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  1. NFHS rule 3-3-5 ART. 5 ... Any player, starter or substitute may be withdrawn from the game and re-entered once, provided such player occupies the same batting position whenever in the lineup. A starter and any substitute for a starter may not be in the game at the same time. A violation results in illegal substitution.
  2. Oh yeah...a middle school pays 2 guys $90.
  3. Down the shore we get: V-B $84 V-S $79 SV-B $62 SV-S $61

    Any out here?

    At younger ages this is a “don’t do that”. I believe older players would know better.

    Ball or NP

    "Windage and Elevation..."
  6. Time of pitch...first throw by an infielder.
  7. There are 40+ high schools within our area. The farthest I have to drive regular season is 45 miles one way. Travel ball plays on fields within 10 miles of my home. I chose not to do college ball because of the distances. NJ does have at least one positive.
  8. I had an accounting professor (A CPA) 40 years ago who told us "deduct what you think is right. Just be aware that if you are very aggressive with your interpretation, calculate what it will cost you if the IRS disallows the deduction? So you know whether you can afford it."
  9. This is the official authorized vendor for NJSIAA. For some things, this is who we have to deal with (state emblem hat/shirt). I have had difficulties with their service in the past, but I'm locked in. Any time I can I go to U-A.
  10. I’m good with naming a company you have had issues with. Many times, other members have had similar experiences or better yet gotten resolution in a way you may not have thought of. Either way, the membership will be wary when dealing with that vendor.
  11. I found them on Ebay. There was a link supplied a couple of weeks ago. you'll find it before I could.
  12. This is an umpires forum. The discussion has gotten to a place that is away from the rules and mechanics. I'm locking it up.
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