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  1. I'm excited to share some news about an upcoming initiative set to launch in mid-March: the Davis Prototype Field Testing Program (DPFTP). I'm looking for UE members who may have interest in the program. The DPFTP is designed to be a vital instrument for us to directly engage with you, leveraging your feedback and insights to refine our product development efforts and bring forward innovative, thoughtfully engineered products. The program will focus on two main categories: apparel and accessories, and protective equipment. Here’s a brief overview to help you decide if this opportunity sparks your interest. Testing Process Participants who are involved in the program will be selected based on specific criteria and demographics to ensure a wide range of insights. We'll consider your officiating experience, officiating frequency, size, and location, aiming to match you with tests that suit your profile. Participation is voluntary, allowing you to opt for tests that interest you. Test durations vary, from brief fit assessments to extensive wear trials lasting from two weeks up to six months, tailored to the product being evaluated. Basic Requirements A valid email address. Proficiency in English. Residency in the continental United States. Age 18 or older. Willingness to test both prototype and production products as intended. Ability to provide detailed, constructive feedback by set deadlines. Commitment to adhere to specific testing instructions. Without giving too much away publicly, at this time we have 4 products in the hard good space and a number of apparel products we're interested in getting long-term feedback on. Please note, the form below serves as an expression of interest, not an application to join the program. At this point we're looking to gauge the level of interest and identify individuals who may be good matches for upcoming tests. We'll reach out to potential candidates who meet our criteria by mid-March with more details on how to apply. I'm happy to answer what questions I can publicly if anyone would like some more information or feel free DM or email me directly derek [at] gerrydavis.com with any questions. If you're interested, you can fill out the interest form. A big thanks to @Umpire in Chief for allowing us to gauge interest from the UE community.
  2. Ultimately, the consensus seems to be about understanding your market, as @wolfe_man thoroughly explained and @johnnyg08 briefly touched upon. If you're unsure, conducting market research is essential. Consider taking a cue from @Razzer, who plans to test his products through a soft launch to gain some traction. Remember, navigating this market is neither simple nor straightforward; umpires are a challenging market and they encompasses a broad spectrum of shopper profiles and values. I strongly recommend dedicating some time to understand it better.
  3. @Umpiresrock74 Keep in mind that market competition is inevitable. This shouldn't deter you, but rather encourage you to identify how and where you can carve out your niche. I assure you, UL and you are not alone in exploring opportunities in hard goods and replacement padding.
  4. Nailed it. I'll just emphasize on what was just said. The umpire community mostly operates on word of mouth, and few are willing to be the first to try something until it has been endorsed by their peers. UE is a great example of exactly that. Most people tend to either spend the minimum and aim to make it last as long as they can, or spend the least amount possible and regularly replace it.
  5. I'd like to point out that there's a significant cost distinction between independently conducting tests for standards such as NOCSAE ND200 (Commotio Cordis) and completing the entire certification process. The two price points don't even come close to one another.
  6. We have revamped the HG line up as well. It is largely getting the same treatment as Charcoal pants but based on the last 3 years or so of sales data HG is on a steady decline. Much of the HG line up should be fully released in the next week or so as well but sizing may be limited. We weren't willing to take a huge gamble with all of the SKU variations. We'll be offering the newer Smitty stuff as well but it will all be special order. We've gotten much better. I'll be the first to admit our policies, support, etc. were terrible for quite sometime and we cleaned house a bit to make more positive changes in our attitude towards customers and the whole experience in shopping with us. I cannot argue with that. They are a very nice pant as well.
  7. Realistically, early April so late to the line up this year. There may be a slim chance of some trickling in mid-late March. Happy to be here and contribute to the conversations where I can!
  8. I might as well jump in here. Smitty's: Poly/Spandex 94X V1: 300x300 100% Polyester Our original (Classic) cut on the 94X V1 is what you'd expect from being designed over a decade ago. Wide. We've revamped our whole pant line up for 2024, some of which isn't released yet. 94X V2: A refresh, offered in 3 different fits. Classic, Straight and Tapered (Base, flat front only on tapered) Core Lightweight: 150x150 Polyester. Available in straight fit, flat front only. BFX Pro: Replaces the MLB Pro which is more similar to the Smitty pant in terms of fabric. This will be a 100% polyester pant but it uses a proprietary yarn to mimic Spandex while dying better and fading slower in the sun. It's MSRP is will be well above the Smitty pant though. Will be available in straight fit. Pleated or flat front.
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