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  1. Six games for Bell, while acknowledging his "numerous ejections" this season. Way to come down hard, Joe.
  2. Whatever you say, Matt. Moving on now.
  3. Thanks for the tip. I hadn't been involved in the discussion to that point, which is why I posed the questions. But if they've already been discussed and you have nothing further to offer, then feel free to keep scrolling.
  4. Oh, okay. So no need for discussion or a different point of view then.
  5. Did you read the article? On at least some of the occasions she was volunteer coaching, she gave up her lunch break to do it. She was working. I doubt this is something she would do without the full support of her department administration, and in my opinion, good for them. For those who think it "inappropriate" for an armed, uniformed law enforcement officer to coach, why? I think I understand why this rule exists (existed) in general, these organizations don't want just anyone showing up to coach armed. Okay. But I'm not sure that was written with uniformed law enforcement officers in mind. With all the school shootings, church shootings, mall shootings, etc. nowadays, you're seriously more concerned about a volunteer coach of 1st through 5th graders in full LE uniform being the armed one? With all that's going on in the world today, some of you are going to ask/demand a law enforcement officer in full uniform disarm because of a rule? Or because you perceive his/her being in uniform to challenge your authority? Good lord. Perhaps if others would be more willing to step up and volunteer, officers in full uniform wouldn't have to. Perhaps consider they're filling roles others aren't, or won't. Reading the article, it seemed the players and most of the parents from her team seem to like her and it didn't bother them how she was dressed. So you toss them from the game site because they won't (or as has been pointed out, can't) comply with your demand. Then you get what happened here, two teams that can't play a game. But hey, at least there's no guns at the field (that you know of).
  6. Or you could try this technique, which won't cost you anything. I've done this in the past and it works great. https://www.locklaces.com/blogs/resources/how-to-tie-a-heel-lock
  7. Actually other than making the actual footballs and some accessories (tees, brushes, gloves), Wilson doesn't have much of a presence left on the gridiron themselves. I find it interesting they were able to patent the "velcro through plastic" attachment system for their umpire gear when it's hardly unique on the football side. Riddell and Douglas both use that same system on football shoulder pads, the others might as well. I guess the different sport makes a difference in the patent process.
  8. I wasn't convinced the Sox fans were booing Joe West as much as the terrible throw by Vazquez and the overall sleepwalk of an effort by the home team. Kind of low hanging fruit for the announcers to go that route. That being said, that play gave Joe West one more defensive play than Eduardo Nunez had at third base all night.
  9. Wow. As Sheriff Buford T. Justice said, "Hold up on that car wash, gentlemen." I wonder if the swoosh would have any interest in producing some umpire gear?
  10. I was kicking around the idea of doing the second one.
  11. Looks like I have the right company, right padding, wrong style of shoulder pads to make this work. Unless I want a big gap right over my heart. Too bad.
  12. Football coach here as well. The padding on the chest is definitely re-purposed from the chest-to-back portion of their shoulder padding, explaining the "button down" look. Good idea, though, could probably be taken on by some of the enterprising souls in this forum. I have a pair of Power shoulder pads kicking around here, maybe I'll give it a go using that pic for inspiration. I got the same sentiments from my Riddell rep a few years ago. But.... With all the talk of CTE and parents not letting their young kids play football as much these days, maybe they'll be willing to re-visit their feelings on baseball if it means making up some of the lost sales. Just a thought.
  13. BT, I have the game on right now. Looks to me like a regular cap for Hunter. On a side note, I don't know if anyone has commented on this here before or not, but Hunter's blacked out "W" on his CP is covered over with his dad's "HW" memorial patch. Pretty cool.
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