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  1. All income is reportable, with or without payer documentation. Remember how they got Al Capone.
  2. Sorry about that …senior moment. a runner leaving early is a dead ball and the runner is out, so the illegal pitch never happens.
  3. This is a softball question, folks. An illegal pitch is a delayed dead ball and a ball on the batter.
  4. In my HS association, we generally follow what is assigned. It is not uncommon for one or the other to ask for a switch and there is no problem. The assigner asks to be informed afterward in case there is an issue to be documented.
  5. It was a judgement call. The guy on the field, his judgement counts.
  6. I haven’t been on much since this topic came to life. I usually just lock the sold topics if I get there before @Thunderheads. I pretty much follow Jeff’s thinking. I prefer to throw a warning out there first.
  7. I used a silver dollar from 1883. I found that most of the participants were uninterested in history. After that I carry a variety of "challenge" coins; heads/tails baseball; zebra tail/head(from my football days);ASA national school. I have found that participants continue to be unimpressed with my coinage.
  8. Here are some action shots of my uncle and his balloon mechanics. These go back to the early 80s.


    I'm locking this one up.
  10. LMSANS

    Runs Scoring

    You’re question was answered and clarified.
  11. The rule is time of throw. The deflection (new impetus)is not a baseball thing.
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