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  1. That there is a lot of indicators!
  2. Kevin_K


    It is a judgment call, but the OP suggests that the umpire recognized the runner was impeded and used an improper application/misapplication/lack of application of a rule to justify the call/noncall. A collision between a runner and a fielder may be many things, but train wreck is not one of them that falls within the rules with a very limited list of exceptions. This is not one of them.
  3. Is that because you may not be using one of those indiclickerators?
  4. Awful punch out tho. @Richvee?
  5. Assistant coaches get no room for acting like an asshat. He begged for his all expenses paid ticket to the parking lot to be processed. You should have obliged. When he came charging out of the dugout would have be an opportune moment to engage the head coach to give him the option of taking care of it. In any level above coach pitch (my area of specialty) his behavior warranted an early dismissal. When the head coach mentioned that you "could learn a thing or two" he deserved a similar low key response. Of course being a new umpire, you likely did not want to seem to be the aggressor or a wise ass so you did nothing. I might have engaged him in a similar manner indicating that we all have things to learn and that you learned some time ago that making a spectacle of one's self rarely achieves the desired results. YMMV
  6. Normal? I have been witness to the evolution of the @Richvee strike and punch out calls I might select a different adjective, but normal is something different for everyone isn't it?
  7. Update.... After speaking w/ Arbiter, their reply is they don't know. Their rep and I went through a couple things and here is what we found. When I am signed in under one of my groups, I cannot see anything beyond October 2020. When signed in under other groups, I can see through June 2022. The group I cannot go beyond October with is a college baseball assigning group. The rep said he has never seen anything like that and he needs to escalate the situation. I'll update as the drama unfolds.
  8. Each year around this time I go into Arbiter to update blocks for the upcoming school year. There are dates in the 2020-21 school calendar that I know I cant work or I can open the full day because I may not have to be in class for things like Spring Break. When I tried to update my calendar Arbiter would not allow me to enter anything after October 31, 2020. Anyone know anything? On edit.... Arbiter will not allow me to see my blocks beyond October 31, 2020. I can enter them in the date range, but cannot see the months beyond October in the drop down box.
  9. Nothing in that interview is news. The biggest concern is individual behavior. Will coaches and non-playing participants wear masks as their own guidelines offer? Will spectators spread out? Will participants accurately conduct a daily symptom evaluation? Will they wash their hands? Will everyone keep their distance (think batters/catchers, middle infield slides/tags)? The combination of the virus and the irresponsibility of others offers a dangerous matrix. I know that I do what I should to protect myself and what the current guidelines say I should do to help protect others (read wear a mask). I have little faith that all the other people I come in contact with will do the same. If other people were reliably utilizing best practices, the precipitous rise in infection numbers and rates would not be a concern in so many places where normal behaviors are still being practiced in this abnormal time. YMMV.
  10. If its no concern to return to baseball why do umpires have to sign a waiver? Just sayin.....
  11. 14u is not MLB. Perhaps a review of some of the pitches called strikes in the Atlantic League last year and the reactions of players and coaching staffs would suggests that where a pitch is caught matters.
  12. If you are missing pitches at the knees you may not be seeing them as well as you can. Perhaps your positioning behind F2 is keeping you from seeing the entire zone. Check to make sure your height and depth allow you to see the entire zone You can also use the location of the where the ball is received to assist in your decision making. If F2 receives the ball within his shoulders, at or above his knees, and below his eyes, its probably a strike if he is lined up behind the plate. When batters impeded your look, you can go up or down to get a better look or you could use F2's receiving the ball as a gauge to its strike worthiness. Never ever move out over the plate, away from the slot. As @BretMan mentioned, it can be a killing zone
  13. That there is how things are supposed to work! Responsive, adaptable, and humble..... just like the partner each of us should want to be. Nice work @JimKirk
  14. I went on to my Arbiter account today to look at a rule in the NFHS site on Arbiter and guess what's gone? No more NFHS option for Kevin.
  15. I got ya @Thunderheads.... How would even the most sage of those among us know without some inkling it was there? You misdirected our attention with this apparently incomplete list of features: FEATURES Dispersion Instep Guard provides more inner foot protection Toe box is designed of the highest grade Thermal Polyurethane possible, with greater density in high impact zones ABZORB® - a blend of Dupont™ Engage® and Isoprene rubber - in heel and forefoot provides superior shock absorption and cushioning throughout the game Strategically placed mesh strap on inside of metatarsal guard that promotes air flow and breathability Guard releases for easy on/off Mid-cut provides greater ankle support High gloss is easy to clean / polishable Snug-fit integrated neoprene sock liner provides additional comfort between foot and hard toe Nubby outsole for enhanced traction 31.3 ounces per shoe (size 15) The official plate shoes for MLB umpires For baseball or softball Men’s sizing in all widths
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