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  1. Just from an outsiders viewpoint..... I understand an umpire getting upset when a player tries to "show him up"....and I believe an umpire really banging a called strike three falls into he same category. MHO
  2. Tell BR to hustle a little more!
  3. Anyone ever call a game from behind the pitcher?
  4. This may have been discussed before...I apologize if I am rehashing an old subject BUT In MLB there are certain umpires that are better than others calling the game from behind the plate. I realize that the PU "works" much harder than base umpires, but has there ever been an effort to "specialize" the PU position? Surely this would create a series of issues, schedules, pay rates, ratings etc. But
  5. Phu Bai


    Try to find as many "one pitch" slow pitch softball tournaments on a weekend
  6. Phu Bai


    No good deed goes unpunished!
  7. Phu Bai

    Any Call here

    Hot Stove stuff Clip of Kershaw getting "upset"(around 1:40 mark on clip) regarding a strike call.....during the next play after muffing a grounder, he slams the ball to the ground then throws the all into the dugout From a rules standpoint should any base runners be allowed to advance?
  8. Phu Bai


    Just think what would be happening in major sports if OSHA ever gets really involved!
  9. Phu Bai


    Anyone wear a cup when working the bases???
  10. Phu Bai


    MLB recently requires base coaches to wear "batting helmets"(after the Coolbaugh incident)... Has there ever been discussion of base umpires wearing such protection? or do they already wear inserts?
  11. In the first video the very first pitch, the pitcher seems to move his front leg. which I don't think should be called a balk if it is his normal motio, BUT in subsequent pitches he does not make that same move with his front that leg
  12. I wonder if anybody carried the bat to first base after hitting a home run off Bob Gibson? Then did that same batter ever do it a second time?
  13. Phu Bai


    Just wondering if there has ever been a study of Major League umpire's personality make up? My opinion takes a very "strong" personality Type "A"?
  14. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/06/sports/baseball/manager-ejections.html
  15. Phu Bai

    3rd Man In

    Hockey, adopted a third man rule for fights... Any thoughts on a third man in rule in baseball? Having four Umpires trying to control two whole squads is a bit crazy, having four umpires controlling two fighters makes more sense.
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