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  1. Scenario 1: Award changes to third base Scenario 2: Award remains home base, BR scores. The changing of an award is specific to "If a runner is forced to return to a base after a catch." This is a specific exception to the rule of awarding bases based on the position of a runner at the time of the throw. So in Scenario 2, the BR can return to touch first base (as long as he does so before reaching third base), then touch second, third, and home, scoring.
  2. Preseason bump. Price down to $300 shipped.
  3. Bump for the holidays, price drop.
  4. https://www.relay.fm/penaddict some of you guys ( @BT_Blue ) need to listen to this podcast
  5. Hey everybody, Looking to sell my Mizuno Titanium mask with Team Wendy pads. Only worn a few times, it’s been my “backup” mask for a while and just doesn’t get used. Comes with Mizuno harness and the Mizuno carry bag. Asking $300 shipped OBO. PM with questions or offers. Thanks!
  6. Hello all, Looking to sell my Force 3 Hockey Style Mask. Worn less than 10 times, pads and cage are in great shape. Looking for $150 shipped. Also looking to sell a set of Black Nike mask pads. They’re in very good condition, also worn less than 10 times. Looking for $100 shipped OBO. Feel free to PM with questions or inquiries. I can send you higher resolution pictures as well, the 1MB max made me upload in low resolution. Thanks!
  7. Sold @Thunderheads you can lock it up
  8. Bumping this to say I’m open to selling the Power outright at this time. If you let me know you’re interested by Tuesday I can have it in my possession by Wednesday morning to ship out to you. Or local pickup in California. Here are some more pictures, feel free to DM with questions and offers. Thanks
  9. Great experience with @boyinr, would do it again anytime
  10. Going to bump this one time, just in case somebody can make a miracle happen by Tuesday. Otherwise, I'll hold onto it for the season and decide what to do in the off-season
  11. @Thunderheads sold lock it up please
  12. Bump, $80 shipped or local pickup in Phoenix
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