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  1. Are you able to move "behind the plate" in WinReality? It'd be nice to know if you're stuck in the batter's box or if you're free to walk around anywhere.
  2. I think it depends what part of the country you're in, specifically how rural your area is. For HS I personally would not want to drive more than an hour each way. If you were living in southern California, an hour would be a really long way for a high school game. But if you lived in Wyoming, I wouldn't think an hour drive is unreasonable or uncommon.
  3. I would assume the declaration did happen. Usually you’ll see the plate umpire signal up and down with both hands to indicate the windup. But with the playoff broadcast it’s impossible to know for sure
  4. I have a black All-Star magnesium with leather pads if those float your boat
  5. Pretty sure Rackley is still wearing his Mag. John Libka also comes to mind.
  6. Force 3 is another good option for visibility
  7. I do not. I found a Force 3, so I'm open to selling the mask outright, otherwise @Thunderheadsyou can lock this
  8. Hi everyone, I would like to trade my All Star Magnesium for a Force 3 in like-new condition. Preferably black pads but I'm open to anything. The pads on the magnesium have only been worn a few times. No throat guard or harness included/needed in the trade, but if you need one I might have an extra lying around. PM me with any questions/offers. Thanks
  9. TW sold! Still have Adidas pads (green and maroon) and those Bob Davidson +POS pads.
  10. A little late to the party but I wear one Smitty expander ball bag on my right side and I comfortably fit 7 baseballs in it.
  11. TW pads have been washed, I updated the pictures above. I have 4 sets of mask pads I don't need, let me know if you want em. Thanks
  12. Phoenix is probably the best place for amateur baseball year-round
  13. I’ve also had two great transactions with @Scissors as well!
  14. Everything was great from my end as well, would do business with @cjromananytime
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