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  1. Have you taken a shot to your Rampage/WindPact combo yet that allows you to compare the WindPact pads to the Mag pads, Team Wendys, etc? If so, how did they perform in comparison?
  2. All-Star said their new MVP5 hockey-style mask is coming out "later this fall" per their Instagram account. Can't wait to see that - per AS it has "true suspension technology in the chin and forehead [to] isolate the head from blows to the cage and shell."
  3. I put my arms behind my back for this reason, but it does leave my elbows exposed. I occasionally wear a G-Form elbow guard (the Elite Speed one that's one piece) on both arms, but it doesn't work well with long sleeves, and it's hot in the summer, so this year I didn't wear them. I do agree with @Brayan, do what you need to protect yourself - no one else is paying your medical bills and lost wages. I hear some morons complain about use of the skull cap - guys like that are complete idiots; I'd wear a skull cap even if the pros weren't, but since MLB umps wear assignors, etc. complaining about it just show how ignorant they are. There's a 25% off sale right now, but looks like they may be out in L/XL in black. And even that size is fairly tight. https://g-form.com/elite-speed-baseball-batters-elbow-guard
  4. I switched from the Schutt to the System 7 (CPU4000) after a shot to the collar bone that severely bruised it (I thought it was broke for a minute) and LOVE the S7 so much I bought a second one as my backup when they went on sale just as the Cobalt was coming out. I can't compare the S7 to the Cobalt, since I haven't used the Cobalt, but I can say that I've worn it in 95-100 degree weather and while it was obviously hot, I didn't notice it being that much hotter than the Schutt. Protection is great on it.
  5. See, what we REALLY need is a sunglasses porn thread!!! 🤣 😎
  6. If you haven't already tried it, I strongly recommend using the All Star Delta Flex with the skull cap. It's great! It grabs the helmet perfectly but it's still very easy to put on and off, and it's available in all black too: https://www.ump-attire.com/Products/FMHPRO-SBK/All-Star-Delta-Flex-Umpire-Mask-Replacement-Harness
  7. I caught a bounced fastball that went under my throat guard and hard into the underside of my jaw/chin. I'm wondering if I'm leaning too far forward, because I have a 6.5 inch guard. The batter was really short so I definitely was down lower than normal. Anyone have this happen to them?
  8. I personally have always worn sunglasses behind the plate, so it never bothered me having the shorter bill, and even when I was using a regular hat, I had to go 4 stitch because I use the FM4000 steel.
  9. The short bill is a big safety benefit - especially when using an All-Star FM4000 or 4000Mag given how the bars are closer to ones face.
  10. I know that is what All Star said, and I LOVE their product - I've convinced many of my partners to get one, but if the padding was needed in the back for backswings for umps, it would needed even more for catchers, wouldn't it? Yet the catcher's version has it in the back (the front of the turned around helmet as worn by most catchers). It just doesn't make sense to me - and add the fact the delta-flex covers the port holes in the ump version and I those two things lead me to thing it's a re-engineered {aka, bill shortened and helmet sand-painted) version of their Axis catching helmet. But hey, I'm no engineer, not even close - and this is a great product - but I'd love to have more protection up front and changed porthole placement - but I'm trusting All-Star with my brain on this! For those who haven't tried the skully with the DeltaFlex instead of the traditional harness, I HIGHLY recommend the DF - especially this all-black version: https://www.ump-attire.com/Products/FMHPRO-SBK/All-Star-Delta-Flex-Umpire-Mask-Replacement-Harness It grabs the skully perfectly, while still being very easy to get on and off, but hundreds of games in I've never had the mask slip once.
  11. That's what I wear too, but I haven't taken a hit that hard. Is it just that 92 is going to hurt no matter what we are wearing, or are you looking at something other than a S7? I had always heard the S7 might be the best (or one of the best) protecting chest protectors on the market - any thoughts on that?
  12. You can have association stickers made for the skully if you want - Matt Arcovio can get them (not sure if he's on here or not, but he's on Facebook and is an All-Star sales rep I think). They aren't exactly cheap, but if you only do one association they'd definitely be worth it. I can say from experience - I think you'll like the skully WAY more than the Uncap - it's just SO more comfortable, on top of being more protective, in my opinion anyway. I convinced 3 guys I ump with the give the skully a try, and none switched back to regular.
  13. Even MLB umps don't wear "real" base shoes anymore.
  14. Once everyone (or a large majority) start wearing them no one will even notice them. In a house-league I umpire in 3/4 of the umps wear an All-Star skull cap - haven't heard a coach or player even comment or ask about them this year. Last year when I did hear comments they were exclusively positive. The "looks" thing is just among umpires, I guarantee you that (hardly) anyone else notices, and even less care.
  15. LOL! Yeah, I posted the two pics a while ago and felt a little bit the same, only because I'm more aggravated by the padding than the vent holes, but again, it's better than any previous skully so I'm not complaining - just commenting on where it could be better. (And now you know that brim shortening costs $10 ).
  16. Just another example of how they took this helmet - MADE FOR CATCHERS - and only shortened the brim; that's why the yellow padding on the inside isn't at the forehead either. Flip the helmet around and wear it backwards (not for a game, for illustration) and put the mask on it, and you'll see the delta-flex leaves all the vents perfectly uncovered. I LOVE the AS skully, and realize that it's probably not economical for AS to make a true 100% ump only helmet - I'm just thrilled they made this with the short brim for us, because especially with the FM4000mag and steel, a regular brim is just too long and unsafe.
  17. I've used both the UnCap (for about 200 games) and the Cobalt Skullcap (for about 300 games) and the skullcap is much better - both cooler and much more comfortable. That said, the UnCap was still very good - I have a 7-3/8 hat, and I actually didn't even need to upsize (I know some do) when I added the UnCap. The UnCap has plenty of protection around the head, but the skullcap is just much more so. If I didn't want the skullcap I'd go back to the UnCap, but I suggest giving the skullcap a try. I see a LOT of guys using it now, if not the Cobalt then other versions. Be a leader, not a follower.
  18. The hard part about this is what's a "season." For some it could be 20 plates and zero bases, for others it could be 150 plates with 50 bases, etc. I'm at just under 600 games from 2019 to date. For some that's 10 seasons, for others it might be 2-3. My plate shoes (NB 460V3) are on their last legs - about 2/3 of those 600 games are plates. No way could I get close to 10 seasons out of them at this rate.
  19. Hi all - has anyone tried using the All Star mag pads on a Wilson Dynalite? My friend has the Wilson and has taken some shots he's felt using Team Wendy's, so I suggested he give the mag pad a try. We no longer live close to each other, otherwise I'd just have him try mine. Will the mag fit the Dynalite models? Thanks!
  20. Sorry, just saw this now. Contact Matt Arcovio on Facebook.
  21. If it's just the sizing that's the problem, you can buy replacement pads of a different size. I use a mix of M and L pads and fits perfect.
  22. The plastic bag my pads came in had designed holes in it - so what's causing the degradation? Oxygen, UV light, time?
  23. So, whether as a replacement pad or in the original frame - does anyone have a report on how well these windpact pads work?
  24. Are the UmpLife bags too big for guys only getting 2-3 balls max per game? I'm seeing great reviews, and have seen them in person, but they just look really big. Although I guess having too much room is rarely a bad thing compared to too little.
  25. The games I do I get 4 balls max, so I put 3 in my right bag and then the brush and indicator (when not in my hand) in the left bag, and a pen and notepad in the inner pockets of the left.
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