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  1. Guys! I've been getting quite a few messages about shipping... The price includes shipping! Will most likely be on your doorstep within a week but most likely a few days! Thanks guys!
  2. Enjoy it my brotha! Guys, feel free to pass my number along to anyone not on the message board who is in the market for one!
  3. When I asked the Nike Rep why it was a smidge different in color, I was told that these new ones are being coated with a "clear" to cut down on glare. What's nice, is it weighed the same as an older model Nike.
  4. It really just boils down to preference. Some guys are Chevy guys, some guys are Mopar guys, and then some weirdos are into Ford. 😉 These are VERY light weight, strong, and provide great visibility, wont rust, and pretty versatile when wanting to put any harness or pads that would give it your unique look. The one frustrating thing about the Nike mask, it that you can't buy them on the market. Just know now, that you guys now have a supplier. I tried my best to get the whole package with logo and harness, but to no avail. Feel free to reach out anytime guys...here to help! Mike Jarboe (818)298-1376
  5. So my apologies, I am not able to provide a harness with these. I WAS however able to get the pads but with no Nike logo. I was told(without getting too deep into the nuts and bolts)because I'm not a "Nike Rep" I legally can't sell these as "new" with Nike logos. As far as stock, I ordered a bunch, but if I run out...getting more will not be a problem. Just trying to help the brotherhood! (818)298-1376
  6. FINALLY!!! Sorry for the delay fellas...Nike Masks are finally in. I know a few of you messaged me, if any that wants one, lives in southern California I can drop it off at no charge and no shipping costs! Frame Only: $300(shipped) Frame and Pads: $350(shipped) Feel free to pass along my info to anyone you know that is looking for one. Once again, if you guys have any questions....let me know! (818)298-1376
  7. I'm working very closely with the manufacturer. Who, I might add contacted me this morning and quoted me a delivery date closer to 8 weeks rather than 3 to 4 as I previously mentioned.
  8. Fellas, just wanted to give everyone a heads up...as of this morning, just sold the last mask. Should have a new shipment in three to four weeks. I will let everyone know when I have more in stock. If you want to place an order, feel free to shoot me an email with name and shipping address. No need to send payment until I receive this new shipment. Thanks! Annandalecaddy@yahoo.com (818)298-1376
  9. Yes...OEM Nike pads, just no logo. These masks are brand spanking new, never worn. I'll post the picture in a bit(driving home from work)
  10. Titanium is not magnetic...so feel free, if you get one of these, to test it out. And if anyone isn't satisfied, feel free to send it back for a refund. Feel free to pass my email and phone number info on to anyone you know who might be interested. Thanks guys!
  11. Hey Everyone! If anyone is looking for a mask upgrade, looking to replace your bent Nike frame, or know someone who has been looking for one... The only hitch is, these DO NOT have harnesses nor do the pads have the Nike logo. So for guys looking to show off that logo...sorry. I'm selling them for $300(frame only)/ $350(with pads)...SHIPPED! If you guys have any questions, don't hesitate to shoot me a message. Annandalecaddy@yahoo.com (818)298-1376
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