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  1. If Angel had missed the call at 1B to ruin a perfect game bid, what would the reaction have been? This call was much lower on the scale than Joyce's. Let's stop beating the dead horse.

    Game Fees

    NJ is $106 for baseball and $95 for softball in 2024. Fees used to be up to each association, but now the state is taking over and dictating. Soon they will be taking over regular season assignment too. There has always been a difference between the 2 sports. The cue card is now read at the dugout before the plate meeting. Both umpires must be present and it MUST be read. Penalty is a scolding by the interpreter. There has been much discussion about whether F1 needed to stop warming up to listen. Officially, no, but guys will MSU about anything!
  3. Game Sheets.pdf I use the attached for game information. Cut them down for individual games. I use the back for any extended notes (EJ, Warn, delay info, etc.) I use the lineup cards for player changes. I use the / X and line through methods. / = reentry allowed; X = done for the day; line through if my X has an issue.
  4. So thinking about this strike zone...when I was a kid, we would draw a plate-shaped box on a wall. If the ball hit that "box", it was a strike. It didn't matter if we were playing stick ball or whiffle ball (think 10 foot curves). We dealt with it. Same thing here.
  5. All they want is somebody with a pulse. I got tired of working with guys that couldn't spell ump, never mind know or care about rules.
  6. This picture is from the CWS/NYY game on Thursday 6/8. It is the bottom of the 9th of game 1. The umpire starts signaling before the runner reaches the base SAFE. The call was out for the start of a game ending double-play. NYY asked for a review and the out was confirmed. Why is the umpire signaling safe? And why was that safe signal ignored? Really trying to understand the pertinent mechanics.
  7. I’m with you. I couldn’t figure either.
  8. Thank you, Maven..I needed that.


    NFHS insurance is for sanctioned games. NASO will cover any league games.
  10. I'll take a crack at it, been about 40 years since I worked LL. The out stands, R3 goes back to third. How did I do?
  11. LMSANS

    Walk Off Balk

    I guess in this scenario, it depends on how many outs there are.
  12. The day the color of my shirt determines my skills as an umpire is the day I hang up my mask. My grandfather wore a suit and tie when he umpired, with a white shirt in 1926.
  13. Do we want to get back to umpire discussion or close the topic?🙂
  14. We had been advised by an interpreter to keep them until the season ends, just in case something happens. Nothing has ever happened. Can them.
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