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  1. You're a piece of work. You state you are in "rant on" mode, and now you're telling me to STFU because I disagree with you?? Could you miss MY point any more??? I don''t care that the government said your work is essential - the government has applied no logic to these determinations in many states (for example, in Illinois pot stores are deemed essential, when they were just "legalized" - under state law, not federal - 4 months before). Define "need to be out." Maybe those people at Home Depot look at you and say YOU don't need to be out. The states have NOT limited business to only "absolute essentials," so the point to the restriction is ridiculous. For example, in Michigan you can go out on a row boat but now a power boat - pure moronity. I agree - we SHOULD open up everything. No one is ever in anyone's exact same shoes. You're incredibly rude - look in the mirror when you tell people what to do.
  2. Why do you think your work is more important than the work of a someone doing a project themselves? Do YOU need to be there? I'm tired of people and the government deciding what THEY do is more important than what everyone else does. No one can decide that (not correctly anyway) except for each individual. First off, there's no way you know why all those people are at Home Depot, and secondly, no one should have to justify it to anyone else. Everyone's business is essential to that person. The fact that the government has gotten into the business of saying one store is "essential" when another doing almost/exactly the same thing isn't is ridiculous. Rant off for me now too.
  3. No problem. Still not working though -- UGH!!!! Sorry, didn't mean to clutter this thread up - such a great deal and I can't get it. Wah! LOL! (They must have no one answering phone - I was on hold for a combined 2 hours today on 3 calls, and nothing.)
  4. Nope, didn't work. Tried both on my laptop (Chromebook) and phone. Thanks again!!! Hopefully I'll get a coupon soon (just signed up for text alerts, and the account) and they'll still be in stock. I'm buying this as a backup to my primary (same Schutt model). For the price if I can get the coupon it's a single missed game fee, so it's worth it (probably worth it otherwise, but with being out of games this year, and just finding out 2 of my kids summer jobs are gone I'm trying to pinch pennies.
  5. Thanks - didn't work but I appreciate the try. It's so frustrating - can't get through to anyone via phone or chat.
  6. Can you share the code? I just signed up for their text messages, but would love to get this before it goes out of stock. I've been trying to get a hold of someone on the phone, but have literally been on hold for an hour and can't get in touch with anyone there. THANKS! (I understand if it's a person specific code or if you don't want to share it with someone you don't know.)
  7. What code do you need? I'm not seeing the 25% off. THANKS! Are you sure you don't have to spend at least $100 to get the 25% off - it looks like that might be the case.
  8. @MadMax"s shots are brutal! What other sport do officials put themselves in such harms way without proper protective gear? It makes absolutely no sense when the balloon protectors when away that some better protection wasn't developed.
  9. Any warm weather umps have an update on this mask? Also, is this really an All-Star mask with UA branding? I currently have the All-Star FM4000 with LUC pads (the standard pads) and really don't see how the UA air-bag pads would be better - are they just a gimmick, or is this new UA mask a great mask?
  10. So does anyone have concerns about using the All-Star FM4000 steel with a 4-stitch? That's what I use, and they're is some gap between the bars and brim, but not a lot. I haven't taken a shot to my top pads yet so I can't say personally.
  11. Are the stock pads basically the same as All-Star LUC pads as I've read some people say, or do you need to definitely replace them. I'm very happy with the LUC pads on my FM4000, but I was looking for an extra mask I can just leave in my car and not worry about. Also, do the LUC pads fit well in the ZRO-G?
  12. I'm not finding that - what's the date of that FB post? I'd love to check out that top pad!
  13. Can I throw this question into the mix without it being a threadjack? How does the mag Champro compare to the AS FM4000 steel? The steel is as light at the AS mag, and only $99 (or less). I love mine AS FM4000, but wonder how the Champro Mag and AS mag compare, and if they are worth the extra $$$.
  14. Sorry @acpar72, I missed this - didn't realize you already highlighted it was the steel frame - great catch!
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