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  1. I find that dubious as you're "he who calls her swmbo"
  2. here's a sharp call from the game Here's the missed bangers, happened on consecutive batters IIRC :
  3. yea, the system defaulted the quote to you , I didn't notice that when I was making the post
  4. maybe ask about the rules understanding and not their feelings? facts don't care about feelings
  5. did you see the NJ/LA game today? 1BU had a rough time on consecutive bangers
  6. Are you reading the tournament rules? https://www.littleleague.org/downloads/tournament-rules-baseball/
  7. I also say shame on the manager for not coming out to question the call
  8. At the 8:35 mark, bases loaded, ball popped up.... thoughts?
  9. I don’t think there was an appeal. I had it on as I was working, so I want totally focused, they showed a replay but not a challenge best I recall.
  10. I realize rereading my post, the ball was far foul, I did not indicate that in my OP (edited and corrected) clip of the play added as well @grayhawk
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