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  1. stkjock

    Game 4, NLDS

    here's the video https://www.mlb.com/video/turner-s-ground-rule-double
  2. stkjock

    Live ball

    Ummm.... if u hear the ball in the glove when u see the foot hit the base, is that what the “exact same time” above refers too? If so, the ball was there first based on your logic.
  3. Good to hear, my MIL went through it in her 70s and she recovered well. Keep up with the PT work
  4. best on a quick and easy recovery
  5. good video, I'd liked to have seen if the runners actually missed 3rd
  6. there's a coach on this site who has posted many times on using this move with success, @roothog66, use it, it may get a balk or two called if you guess wrong, however it will likely have a dramatic effect on the running game.
  7. 1 game suspension https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/27478996/dodgers-3b-turner-suspended-bumping-ump
  8. LLI change the age cut off a few years back, so no more 13s, 12 and younger only. If u noticed a lot less home runs this year with the first year of 12s max and the change in bats a year plus back.
  9. http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=27473709 Turner gets rung up on a pitch with great location, walks after PU to protest and makes contact... umpire acts with discretion and takes no action. Thoughts?
  10. I'd say he leaned into that one. I guess that's not a reviewable play by challenge.
  11. stkjock

    Does This Run Count?

    ummm.. huh??? As yawetag commented, the run counts as described, for a twist if batter is slow to first and F9 comes up firing to 1B that beats the batter... then the run wouldn't count.
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