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  1. Thanks a lot for the detailed answer. Is there a rough time frame already, when the BFX Pro will be released? That model definitely sounds very interesting and generally I'm more than willing to pay extra if in return I get a quality product.
  2. I'm thinking about getting a second set of pants. My first set are the Smittys. Does anyone know how the GD 94X Pants compare to them (fabric, cut, etc)? I'm not sure, if I want to get the Smittys again. While I really like the fabric of them (super light and breathable), I'm not the biggest fan of the cut (base pants are too lose, seat of them is also a bit too lose imo) and I also had some (minor) quality issues with them right from the start.
  3. Smitty seriously has to sort out their sh*t. For everything they do right they do something bad/inexplicable. Let's start with their poly spandex pants. Great, light material, but both plate and especially the base pants are way too baggy. Also one belt loop started breaking right from the start. That might be just bad luck on my pair though. Still it doesn't help with the overall impressions. Then the shirts. The pre Body flex shirts (classic style) had a decent cut, but the fabric wasn't good and also the chest pocket was too small and not deep enough. Then came the V1 MLB replica, which, from what I read wasnt all too good either (never had that one, so I can't say anything about it). Then they introduced the body flex fabric. I really like that fabric. It's super light and breathable. But here the classic style shirts have an awkward cut. They described it as a more athletic fit, but in the end the body of the shirts seems even bigger than on the old shirts (probably because the fabric has more give to it) and only the sleeves are tighter. And also shorter. Too short and tight in my opinion. With those shirts I could perfectly go with an M as a plate shirt if it didn't have those short and tight sleeves. Even with size L the fit around my shoulders/arms with my chest protector (All-Star Cobalt) looks and feels weird. The V2 MLB replicas are a bit better in that respect, but they still have similar issues. And now apparently they absolutely messed up the V3 Replicas. Smitty could make really great products, but somehow they always mess up...
  4. There isn't enough information provided to make a ruling here. Depending on the exact situation you could also have a "catcher's balk" here (OBR 6.01(g)) where r3 is awarded home and the batter is awarded first base.
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