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  1. Phu Bai

    Balk/pitching motion

    I always coached ,that from a wind up position(pitcher has both feet on the rubber and is facing the batter) as soon as that pitcher steps back with his non pivot foot he is committed to throwing home and if you are a base runner with an open base , you break as soon as that pitcher commits.
  2. Robot Umpires! https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/other/robot-umpires-debuted-in-the-atlantic-league-all-star-game-heres-what-happened/ar-AAE9raF
  3. Any opinions on the old balloon protector that PU used...got a good look side to side ..not so much up and down, and does ANYONE use them anywhere?
  4. Phu Bai

    Hit by illegal pitch

    "if a tree falls in the forest...?"
  5. Am I correct in believing arguing balls and strikes is an automatic ejection, as is arguing a reviewed play, or throwing equipment? However is pointing to a spot where a batter thinks a ball passed home plate, or drawing a line in the dirt , an automatic (by rule) ejection or an umpire not wanting to be "shown up"?
  6. Phu Bai

    Been awhile....

    Story about the two elderly ladies who played softball together for many many years. They promised that whoever went first, would come back and let the other one know if there was softball in heaven. One lady passes and in a dream the other lady has a visit from here friend in heaven> "Please tell me there is softball l in heaven" Her friend says " I have some good news and some bad news." "What's the good news?" "Well, there is softball in heaven." "What's the bad news?" "you're pitching tonight!"
  7. Phu Bai


    Any opinions on the Machado ejection/suspension? Agree with ejection ..not so sure about suspension..seen worse!
  8. " Immediately toss him with a rather majestic heave," really?
  9. Just to continue the play..R2 has been called out at third, but gets up and runs toward home...confused the defensive team makes a throw to the plate that allows the Batter Runner to advance to second. Legal play by the offense???
  10. The Earl of Baltimore sometimes was worth the price of a ticket "Weaver shot out of the Orioles dugout to argue the “no-interference” call that he felt should have been made against Rosello, since Dempsey had to throw over his body. Neither home-plate umpire Ted Hendry nor umpire crew chief Larry Barnett made the call. Weaver argued with Barnett but received no satisfaction. He raced back to the Orioles’ dugout and emerged with the major-league rulebook. Barnett then gave Weaver the “thumb” as he felt that Weaver was trying to show him up. “Barnett told me he knew the rule inside and out,” said Weaver. “I told him he screwed it up again. It was flagrant, terrible. They threw me out for bringing the rulebook out on the field. There’s no rule that says you can’t bring out the book.”2 Weaver stomped around the infield before leaving the field, and ripped the rulebook to shreds. Torn pages fluttered around the infield as members of the stadium grounds crew moved in to clean up the debris. The scene, possibly never seen before at a major-league game, delighted the crowd. After Weaver’s theatrics, play resumed on the diamond, and Hargrove stole third base. According to the game stories in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, it appeared as if Hargrove was out by six feet.3 Yet, third-base umpire Jim Evans ruled him safe. “That Jim Evans gets the red neck worse than anyone in the league. Then he forgets about it. We better hit a ton of homers tomorrow. It’s gonna be brutal."
  11. Do ya know the difference between a "war story" and a fairy tale? Fairy tale starts off "Once upon a time" War Story starts off "This is no SH*#"
  12. Question...on these video plays where the ball is foul and starts rolling into fair territory..is it legal for the runner to touch the ball while it is foul territory...to make sure it stays foul?
  13. I was the coach of an under 16 sandlot team. Games were using 1 man crew. Got to know the umpires by name after a few years (the ones that lasted). One particuliar game, one out, runner on first. Batter hits a long drive to left center, runner from first going on the pitch, centerfielder makes a great running grab. Runner from first has rounded second a few steps , sees that ball has been caught and makes a beeline for first base, doesn't retouch second. Ball is returned to pitcher, I yell to the umpire "Stanley, did you see that?"...he just glares at me. I tell my pitcher to toe the rubber, step off and appeal to second. Umpire calls the runner out. After the game the umpire comes over to me and says "Don't ever ask me a question again, and don't call me Stanley"
  14. Teaching moments... After a screw up on the field...positive reinforcement.....coupla innings later..explain and teach...
  15. and I do believe if no play is made on R1 at second, it is not considered a "steal".
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