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  1. I was taught to go to the between inning position. Never made sense to me, so I didn't. I stay in deep B/C. I will count warmups for a new F1 and signal my partner with finger signals starting at 4.
  2. This is the direction I would like to go, but the local football association had a major issue 10 years ago and most of the umpires are also referees. They are also older and don't trust anything but checks/cash.
  3. I think it was the first year and we didn't use it until post season. I was a real good hitter and F2, but was not known for my foot speed. We were in a state playoff game and I went 3 for 4. For each hit, coach called time and brought in the speedster. I wasn't familiar with the rule and got real pi$$ed off when he took me out the second time; thinking I was done for the day. When I didn't put the equipment on the AC started yelling at me to get ready to go out there. I was so confused.
  4. I have done baseball, softball, wrestling and football. All from youth to varsity levels I quit wrestling after my first year when I realized I was not as good a referee as I was a wrestler...and I was a terrible wrestler. I quit football after I realized I couldn't keep up with the game. Next year I will go back to do chains if they need me. Baseball and softball, I can do from March until November (2020 is the exception ). I will be contented with this while I can still do it physically.
  5. I graduated from HS in 1975. I was a DH in a couple of HS games that year. It was also the first year that NJ used the Courtesy Runner.
  6. Not having this issue with Safari on my Mac (MacOS11).
  7. New look is pretty good. Clean.
  8. On the tapatalk, I tried to check a notification and I had been logged out. I can't remember ever logging in! Now it is OK.
  9. Dog, How long are your meetings and is there any cost for 200 participants?
  10. Here is what I put together so far:
  11. We had a similar situation a couple of years back. I was working the bases on a JV baseball game. At the same site were the V baseball and V soccer games. I heard the thunder and stopped our game. the teams went to the field house, but neither V game stopped. I was getting an earful from the home coach. I decided to go over and tell the V baseball crew what I had. As I was walking to their field, a lightening bold struck the transformer on a pole about 50 ft beyond the left field fence. You had to see them all run.
  12. My organization is looking towards next year and the prospect of not being able to meet (200 members) in person. I have been tasked with finding an online solution. Cost is a serious consideration as well as technical challenges. Remember we are an organization that for the most part is very happy with navy shirts. I use Jitsi personally, but it is limited to 75 participants before service degrades. I also read about the leadership do a Jitsi meeting that is broadcast over YouTube live. I'm not a fan of Facebook for all the normal reasons. What experience have you had?
  13. Given the timing of the picture, I'm going to say that he was coming up out of his stance. I can never recall him complaining of any physical pain from umpiring. More old school stuff.
  14. This is a picture of my uncle working a little league tournament in the 80's (I think). He never used anything but the raft. He taught me how to umpire when I was 13, with the raft.
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