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  1. When it's in your dugout, it's for and about your team and your teammate. When it's out of your dugout it may still be meant for them, but it's also now about the other team, other players, and the fans, many of them not your own.
  2. LC Ump

    3 man

    U3 is in Deep B with R1 only in 3 man.
  3. Although not stated in the rule, it's implied that plays involving runners leaving early are delayed dead balls - drop the red flag, allow the play to conclude (which is the language used in 7.13 Exception) and then assess whatever base awards or "returns" are called for based on the result after you've killed it. Similar to balks at the upper levels and obstruction on a runner on whom a play is not being made...
  4. I have this version I copied from an LL Umpire RIM to use in a manual I created for my local LL. Hope I attached it correctly and is something you can use. Umpire in Slot .docx
  5. Yes, multiple times, both for stuff I bought for myself or needed for my state association. Competitive prices and always shipped/delivered quickly. They have a decent rewards program as well and it can help save a few bucks on shipping costs or the item itself. Can only say positive things about Ump-Attire but Purchase is very good, too.
  6. 1975 World Series Game 3. Batter Ed Armbrister bunts. Catcher Carlton Fisk fields.
  7. I agree with @jms1425. NCAA Appendix F 20 Secon Action Clock #9 states that if the batter does not enter the box AND become alert to the pitcher by the 10 sec mark, it's a violation. I read that as saying the batter is responsible for both things - being in the box and alert to what's happening on the mound. If he's in the box prior to the 10 seconds and for some reason becomes "unalert" after that you should rule the same as if he still wasn't in the box at all.
  8. I think OBR's "in the judgement of the umpire" language gives you room to rule either way on this play even though the runner is out of the running lane - that the throw created the fielder's problem, not the runner. And as others have said, so does the fact that the runner is allowed to be out of the lane on his last step. I only meant to point out that where the throw comes from is not part of the rule.
  9. Where the throw originates isn't in the definition of "RLI" in OBR (5.09(a)(1)), NCAA (7.11p) or NFHS (8-4-1g), only that the runner must be in the running lane "while the ball is being fielded to first base." Since this was a summer wood bat league game, it's fair to assume that it was being played under OBR, so with a runner not in the running lane, "if in the umpire's judgement" there was interference "with the fielder taking the throw," it's RLI.
  10. Agree that the comma creates confusion. OBR has clearer language. Rule 6.02 (a)9: "The pitcher, without having the ball, stands on or astride the pitcher's plate or while off the plate, he feints a pitch." And the NCAA rule makes it a balk if the pitcher is merely off the dirt circle but begins a lot like OBR. Rule 9-3-f: "While not in possession of the ball, the pitcher..."
  11. Yes, agree with the above completely. By "preventative officiating" I meant addressing the potential for shenanigans at the BOD/DA level in advance of the season or tournament - to support the "spirit" of the rule, which I believe is to give managers more freedom/opportunity to give more players more playing time, not a way to gain a competitive advantage.
  12. I agree. Great observation. The law of unintended consequences that will require some "preventative officiating?" We use CBO in our league's regular season and playoffs, and it's come up then, especially playoffs. No question it could come up during tournament season, so I'm asking our DA to put it on the agenda for our next district meeting.
  13. The same will apply in tournament play. From the 2023 LL Rules "Significant Updates" on the LL website: b. If a player is injured, becomes ill, or must leave the game site after the start of the game, the team will skip over him/her when his/her time at bat comes up without penalty. If the injured, ill, or absent player returns, he/she is merely inserted into their original spot in the batting order and the game continues. Also, if a player arrives later to a game site, if the manager chooses to enter him/her in the lineup (see Rule 4.01 NOTE 2), he/she would be added to the end of the current lineup.
  14. So what base did you award R2, if any? He wasn't advancing to a base but returning to one already acquired. What was your "discretion."
  15. And @noumpere says we're wrong and I can see why. R1's retreat back to 1b would reinstate the force and, as he says, a 3rd out on force play would then negate the run. Apologies. Thanks for setting me straight!
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