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  1. After I tossed him he said, you can’t do that without a warning and looked to my older partner for salvation. My partner said, “I would have tossed you way sooner”
  2. Chartwig03

    First one

    15U travel ball. Wild pitch, catcher tosses to pitcher, runner slides in and knocks ball loose before making it to home plate. Pitcher grabs the base runner and is holding him down on the ground. Base runner gets up and goes to his dugout. Pitcher follows him to start a fight. Pitcher gets tossed. Everything settles, coach comes out to tell me I need to eject some random player on the other team for saying a random swear word in the dugout that the pitcher charged. I told the coach that wasn’t going to happen and he can’t argue that. He persisted to tell me what to do. I warned him to not tell
  3. @atlump still have the wilsons?
  4. If you want an Adams, I have one brand new Medium. Just a little bigger than I like.
  5. @acpar72 are those mag pads or the grey FM25 pads? They dont look as big as other ones from this angle
  6. I've noticed the MAG seems to looks wider and rounder from what I've seen. While the UMP looks like it is smaller and would fit better on someone with a smaller head? Can anyone confirm?
  7. What mask is this? wilson titanium? Or did Wilson ever make a look alike??
  8. ive found some reebok zigs in size 8 if u can move up a size. check ebay and maaaybe amazon.
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