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    The Balloon

    Notice how the raft strap holds to the shoulder. Yes he has his mask in his right hand and indicator in his left. This was from the 80s I believe. It was my uncle, considered by many as one of the best umpires in NJ.
  2. Here is the email I received from my association... Good morning, hoping you and your loved ones are well and stay well. At last night’s Board meeting, held via phone, the Board unanimously approved a Dues Holiday for the 2022 season in consideration of the apparent cancellation of the 2020 season. Effectively, your 2021 SUA dues will be carried forward to cover the dues payable for the 2022 season. Please recall that the SUA collects dues a year in advance of the current season; the dues being collected now are for the 2021 season and if you have already registered and paid those dues – thank you. If your 2021 SUA dues and registration are still pending please complete the process as normal by May 1, 2020. In January 2021, as usual, you will receive a 2022 Registration and Release Notice via email and those materials will also be included in your “package” for the 2021 season. NO SUA DUES WILL BE COLLECTED WITH THE 2022 REGISTRATION AND RELEASE. Additionally, the NJSIAA has also adopted a policy that, if they are forced to cancel the 2020 Spring season they will apply those fees to the 2021 season, if you have registered and paid the Registration and Back ground check fees for the 2020 season. Please read the NJSIAA Officials Update attached regarding the fees as well as the update on the move from Arbiter to ZebraWeb. not attached.
  3. In addition to this, NJSIAA is carrying over this year’s dues and fees to next year.
  4. Actually, I think the umpires are employed by MiLB. The players can be employees of the big league team or the local team. Again the CBAs talk about these things or provide a basis for the discussion.
  5. These guys are employees and subject to a collective bargaining agreement. No blur there.
  6. My grandfather started umpiring in 1926. I am the last in the line and intend on umpiring through at least 2026, when I will be 69...and beyond
  7. Ditto in NJ for shirts in all sports. Hats we still have some flexibility, but not for long...
  8. Been married 42+ years, went together 3years before that... I have never given my wife a gift in February. I have sent her flowers & other things throughout the years without being told to by hallmark.
  9. I wear my distance glasses behind the plate and multi-focals (progressives...advanced bifocals) on the bases. I find that when I wear the progressives behind the plate I get more "feedback" that is negative. I just orderedOakley's that are distance only for both positions. With the progressives you have to move your head to get the best view. I can read without my glasses (at least in daytime). so I will just look below my glasses to do the paperwork.
  10. LMSANS

    New NFHS DH Rule

    As a batter, he's the DH, not the pitcher.
  11. I've downloaded it for NFHS. I'll parallel while doing my state refresher test and report back.
  12. Here is the question from the NJ recertification test: Question #26 The home team provides the umpire-in-chief with three new baseballs that have the NOCSAE stamp but not the NFHS authenticating mark. a. Umpire(s) shall ask the visiting team to provide 3 legal baseballs. b. Umpire(s) shall declare a NO CONTEST and not start the game. c. If the home team and visiting team cannot provide baseballs with the NOCSAE stamp and NFHS authenticating mark, the umpire(s) shall play the game and immediately report the home team to state association. d. A and C are correct.
  13. In NJ, down the shore, we were told to ask the visitors if they could supply the balls, but the game gets played.
  14. Supposedly, each association submits 25 names to the state and there are evaluators around the state. Then it all gets ignored and some guy picks his cronies...only the best!
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