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  1. stkjock's post in Fair/Foul bal was marked as the answer   
    the position of the ball is what is the deciding factor. Where the player is standing is not relevant. Since in your example the ball was over foul territory, before passing third base, when touched it is a foul ball. To be fair it would have to,pass third in fair territory. 
  2. stkjock's post in What happens to the batter? was marked as the answer   
    Batter is up first next inning, new at bat, new count. 
    The runner was retired. Not the batter 
  3. stkjock's post in glove falls off on tag and ball stays in glove was marked as the answer   
    fielder must maintain control of the ball, if the glove has the ball and it's off the hand, it's not controlled. 
  4. stkjock's post in Run scores or not was marked as the answer   
    this is a time play, as the runner scores before the tag, that run  counts 
  5. stkjock's post in Force play was marked as the answer   
    R2 is forced to advance, he’s put out before reaching third, despite the tag, it’s a force out. 
  6. stkjock's post in Interference was marked as the answer   
    If the plate umpires judgement the  contact hindered the catcher’s throw, batter is out, runners return.  
  7. stkjock's post in unassisted double play was marked as the answer   
    As described, once F4 steps on the bag, R1, the runner from first, is out, this removes the force on R2, if he stays on the bag, he's safe, despite the tag by F4.  However, if R2 is tagged first, then the bag is touched, then yes 2 outs.  
  8. stkjock's post in Force or Tag? was marked as the answer   
    No as it seems described.
    If the thrid baseman, either tagged the base or the runner from second, the force on the runner from third is no longer in effect.  That runner from 3rd, R3, would need to be put out via a tag.
  9. stkjock's post in Runner mises home, on a BB ... was marked as the answer   
    runner is out, ball is live, defense made a proper appeal of the missed base, no different if she missed any other base.
  10. stkjock's post in Fan was marked as the answer   
    based on my understanding - still learning.
    no balk, if  he disengages by stepping being the rubber,he is no longer a pitcher and the step on the rubber is coincidental.  Out
    Q2 - if the F5 touched the ball while it was over foul territory, then it's foul, not sure what you mean by "above".  the umpire would have to judge where the ball was when touched.
  11. stkjock's post in baseball was marked as the answer   
    if I understand what you're trying to say..... 
    Bases loaded, batter hits a ground ball to the SS, as the SS is trying to field the ball, runner from second makes contact with the SS as he attempts to field the ball.
    A: interference on runner, runner out, batter awarded first base, no run can score.
  12. stkjock's post in Runners tagging on fly ball. was marked as the answer   
    yes, the out at first is a appeal and thus a Time play.
    full discussion here as well:
  13. stkjock's post in Force was marked as the answer   
    He is forced to vacate the base, it is not a safe haven once the batted ball is in play, had the base been tagged first, then he could stay and be safe at the bag 
  14. stkjock's post in Does the run score was marked as the answer   
    Yes, once F3 touched first the force on R1 was removed, therefore, R1 has to be tagged, this makes the 3rd out a time play.
    since in your situation R3 scores before the tag, the run counts, how was it ruled in your game?
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