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  1. TW sold! Still have Adidas pads (green and maroon) and those Bob Davidson +POS pads.
  2. A little late to the party but I wear one Smitty expander ball bag on my right side and I comfortably fit 7 baseballs in it.
  3. TW pads have been washed, I updated the pictures above. I have 4 sets of mask pads I don't need, let me know if you want em. Thanks
  4. Phoenix is probably the best place for amateur baseball year-round
  5. I’ve also had two great transactions with @Scissors as well!
  6. Everything was great from my end as well, would do business with @cjromananytime
  7. Adidas frame and All-Star harness also sold
  8. Hey everyone, I'm looking to sell some extra equipment I don't have a use for. Adidas Icon Mask with Team Wendy pads. I washed the TW pads and updated the picture below. $30 shipped for the pads. Bob Davidson frame sold, still have the pads +POS mask. $20 shipped. Brand New Adidas mask pads in Maroon and Green. $20 shipped each, let me know if you want them both and we can work something out. Brand New All-Star mask harness. $15 shipped to cover shipping, but let me know if you want to bundle with something else and we can work that out. PM me with any questions or offers, I'm more than happy to bundle whatever you want. Thanks!
  9. @Thunderheads you can lock this up as well, thank you!
  10. Shins sold. @Thunderheads you can lock this, I'll consolidate the mask into a separate post
  11. Harness sold, still looking to move the frame
  12. I have 3 items I’m looking to sell ASAP. I have a 13” Black Douglas CP and 19” Black Douglas Shins I’m looking to sell. I also have a +POS Bob Davidson mask I’d like to sell. Asking $125 shipped for the CP, $40 plus shipping for the shins and $30 shipped for the mask. PM with any questions or for additional pictures.
  13. Bump, still have an icon frame with an adidas harness available. Asking $70 shipped
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