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  1. Bump. Pads sold, so I have two frames with harnesses left. Asking $70 shipped each or take them both for $125
  2. If Max could finish a post in a single evening we’d see A LOT more from him
  3. It's hard for me to imagine how the defense can miss the runner leaving early/missing bases, but it happens all the time. I had a kid that was awarded third base on an overthrow and he ran right through the second base cutout. Didn't come within 3 feet of the base and the second baseman was looking right at him. No appeal
  4. In two-man PU has all touches of third EXCEPT the BR's touch of third. That belongs to BU.
  5. Price dropped to $100 each. Really looking to sell these before I have to move out of my apartment.
  6. I used All-Star Mag pads almost exclusively for the last 3 years. I still have a mag with the tan leather pads, but I'm going to give some tan TW a shot this summer.
  7. I’m always open to offers but I’m mainly looking to sell these. I’m looking to cut down on the number of masks I have for the summer.
  8. Hi everyone, I have two Adidas icon masks with All-Star pads and an Adidas harness I'm looking to sell. Both frames are brand new. One comes with like new black LUC pads, only worn a few times. The other comes with grey mag pads, used but still have life in them. Asking for $100 shipped each. Take them both for $180. PM me with any questions. Thanks
  9. ..... this can't be a real post from a real person, can it?
  10. Funny, my friend texted me about this play when it happened. Good call
  11. I would also caution you against trying to prove you're right at the meeting. We know you're right and you know you're right. A lot of guys don't care to change or study up on the rules, so they won't accept the idea that they were wrong. No point wasting your breath and energy on someone who won't listen.
  12. Jordan 11 Jubilee dropped last year, a cheaper alternative to the Space Jams
  13. @BT_Blue how’d you make the top pad more robust?
  14. Not to quip too much with you Max, but the bolded part above is irrelevant. Once we have INT on R3, we just need to wait for fair/foul. In this case the ball ended up foul, caught or otherwise, and the batter returns to bat with a strike added (unless already at X-2) as you mentioned. The runner is allowed to stay on third base and he's ok as long as he doesn't intentionally interfere. But if he's even a step off the base and he gets in the way, INT.
  15. I like the con-cushion. I haven’t gotten hit up there in a while so I’m not sure how much additional protection it offers. But you don’t really feel it once you get it on. I have noticed if it’s too low/too loose it sits weird on your hat. I bought the HSM once Ump-Attire put them on sale. Figured I’d try it out. The visibility is fantastic and it’s pretty comfortable. I’ve worn it 4 times now and I definitely plan to keep using it throughout the year.
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