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  1. A day at the beach isn’t a terrible idea!
  2. Have some great news to add! Kevin Winn, Executive Director of the Frontier League will be in attendance. We now have over 50+ positions across 6 Independent and Summer Collegiate Baseball Leagues that will be available for prospective umpires. With 36 days until our opening session, 2020 is THE year to take the next step in your umpire career. Umpire School students and collegiate umpires seeking to umpire in leagues do not have to choose between two camps anymore as in previous years. Ron Teague and Kevin Winn have joined forces with myself at the Umpire Placement Course. We have your
  3. If you are looking to learn the 3 Umpire System, or work in Independent and Summer Collegiate Baseball, consider the Umpire Placement Course. We are seeking graduates of umpire school, collegiate umpires, and umpires with the necessary experience who want to further their careers. Our second annual course will be running from February 3-11, 2020 in Sarasota, FL at Twin Lakes Park, Spring Training Home of the Baltimore Orioles. We will have over 50+ positions available for placement for 2020! The staff we are putting together for 2020 includes active umpires from MiLB, as well as League Supervi
  4. Updated! Have a 15' Douglas also. Accepting all offers!
  5. Price drop on the Nike lot. $300 plus ship!
  6. Updated Nike Ti w/some extras! Let's get this stuff gone!
  7. SSK and Adidas going to @Stk004 Motivated to sell everything. Taking offers!
  8. One ZETT out the door to @EAA_umpire_Sam. All items open to offers. Need everything gone asap!
  9. I am seeking a brand new, unused mask. Please contact me ASAP if you have one to sell!
  10. Can anyone help me with a lead to purchase, or have one to sell?
  11. Have a few updates for those interested: #93 Will Little has been added to instruct the 3-Umpire System for Days 1 and 2 of the course. The Supervisor for the Alaska Baseball League will be on site with jobs to fill as well. We have over 30 positions available for next season in the Northwoods League, West Coast League, Pecos League and others, so the opportunity is there for the taking. If you are an umpire school student, we offer discounted tuition to attend the Umpire Placement Course. Please feel free to reach out here or via private message with any questions!
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