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  1. It doesn't look terrible at all. Maybe one guy is always hot and the other cold - why would they need to wear the same outfit? So, if I'm doing the bases and it's 50*, and the plate guy goes short sleeves because he's always hot behind the plate, I have to freeze my butt off in short sleeves on the bases? Show me a team or coaching staff that all wears the same uniform. Hell, the MLB lets coaches wear hoodies and I think THAT looks BRUTAL. One ump wearing short sleeves and one a pullover is nothing compared to that look. And look at the pant length differences, stirrup vs. socks, sock
  2. Good point - supply and demand! I will say I'm concerned the sand finish isn't going to hold up - I've only used a delta-flex on it trying it in the house and it already seems to be showing some wear. Time will tell - but so far I really like it, but will need to try it in some games to say for sure.
  3. On the product announcement demo All-Star (Stan) said they put the yellow in the back of the Cobalt because the biggest concern about bat hits was on the sides and back of the head. So, if that's correct, for the Axis, which is for catchers (who normally wear the bill backwards) why isn't the yellow pad along the bill, because that would be the back of the head for catchers. That doesn't seem consistent with the answer given for umps; unless they think umps are more likely to get hit in the back of the head than catchers.
  4. Interesting what I came across today on All-Star's website. Are we paying $10 more ($60 vs $50 at the All Star website) for the Cobalt just for a shortened bill and sand finish? Interestingly the grey mesh padding is the same, but arranged differently. Given the yellow padding is the same for what would appear to be the catcher's helmet (the Axis) I wonder about All Star's explanation of not having it in the front of the Cobalt version because that's where the protection was the biggest concern, since most catchers will be wearing the Axis bill backwards, so you'd think the yellow would be
  5. I coached for 15 years and I NEVER once thought to look to see if the umps had matching shirts sleeves. No long sleeves on the bases makes no sense at all. People have differences in what's comfortable. Players are certainly not wearing the same socks even, let alone sleeve lengths. As noted, and assignor can have whatever standard they want, but there are a LOT of games out there (in normal years), with assignors competing for the same umps. I think we should dress, and more importantly act, professionally, but wearing long sleeves on bases shouldn't be an issue for anyone.
  6. The problem I have with the pullover jacket is that unless it's really cold there is too much condensation and it doesn't breathe well at all. I bought it with the elastic bottom before I knew better, but if the tuck-in version ventilates as poorly as the elastic bottom one I'm glad I didn't go tuck-in, because my pants would be soaked with sweat. At least with the elastic I can shake it out discreetly between innings.
  7. I use charcoal golf pants (Greg Norman brand specifically) on the bases. Look much better than baggy base pants.
  8. I don't know. I got one Cobalt Skully today (well actually two, one L and one XL) and even with the L and my mask really loose I'm having the helmet come off. I'm working on it but right now I have to take it off from the back of the head in order to have the helmet stay on. If anyone had any suggestions please share.
  9. I love the CPU4000, but I've only had it, and the Schutt/Adams XV-HDX. The CPU4000 is heavier on a scale, but feels much lighter when wearing it. I didn't get a chance to wear it this year in any game above 85, but based on that game it seemed just slightly hotter than the Adams, and I think it's more protective. I liked it so much I bought a second one as back-up (wanted to get it before they are gone), and I doubt I'll use the Adams now at all. I was thinking about using the Adams for younger kids, but the CPU4000 is just more comfortable to me, even though it's overkill for some games t
  10. What is the All-Star CPU4000 V2? I didn't realize they had a V2 of that model, or are you calling the Cobalt a V2?
  11. WOW! Such a deal! I had to spend that much just to get my 2 FM4000s steels powdercoated.
  12. If you love the mag and are looking for a hollow steel backup, I'd recommend the All-Star FM4000 steel. It's only 17.0 ounces compared to 16.8 for the Mag, and basically the same shape. Ump-attire has a black powdercoated one for only $109.99 (you can buy direct from All-Star too, but I think it's about the same price with shipping, and UA has an awesome return policy. https://www.ump-attire.com/Products/FM4000-MBK/All-Star-Matte-Black-System-7-Steel-Umpire-Mask-with-UltraCool
  13. Thanks - I went back and checked out his Facebook posts again. I decided to get another CPU4000 as a back-up to my primary CPU4000, I love it that much. I see great reviews for the Cobalt, but I figure that if I have any problems better to have 2 of the same model, the old, "two is one, one is none" mantra applied to chest protectors.
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