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  1. Many moons ago, one of the the more thoughtful and experienced members of this community, @JonnyCat, offered the group some insight that I have fallen back on many times. This play reminds me of that sage advice: Use the rules book to solve problems rather than create them. By rule, R2 is protected to 3B. Any further award is judgment. As many might agree, perspective affects judgment in almost every case. When in doubt, however those words from the past come rushing forward to provide clarity. The rules allow us to judge R2 to be out at HP because he was only entitled to 3B. While that is the letter of the rule, it also provides for judgment to grant further awards. A call of out and declining to award home is certainly supported by rule, however, that may cause more problems than it solves. BU does not strike me as the strongest umpire either. His lackadaisical pre-pitch posture, lack of an obstruction call, inattention to keeping his chest to the ball, and failure to keep his head on a swivel particularly when F2 is throwing a back pick to 2B all suggest that he may not even have considered, let alone call, obstruction on R2. This video would be great resource to use in an intermediate training class for the 2 man system. There is a lot to be learned here!
  2. That's an interesting perspective @Richvee. I might have to consider using it someday
  3. It is imperative that on field communication is clear between partners. As we all know, a pregame is great, but when an Oh sh*t moment arises we all need to be on the same page
  4. Or, on a batted ball .... if the ball doesn't leave the infield, you (BU) have all plays at the bases.
  5. I hear ya @MadMax. I was just offering another option for something that is clearly eating at @mac266. If this is the problem of the day, it seems that life is pretty good in the southwest.
  6. If the Pecos league is professional baseball, you wouldn't be wearing a blue plate coat so don't sweat that one. Make a budget with this year's game fees to get a second black plate coat. If you can umpire from March through the end of September, that's $10 a week for 30 weeks. That doesn't seem unattainable.
  7. Around these parts there are two interesting correlations associated with wearing navy. It seems the more they remain steadfast with the long standing color scheme, the less likely they are to own a hanger and the more likely they are to be deficient in one or more key skill sets that umpire should possess. "I only have blue" is often the precursor to a day of interesting mechanics, artistic interpretations of the strike zone, and/or judgment that makes the decisions of the Donner Party seem sound.
  8. Nice! Is that local collegiate group the one that assigns JUCO and D1? If so, we may find ourselves on the same field at the same time.
  9. @Richvee @LMSANS @BRUMP @rcjhyman and other NJ guys... Look what I just found..... I wonder what @JimKirk had to offer as a sacrifice to the NJSIAA to become an official vendor.
  10. VB: V/JV DH 2/3 sets, $127 or $134 each official (2) depending on the conference; Freshman solo 2/3 sets $76.50 Volleyball Tournaments on weekends 9 to 2:30ish Varsity $300-$350; subvarsity $250-$300
  11. @BabblingBlue68... There is no need to shoot any monkeys until they demonstrate that they want to be. I have ejected only a handful of coaches in twenty years of umpiring. The ones who needed to go or asked to go through their behavior were properly excused. None of them were personal. All of them, however, were deserved and I have regretted none of them . I have shot only one monkey, and the rest of the troop simmered almost immediately. Anyone who has seen me on a baseball field knows that I am competent, confident, and willing to listen. I won't yell across a field nor would I expect anyone to yell at me. Participants disagree with me at times and I with them, but there is no need for anyone to be disagreeable. Should they use that approach I make it abundantly clear that decorum will be maintained or one of us will no longer be counted as a participant. The message is usually received fairly quickly. You mention training in a couple of your later replies. You might do well to engage a camp of some kind that gives the opportunity for working with umpires outside of the LL setting. The perspective on relationships with managers and coaches shifts when parents are not the ones running the team. While there are arguments about calls in almost all levels of baseball, the way the disagreements are handled are much different in many cases. Others on this board have suggested embracing the ideas espoused in Verbal Judo to diffuse and redirect animated coaches. Even if it is only one skill that is improved, either of these efforts might be worth your time.
  12. There is a reason some umpires refer to coaches as rats. This tool is a great example. That he was around to make the second set of accusations is something that should have never been allowed to occur. Some one ought to school him on how to talk to officials. Some one ought to school him on appeals versus fishing for an answer he likes. Someone ought to clue him in that officials talk to one another. Someone ought to clue him in that bringing up perceived wounds from prior games gets tickets to the parking lot punched. He would not have been around to start a second round if I were in your shoes. The next time I saw him he would have no wiggle room. Say something stupid, ticket punched. Dump him every time until the message is received. Dump anyone who acts like this. Your afternoon always gets better and you will become more comfortable with every ejection. There is no regret in writing an ejection report that includes everything this jackass said. This guy should have been ejected as soon as he started with his prattling about whatever his gripe of the moment was. As our long missing friend @BigUmpire would have said, shoot one monkey and rest tend to fall in line. There is no game fee in the world that allows d-bags like this to stay with in sight and sound of a field when they are given enough rope to hang a warren full of rats. You said you partner was a senior guy who was "doing a great job behind the plate." Where was he when clown boy was demonstrating his ignorance for all to see? I would love to know how your post game conversation with your partner went. He allowed you to get steamrolled. You make no mention of your experience, so I presume that all of this ass-hattery is something you have no experience with or have not dealt with effectively (read eject). P-shah to the moral high ground. It isn't worth diddley squat. He should have been ejected..... twice.
  13. I have never worked a varsity game solo in North Jersey. 2021 fees were $86 per game.
  14. The best of my students will sometimes disagree with me when we engage in discussions about US History. Sometimes those debates offer the class a great chance to see academic excellence because there is passion and knowledge on display. In some cases, a student may have read something or been told something or made connections that are historically inaccurate. In those situations, the best of my students listen to many voices that offer advice that the information being cited is not factual. Sometimes my students become quite animated in the defense of their position. The really insightful ones listen to the voice of the many and consider that the initial position may be worthy of reconsidering. When they do listen to other voices they often see that their passion, while well intended, is being used to argue a moot point because their information is simply wrong. There is great satisfaction in seeing a very bright kid recognize an error, accept advice from others, and shift their position. The humility is refreshing.
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