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  1. Playing devil's advocate here but... Fans don't come to see umpires no matter how good their mechanics are, how the got into perfect position to make the call or the way the entire crew rotated on that ball hit in the gap. I personally don't officiate to be appreciated. I do it because I enjoy baseball... and the extra $ don't hurt either. :-)
  2. Batter sticks his knee into the strike zone and gets hit. Are there any mechanics for letting people know this happened? Or do you call time like normal and then explain what happened as needed? Thanks
  3. stl_ump

    4th World Play

    That's what I was leaning towards. Thank you for the information.
  4. stl_ump

    4th World Play

    Batter swings and misses, ball goes into the catcher's glove and pops straight out and on the batter's back swing, he hits it even before it hits the ground and it goes directly to the pitcher. If this would have been the 3rd strike what do we have here? Interference? Nothing? Thanks
  5. Ha! I was thinking that sounds like Missouri weather... didn't think to see where you were from and sure enough... STL. Go Blues.
  6. ... and if he does deliver the ball after stopping? Then what? A no pitch? An automatic ball? Play on? ;-) Thanks
  7. https://cbsaumpires.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Video.mov?id=0 Every year I get the last game / last plate of the season and I break out the "special" plate cleaner. It's always a hit.. a least with the catcher.
  8. stl_ump

    Type A or B OBS...

    From my friend who was Crew Chief in Triple A for 2 years... Here is my opinion on it. Not that it is right. There was no play being made on that runner so I would not award him home. I would protect him back to third. This is out of the pbuc manual definition of a play. It doesn’t ever say this is for obstruction, but the obstruction says if there is a “play” made on the runner. So I would use this in my opinion.... “A play or attempted play (Official Baseball Rule 7.05(g) and 7.10) shall be interpreted as a legitimate effort by a defensive player who has possession of the ball to actually retire a runner. This may include an actual attempt to tag a runner, a fielder running toward a base with the ball in an attempt to force or tag a runner, or actually throwing to another defensive player in an attempt to retire a runner. The fact that the runner is not out is not relevant. A fake or a feint to throw shall not be deemed a play or an attempted play.” “The first type of obstruction (Official Baseball Rule 7.06(a)) deals with cases when the runner is obstructed while a play is being made on him. Examples of this type of obstruction include: 1. Runner is obstructed during a rundown. 2. Runner is obstructed as a fielder is making a direct throw to a base in an attempt to retire that runner. 3. Batter-runner is obstructed before reaching first base on a ground ball to an infielder. 4. Any other example where a play is being made directly on the runner at the moment he is obstructed”
  9. stl_ump

    Type A or B OBS...

    And a BIG hat tip to you Mr. Azul. I appreciate you thoroughness in presenting the facts. Thanks!
  10. stl_ump

    Type A or B OBS...

    Well I wouldn't call it anything as the catcher didn't throw it, didn't move towards the runner and the runner headed straight back to 3rd after his initial stop half way. But then that's just my humble opinion.
  11. stl_ump

    Type A or B OBS...

    Thanks for the guidance. I appreciate it.
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