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  1. Point and "no Tag! no tag!" If they can hear you say he got him on the helmet tag, why can't they hear you on the "under it"?

    Tag base with glove

    Are laces part of the glove?
  3. You can. You just might stand out.
  4. A big difference is the raft. The mechanics are different.
  5. Jersey guy is such a smartass
  6. Take it from a champion of laziness...it could be as simple as not wanting to keep putting it on and taking it off. If it’s comfortable enough, why not leave it on?
  7. I use RoboForm across my devices, both Apple and non-Apple. I have been for years.
  8. I have a BS in accounting. I had a professor (a CPA) that said “you can deduct anything you want, just be ready to pay the tax/penalty when they call you on it.” Of course, that was 40 years ago...
  9. It’s a business that “specializes “ in this type of transaction and is one of the biggest (maybe the biggest). They probably come out on the top of the google search.
  10. Delays in snail mail delivery.
  11. Boxing on ice? Well used to be anyway...
  12. I don't know. I'm not sure I would want to throw anything near the plate to Trout either.
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