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  1. I left them out for a day as well and they smelled fine after that
  2. I can take another pic when I get back home. As you can tell I'm not a photographer lol. They're brand new so that's the original paint. Haven't worn them yet, so they're holding up great so far .
  3. I just got a set of the Deerskin pads in today. First impression, they smell a little funky out of the bag. Kind of like the red paint in ceramics class in high school. It's not overwhelming, just something I noticed. They are pretty soft. I'm not sure if they're more comfortable than the LUC pads though. I've been wearing the grey LUC mag pads for the better part of 3 years and I think those are extremely comfortable. I'll check back in after I wear the Deerskin pads in a game, hopefully Sunday. As always, I love the plastic plate in the bottom pad. I agree with @SeeingEyeDog 100%
  4. how does one run over their mask?
  5. It'll probably be another week then before he can brew up a response.
  6. They should be here this afternoon
  7. Ah sorry! I figured I didn’t need them anymore once I had your TW on the way
  8. Was he safe at home @Umpire in Chief?
  9. Hi everyone, I have a pair of black All-Star LUC pads for sale. They’re in good condition, I only wore them down at umpire school. Asking $20 shipped. PM with any questions or offers. Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone, I have two pairs of 32 waist Smitty pants I'm looking to get rid of. They're free, just pay the shipping cost to get them out to you. They've faded a bit but they'd be great for little league or a young umpire just starting out. I also have a brand new black Smitty convertible jacket I don't need. Size L. Looking for $25 shipped for the jacket. PM me with any questions or for more pictures. Thanks!
  11. Buyer beware: the ear holes on this are tiny for a few days until they stretch out.
  12. I know OBR is now anywhere on the catcher just like NCAA. Not sure about NFHS
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