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  1. So does anyone have concerns about using the All-Star FM4000 steel with a 4-stitch? That's what I use, and they're is some gap between the bars and brim, but not a lot. I haven't taken a shot to my top pads yet so I can't say personally.
  2. Are the stock pads basically the same as All-Star LUC pads as I've read some people say, or do you need to definitely replace them. I'm very happy with the LUC pads on my FM4000, but I was looking for an extra mask I can just leave in my car and not worry about. Also, do the LUC pads fit well in the ZRO-G?
  3. I'm not finding that - what's the date of that FB post? I'd love to check out that top pad!
  4. Can I throw this question into the mix without it being a threadjack? How does the mag Champro compare to the AS FM4000 steel? The steel is as light at the AS mag, and only $99 (or less). I love mine AS FM4000, but wonder how the Champro Mag and AS mag compare, and if they are worth the extra $$$.
  5. Sorry @acpar72, I missed this - didn't realize you already highlighted it was the steel frame - great catch!
  6. Excellent - thanks. Good to know too re: the US guy!
  7. Seems like the RayFlex isn't available. I was just doing some general browsing (not currently in the market) but I can't find the chest harness on the Umplife website, UmpAttire, or anywhere else new online. UmpLife just has the Delta-Flex on it.
  8. Interesting - he had the hollow-steel All-Star FM4000 too , not the mag! I love seeing the pros using the same mask I do - inspires confidence in the choice - especially when it's not the standard-issue Wilson (not saying those are bad masks, I've never used them, but All-Star FM4000 steels aren't common to see with the MLB umps). I can't tell for sure, but I don't think those are the All-Star LUC pads, looks like they are maybe Team Wendy or Wilson memory-foam.
  9. For those in the western Chicago suburbs, I'm thrilled with the job Midwest Powder Coating in Naperville did on my All-Star FM4000 umpire masks . The final color is Millennium Black - a nice matte finish to keep glare down on sunny days. The mask had lost all of it's original silver color and was having some minor rusting - it's literally better than new now! Special thanks to Delaine for answering all of my many questions! If you use them please tell them Mike Wolff sent you! The cost was $100 for two masks (I have two FM4000s, and given how they lose color I just got them both done at once, because Midwest PC has a $85 minimum set-up fee. With that bringing the cost down to $50 per mask, it was cheaper than MaskIt and I supported a local business. (I have a throat guard on the mask, but for some reason that picture was over my upload size limit.)
  10. I think the polite thing to do is to take them off when greeting someone and/or introducing myself - that is whether I"m golfing, coaching, umping, etc. And I teach my kids when they are talking to an adult they should take them off (they are all adults now) - unless they are in the middle of instruction in the middle of practice or something - not pre-/post-game meetings. But I don't think once the intros are done I need to take of my sunglasses for any subsequent conversations.
  11. I went up 1/2 a size from my regular New Balance cross trainers up to an 11, and went up in width from medium up to 4E. My only complaint at all is that the fabric inside the heel is ripping after doing about 75-100 games behind the plate this year. Hopefully that is something I can fix so I can get a few more seasons out of them (I don't know how people get 5-10 years like I've heard) - because except for the heel fabric the shoes are in great shape.
  12. Once the game starts it's the umpires call on whether to call it or not, right? Or do some tournaments defer that to the TD? Unless you're playing on turf most rain delays longer than 30 minutes or so are going to result in an unplayable field except at the higher levels I'd think. And most tournaments have time limits anyway - I've never seen a case where the rain delays aren't included in game time - but my experience is limited, especially on the umping side as opposed to the coaching side.
  13. Lysol "Crisp Linen" scent -- I hate most Lysol scents but this one is great! All the power of Lysol, and to me it smells better than any of the Febreeze scents.
  14. I have the All-Star FM4000 steel face mask, and need replacement pads. I'm very happy with the LUC pads that came with it, but I see on the All-Star site that I can order the LUC magnesium replacement pads or the standard LUCs, and I'm wondering if it's worth it/and/or needed for the steel FM400 mask. Any thoughts on that are much appreciated! Thanks!
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