke the bear survivalist instinct tingling.
  2. Kevin_K


    The part you are failing to include is that when the runner is hit by the ball when those conditions are met the ball is immediately dead, thus eliminating any concern about another fielder having the opportunity to make any other play.
  3. Kevin_K


    A fair batted ball is dead immediately when it touches a runner before touching any fielder and before passing any fielder other than F1
  4. WTF is that? Whatever assigner/association negotiated that for the umpire community is saying a lot about how they view the time and skills of their fellow umpires.
  5. So does the PU have the tongs in his ball bag, on an S hook attached to his belt, or in his back pocket next to his plate brush?
  6. It may be another example of the keyboard warriors who use all kinds of social media to anonymously pontificate on their view(s) of the world that no one else needs or cares to know
  7. What is this indicator you speak of?
  8. Masks that have an insert in the upper seam that allows the user to make a more complete seal are far better at preventing glass fogging. KN95 and N95 masks have this feature as do some commercially available fabric masks. The wire insert is exceptionally malleable and will adapt to most faces. Mrs Kevin_K has made a boat load of these masks and they work exceptionally well. She also designed them so they have thin elastic that goes around our heads and necks rather than tugging on the backs of our ears. We both work in schools and are required to wear them at all times when in the school
  9. Respectfully, I disagree with your assertion that the wedge does not work at 2B. It may not be feasible in 2 man or in some situations in 3 man, but it does work. It's applicable at all bases depending on the crew size. While the play above may have looked great, there may have been some degree of good fortune for your partner. What would have happened had the ball been misplayed by F6 and the BR proceeded to 3B? Who was going to make the call? Him trailing the play from the RF side of 2B? You, having to cover an open base when you were at the plate for R1? I would also suggest that
  10. Kevin_K

    Appeal plays

    @maven, they are finally beginning to see what so many of us already know!
  11. So how do they field, pitch, and hit?
  12. You cannot and you should not. If you do, you will likely have an less than casual conversation with the DHC when he inquires what you saw or, more specifically, what you didn't see. It's a limitation of the 2 man system. It is impossible to see everything that happens on a baseball field with a 2 man crew, and any coach worth his sunflower seed littered dugout knows you could never see such a play while in C.
  13. If you knew him, it would not surprise you!
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