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  1. @Thunderheads CP gone, you can lock it up!
  2. Stk004

    Non-Force Tag

    Is there a scenario where the bare hand and ball is in the glove and you don't have a tag?
  3. Stk004

    Non-Force Tag

    That's what I said
  4. Stk004

    Non-Force Tag

    You're right. If a runner is tagged with a glove and the bare hand is holding the ball in the glove, it's a tag.
  5. Some language in here but these videos are pretty entertaining.
  6. "However, if a fielder, after catching a fly ball on the playing surface or at any point while in complete possession of the ball (pitched, thrown, or fair batted ball not in flight), steps or falls into any out-of-play area, the ball shall be dead and base runners shall be entitled to advance one base from the time the fielder entered such out-of-play area." Emphasis mine.
  7. Stk004


    "This situation" meaning when the batter runner and the first baseman both miss first base?
  8. In OBR, any time a player carries a ball out of play it's a one base award from the time he went out of play. You can find this under section 6.5 in the MiLBUM under "fielder going into out of play area."
  9. I was doing a HS game earlier this year where the batter and catcher clearly know each other. They're talking about the game last week as the batter digs into the box. First pitch drills him right between his shoulder blades. Next at bat he walks over and the catcher says "I swear I didn't mean to hit you."
  10. I was playing MLB the Show yesterday and was riding a 10 game hit streak. I hit the ball into left field only to see my catcher get forced out at second base. Ended up with a fielder's choice and no hits that day.
  11. Stk004

    hit by a pitch

    No. As long as the batter doesn't offer at the pitch (aka make an attempt to bunt it) he does not have to pull it back.
  12. So this is what we sound like when we talk to our friends/family about umpiring..... Interesting.
  13. This is still the MiLB mechanic. With R1 only and a ground ball on the infield PU should be moving up towards third base. If R1 is retired at second base, PU moves back towards the first base line to watch the play at first base. If not, go to the library. BU is responsible for the slide at second. Yeah, it's a tough one to see but it's his responsibility.
  14. You were right. Yes the rule does not change based on which body part you use to touch the base. If you look up the definition of a tag, you'll find the following: And yes, touching a base for a force out is a tag of a base.
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