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  1. That's akin to those guys at clinics who are offered some suggestion on something about their mechanics and, rather than accept the suggestion, they reply with, "Yeah, but...."
  2. This positioning is optimal. Associations around here at the HS level teach the deep C, but that positioning runs counter to both angle and distance for any plays anywhere but 2B. It also allows you to stay out of the throwing lanes to 1B when F6 or F5 are charging a ground ball. The position may be a little hairy with a screamer up the middle, but the odds are in our favor that the ball is headed somewhere else.
  3. Easy Big Guy! Ya don't wanna blow a seal on that vintage model Gen X cardio system!
  4. Kevin_K

    Home Run

    Players do not have to agree. If MLB wants to implement a rules change they can. From the current CBA : If the Clubs and the Association fail to reach agreement on a proposed change which is subject to negotiation, the proposed change shall not be put into effect until the completion of the next complete succeeding season (including the Wild Card Game, Division Series, League Championship Series and World Series) following the date the change was proposed.
  5. Do you mean reading the article or providing microphones to crew chiefs?
  6. I saw this today: MLB Crew Chiefs to Wear PA Microphones, Starting in 2022
  7. Makes it easy when we end up with a DH then @Richvee! I prefer the front end on the dish. Of all the times we worked together, I had no idea.
  8. I was a "No catch!" proponent until this year when I had a minor kerfuffle on a D3K. @MadMaxoffered the same advice then as now. Every game, with every catcher, I now let them know what to expect. Whether it was college, high school, or rec, every F2, save one, thanked me for letting them know. Most said they have never had a PU ever discuss the D3K with them and that they appreciated the heads up on it. If that's what an evaluator has for me, I will consider that I had a very good game calling balls and strikes.
  9. Ahem.... paging @MadMax.... there seems to be a misunderstanding of a reference to the big yellow W. @mac266, whether you opt for covering your chest protector while wearing a plate coat is your call. Search for any number of threads on the big yellow W to see why @Aging_Arbiter said what he said. Here is one to whet your appetite.
  10. Isn't how many coaches think we make decisions on safe/out and ball/strike? Might as well start the game with all participants knowing that coin flipping is an integral part of umpiring.
  11. Silver dollars are currency. They check all the boxes that seem to be a concern.
  12. Simply because you can is not a directive that you must.
  13. On this we will agree to disagree. There are innumerable suggestions on this board about staying out of dugouts and not talking to the fence. This falls into both. Seems like the poo throwing contest was resolved sans any umpire intervention.
  14. An important life lesson I have learned along the way is that when I go looking for trouble I find it...... every time. When I umpire, my primary concern is what occurs within the confines of the playing field. This seems as though it falls into the "Not my monkeys, not my circus" category.
  15. This is probably the sagest advice offered. The philosophy of keeping your eye on the ball should be applied throughout every play of every game. I was taught to keep my chest to the ball and my head on a swivel. This will serve you well regardless of where the ball is. Recognize that in the two man system there is no way to see everything that happens on a baseball field and understand that the ball will take you to whatever play that needs to be adjudicated. And it seems like your PU graduated from the MSU school of umpiring.
  16. Can anyone explain how the first move of F1's pivot fort, while engaged with the rubber in the set position, can be backward and not upward?
  17. I had the great pleasure of working with @Richveetoday in a summer college DH. I wish the level of play equaled the pleasure of working with Rich. I am continually amazed by how baseball has an unending combination of peculiarities that allows us to see things we have never seen before in a game. In today's second game there were R1 & R2 with less than two out. F1 had a motion where he rocked on and off his non-pivot foot several times before coming set. Many times he was close to not coming set, but there was a clear stop each time. He then delivered a pitch on one occasion where there clearly was no stop. I balked him and he delivered a pitch that hit the BR in the back just below the numbers. My understanding of the NCAA (and OBR) balk rules is that the balk is ignored if F1 delivers a pitch that allows the BR and all base runners to advance one base. There are examples in the NCAA rules book on hits and wild pitches, but no clear example dealing with a HBP. As such, the BR was awarded 1B on the HBP with R1 & R2 advancing. A whole lot of the peanut gallery were gobsmacked by the result of the sequence and started expounding on their vast knowledge of balks and penalties. In game, I was 100% positive that the placement of runners was correct. Now the seed of doubt has germinated into me questioning the way we addressed the situation. I see nothing in the rules book to suggest that the play was improperly adjudicated. I came across this thread that seems to support the the way we ruled. That thread includes the OBR penalty that includes a hit batter as reason to ignore the balk, but that does not exist in the NCAA rule. So did we get it right?
  18. Not according to the interpretation. Hence, my question. I might suggest that this falls under the practice of using the rule book to solve problems rather than create problems.
  19. For clarification purposes... Is this saying that obstruction should be called for F2 reaching over the plate without a swing from the batter? If that is the case, I would like to witness that call being made and the ensuing clown show.
  20. I wasn't making an attempt at humor. This league has local rules that address, in my opinion, the relatively low level of play for the age group. When enforcing the rules of the league it is probably a far better idea to use the rule book to solve problems than to create problems, as our friend @JonnyCat has mentioned many times in the past. Regardless of what league or what level or what sport one may be officiating, One will probably find it far more productive to officiate with the book rather than by the book. By enforcing the rules that you are wondering about in this situation, you will run the significant risk of being labeled an OOO. YMMV
  21. I might suggest that in this case, it would be a good idea to not go looking for trouble. You will probably find it.
  22. Sometimes game management is about establishing a relationship. Most knowledgeable coaches recognize that your offer to repeat themselves is an opportunity to correct their inappropriate comments. I would suggest that @Richvee is giving a pass to comments that are ejection worthy, but by affording the offender a chance to reflect on his transgression(s) is, in essence, saying that the warning has been issued without spelling it out in specific terms. If an umpire has no experience working with said coach, this pass may help the coach realize that he is working with an umpire who has some credibility and would rather keep the coach in the game than not. On the other hand, if said coach insists on repeating the dumb comment(s), his ticket will be punched not only because of the comments but because said coach is dumber than a bag of hammers.
  23. That call belongs to U1. As you have indicated, the concern is the positioning he adopted to make an anticipated call at 3B. One of the principles beaten into my head when I started umpiring was that I should be still whenever I needed to make a call. Instructors have repeatedly referenced the idea of a camera needing to be motionless when capturing an image. In the haste to get to the 3B cutout, U1 abandoned his responsibility to see the catch/tag up sequence properly. I would have a hard time accepting any justification from any partner about them being on the move for this part of the play. If U1 moved toward 3B as the ball was in flight, he could have come set at the time of the catch and then continued moving once the ball touched F8s glove. NFHS rules allow for the PU to be the umpire in chief, but specifically curb his authority when it comes to decisions on situations "commonly reserved for the field umpire." (10.2.1) Some umpires are more open to receiving and using information than others. Perhaps this U1 was less than receptive. Perhaps PU did not see the catch/tag. Perhaps U1 blinked at a bad time. Sometimes umpires just kick a call. Or, as you said @isired, it could just be bad luck.
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