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  1. #1 thing I recommend is the All-Start Cobalt skull cap. Dollar for dollar it's my favorite purchase. Next I'd recommend the All-Star mag pads (even if you have a steel mask - I do, and love the pads with them).
  2. I've used that black trimmed version (All-Star was nice enough to send me one for free before it was on the market) - and it looks great and works even better with the AS Cobalt skull cap. The only minor complaint I have is the neoprene is wearing away in one part where I regularly hook my thumb to put the mask on. But it grips great on the skully, and has almost infinite adjustment.
  3. I recommend moving the chest plate up as high as possible. I took a shot in a 16U came and it hit my collarbone just above the plastic plate - caught the cushioning, but still was painful and could have been a broken collarbone - literally knocked me down. I bought the All-Star CPU4000 the next day. I know many love the Schutt, and I still have mine - but definitely re-arranged the shell after that hit.
  4. Yeah, I know, but it's got the good ball/strike/out combo in 3/2/2 and the numbers are big and optic yellow/black makes it easy to read.
  5. As a former coach I couldn't stand when umps screwed us out of game time. I got ejected arguing once when that happened and knew the ump was lying about the time. Pure BS. If it makes the inning by one second play it. If it misses by a second don't. It sucks, and I understand as an ump why it does, but those teams pay good money and usually the tournament games are already 1:45 games anyway. Tournaments should use hard stops to avoid this ridiculousness but for some reason refuse to. To me it's a matter of integrity the same as not calling a runner safe when you know he's out just because it will get you the slaughter.
  6. A lot of states require it for HS.
  7. If you can't find one here's my favorite, with the balls on top. It's got big numbers and is especially easy to read at night (UmpAttire didn't have this model, at least not last time I checked): https://purchaseofficials.com/collections/ball-bags-plate-brushes-indicators/products/3-way-large-plastic-umpire-indicator-with-balls-on-top
  8. 9+games?! What time are you starting and stopping in the morning and evening, and how short are the games. 18 hours of plate in 90+ heat in one day is crazy!
  9. Did you try the XL? I wear a 7 3/8, but I'm using a combo of M and L pads. When you wear it in games and get warm it loosens up some.
  10. Definitely please let us know - I tried putting a flag sticker on the back and even though the area was small and relativity flat it didn't stick at all.
  11. How do the Team Wendy compare to the AS mags?
  12. R2, pitcher throws ball 4, BR starts toward first and hinders the catcher's throw to third to catch R2 stealing. There still can be interference on a base on ball, is that correct? So, BR is out, and R2 returns to second? Is that correct? And does the answer vary from OBR vs. Fed?
  13. A catcher yesterday told me "your helmet is sick." So they are catching on, or the kid just told me what he thought I wanted to hear. 😂
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