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  1. No, dead ball, all runners awarded two bases time of throw
  2. Just saw this on FB, while amusing to a degree, sets a bad precedent IMHO
  3. what rule set? IIRC, LL has(had) a rule about glasses other than prescription being warn.
  4. Found that on ESPN from an article on the suspension
  5. stkjock


    At district/sectionals I was a AC and didn’t get any plate meetings. As I said I can’t recall, doesn’t mean it was never asked, I’m getting old and all.
  6. stkjock


    I coached/managed youth ball (LL/travel) for 6 years, frankly, I cannot recall that question ever being asked in the 150+ games I was a part of.
  7. stkjock

    Safe or out?

    your firewall would be my guess confirm by trying to go to www.giphy.com to see if it's blocked
  8. stkjock

    Safe or out?

    they touch the plate at all then the run counts
  9. stkjock

    Force Removed?

    the difference is the original had two outs and the follow on had one. no runs can score if the thrid out of the inning is recorded by a force out. see above, the advantageous 4th out, is that a 4th out, in your follow ups there's only three outs recorded.
  10. stkjock

    Force Removed?

    if the BR is out before he reaches first for the thrid out, no runs score, no matter anything else happening however, yes, if the BR is only the second out, then the force would be removed, it would then be a time play and 2 runs score as you describe it.
  11. stkjock


    I lived through that happening. LL Majors back in 2015, kid comes to the plate with a big barrel bat, one of my players says something, I told the manager to call time. We questioned the bat, Bristol gets called (local guys didn't know what to do) kid ejected, head coach ejected, coach (iirc) has to sit next game as well. then I'm first base coach and the opposing team had the 1st base line... boy did I get an earful from the parents/fans....
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