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  1. The existence of the dead ball appeal in Fed is probably why it is not addressed.

    timing play

    I want to make this the best answer...
  3. So the guy judging the asylum is one of the former inmates. And you expected a stronger message?


    On my Mac, I didn’t see anything but the partner ads. Just opened up my iPad and I see ads top and bottom. I use Safari on both.
  5. I read the OP as being on a small field, with BU outside. "...Base umpire turns and moves towards RF with back towards infield. " Did I misread? Doesn't that change the discussion? I haven't worked a small field in 40 years so I have nothing to help.
  6. Just to update the crowd...new leadership and the restrictions have been loosened significantly. Similar circumstance now, the umpire would just have to pass the HS rules test and they would be good to go...mainly due to supply and demand, but they are getting smarter.
  7. I know this story, or one that is very similar. Friend of mine worked AAA, even some spring MLB games, and they wouldn’t let him work varsity unless he attended the local class. He appealed to the state who backed the association.
  8. I think you need some more detail on your website. Do you only train for college umpires?

    New Logo

    Been through them all...color is not your friend...
  10. LMSANS

    Balk or no balk?

    What rule set? There are variations.
  11. A friend gave me this scenario, his game was OBR, but I’d like to get all 3 Interps: 1-1 count on batter, called strike 2, batter argues and is ejected. Team has no bench players. Is it an out? Does next batter assume the count? If the game continues, is that spot in the lineup an out or just skipped?
  12. LMSANS

    Balk or no balk?

    What rule set?
  13. I use MileIQ. It automagically records each trip. At the end of the week, I separate business from officiating from personal. I also track my medical miles. It allows for multiple vehicles and custom reporting.
  14. The umpire can take whatever actions he/she deems necessary to correct the mistake. Did the runners run on the crack of the bat?
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