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  1. Supposedly, each association submits 25 names to the state and there are evaluators around the state. Then it all gets ignored and some guy picks his cronies...only the best!

    Zombie Threads

    I would suggest 60 days. Also, is there a way to "this thread is closed. Would you like to open a new thread with a similar topic."? Then do a new thread command pre-title with XXXX-#. Where # is a sequence for this re-thread title. I'm not sure this makes sense
  3. I never considered soccer a "sport", at the higher levels it is gang warfare and lower levels it is babysitting activity.
  4. Has any other sport had the equivalent of "KILL THE UMPIRE!" as the accepted norm?
  5. By definition, you can't have a force at 1B. The RL is only enforced if the throw is coming from the home plate area. A throw from the SS will never fall under the accepted interpretations on this. As has been mentioned elsewhere, it is interference with the ability to catch the ball.


    I understand your thinking and have to constantly remind my assigners that I will only work 60/90 fields. I will work sub varsity if the HS assigner needs me. I don't want to deal with rules or mechanics differences because of the size of the field. Personal choice. My roots are in LL ball starting at 8u, but I don't want to deal with it anymore.

    Pitch Framing

    I get great satisfaction with having the same thought process as @maven
  8. it's neither...it's the fact that I can type, record, or whatever and have it seen by hundreds of people in seconds, thousands in minutes and millions shortly thereafter.that was possible 10 years ago. It makes everything seem to be happening faster and in greater volume. without the internet I wouldn't have a clue about an ejection in a Pennsylvania HS game.
  9. Didn’t need 4 umpires for a lot of that time either...or 3 levels of post season play...or the DH... the list goes on. If it can be shown to be an improvement...
  10. Does anybody have copy of their organizations' social media policy/guidelines? We had a recent FB incident and then realized that we didn't have anything in our policies covering that. If you can point me to a website or message me a copy that would be greatly appreciated.
  11. @Gil,have you done any analysis of whether the ejected was losing at the time of ejection?
  12. Actually it was Gomer Pyle. Barney was a deputy...
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