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    As described, sounds like obstruction.

    Balk or not?

    In all codes you are aloud to feint to 2B. As long as he stepped in that direction,,,,,,,, throwing to F6 is just a feint. More technical responses to come.
  3. My pregame will take 15 - 20 minutes, while dressing. About 30% of my partners don’t care. Half of the rest will follow my lead and the rest will fully participate. I try to walk through each BU position with different runner scenarios. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. Let’s not get too far off track. I was trying to avoid the medical/political opinion discussion. I will shut down this topic very quickly.
  5. On second look, I was able to go into arbiter and block a day next year. It could be your assigner has changed the settings. I know our assigner has gotten around to that yet.
  6. Next year is zebraweb in NJ
  7. I'm taking the opposite view, I am leaning towards skipping the rest of the year. I'm not too worried about getting sick, but I don't want to deal with coaches and fans that want me to do something about some Covid transgression.There are far ranging beliefs thanks to social media and I'm not going to judge that. I'm willing to let the dust settle after the election. Not saying the virus is political, but the interpretation of the science is.
  8. That's been the rule at every level I've worked or know about.
  9. I ran into this situation early in my career while working with a more senior umpire. We paused, looked at each other and then both signaled out. Phew. We post-gamed it and since that time, I have included in my pre-game. If working the bases and my pu partner doesn't bring it up, I do.
  10. Here is the information for the return of travel ball (USABL) in NJ. i can’t figure out the underlined part. How does a mask fit over your mask? And how do you take your mask off? Hey guys, first of all. hope you are all healthy and staying safe and had a Happy Fathers Day! We know you are itching to get back on the field and many questions are coming in surrounding the NJ DOH guidelines. We will need to do our best to try to play things extra safe especially the first week. Try your best to maintain 6 feet distance whenever possible. We are going to try to simplify it below. It is really not too bad! We are looking forward to getting back out there. Common Sense: Most of the guidelines out there are just about common sense. You will have to adapt to the situation. No spitting, no chewing tobacco, whenever within 6 feet (I.e. ground rule)have a face covering, have hand sanitizer for yourself and use it between innings. Face Coverings- when not behind the plate: Strongly suggested to have a face-covering available. While this is not a requirement it is strongly encouraged when conditions allow. We ask especially the first week or so that all umpires try to wear their face covering whenever possible. We suggest wearing face-covering while in the field. However, if you feel as though it may create a health hazard and create breathing issues you are not required to wear one. Gaiter masks are the best they are similar to a turtle neck and you just pull it up when needed, I'm sure you've all seen them by now and many of you probably have some already. Face Coverings - when wearing umpire mask We are suggesting a mask over your umpire mask, not directly on your face. You can make it fit nicely. This is not required, but is just a strong suggestion. Umpire Positioning: 46/60 & 50/70 - 1 Umpire: "Plate" Umpire positioned behind the pitcher calling balls and strikes. 46/60 & 50/70 - 2 Umpires: "Plate" Umpire positioned behind the pitcher calling balls and strikes "Base" Umpire positioned 6 feet or so angled behind the batter, on the batter side. Wear equipment. There may be times where there may not be enough room because the backstop is too short. If that happens, improvise a bit, maybe its 3 feet back and 3 feet over. 60/90 - 2 Umpires: Normal positions We will review this after a couple of weeks and there is a chance we could make tweaks or if things improve we could go back to normal. Baseballs: We are encouraging the home/away team to have their own set of baseballs and umpires could direct them to send balls into the game when necessary. Limit umpire touching the ball as much as possible. Between innings, the home/away team should hold onto their own baseballs. Common sense, bottomline Please note if anyone does not feel comfortable umpiring this season or is in the category of being at-risk they should sit this season out and uncheck the ready to be assigned box on the Main page on Arbiter. Waivers: Anyone umpiring will be required to sign a waiver. This will be sent out separately in the next 7-10 days. Quite simply, if you don't sign a waiver you cannot umpire in the league. Any questions or concerns feel free to respond to this email. Things will be a little different for everyone so please have patience. The good news is we’re getting back out there. Hopefully, some of these special things we have to do now will not last long, but we’ll see. We want everyone to be safe. See you out there soon.
  11. Zebraweb Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  12. NJ dropped arbiter as its scheduling software beginning with the fall sports season. I didn’t think we would lose access to NFHS.
  13. LMSANS

    Ruling on this play

    Glad to see fantasy baseball is in full swing. I guess we need more games out there.
  14. The sportsmanship statement or the bat list? And I never will...I can read it faster than I can state it. I usually get smiles in reaction to my speed-reading trick.
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