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  1. I know you just got it, but do you think the new black FM4K will keep it's paint job and not need powdercoating in a year? It's such a great deal if the color holds!!!
  2. Interestingly, I think this is being worn in the by Seattle catcher, but with an All-Star logo! (Which is great because I like AS better than Under Armour.) Compare this pic (sorry the quality is not great) to the pic on Ump Attire. https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Masks/UAFM2-WP-BK_Under-Armour-Silver-Umpire-Mask-with-Black-Windpact
  3. Based on the pics it looks like they sort of snap in place. See the second pic where the mask is lying flat: https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Masks/UAFM2-WP-BK_Under-Armour-Silver-Umpire-Mask-with-Black-Windpact
  4. Anyone have any first hand experience with the Under Armour Windpact (Air Bags) mask/pad combo? I'm really intrigued by it, but it's a pretty expensive mask just to try out (especially when I have to FM4000 steels that are fine). I know those pads don't appear to be interchangeable into other masks, but maybe the whole set-up is an option to consider.
  5. I like the All-Star LUC pads, but I've never taken a BIG shot in them, plus that's all I've used, so I can't really say how good they are. I know many others on here give them great reviews.
  6. I normally don't wear 11.0 in 4E (usually 10.5 in D in my standard NB cross trainers) but that's what I ended up with in the New Balance plate shoes - great shoes, but all seemed too tight or too loose. Went with these, but had the same problem - couldn't get them tight enough, and then it would loosen during the games. The great solution (for me anyway) was to use locklaces (https://www.locklaces.com/) -- these allowed me to really get them "tied" snuggly, and I'd wrap the top of the lace to keep it from loosening during the games. You can buy them on Amazon. Have been using them for over 100 plates and still working great.
  7. I have (well, had now it's black) a silver FM4000 steel, but got it powdercoated a matte black over the winter and love it even more now -- definitely less reflection.
  8. "Very different" !!! now I'm even more confused. Maybe I'll just wait to compare the two then - I don't mind buying once and crying once if the new one is better.
  9. I wonder what the improvements are (if any) with the new Cobalt model? It actually seems to have less plating than the CPU4000. Man, now an even tougher decision, which to get?!
  10. Any comment on whether it's better to grab up the current CPU4000 on umpattire.com, or wait for the new Cobalt model? Or do you need to take the fifth?
  11. So is the OutWest deal a deal because the $125 will be for the prototypes, or do you think they'll be for the final versions? Not worth saving $40-50 IMO if that's the case - not saying it is - I don't know how this works.
  12. I love this mask - I have two of them (although I had to pay to get it powdercoated to look like that!)!
  13. I think @MadMax would be better able to comment, but past post of his (if I recall correctly) have him using it at the collegiate and minor league level. I love it - except I've been stung a couple of times with shots that weren't close to collegiate level, so I'm not sure if they were just in a bad spot or what, but it has me thinking about returning the one I just purchased as a backup (haven't worn it yet) to my primary XV-HDX. I'm wavering on the return, especially since this new All-Star is an unknown right now, but I have to return it tomorrow, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do. The AS looks great though, and generally I've found AS gear is top-notch, so I'm leaning towards that.
  14. I have to decide today if I should return a Schutt XV-HDX or not - I was going to have it as my second Schutt/Adams, as back-up, but I would like a little more protection - can anyone guess if this new All-Star (or the old one) provides better protection than the XV-HDX? Seems like the plates on this are 3.7mm vs. what I think is 3.0mm on the XV-HDX - that seems like it might be significant, but I'm just guessing.
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