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  1. Harness sold, still looking to move the frame
  2. I have 3 items I’m looking to sell ASAP. I have a 13” Black Douglas CP and 19” Black Douglas Shins I’m looking to sell. I also have a +POS Bob Davidson mask I’d like to sell. Asking $125 shipped for the CP, $40 plus shipping for the shins and $30 shipped for the mask. PM with any questions or for additional pictures.
  3. Bump, still have an icon frame with an adidas harness available. Asking $70 shipped
  4. I'm thinking of a swipe tag at first base or possibly tagging a runner instead of the base on a force play. Both situations where there needs to be clarity on why the runner is out.
  5. I will say "Safe, no tag!" if I'm 100% sure he missed the tag. To add onto your last point, I'll only point to the tag on plays at first or force plays. I'll never do it for steal plays or plays at the plate because the only way the runner could be out is on the tag. I won't vocalize where the tag happened, I'll just say "On the tag, he's out!"
  6. I personally would never verbally specify where the tag happened when I'm making the call. If the coach/manager comes out to talk about it and asks me, I'll tell him if I know for a fact where the tag occurred. If you got blocked out or you just know the general region where he got tagged, you can stick to "he tagged him before he got to the base." I've found that when a coach/manager is asking where specifically the tag happened, they're just trying to get you to trip over your words. Don't stoop to their level or make something up. Just tell them the runner was tagged before he got to the base. If he continues, say something along the lines of "I'm not going to nitpick this with you. I have him out on the tag" and end the discussion there.
  7. Get this man an ice pack, he's getting beat up back there
  8. My girlfriend likes these a lot. Personally I don't like the way they taste. It kind of makes a thick water, if you can imagine that. I like the lemon lime (?) one the best. If you do try them out they taste much better ice cold than at room temperature.
  9. One frame sold, still have one available!
  10. Stk004


    Yes. Balks have nothing to do with whether or not the batter is in the box. Sounds like the pitcher should probably wait to get on the rubber until the batter is near home plate.
  11. Bump. Pads sold, so I have two frames with harnesses left. Asking $70 shipped each or take them both for $125
  12. If Max could finish a post in a single evening we’d see A LOT more from him
  13. It's hard for me to imagine how the defense can miss the runner leaving early/missing bases, but it happens all the time. I had a kid that was awarded third base on an overthrow and he ran right through the second base cutout. Didn't come within 3 feet of the base and the second baseman was looking right at him. No appeal
  14. In two-man PU has all touches of third EXCEPT the BR's touch of third. That belongs to BU.
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