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  1. @agdz59 .... @MadMax speaks wisely. The soliloquy offers more potential problems than solutions. If you disagree, just say OK or thanks and ignore the advice. The depth and breadth of experience of this forum's frequenters is significant and the collective knowledge is likely unsurpassed. Just saying.....
  2. So it happened yesterday. In the bottom of the 6th inning Tony Thomas stole first in the Southern Maryland Blue Claws game. It was scored a fielder's choice. http://atlanticleague.com/mobile/scoreboard-standings/
  3. Perhaps Sorry. Sometimes I can't help myself.
  4. Kevin_K

    Caught ball?

    I cannot remember the last time neither my partner nor I failed to call "catch" at some time during a game. Whether it was on a non-routine fly ball or on a routine fly ball where PU is simply informing his partner(s) on the status of the ball, which one or more of his partners may not be looking at because they are watching runners touch bases. Just because @beerguy55 has not heard it doesn't mean it wasn't called.... just like all those plate meeting where coaches positively respond to the questions on legal equipment and uniforms and then plead ignorance when their team is called on it. My .02. YMMV
  5. I have found that when PU calls a balk F1 continues his delivery more often than when BU calls a balk. I wonder if it has something to do with the direction of the announcement.
  6. Kevin_K

    pitcher reentry

    Legion rules clearly allow re-entry S. Re-entry Rule. Departments may use the following re-entry rule for their respective department baseball program during regular season play only: “Any of the starting players may be withdrawn and re-enter once, including a player who was the designated hitter, provided such player occupies the same batting position whenever he is in the lineup. A substitute who is withdrawn may NOT re-enter.” I am amused how some people are club house lawyers, cherry picking certain rules to support a claim while ignoring other rules from the far away parts of the rules book that are on the next page because those aspects of the rules do not support the argument presented.
  7. Kevin_K

    pitcher reentry

    Some legion leagues allow starting players to re-enter a game once they are removed from the lineup. If F1 is removed for another player, he retains re-entry rights. F1 can also take another position in the field and then come back to pitch unless he is removed on a 2nd trip from the coaching staff.
  8. Kevin_K

    New Logo

    That's why I umpire. And I don't care what you people think anyway.
  9. And I bet you have not given even a bit of thought about how your partner's back will feel after carrying you for two games. So selfish.....
  10. The players are children. The rules prohibiting jewelry in LL and NFHS are safety guidelines designed to protect the player. Jewelry is not illegal in OBR or NCAA. Those players are adults who allegedly can make reasoned decisions on their own well being. Last I checked, I am an adult and I can wear or not wear jewelry (including a wedding band) as I see fit. I choose to not wear any bling. You may choose otherwise. That's what adults do.
  11. You did not include players sliding beyond the bag for outs (especially when the turf is wet) and no need for a plate brush. Snow is easily removed so early season games are more likely to be played when other fields are still in the freeze/thaw process.
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