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    Players do not have to agree. If MLB wants to implement a rules change they can. From the current CBA : If the Clubs and the Association fail to reach agreement on a proposed change which is subject to negotiation, the proposed change shall not be put into effect until the completion of the next complete succeeding season (including the Wild Card Game, Division Series, League Championship Series and World Series) following the date the change was proposed.
  2. Do you mean reading the article or providing microphones to crew chiefs?
  3. I saw this today: MLB Crew Chiefs to Wear PA Microphones, Starting in 2022
  4. Makes it easy when we end up with a DH then @Richvee! I prefer the front end on the dish. Of all the times we worked together, I had no idea.
  5. I was a "No catch!" proponent until this year when I had a minor kerfuffle on a D3K. @MadMaxoffered the same advice then as now. Every game, with every catcher, I now let them know what to expect. Whether it was college, high school, or rec, every F2, save one, thanked me for letting them know. Most said they have never had a PU ever discuss the D3K with them and that they appreciated the heads up on it. If that's what an evaluator has for me, I will consider that I had a very good game calling balls and strikes.
  6. Ahem.... paging @MadMax.... there seems to be a misunderstanding of a reference to the big yellow W. @mac266, whether you opt for covering your chest protector while wearing a plate coat is your call. Search for any number of threads on the big yellow W to see why @Aging_Arbiter said what he said. Here is one to whet your appetite.
  7. Isn't how many coaches think we make decisions on safe/out and ball/strike? Might as well start the game with all participants knowing that coin flipping is an integral part of umpiring.
  8. Silver dollars are currency. They check all the boxes that seem to be a concern.
  9. Simply because you can is not a directive that you must.
  10. On this we will agree to disagree. There are innumerable suggestions on this board about staying out of dugouts and not talking to the fence. This falls into both. Seems like the poo throwing contest was resolved sans any umpire intervention.
  11. An important life lesson I have learned along the way is that when I go looking for trouble I find it...... every time. When I umpire, my primary concern is what occurs within the confines of the playing field. This seems as though it falls into the "Not my monkeys, not my circus" category.
  12. This is probably the sagest advice offered. The philosophy of keeping your eye on the ball should be applied throughout every play of every game. I was taught to keep my chest to the ball and my head on a swivel. This will serve you well regardless of where the ball is. Recognize that in the two man system there is no way to see everything that happens on a baseball field and understand that the ball will take you to whatever play that needs to be adjudicated. And it seems like your PU graduated from the MSU school of umpiring.
  13. Can anyone explain how the first move of F1's pivot fort, while engaged with the rubber in the set position, can be backward and not upward?
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