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  1. if F5 reacts to R2, without R2 actually impeding him, or being within feet of R2 or touching R2, isn't it on F5 for reacting to something that he shouldn't have? How do you put it on R2 for doing what he's supposed to, run to third, without being given the chance to avoid any potential IFF? F5's reaction to where R2 is on him until R2 makes contact or a move to impede the fielder.
  2. Oh I like hockey, loved playing street hockey as a kid (could never skate ) just don’t know the rules well enough to comment in the post
  3. Also, unlike other sports, if a coach or manager is ejected, there’s no real penalty to the team Coaches penalty in other sports basketball - technical, opponent gets free throws football - unsportsmanlike gets 15 yards for the opponent hockey - I have no idea LOL
  4. I was thinking more like a strained lat
  5. Gil did a write up on this as well. curious to read comments by the members on the call.
  6. stkjock

    The code

    I thought Manny handled it well.
  7. Rich, that is great details and precisely what I was hoping to get feedback wise
  8. not being an umpire, my $.02, all day every day.....
  9. ahh, I didn't see any out call after a meeting
  10. I'm so confused by that video, U1 signal safe, he clearly beats the throw, seems to get the side of the base.... WTF happened
  11. Thanks for the replies. I realized it of course is better than no game, I was asking for the unbiased views of those who are doing it, what prompted my question was seeing a few vids from a camera behind the plate and the corresponding call by PU seemed to be misaligned so to speak. Glad to hear that in general it's a reasonable place to call from for an experienced umpire.
  12. So I've seen a lot of HS aged games from the NY Metro area where the PU is calling the game from behind the mound. I'm told it's a social distancing effort, wonder if many of you are calling them this way and what your thoughts on how "good" the zone can be called from 65-70' feet away?
  13. I think the highlighted part of the story is the key, the runner was making an attempt to get 2nd, once trucked the kid figures that there's no way he'll make it there, so he moved back to first, 12U ball it's unlikely he'd know the rules well enough to realize he likely has a "free pass" at second if he's thrown out by anything but a huge margin, so in his pre-adolescent brain, "I'm going to make sure I don't make an out"
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