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  1. I put the sweaty gear in the cabin of my car for the ride home in the A/C to start drying it out on those really humid days. Shoes go in the foot well of the front passenger seat and other gear is laid out on the seats. When I get home I put it in the basement where I have a dehumidifier it its dark outside. If it is still daytime I let it sit in the sun to dry. I have two sets of everything that allows me to rotate gear even on days when I may have more than one game. My gear does not smell and I have never used any chemicals to mask its scent. At the end of the season all the gear is cleaned with soap and water and left to dry before I stow it.
  2. Kevin_K


    This coming from the guy who always uses SWMBO when referring to his wife? Rhetorical question, right?
  3. I wish it was only "something". I can only speak for myself. I know its a bunch of somethings with yours truly.
  4. Correlation does not imply causation.
  5. IIRC, the 20 second clock is not in effect with runners on base.
  6. Not this guy! I've been off the diamond since July 12. No delusions of grandeur here. I have learned to enjoy my time off in the summer and too many baseball games significantly detract from decompression that summer offers.
  7. I believe the technical term for your response is the YGBFKM stare.
  8. Not in the Atlantic League
  9. This vexes me. So many soccer, football, baseball, and softball guys don a white shirt, collect a check, and put no effort into learning how to officiate the sport. Few of them would ever approach their "first" sport in such a manner. After all, it's only volleyball, who cares?
  10. This. Prevent the fishing expedition before it starts.
  11. Link didn't work for me https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/mlb-suspends-eight-following-pirates-reds-brawl-including-keone-kela-for-10-games-and-since-traded-yasiel-puig-for/
  12. They are the only state in the union that is not based on English common law. Their system is based on a version Napoleonic law which is one that gives greater latitude to judges in interpreting law rather than the precedent based system of the rest of the country.
  13. For your edification https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=poffo-001ran
  14. I cannot point to a signal in an NFHS source that is no longer included in their umpiring signals. As far as the point toward the play and verbalizing, it is something that I have learned through clinics and onfield observations. It is akin to this
  15. That's an outdated mechanic for FED. Umpires are no longer supposed to extend the left arm, but the point and verbal indication should be used when you see the obstruction. The verbal "That's nothing!" is also something that we can use to let everyone know that we saw no obstruction/interference on a given play.
  16. Legion ball in this area has declined more than the 80% the article refers to. 10 years ago there were three legion leagues with senior and junior levels that I worked with some phenomenal baseball. The league that I worked primarily was a junior league with the best of the underclassmen on at least 15 teams. There were even more teams in the upper division. Two years ago the league folded after five years of attrition. My understanding is that one of the primary reasons the league folded had to do with the rigidity of American Legion roster rules. Players had to be included on the roster prior to league play and there could be no additions made to compensate for family vacations, injuries, etc. Coaches were never the issue as most of the teams had long time commitments from very knowledgeable baseball people. Add to this mix the money that parents have invested in travel programs and the overall decline in the number of kids playing and Legion did not have a chance.
  17. I do. I bet many of you reading this do. My ticket costs the same as Mrs. McGillicuddy's does. Most fans really do not care about umpiring or umpiring concerns, I get that. Don't discount the wackos out there who watch officials, ring card girls, or Zambonis resurfacing the ice. It's all a part of the experience.
  18. Are you suggesting that coaches should read a rule book? Debate and conjecture are far more entertaining than knowledge.
  19. Kevin_K


    Under NCAA and OBR a balk. Fed rules no.
  20. Wouldn't proper facilities have a properly lain HP?
  21. "OK Ernie, let's go" "I get it Ernie, but it's time to go" "I think that's enough Ernie, you said what you needed to." It depends on level, familiarity with coach, circumstances leading to the ejection. Sometimes you just hafta umpire.
  22. Congratulations @grk17! If your post game conversation was about strike three mechanics your partner was telling you that you had an awesome game!
  23. @agdz59 .... @MadMax speaks wisely. The soliloquy offers more potential problems than solutions. If you disagree, just say OK or thanks and ignore the advice. The depth and breadth of experience of this forum's frequenters is significant and the collective knowledge is likely unsurpassed. Just saying.....
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