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  1. https://www.litogrbaseball/products/baseball-tee?utm_campaign=Baseball Launch (SwNqTi)&utm_medium=email&utm_source=GZHPYQ
  2. https://www.msn.com/en-us/Sports/nfl/how-foxs-pereira-helps-vets-find-purpose-and-fill-officiating-void/ar-BB12O6cn?ocid=sf2
  3. Not an umpire , anymore... So I decided to get a copy of the "rulebook" "2019 Official Rules Major League Baseball" by Triumph Books LLC. I think they used the smallest font they could get their hands on!! Need a magnifying glass to read it. and by the way boring as hell
  4. Phu Bai

    The Balloon

    The outside (balloon) protector was more difficult from a mechanical perspective BUT..does anyone think it offered better protection? Was it better for calls side to side, but not up and down? I got out of umpiring many moons ago and the balloon was still an option and was all I ever used....Yea OLD!
  5. Phu Bai

    No Call?

    Older clip...so maybe already discussed. No call here..obstruction or interference??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erLVM02B_TE&list=PLmXls1U_4DVbuzE0B0dEH4_lkDiz5PBmX&index=4
  6. Just from an outsiders viewpoint..... I understand an umpire getting upset when a player tries to "show him up"....and I believe an umpire really banging a called strike three falls into he same category. MHO
  7. Tell BR to hustle a little more!
  8. Anyone ever call a game from behind the pitcher?
  9. This may have been discussed before...I apologize if I am rehashing an old subject BUT In MLB there are certain umpires that are better than others calling the game from behind the plate. I realize that the PU "works" much harder than base umpires, but has there ever been an effort to "specialize" the PU position? Surely this would create a series of issues, schedules, pay rates, ratings etc. But
  10. Phu Bai


    Try to find as many "one pitch" slow pitch softball tournaments on a weekend
  11. Phu Bai


    No good deed goes unpunished!
  12. Phu Bai

    Any Call here

    Hot Stove stuff Clip of Kershaw getting "upset"(around 1:40 mark on clip) regarding a strike call.....during the next play after muffing a grounder, he slams the ball to the ground then throws the all into the dugout From a rules standpoint should any base runners be allowed to advance?
  13. Phu Bai


    Just think what would be happening in major sports if OSHA ever gets really involved!
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