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  1. "I don't care what you tell me, you F*#Ked that up" LOL
  2. was just going to ask about this call.
  3. The umpires in my local league were always paid during the 8 years I was a participant
  4. yes, ESPN has a 8 yr deal worth 30M+ IIRC generally yes you pay a fee to play LL, typically $75-150 depending on league, you get a uniform and field time, umpires, etc No fee to attend at Williamsport - concessions are cash - no idea cost the money goes to pay for the WP complex and all the employees of LL International
  5. Jeff - IIRC - from threads on here a few years back, yes, LL want's certain mechanics on nearly all calls, but for a called 3K.
  6. stkjock


    John - are you old enough to know the phrase.... best to be seen and not heard........??? that's best for the SK, in effect you argued balls and strikes.... what did you expect to happen... Also keep in mind, if any portion of the ball, a thread of the stitching, crosses the plate it's a strike, the person best positioned to call that is PU, the video you posted it's impossible to tell, a ball can look off the plate where it's caught and still have crossed in the zone.....
  7. Has anyone seen this video? I've never seen a PU stop play without batter or catcher requesting time, I curious as to thoughts? \/ Direct to the question https://youtu.be/AZuNU4m_HCc?t=94
  8. Fun fact, Brent Strom was right behind Tommy John in getting UCL surgery, could have been Brent Strom Surgery. my son took a pitching clinic with him about 6 years ago, he seemed a good guy, however, in hindsight, not money well spent
  9. skip to bottom 2, at P25 in the bug, I can't get a time as the game is still live
  10. Anyone watching this game? hard ground ball down 3rd base line, U3 calls foul, ball had hit the foul line just behind the bag, umps get together, reverse call, awarded 2nd (correctly IMO), then get a call from the review team... you cannot reverse the call on the field, batter back in the box. Still image - will update with video if I find one
  11. never compared his ERA to any other era or person did I???
  12. The question: Who's the greatest pitcher in the game in the 2015+ time period? Who has more RBI then ER allowed in 2021? What pitcher has thrown more pitches at 100+ mph then the rest of the league combined?
  13. poor Alfonso Marquez.... had to rub up Max's sweaty mop of a head
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