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  1. Hello folks, It's been a while, hope everyone is doing well. Two years ago or so I bought a a +POS Cobra CP. Nice, lightweight thing but Harness/straps was awful. Tried to replace them with straps for a Force 3, and the clips did not attach to the CP slots. It was recommended that I get replacement straps for a System Seven CP. With the end of my very short season I started putting my gear away and tried to put the System Sever straps on, and they didn't work either. The clips were too wide and too small to hit in the +POS socket, and the shoulder straps were so short I cou
  2. Thank your for the information, and here is another question and a few comments. I went out over the past few days to find balls with the NOXY seal to show the members of my local association what the logo looks like. Rawlings, the vendor that makes tournament balls for the state i usually work in, has not made any balls available yet with the state logo and the NOXY seal on them. I did find some Diamond D1's at a local chain sporting goods store and on Ebay for $46/dozen, and a I think a picture from Rawlings on their web site of the "H3" version of their R100 NFHS ball. Both the D
  3. Maven, I'll ask you the same question I just thunderheads above: What makes a NOCASE stamped baseball any safer than any older baseballs used in HS Baseball? Where is the data that shows there is some kind of safety improvement in newer baseballs with the NOCASE seal than other baseballs?
  4. Thunder, Please tell me why NOCASE balls are safer than other, older baseballs for High School players to use.
  5. Wolfe Man, I was at the local interpreters meeting and the first face to face meeting in Zanesville last Thursday night, Dan was quite clear that if there are no 'noxy' ball, no game, no matter the level. It is wrong to do this, but that is what is .
  6. Matt, I am sorry but I disagree, it is relevant. The point of the play we are talking about is that the plate umpire killed a play that should not have been killed by rule (obstruction of the Batter by F2). I think the case play gives the crew latitude to move the runners one base, just like you award the batter one base. there are two out, the ball is hit to the outfield, and the runners are running as soon as the ball is hit. I believe this allows the crew to score R3, put R2 on 3B and the Batter at 1B. I may be a minority of one here, but I believe the award is justifiable here.
  7. Matt, 2019 Casebook: 8.1.1 SITUATION E: R2 is on second. F2 obstructs B2 but he hits and reaches first safely but R2, who was not moving on the pitch, is thrown out at home plate. RULING: Obstruction is ignored since R2 advanced one base and B2 reached first base safely. R2's advance past third was at his own risk and he is out. (5-1-2b, 8-3-3d) I still think this is a possbility, but then the fly in the ointment is that the PU killed the play. will rethink my opinion.
  8. Gentlemen, With all due respect, especially since this thread happened a year ago, why does 8-1-1e.1 does not apply here? IMO 10-2-3 and the mistake by the PU has nothing to do with it. Apply the rule as written. 1. 8.1.1- F2 obstructs the BR, BR and all runners moving advance 1 base, if all do advance the OBS is ignored. If they are not advancing no award for that runner unless forced. 2. The time and situation is 2 outs, right? it is a hit ball right? Anyone whoever played baseball knows the runners are running, so even if the crew cannot see the runners running obviously th
  9. I wish i could get them in 15. I talked to someone there by e-mail when I asked if Mizuno ever made larger sizes. He said no, but there have been several/many people who have asked about it. Maybe they will make some in the future.
  10. Stripes, Get well soon! I am going through sort of the same thing, but it's with a pair of bad knees that cost me my whole summer season, and a ton of really good games. I hate every moment of it, and it's driving me crazy. The only things I've found that help is to work really hard on rehab (if you can), and hope for a lot of grace to see me though. Sometimes we have to accept that our bodies break down sometimes and we have to let it heal. Thank God that we live in a time where the medical arts have learned so much about healing the human body that injuries that used to end career
  11. UIC, I understand why you like this idea so much, but in all honesty I hate it. this year I got so busy with work, illness, and the other sports i worked that I missed the day i had to see the video to be tournament eligible (I literally thought it was a Monday, not a Sunday when it closed, I set a day aside to watch and study it, one day too late), not that it matters at my age very much. That weekend or even just two days to get away and concentrate on Baseball and enjoying the company of fellow umpires is such a great thing for me to enjoy/participate in, it was a perfect way to
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