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  1. Mississippi HS sent out notice yesterday that they would be switching to a program called Dragonfly. Anyone had any experience on that platform? Today officials are to receive a link to go in & register as an official. The excerpt below is from the email. "The National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) has partnered with DragonFly to create the Center for Official Services (COS); a digital officiating platform for registration, assessments, assignments and payments. MHSAA is also a part of this partnership. We look forward to this new technology for the betterment of our total program for officials."
  2. So far Lentz & De Jesus. The next three already know but looks like maybe MLB releasing names one per day. Idk maybe so each gets their moment in the limelight as a new hire.
  3. Another great transaction with @acpar72 with acquisition of an awesome Diamond w/Belgrade pads. Also had a few summer transactions w/Aaron that were smooth & I was very pleased with mask pad sets I bought.
  4. I was once taught by my original assigner that giving an emphatic chainsaw or punch out on a swinging strike three that was caught was considered at some levels to be showing up a hitter thus a soft hammer indicating an out was all that was needed. Interestingly, years later my son was told the same comment at the PBUC school when he went.
  5. Same guy. Word on ball fields in W. TN is that he has left Haywood County & has accepted a coaching position at Adamsville HS in McNairy County, TN. So Haywood gets 2 year postseason ban & the coach sits two games at his new school next season.
  6. I have a charcoal gray one I'd part with if your interested. It is not silver one you originally wanted though. PM me if you interested & I can text you pics of it.
  7. I've noticed the same kind of fading on my pairs that are in their 2nd summer of calling ball as much as you do. They are faded exactly as you described. I'm foregoing replacing them as of now until we see which manufacturer besides Smitty will be offering similar material in an alternate brand. Mine have close to 200 games on them as well & are not stored in a car where they would be subject to fading during transport.
  8. I'm thinking of ordering then sending the mask frame to Tony @ mask-it in order to paint it sky blue. Then I can put black pads in the blue powder coated frame & the 2-tone pads in a black frame or a Wilson Ti.
  9. I recently carried one of my own mask w/me to Academy & tried it with the Wilson Matte Black skull cap they sell. This was the one w/several ventilation slots. I didn't like how far away from my eyes the thickness of the mask pushed out the eye guard bars. Made the whole setup seem like it had poorer vision. Of course I was standing in a retail store & not looking at pitches. The standard skull cap seems to have a bill on it equivalent to an 8-stitch cap as well. I wonder if the one being provided to MLB guys has been modified to address the bill length & additional thickness at forehead vs the regular 4-stitch plate hat or 6-stitch combo hat.
  10. My perspective is I am not willing to spend a season (or two) of game fee earnings just so 3 or 4 batters can stand on deck. There are two many ambulance chasing lawyers in a constant barage of TV & radio advertising making it too easy for parents to call before they even get to the hospital. I was always taught that the only one's allowed on-deck swinging bats when warm-ups are occurring is the batter & the on-deck batter. This is supported in the rules as mentioned earlier. Why would anyone want to incur the liability when a kid gets knocked out because he is the 4th-5th or 6th kid out on deck? I work too hard for my game fees to lose in a judgement. If you want the liability then let more than two out there. Another issue is allowing batters to go to the opponent's on-deck warm-up area just because they are right or left handed & want to warm up on the side they will be batting. This is prohibited as well.
  11. I just heard a story of a very veteran HS coach in our area being upset that one of our 5th year umps was discussing a situation with him & he got mad about the BU calling him by first name apparently. Later commented to his partner when passing the plate that the "kid" hadn't been around long enough to use his first name. Apparently this coach didn't feel the kid had earned his "street credit" yet as the HS kids at my school say sometimes.
  12. They are wearing them in MiLB as well as in MLB. In MiLB the crew chief decides between the polywools or the new poly-sp[andex. I know MLB has provided the poly-spandex to the two guys I know in MLB but I haven't heard if it was to all crews in MLB or if it's experimental stages on a crew-by-crew basis.
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