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  1. yes, as flyingron posted, it's a '21 change and the book hasn't been released.
  2. I was watching live, it Was a interesting delay and confusion.
  3. I'd say the kids injury is not on you, it's on the coach and his staff, that behavior should be address in practice, you warned him multiple times, if the coach did and said nothing during the game... it's on him 2x
  4. was just going to post that video, hope the HC protested that
  5. stkjock

    Extra innings.

    sorry about that, I thought I had included a second link as well that had no paywall. https://www.mlb.com/news/mets-earn-walk-off-win-over-phillies-in-game-1
  6. stkjock

    Extra innings.

    did anyone take note that in the NL this rule can be gamed by doing a double switch? NY Mets took advantage of it the other day and were able to get Lindor on 2nd to start and he scored on a single to tie the game up. https://www.newsday.com/sports/baseball/mets/mets-phillies-doubleheader-jonathan-villar-walk-off-1.50213928 the video doesn't have the Mets booth lambasting the rule and suggesting it will need to be changed.
  7. while agree that it was clearly CI, I see no indication in the video that's what PU ruled, IMHNO, it seems he makes the safe call on the play alone.
  8. spent 4 years in Vestal/Binghamton.. do recall ever seeing that much snow
  9. wouldn't one possibly also be BI as it's the batter getting hit by the throw (not the runner), if in the judgement of PU that the batter did something to hinder the throw, just standing there wouldn't qualify based on my recollection
  10. stkjock

    Pitching question

    Immediate dead ball and runner is out conversation here:
  11. IIRC, it hinges on the wording of "through or by" in the rule and interps
  12. that diagram has been on the site for two years, however, I guess I need to be more clear, if all the positions (fielders and runners) were moved back 15, 20 or 30 feet, wouldn't the calls be the same? the relative position for the fielder to the runner remains the same, just their positions on the infield is shifted
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