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  1. I found this https://www.mlb.com/video/jim-reynolds-joins-mlb-tonight?t=mlb-network
  2. Some might say that Washington DC is a part of the Third World. Just sayin......
  3. Kevin_K

    Balk or CI

    An example from NCAA a couple years ago
  4. Like this? https://youtu.be/lqUvi9tHFhM?t=110
  5. I saw this article today. https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/2020/09/18/nashville-valor-college-prep-athlete-disqualified-muslim-hijab-tssaa/5824149002/ I understand what the rule book and the casebook say, but how can any one be so obtuse? As we saw last year with a wrestling official who enforced the rules as written, rules should be, as @JonnyCat said all those years ago, used to solve problems rather than to create them. Many times over the years I have come across athletes wearing religiously based attire that falls outside the rules as they are written. I have never disqualified the athlete, nor will I. The coaches are advised they should get authorization from the state and they usually respond with something along the lines of "I had no idea." It might be in the best interest of any official in any sport to consider the potential harm of enforcing the letter of these rules rather than the intent of them. Most of these rules are based in the well being of the individual athlete, teammates, and opponents. When it comes to apparel or grooming it might be best in all cases to simply allow whatever it may be as long as no one is placed in harm's way and then report the situation to whomever your local or state organizations deem as their oversight person(s). Kevin_K is not going to be that guy. I don't need reporters calling me, camera crews recording me, or assignors asking me "WTF?".
  6. The kangaroo court has convened and has unanimously agreed to fine Hernandez for the fashion calamity of that periwinkle over-shirt he foisted upon everyone. My eyeballs threw up while enduring that mess.
  7. Somethings offer too much temptation to resist. I'd apologize, but it wouldn't be an honest offer.
  8. Is it OK to click on the link you provided? Can we trust you?
  9. @ArchAngel72, I pride myself in the breadth of my vocabulary. The precise word in the precise spot helps communicate a message with great focus. To help paint the picture I try to convey in words, it is important for me to understand not only the meaning of a word , but the connotation of a word as well. Melee, rowdydow, and fracas all mean some kind of altercation, but they are perceived as different. Deceit has a negative connotation. I might suggest that it would be difficult to find any one who would not connect deceit to purposeful hoodwinking in order to gain an advantage. To saddle a 10 year old who was more aware of his post game snack than the count with this moniker will prove unwelcome universally. The good folks who have suggested that a better choice of words might bear sweeter fruit are only offering their perspective. Please remember that you have asked us about the situation and many have offered their thoughts. Pedantic arguing of the meaning of a word may show that the definition is correct, but it also shows other things that are less attractive.
  10. This question is at the heart of the back and forth @ArchAngel72. Viewpoints and experience guide how the board members respond. Some will agree and others will not. Most stand on the sideline and read. Those bystanders benefit from the discourse as much as any active member might. The conversation is definitely more than simply your opinion, my opinion, or any one person's opinion. Shutting down a conversation that heads in a direction any one person may find unproductive, inaccurate, or personal only prevents a full conversation. Questions asked ought to be fleshed out and the conversation can die a natural death when it has been fully developed. I have found that when I ask a question and get replies I do not care for, I don't usually argue. I say thank you. I use the advice I find helpful and pass on that which I do not agree with. YMMV
  11. I'd hope that there might be another body part a little further south that has protection. Every time I step on a baseball field I am taking care of the boys. Some will say there is no need, but one shot hurts a lot more than the discomfort of the three second effort of proper seating my Nutty Buddy.
  12. 8 days? Is this the shortest time between MLB debut and 1st career ejection?
  13. Amen @MadMax! Several years ago (May 21, 2015) I abandoned their use and my focus on all things pre-pitch has been much sharper. I have rarely lost the count in the ensuing years. Additionally, removing my mask is also easier with the use of all of my short stubby fingers. The first time I did that I had a moment of enlightenment and realized I would never again have to worry about diamond dust gumming up the number wheels should I drop my indicator.
  14. @LRZ...How many of those who read your comment needed to look up Mr. Chylak?
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