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  1. spent 4 years in Vestal/Binghamton.. do recall ever seeing that much snow
  2. wouldn't one possibly also be BI as it's the batter getting hit by the throw (not the runner), if in the judgement of PU that the batter did something to hinder the throw, just standing there wouldn't qualify based on my recollection
  3. stkjock

    Pitching question

    Immediate dead ball and runner is out conversation here:
  4. IIRC, it hinges on the wording of "through or by" in the rule and interps
  5. that diagram has been on the site for two years, however, I guess I need to be more clear, if all the positions (fielders and runners) were moved back 15, 20 or 30 feet, wouldn't the calls be the same? the relative position for the fielder to the runner remains the same, just their positions on the infield is shifted
  6. I created the diagram and it really doesn't matter where the fielders are playing does it, as long as the positions are relative to how they are placed in the image.
  7. if F5 reacts to R2, without R2 actually impeding him, or being within feet of R2 or touching R2, isn't it on F5 for reacting to something that he shouldn't have? How do you put it on R2 for doing what he's supposed to, run to third, without being given the chance to avoid any potential IFF? F5's reaction to where R2 is on him until R2 makes contact or a move to impede the fielder.
  8. Oh I like hockey, loved playing street hockey as a kid (could never skate ) just don’t know the rules well enough to comment in the post
  9. Also, unlike other sports, if a coach or manager is ejected, there’s no real penalty to the team Coaches penalty in other sports basketball - technical, opponent gets free throws football - unsportsmanlike gets 15 yards for the opponent hockey - I have no idea LOL
  10. I was thinking more like a strained lat
  11. Gil did a write up on this as well. curious to read comments by the members on the call.
  12. stkjock

    The code

    I thought Manny handled it well.
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