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  1. Items For Sale: Masks: Silver Diamond Frame and Black Diamond Pads - $55 Shipped OBO Black Honigs Frame and Black Honigs Microfiber Pads - $40 Shipped Shins: F3 Shins - 14.5 - $90 Shipped OBO Package: VSport Shin Guards and CP - Like New - $230 Shipped Shoes: 1. New Balance V3 Plate Shoes - sz 10ee - $100 shipped PM a message and I will get you some pictures of the things you are interested in.
  2. Yeah. Got to take off parts you want to stay white. Some use painters tape but I duct(white) to stick to the soles better.
  3. If you are going to do some blacking out I would suggest buying some decoart patent leather shoe paint. Putting a couple coats of it on the white areas before moving to the leather luster. I think it worked pretty well and looked like I hoped it would.
  4. So due to the abundance of time I have been given during this pandemic, I began a project to update some of my shoes using leather luster. Creation results were positive I hope durability results on the blacked out Zigs is positive when prayed for testing occurs during Iowa Summer High School Baseball Season. Thoughts?
  5. Masks Available: 1. Brand New Wilson Ti Original view- New Memory Foam Pads and new MLB harness - $200 obo 2. Wilson Aluminum - Memory Foam pads and MLB harness - used 3 times in great condition - $80 shipped Can separate parts. CP’s Available: 1. Douglas: 15in, Black , T-Hooks, additional customized side pads - 95 shipped obo harness not in pictures but included Used Shin Guards available - Prices include shipping. Champro Sz.15- $30 Diamond Sz. 18.5 - $35 Wilson Platinum Sz.15.5- $55 F3 14.5 - $90 If interested in Pictures pm me your number and I will text you some pictures. Thanks.
  6. You could cut a splice in the cloth part of the band and run elastic through it and make it like a flex fit hat.
  7. Actually they haven’t sold. I still have them.
  8. Any one have an original shovel and can take a picture of it’s thickness so that comparisons can take place?
  9. Multiple Items: Will send pictures upon request. Masks: 1. Original Champro Magnesium: Frame has no dents or dings. Two-Tone Pads show use, but in good condition original all black harness - 60 shipped 2. Honigs: Black frame, New Two-Tone Honigs Pads, New Honigs Harness - 45 shipped CP’s: 1. Douglas: 13in, Black, 3 piece top, clip attachment - Good Condition - $105 shipped 2. Douglas: 15in, Black, T-Hooks, additional customized side pads - 90 shipped 3. Douglas: 13in, Black, T-Hooks, Good Condition - $120 4. Diamond - No arm or belly extension - $40 shipped Shin Guards: 1. Douglas: 16in, Black - $55 shipped 2. Wilson Platinum - 15.5 in - $55 shipped 3. Diamond - 18.5in - 40 shipped
  10. What is the code for free shipping?
  11. Tried it once. Padding Velcro attachments didn’t line up.
  12. @Thunderheads - lock it up. All sold
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