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  1. I have some clothes I don’t wear/need. First off are two jackets, I believe both of which are Smitty. Both Large. The first is an all black Smitty convertible jacket. Like new, only worn a handful of times. $30 shipped OBO Next is the white stripped version of the convertible jackets but I don’t have the sleeves. Lightly used (I’m not the original owner) but it looks practically new. I’m guessing it’s Smitty but the tag is very generic. $25 shipped OBO. Brand new Smitty XL MLB replica shirt. Simply too big for me, $30 shipped OBO. Finally I have a Navy Plate Coat. It’s 44 Long. The only catch is there’s some gunk on the sleeve from where an old #30 used to be and a subsequent attempt to cover it up. If you can get that off it’s in excellent shape and really quite nice. $60 shipped OBO. Take it all for $120 OBO. Hit me up with questions, concerns or offers. I have no use for this stuff and would love to have someone else use it. PS I realize the picture quality isn’t great due to the size requirements so PM me for a full resolution picture of anything.
  2. @Thunderheads @MadMax this is an FM-25, no?
  3. Stk004

    NCAA Test

    Careful with this. The key is that there was an intervening play on R3 before the interference, not simply the fact that R3 had scored before the interference. For example, had R3 scored without a play at the plate and then the BR got called for RLI, R3 would be sent back to third.
  4. @Thunderheads might as well lock this up
  5. Base shoes sold!! Navy Adidas Pads are all that’s left
  6. I have a black SSK mask and harness with Black and Tan Wilson pads. Pads are moderately used, the frame and harness are in good shape. $65 + shipping
  7. Sold! Lock it up @Thunderheads
  8. Sold! @Thunderheads lock it up and thank you for the promotion!
  9. Consolidated my old post with the base shoes into this thread.
  10. Hey guys, I got a new adidas icon (thanks @The Short Umpire )so I’d like to sell my old one. I think it’s adidas... it used to be @MadMax’s so he would know. I put tan Wilson doeskin wraparounds on it with an adidas harness. There’s a couple small scratches on the front that are only noticeable up close. I’ve included pictures. $100 shipped to your door. I’d really like to sell this ASAP, just like the chest protector
  11. Thanks Jeff! If I didn’t get a new Douglas this would still be my favorite, but I really don’t need two
  12. I have a brand new pair of Navy Adidas pads for sale. I got them in a trade but I never wear navy so I figured someone else on here would like them. $35 shipped OBO I have a pair of size 11 New Balance base shoes. They’re in excellent shape but need insoles. $35 shipped.
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