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    Pitch Framing

    I get great satisfaction with having the same thought process as @maven
  2. it's neither...it's the fact that I can type, record, or whatever and have it seen by hundreds of people in seconds, thousands in minutes and millions shortly thereafter.that was possible 10 years ago. It makes everything seem to be happening faster and in greater volume. without the internet I wouldn't have a clue about an ejection in a Pennsylvania HS game.
  3. Didn’t need 4 umpires for a lot of that time either...or 3 levels of post season play...or the DH... the list goes on. If it can be shown to be an improvement...
  4. Does anybody have copy of their organizations' social media policy/guidelines? We had a recent FB incident and then realized that we didn't have anything in our policies covering that. If you can point me to a website or message me a copy that would be greatly appreciated.
  5. @Gil,have you done any analysis of whether the ejected was losing at the time of ejection?
  6. Actually it was Gomer Pyle. Barney was a deputy...
  7. Can you say John McEnroe?
  8. It's been that size for that age group for about 80 years. How is it getting too small? Maybe get rid of the metal bats.
  9. Wow 3 pages. I’m going to agree with biscuit and shut down.
  10. The existence of the dead ball appeal in Fed is probably why it is not addressed.
  11. LMSANS

    timing play

    I want to make this the best answer...
  12. So the guy judging the asylum is one of the former inmates. And you expected a stronger message?
  13. LMSANS


    On my Mac, I didn’t see anything but the partner ads. Just opened up my iPad and I see ads top and bottom. I use Safari on both.
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