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  1. That's how I felt explaining batter's interference on Sunday
  2. You make a good point. I should’ve said no new jobs out of pro school next year. They can always call up guys from the CPL or otherwise. Not to mention all the new hires from 2020 that didn’t get to work this year.
  3. “I’ve seen a better blue in a crayon box!”
  4. I find the Rawlings pads to be smaller than Nike pads and not as comfortable, but to each their own. Good luck with your search Chris
  5. Yeah sorry @Thunderheads, I was still a few years away from umpiring
  6. The plate umpire in last night’s Dinos vs. Eagles game worked the slot. First guy I’ve seen do that
  7. Bumping this. Asking $50 for the chrome moly, $40 for the Mizuno pads. Open to offers, would like to pay for my textbook that I didn’t opt out of in time
  8. Quick note here @Biscuit . I agree with this thought but there's an important distinction between anticipating what's going to happen and anticipating the outcome. Anticipate the play, as in where it will develop/what events will take place, but DO NOT anticipate the outcome. I'm not correcting you @yawetag , I just wanted to emphasize that for teaching a new guy.
  9. Another vote here for the definitions section. One of the most important and easiest sections to go through, especially for a new umpire. I personally would walk him through the process of a game, as far as mechanics and whatnot. Arrive at the field, change, walk onto the field, have a plate meeting then jog out to right field. So much umpire training, especially for new guys, never covers what a game day actually looks like. You could start with a hypothetical "Top of the first, nobody on nobody out" and have the first play be a ground ball to the infield. The concepts I'd focus on for mechanics are starting positions A, B, and C, taking plays at first base, and a general idea of where you want to be as plays develop. For example if you're in C with a runner on third and 2 outs, get over to the first base side of the mound for the play at first. Plate work obviously is a whole adventure where you can talk about foot position, the slot, TIMING, etc. But I personally wouldn't bombard him with abstract concepts that don't have a practical use until you've umpired a few games and understand why timing is important or why making sure the fielder held onto the ball on a tag is so important. Most importantly, emphasize common sense, fair play, and to use his baseball IQ. I'm assuming if he's interested in umpiring he must have some interest in baseball. Knowing the situation and understanding things from a baseball perspective will help a lot as a new umpire. Note for when you inevitably talk about timing: Please make sure he understands that timing is proper use of eyes and not "he caught the ball, one Mississippi, two Mississippi." It's "he caught the ball, his foot is on the bag, the ball is in his glove" etc.
  10. Icon frame sold, Mizuno pads and harness still available.
  11. All the clothes are sold! MVP2500 chin pad still available
  12. Hey guys, I have some random stuff I don’t need. I have an all star chin pad, 3 Smitty jackets and a long sleeve panel shirt. Panel shirt and white shoulder stripe jackets are XL, black windbreaker and double side stripe jacket are a L. The double white stripe shoulder jacket seems like it’d fit more like a L than XL. I also have two 32 waist Smitty expander pants. They’re not poly spandex, they’re the generic Smitty pant. One plate one base pair. Asking $15 per item, shipped to you. I can probably work out a better price for a bundle if you want multiple/all of the times. As always PM with questions or offers.
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