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  1. Never mind I overlooked a key detail.
  2. I ask because the rules specifically state that with two outs the winning run cannot score before the batter reaches first.
  3. Related question. Let’s say in the same scenario there are two outs and R2 and R3 both reach home plate before BR reaches first. Is it still only one run?
  4. Situation: bases loaded in a tie game in the bottom of the ninth. The batter produces a base hit that then bounces out of play for what would normally be a ground-rule double. However, since the winning run started at third only a single is needed to end the game. Is this still a ground-rule double and how many runs score on the play?
  5. Let’s say someone hits a home run but gets hurt and can’t finish running the bases. Can someone run for him? Does his run automatically score? Is he out? What happens?
  6. It’s under options (next to edit).
  7. Aww, I have too much fun watching the games from home. But thank you.
  8. I like to point out to the side on swinging strikes, and more out in front on called strikes. (Again, I don’t umpire, but I like to call games from home.) 5B36E286-4BF4-4253-B9CF-4C49E6504CEB.MOV
  9. I guess I’m wondering is there any reason NOT to signal swinging strike and THEN out on a caught swinging third strike? 8E41B211-4BF9-4C4B-9545-F53E6E2800F5.MOV
  10. From what I’ve noticed, even umpires who normally use the point signal will give a hammer strike for strike 3 swinging.
  11. Also, while I find “pulling the chain” to be quite fun just as a stand-alone action, I’m curious why it entered the umpiring repertoire, and how it became so ubiquitous.
  12. Because I meant something more like this: (and yes, those are both me.) 9EA79B7A-B8CD-4721-8F18-C7A22439E1DF.MOV
  13. You mean this? 5C028F66-D1E7-4564-9D98-DD7D6615C2FB.MOV
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